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10th Zodiac Sign & Horoscope House, Earth Element, Cardinal Quality

CAPRICORNS ARE Ambitious Aspirational Classy Disciplined Exacting Mature Motivated Obedient Organised Patient Responsible Status-conscious Traditional

“Just as soon as you attain to one ambition you see another one glittering higher up still. It does make life so interesting.” L.M. Montgomery

What’s Your Sign?

Your Zodiac Sign refers to which astrological constellation the Sun appeared to be in on the date of your birth. Each sign lasts for about 30 days, starting from around the 21st of each calendar month. If you were born close to the cusp of one sign and the next, you will need to check your year of birth for which date and at what time on that date, the Sun moved signs.


Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, planet of achievement

  • Aspirational
  • Structured
  • Self-disciplined
  • Patient
  • Persistent
  • Respectful of authority
  • Dutiful
  • Responsible
  • Status conscious
  • Self-judgemental



  • Capricorns are natural-born achievers.
  • Capricorns are goal-oriented and ambitious.
  • Capricorns require tangible results, and they are prepared to work hard for them.
  • Capricorns dislike having their carefully-laid plans destroyed but they handle setbacks well.
  • Capricorns come across as serious, quietly confident and reserved. People admire their ability to progress through their own efforts.
  • Capricorns tend to put material goals before everything else.


This sign is a natural for career success. The choice of industry or position does not really matter so long as it offers the potential to earn respect for effort and expertise.

Capricorns are not afraid of responsibility but they can be risk averse. They prefer to learn their trade under a corporate umbrella with the kind of status and security that looks good on a CV. Eventually, they may branch out and build their own business, but not until they feel very sure that it will be profitable.

Problems can arise when Capricorns focus all their time and energy on achieving their worldly ambitions, to the exclusion of anything and anyone else in their lives. And when they finally attain the goals which seemed so important to them, there is no one to celebrate with.


ROMANTIC Capricorns can be shy of revealing themselves to others and it takes a while for them to let their guard down. When they relax with someone they like, they are able to express the warmer, more sensuous side of their nature.

FRIENDSHIP You will need to earn the respect and admiration of a Capricorn before they will accept you as a friend.

FAMILY The family represents tradition and status rather than warm nurturing. Capricorn will always carry out their familial duties, but close emotional ties are less common.

PROFESSIONAL Capricorns are the ultimate professionals but their commitment to their own ambitions will come before everything else.

KEY RELATIONSHIP Whoever or whatever can help achieve the next step towards fulfilling Capricorn’s goals will be ranked high and treated as an important priority.


Capricorn Mums and Dads temper their caring with expectation. Their approach to parenting involves structure and discipline which they judge will equip their offspring to cope with the material realities of life. There is a tendency to stick to tried and tested rules and regulations and while many children will feel reassured by this rather orthodox format, some may require a less traditional style of upbringing.

If you are a parent to a Capricorn child, you need to acknowledge their inner ambition. Achievement is very important to this little character, who will require on-going guidance on how to identify objectives, focus effort and plan for success. Maturity, patience and persistence should be rewarded, while any tendency in these high climbing mountain goats to judge themselves as inadequate should be countermanded.


Capricorns tend to suffer with skeletal problems. In spite of benefiting from a strong constitution, this sign is subject to degenerative diseases of the bones and joints. It is important for them to take regular exercise, nutritional supplements, and massage treatments to help keep them supple.


Capricorns have a tendency to put material goals before everything else as financial stability is the ultimate status symbol for this sign. Capricorns cannot go far without cash flow, and keeping their bank account in the black is a priority for them.


The Tenth Zodiac Sign is naturally ambitious and keen to achieve a certain level of status in society. It needs long term goals to aim for and is more likely to feel fulfilled within some sort of formal structure or professional setting. Capricorns are naturals at ascending corporate ladders and they do not mind how long it takes to reach the top. If one set of steps does not take them far enough, they will find another cliff face to climb!


The Capricorn House points to professional potential and explains about attitudes to authority figures. It shows an aptitude for long-term strategic planning and a respect for formal rules and regulations, as well as an ability to cope with strict protocols. This is the house of ambition and achievement, where worldly goals are met and the urge to earn recognition for effort and expertise is fulfilled.


People born with Capricorn ascending over the Eastern horizon give the instant impression of someone who can handle responsibility.

Their understated eagerness to obey orders, fulfil objectives and achieve goals convinces you that they are the right person, in the right place at the right time and you will confidently delegate your duties to them. You may or may not be wise to do so, depending on what is going on in other key areas of their birth chart!


As an Earth Sign, Capricorn has an affinity with the suit of PENTACLES which represents energy that is practical, sensible and realistic. Pentacles are about material matters involving money, property and earthly goals.

They can also symbolise issues around ambition, achievement and social status. They warn against placing too much value on manmade objects or becoming overly attached to passing pleasures.


Capricorn is a Yin Sign ruled by Planet Saturn in its female aspect, which is linked to the goddess Opis. Her influence gives those born under the 10th Zodiac Sign their ambition and determination to achieve their goals in life.

In Greek mythology Opis is Rhea, whose husband Cronus (Saturn) was so ambitious he tried to swallow his children as soon as they were born to avoid being overthrown by them. Rhea waited for the right moment, then tricked Cronus into swallowing a stone wrapped up like a baby. Thanks to her strategy, her son Zeus (Jupiter) survived to overthrow his father and become King of the Gods. Under Rhea’s influence, Capricorns know how to deal with threats to their ambitions and how to wait patiently for the right time to take effective action.



Capricorn Element is Earth and Quality is Cardinal

Go-getting Cardinal quality combined with constructive Earth energy makes the 10th zodiac sign ambitious, self-sufficient and mature.

Capricorns must make sure that their objectives are not driven exclusively by material success and social status. Life has more lasting rewards to offer.


Astrology suggests that it is easier for the three signs within one Element to get on together, as the energy which drives them comes from the same source. But this does not mean that relationships between signs from different elements are doomed to fail, although it might take longer for them to understand and accommodate the differences between them.

CAPRICORN with FIRE SIGNS ARIES, LEO & SAGITTARIUS Fire and Earth Signs can create extremely productive partnerships so long as their roles are clearly defined and properly rewarded. It is important that there is mutual respect for one another’s way of doing things.

CAPRICORN with FELLOW EARTH SIGNS TAURUS & VIRGO Earth Signs share an interest in practical projects and tangible results, but they can encourage each other to get over-involved in material matters. It is important that they take time out from fulfilling their worldly duties to relax and enjoy life.

CAPRICORN with AIR SIGNS GEMINI, LIBRA & AQUARIUS Pair-ups between Earth and Air Signs can be rather dry unless there are shared interests, ideals and activities to provide the passion. But both elements are interested in getting to grips with the logical side of life.

CAPRICORN with WATER SIGNS CANCER, SCORPIO & PISCES Earth and Water Sign compatibility can be very satisfying on all levels: physical, mental and emotional. But this relationship could become rather exclusive, which might make others feel left out. Misunderstandings arise when Earth finds Water too sensitive and Water feels that Earth should be more imaginative.


Traditional Astrology used to believe that it would be difficult for the four signs within one Quality to get on together. Actually they are perfectly capable of bringing out the best in one another. But relationships between them can be challenging for both partners, as disagreements could arise when their energies clash or turn confrontational.

CAPRICORN with FELLOW CARDINAL SIGNS ARIES, CANCER & LIBRA It is a question of motivation. The four cardinal signs share an enthusiasm for setting goals and for encouraging one another to achieve their ambitions. Difficulties would arise if the cardinal urge to compete cropped up, creating rivalry within the relationship about who should lead and who should follow.

CARDINAL CAPRICORN with FIXED SIGNS TAURUS, LEO, SCORPIO & AQUARIUS It is a question of outcomes. Cardinal signs insist on identifying goals and timelines as they expect to see results sooner or later. Fixed signs tend to get caught up in an ongoing situation and will prolong the process in order to stay involved with it. But Fixed signs can provide the patience that Cardinal signs sometimes lack while Cardinal signs could help Fixed signs to avoid becoming stale and stuck in a rut.

CARDINAL CAPRICORN with MUTABLE SIGNS GEMINI, VIRGO, SAGITTARIUS & PISCES It is a question of It is a question of priorities. Once they have identified a specific target, Cardinal signs make it their overriding objective and aim their energies towards achieving it. Mutable signs tend to lack focus as their main motivation is to find variety and diversity in life. But Mutable signs could help their Cardinal pals to keep a range of options open rather than pursuing just one route, while Cardinal signs can ensure that their Mutable partners concentrate on one goal at a time.


The Zodiac Band is divided into 12 equal sections of 30 degrees. Each of the Twelve Zodiac Signs is sub-divided into Three Decans of 10 degrees, or about 10 days. The decans are based on the element of the sign.

The first decan of Capricorn is the strongest as it is a double dose of the same zodiac sign energies and characteristics. The second and third decans are modified by the qualities and traits of the other two signs belonging to the element of Earth – Taurus & Virgo.


0 to 9.59 degrees of Capricorn (first ten days of the sign)

This double-dose of Capricorn energy really ratchets up the urge to accomplish ambitions. It is important for this section of the sign to find their place in the world and fulfil their professional potential, in whatever capacity. They need to know that they have earned their place in the pecking order and that they have made an impression on anyone who matters in the society they move in.

Saturn’s strict influence suggests that this type of Capricorn will not find it easy to ignore the call to climb. It will be difficult for them to feel satisfied with what they have, especially if they sense that they have fallen behind competitors in the race to get to the top. This Decan needs to understand that the only goal they really need to gain is that of respect for their own achievements, which is the ultimate honour they grant to themselves.


10 to 19.59 degrees of Capricorn (middle ten days of the sign)

Perhaps the most materialistic of the 3 Decans, this type of Capricorn must guard against gathering riches simply in order to impress others. This section of the sign has a wealth of inborn talents which can be employed to gain status and respect. Providing that standards are maintained and quality is appreciated over quantity, these gifted Capricorns will not have to strive for success. It will come naturally, in its own time.

The calming influence of Venus on the Second Decan helps to blend patience with Capricorn’s ambitious determination to succeed. It also brings an ability to recognise the true value of a plan or strategy and its capacity to create long-term rewards. But there may be a tendency to choose options that are too traditional or which stay stubbornly within conventional comfort zones.


20 to 29.59 degrees of Capricorn (last ten days of the sign)

This is the most competent and conscientious section of the sign. Capricorn energy in the Third Decan takes an intellectual interest in making meticulous plans and in plotting the various ways and means of carrying them out. A lot of precise and painstaking work goes into dotting I’s and crossing T’s. While this attention to detail can ensure against mistakes being made, it can also make things more laborious than they need to be.

The Mercury influence on this Decan suggests that there is a tendency to include information just because it is there. Data which is not really relevant is gathered on the off chance that it might be useful, which is the point where plans get bogged down in a welter of diverse facts and figures and lose their main focus. But this is the type of Capricorn you would want at your board table when there is plenty of fine print to be processed.

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