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“The moon will guide you through the night with her brightness, but she will always dwell in the darkness, in order to be seen.” Shannon L. Alder

The Moon, its movement, its changing shape and the patterns it creates with the Earth, the Sun and the other planets of the Solar System reflect the energies at play in our daily lives. It is linked to many levels of activity throughout the kingdoms of Planet Earth: mineral, plant, animal and human. The ancient practice of planting, growing and harvesting food is still observed by many human communities and is making a come-back in the western world.

12 Moods of the Moon

Astrology believes that the Moon’s energies are influenced by the zodiac sign that it is moving through. La Luna takes about two and a half days to pass through each of the 12 signs and her mood changes as she moves. These moods affect us individually on a personal level and also collectively – as the People of a town, country, continent or planet.

MOON IN ARIES The mood is energetic and enthusiastic, aided by brisk movement and a can-do attitude. Good for goal-setting, action-oriented events, taking the initiative and any activity that requires a courageous, dynamic approach. There’s an air of impetuous impatience around most situations so beware of a tendency to rush things without considering long-term consequences.

MOON IN TAURUS The mood is calm and settled, aided by relaxing in natural settings and rhythmical exercise such as walking or dancing. Good for appreciating your talents & abilities, recognising your resources and consolidating material matters. But beware of a tendency to resist change and to settle for the customs and comfort zones you’ve grown overly attached to.

MOON IN GEMINI The mood is inquisitive and intelligent, aided by check-ins with neighbourhood networks to catch up on the latest news and views. Good for education, marketing, pop-up projects and all forms of communication or information exchange. But beware of a tendency to skim the surface of your subject, in case you miss out on the deeper meaning.

MOON IN CANCER The mood is retrospective, enhancing our ability to draw on personal and ancestral memories that help to feed creative projects. Good for activities that involve home & family, hospitality, property development and creative writing. But beware of a tendency to dwell on past events that evoke negative emotions, or push you back into your shell.

MOON IN LEO The mood is confident and dramatic, enhancing our ability to shine as individuals. Good for putting yourself on a pedestal, stepping up into the spotlight and revealing how wonderful you really are. But beware of a tendency to show off or to behave arrogantly and self-consciously, as this is a sign that your levels of true self esteem are not as high as they seem.

MOON IN VIRGO The mood is busy and efficient, aided by following a daily routine that keeps everything organised. Good for sifting and sorting, putting systems in place and honing your skills, techniques & work methods. But beware of a tendency to get too bogged down with unimportant details that can turn you into an anxious & critical perfectionist.

MOON IN LIBRA The mood is amicable and co-operative, aided by an ability to appreciate the other person’s point of view. Good for artistic & legal activities, fashion & beauty events, counselling, collaboration, diplomacy, negotiation and weighing up of pros & cons. But beware of a tendency to procrastinate or to feel confused by the choice-making process.

MOON IN SCORPIO The mood is intense and uncompromising, aided by an ability to draw on gut instincts. Good for uncovering the truth, psychotherapy, getting to grips with taboo subjects that involve power abuse, confronting life and death issues, managing investments. But beware of a tendency to make things more clandestine and challenging than they need to be.

MOON IN SAGITTARIUS The mood is optimistic and adventurous, aided by an ability to anticipate new and exciting experiences. Good for travel, learning, discovery, exploration, expanding your levels of knowledge and awareness, and any form of self-development. But beware of a tendency to be careless, restless and rash that can put you into risky or dangerous situations.

MOON IN CAPRICORN The mood is ambitious and aspirational, aided by an ability to plan for tangible success. Good for all achievement-oriented activities and for reinforcing your commitment to professional & lifestyle goals. But beware of a tendency to take your practical responsibilities too seriously or to place too high a priority on social status and material results.

MOON IN AQUARIUS The mood is innovative and ground-breaking, aided by an ability to cut free from conventions & traditions. Good for lateral thinking, all kinds of invention, evolutionary ideas, technology, future-based science, humanitarian ideals. But beware of a tendency to rebel just because you want to appear original or different as you may end up looking like an eccentric misfit.

MOON IN PISCES The mood is visionary and inspirational, aided by an ability to be guided by our spiritual senses. Good for creating the dreams that you wish to come true, meditation and for diving into stories, films, art and music that activate your imagination. But beware of a tendency to become disappointed or disillusioned by the differences between scenes of romantic make-believe and life in the real world.

The Moon as Catalyst & Manifester

In ancient times, the Moon was seen as one of the main forces for triggering planetary energies in order to manifest events on Planet Earth. Modern age Astrology continues to feel that the position and movement of the Moon is key as to how the planetary energies in either an individual or an event horoscope are likely to be activated. The element and quality of the Moon’s sign is significant, as are any major connections to the Sun and other bodies within the solar system.

Challenging patterns from the Moon to other heavenly bodies have a tendency to bring about resistance, clashes and obstacles whereas helpful aspects point to peaceful, harmonious and beneficial outcomes.

The Moon in Fire Signs (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius)
The energy is dynamic, courageous, confident and optimistic.
Problems are caused by impatience, arrogance and carelessness.

The Moon in Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn)
The energy is constructive, steady, efficient and pragmatic.
Problems are caused by resistance to change, perfectionism and limited objectives.

The Moon in Air Signs (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius)
The energy is abstract, based on communication, information exchange and ideology.
Problems are caused by misunderstandings, differences of opinion, and a refusal to listen.

The Moon in Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces)
The energy is intuitive, imaginative, instinctive and visionary.
Problems are caused by defensiveness, lack of trust and lack of clarity.


The position of your Birth Chart Moon represents your secret self, your instincts, emotions, feelings and memories. It tells you about what you need to feel comfortable and secure in life. It describes your family background and your relationship with the people who took care of you while you were growing up. It shows what comes naturally to you, without any conscious effort on your part.

The Moon can give valuable information about how you have been influenced by your mother and by other important female role models in your life. The planetary patterns, contacts and aspects of your Birth Chart Moon reveal more about the influence your early life and upbringing had on you and how you’ve coped with any emotional issues. They can also describe the attributes and tendencies that are in your gene pool and that you have inherited via your ancestral line.

Forecasting with the Progressed Moon

Astrologers slow down the movement of the Moon in order to use it to predict the future. We take the daily movement of the real Moon to represent one year in your life. A full Progressed Moon cycle is around 30 years and it is taken from the real Moon’s position when you were born. Your Progressed Moon is unique to you. It travels around your Birth Chart, passing through your horoscope houses and changing signs about every two and a half years.

Your Progressed Moon will not allow you to do anything until you are ready, but it will definitely prompt you to try certain experiences when the time is right. When it triggers your Birth Chart, it is a sign that you are preparing to attract a certain type of experience which will help you progress along your life path.

  • When your Progressed Moon changes sign it is an indication of a change of mood in you on a deep personal level.
  • When your Progressed Moon changes house your interest will shift from one area of your life to another.

Progressions are a reflection of your inner urge to develop and evolve. It’s hard to describe in practical terms because the energy involved is metaphysical – it goes beyond what you are conscious of in your material life. As you progress through your life, the Progressed Moon & Planets prompt you to accept new challenges and life lessons so that you may increase the knowledge and experience of your higher consciousness, or “Eternal Self”.

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