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12th Zodiac Sign & Horoscope House, Water Element, Mutable Quality

PISCEANS ARE Delicate Dreamy Expressive Inspirational Intuitive Kindly Naïve Receptive Sensitive Sympathetic Vague Visionary

“Sometimes I think, I need a spare heart to feel all the things I feel.” Sanober Khan

What’s Your Sign?

Your Zodiac Sign refers to which astrological constellation the Sun appeared to be in on the date of your birth. Each sign lasts for about 30 days, starting from around the 21st of each calendar month. If you were born close to the cusp of one sign and the next, you will need to check your year of birth for which date and at what time on that date, the Sun moved signs.


Pisces is ruled by Planet Neptune

  • The Piscean character is influenced by the planet of inspiration, making the 12th Sign truly visionary.
  • Pisces can feel overwhelmed by the emotions, impressions, dreams and images that flood their imagination at all times of the day and night.
  • Pisces’ empathetic nature makes them vulnerable to being vampired by manipulative needy people.
  • All Pisces will need to create light yet effective boundaries to protect themselves from the invasive energies to which they can fall prey.



  • Pisceans are natural-born idealists – delicate, impressionable and extremely emotional.
  • Pisceans cling to the belief that dreams can come true and they are easily depressed by the harsh realities of life.
  • People see them as kind and compassionate but they are surprised by Pisces’ sudden changes in heart when their sympathy is all used up.
  • Pisceans’ sensitivity and ability to help others often places them in the helping professions but they tend to dive in too deep and then feel as though they are drowning.
  • They can be very manipulative when it comes to getting their needs met.


This zodiac sign is drawn to career paths with a vocational quality. As Pisces seeks to feel emotionally and spiritually fulfilled they can often be found in the healing professions, or in places which offer sympathetic support for suffering as well as solace for the Soul. Their empathetic sensitivity works well either in front of or behind the camera and their familiarity with all things imaginative fits them for many occupations in the creative media industry.

Pisces energy tends to ebb and flow in a somewhat irregular pattern, which makes this sign suitable for shift work. Pisceans are comfortable with fluid situations that are unable to offer structure and routine. Their adaptability makes them ideal candidates for positions which provide a strong sense of job satisfaction even though they lack focus and definition.

But Pisces must guard against the urge to sacrifice their own health and wellbeing in their effort to find an occupational nirvana. While it is true they do not need the security that other signs might expect from a career post, they still have to protect their own interests. Self-preserving boundaries are essential if Pisces is to survive the more exhausting and demoralising aspects of their chosen profession.


ROMANTIC Pisceans adore the falling in love part but they have unrealistic expectations of romance and tend to voice their disappointment.

FRIENDSHIP Pisceans make sympathetic and loving, if somewhat inconsistent, friends. They are the ultimate shoulder to cry on.

FAMILY Piscean families are often emotionally charged and chaotic as well as ultra-expressive. It can feel like living in a soap-opera!

PROFESSIONAL  Pisceans can be inspirational yet inconsistent. They are at their best when guided by the ebb and flow of their own fluctuating energies, moods and rhythms.

KEY RELATIONSHIP As Pisceans spend much of their time in the ethereal world of imagination, their key relationship could be with a fictional character or dream image.


Pisces Mums and Dads are probably the least consistent parents in the zodiac. They can be very sympathetic and soft-hearted one moment then rather vague and dismissive the next. They probably find it easier to tune into their children’s imaginations than to look after them on a purely practical level. It is not that Pisceans are incapable of dealing with the daily grind, but it comes more naturally to them to do the dreamy stuff.

If you are a parent to a Pisces child, do not be surprised if they can see or feel things that are not obvious to more pragmatic types of people. These sensitive little souls are tuned into realms of reality that exist above and beyond the physical plane. Be considerate of their delicate feelings and do not dismiss their dreams as wishful thinking. Always remember that what goes on in their imagination is almost as important to them as walking, talking and breathing are to you.


Pisceans are prone to difficulties with their feet, which often look like the fins on a mermaid’s (or merman’s) tail! They are physically sensitive and thin-skinned, leaving them vulnerable to viruses and health problems related to auto-immune issues. They are susceptible to nervous exhaustion.


While Pisces accept that money cannot buy love, they do believe it can turn fantasy into reality! Unfortunately, it tends to slip rather too easily through the bank accounts of this unworldly and sometimes impractical sign. But the Universe looks after its own and most Pisceans manage to muddle through from one pay day to the next. They often receive inspiration for fortune-making schemes through dreams and visions, while they are meditating or asleep.


The Twelfth Sign is the most imaginative of the Zodiac. It often finds physical reality difficult to deal with because it can seem so harsh and heavy compared to the ethereal energy of the dreaming mind. Real life carries consequences which must be worked through whereas visions and fantasies are much more malleable. If Pisceans conjure an image into existence and it is not quite what they wanted, then all they have to do is replace one picture with another.


The Pisces House reveals information about the awareness of spiritual, metaphysical or multi-dimensional realms and describes the influence of imagination, dreams and visions. It can point to a tendency to retreat from the material world to a place of peaceful reflection, where energies can be reclaimed and replenished.


Those who are born with the sign of Pisces ascending over the Eastern horizon come across as kind and compassionate, if a little vague. People with Pisces Rising empathise easily, as they can imagine exactly what it must be like to be you.

While it is true that they really would love to offer help and support, they are not always in a position to do so. Perhaps they are not physically, mentally or psychically strong enough, or maybe they lack the required resources. Even so, their sympathy and their willingness to share your woes leaves a lasting impression.


As a Water Sign, Pisces has an affinity with the suit of CUPS which represents energy that is emotional, intuitive and imaginative.

Cups are about feelings and responses. They can also symbolise the presence of spiritual and psychic forces. But they can warn against a tendency to be over-idealistic, unrealistic and far too sensitive to unseen atmospheres or energies.


Pisces is a Yin Sign ruled by Planet Neptune in its female aspect. Neptune married Amphitrite – an ethereal mermaid-type nymph who helped the Sea God rule his watery kingdom. She gives Pisces their empathetic, supportive natures as well as their apparent vulnerability.

Mythology describes Amphitrite as a volatile creature who transformed one of her husband’s mistresses into a six-headed sea monster in a fit of jealousy. Under her influence, Pisceans are prone to strong emotional currents which can wreck their wellbeing, undermine their health and overwhelm them with confusion and self-doubt. Like Amphitrite, Pisces are creatures of many moods. Sometimes they are stormy, sometimes they are calm and sometimes they are somewhere in between.



Pisces Element is Water and Quality is Mutable

The flexibility of mutable energy combined with the fluid water element of the 12th zodiac sign creates energy that is undefined, imaginative and visionary. Pisceans often feel unsettled and chaotic, due to their sense of formlessness and lack of grounding.

While this energy combination can appear vulnerable, its strength comes from its ability to adapt to whatever circumstances and situations it has to deal with. As Confucius says: “The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm.”


Astrology suggests that it is easier for the three signs within one Element to get on together, as the energy which drives them comes from the same source. But this does not mean that relationships between signs from different elements are doomed to fail, although it might take longer for them to understand and accommodate the differences between them.

PISCES with FIRE SIGNS ARIES, LEO & SAGITTARIUS  Fire and Water is quite a steamy mix! There is loads of emotion and excitement although this combination can be draining and exhausting too. When these two elements make an effort to understand the ebb and flow of each others’ energies, their contradictions turn creative.

PISCES with EARTH SIGNS TAURUS, VIRGO & CAPRICORN Earth and Water Sign compatibility can be very satisfying on all levels: physical, mental and emotional. But this relationship could become rather exclusive, which might make others feel left out. Misunderstandings arise when Earth finds Water too sensitive and Water feels that Earth should be more imaginative.

PISCES with AIR SIGNS GEMINI, LIBRA & AQUARIUS The elements of Air and Water can work well when there is a sharing of creative insight. Air signs help the water signs to put their ideas into words, and water signs help air signs to express their imagination. But there are times when the emotional intensity of water is like an alien language which air finds difficult to interpret.

PISCES with FELLOW WATER SIGNS CANCER & SCORPIO Water signs share a caring and imaginative view of the world, but atmospheres can get over-emotional to the point where minor issues are blown out of proportion. All three types of aqua-people are super-sensitive when it comes to their feelings and they become deeply defensive when their trust has been betrayed.


Traditional Astrology used to believe that it would be difficult for the four signs within one Quality to get on together. Actually they are perfectly capable of bringing out the best in one another. But relationships between them can be challenging for both partners, as disagreements could arise when their energies clash or turn confrontational.

PISCES with FELLOW MUTABLE SIGNS GEMINI, VIRGO & SAGITTARIUS These four signs share an ability to adjust and adapt to changing circumstances which ensures that life remains mobile and interesting. Difficulties would be caused by a lack of focus, or an inability to be clear about what both partners expected from the relationship between them. It is possible that they could wander off in diverse directions without identifying when, where, how and why they were going to meet up again!

MUTABLE SIGN PISCES with CARDINAL SIGNS ARIES, CANCER, LIBRA & CAPRICORN It is a question of priorities. Once they have identified a specific target, Cardinal signs make it their overriding objective and aim their energies towards achieving it. Mutable signs tend to lack focus as their main motivation is to find variety and diversity in life. But Mutable signs could help their Cardinal pals to keep a range of options open rather than pursuing just one route, while Cardinal signs can ensure that their Mutable partners concentrate on one goal at a time.

MUTABLE SIGN PISCES with FIXED SIGNS TAURUS, LEO, SCORPIO & AQUARIUS It is a question of intensity. Fixed Signs have a habit of giving their all to whatever they have chosen as their mission in life. Mutable signs seek a wide range of interests and prefer not to get bogged down in any single issue. Fixed signs could help their Mutable friends to go deeper and get more involved while Mutable signs can persuade their Fixed partners to lighten up and take things less seriously.


The Zodiac Band is divided into 12 equal sections of 30 degrees. Each of the Twelve Zodiac Signs is sub-divided into Three Decans of 10 degrees, or about 10 days. The decans are based on the element of the sign.

The first decan of Pisces is the strongest as it is a double dose of the same zodiac sign energies and characteristics. The second and third decans are modified by the qualities and traits of the other two signs belonging to the element of Water – Cancer & Scorpio.


0 to 9.59 degrees of Pisces (first ten days of the sign)

This type of Pisces has an air of being born under a gooseberry bush. There is an unworldly quality to this Decan which is helpful to Pisceans who choose careers as psychics and spiritual practitioners but it does not make everyday life on planet Earth easy to cope with. For some of these delicate and sensitive creatures, it can be like living without skin.

The ethereal, inspirational influence of Neptune enables easy access to non-physical realms but it also makes this type of Pisces far too empathetic. They are often overwhelmed by unseen forces that are by-products of other people’s emotional states. They can be walking along the street, dreaming their own daydreams then turn a corner and immediately feel assaulted by ghostly vibes. All Pisceans have to develop healthy boundaries but this Decan in particular needs to know how to protect its personal energy field.


10 to 19.59 degrees of Pisces (middle ten days of the sign)

Pisceans from the Second Decan are probably the most creatively imaginative of the sign. They may channel this ability in an artistic way since they tend to have a highly developed sense of colour, light and form. They could be working with ability and awareness which flows to them from gene pool memories or that has been inherited through their ancestral line.

The Moon’s influence on this section of the sign can make this type of Pisces quite moody and defensive. Their fluctuating emotions can be difficult to deal with – both for themselves and for those who live alongside them. Second Decan Pisceans may also have to fight with frustration over shortfalls between the glowing images they see so clearly in their imaginations and the actual pictures they are able to re-produce in real-life terms.


20 to 29.59 degrees of Pisces (last ten days of the sign)

This is the toughest of the Pisces Decans, but also the one most easily overwhelmed by strong feelings. This type of Pisces needs to locate and use their switch-off button, otherwise they will be spending their life riding an emotional rollercoaster. There is a combination of instinct and imagination which can be amazing but also a bit nightmare-ish, and it needs to be held in check.

Pluto’s influence on this section of the sign can force Third Decan Pisceans to dive too deeply and to feel far too much. Partners and associates appreciate their empathy, insight and perception but usually fail to understand how vulnerable they actually are. This is because they give the impression of being endlessly enthralled by other people’s stories and experiences. Their tendency to tune in without waiting to wonder if it is safe for them to do so can take them way out of their depth.

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