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5th Zodiac Sign & Horoscope House, Fire Element, Fixed Quality

LEOS ARE Assertive Boastful Charismatic Cheerful Confident Generous Magnificent Open-hearted Playful Proud Self-assured Self-important SUNNY

“once you feel content with who you are, you will realize that you have been perfect all along” Sandra Cooze

What’s Your Sign?

Your Zodiac Sign refers to which astrological constellation the Sun appeared to be in on the date of your birth. Each sign lasts for about 30 days, starting from around the 21st of each calendar month. If you were born close to the cusp of one sign and the next, you will need to check your year of birth for which date and at what time on that date, the Sun moved signs.


Leo is ruled by The Sun

  • The Leo character is influenced by the central powerhouse of our solar system, making this an especially potent placement.
  • The 5th Sign is born to shine and to share their light with the rest of us mere mortals! So who can blame them for showing off if their main purpose is to stand in the spotlight?
  • Not all Leos are obviously outgoing, but their energy can light up a room as they walk into it. The Sun endows them with leadership potential, as people feel revitalised and reassured by their presence.
  • Leos have a tendency to become bossy and they can be arrogant, but these failings are outweighed by their generosity and joie de vivre.



  • Leos are natural born Divas/Divos. They are regal, charismatic and attention seeking.
  • Leos thrive on having lots of undivided attention and being adored and they HATE being ignored, put down or belittled.
  • Leos are strong, self-assured and inspirational and they are natural leaders.
  • Leos’ gift to the world is their own fabulous selves! In a good mood, they light up the room with their sunny personality but they can be arrogant and bossy. They tend to sulk when they do not get their own way.


This sign craves a career that lets them stand in the spotlight. Leos thrive in solo roles, and they shine in positions which allow them to lead, direct and manage. They prefer to delegate their mundane duties, so they can concentrate on the important, high-profile aspects of making a success of their enterprise.

As Leos thoroughly enjoy a theatrical atmosphere, they are drawn to professional situations which provide them with enough drama to hold their attention and keep them enthralled.

Problems are likely to arise if Leo feels they are not receiving enough attention, admiration or applause. It is at this point they begin to sulk, and their behaviour becomes more demanding and less productive. But when they are respected and full status is awarded to their position, Leos can be the most loyal and successful of professional performers.


ROMANTIC Leos expect to rule the roost in relationships and their considerable personal charm will have everyone at their beck and call. Partners who challenge their authority while respecting their need to be the boss are the best choice.

FRIENDSHIP Leos are in for the long term so long as their friends can be relied upon for admiration, applause, support and encouragement.

FAMILY Leos see their families as extensions of themselves. They are indulgent and generous towards their relations but woe betide family members who let the side down.

PROFESSIONAL Leos always need status and recognition. As long as they have it, they are happy to work long and hard for success.

KEY RELATIONSHIP Leo’s key relationship is with their audience. If there is no audience, a full-length mirror surrounded by spotlights will do!


Leo Mums and Dads can seem like the fun-nest, shiniest, most glamorous parents a kid can have. But woe betide the child who does not provide their parent with something to show off about. You need a fair amount of self-confidence to hold your own when your home life dynamic is directed by a Leo! If you give them a reason to feel ashamed you could find that your photo has been demoted to the lower ranks of the family collection.

If you are a parent to a Leo child, you will have to accept their need for unconditional admiration. These little lions just adore having your full attention, and they expect plenty of enthusiastic applause for everything they do. Once they are sure of your respect and esteem, their confidence grows and they will reward you with their very special, undying, star-quality regard.


The heart and back are potential weak spots for Leos although generally speaking this sign tends to suffer more from hypochondria than real health problems. But this in itself can cause as much dis-ease, discomfort and pain as actual illness. When Leo exhibits acute alarm about what might be wrong with them, it could be a symptom that they really need more attention, affection and admiration.


A certain level of financial wealth is necessary as such special people deserve only the best that money can buy. Affluence also enables Leos to express their generosity and share their largesse. While this sign does not like to scrimp and save, they are always able to make the most of what they have and their ability to act the part of a wealthy individual, no matter how strapped for cash they actually are, is very convincing.


The Fifth Zodiac Sign should be the most self-confident of the Zodiac. A strong sense of Self leads to respect for one’s own person. Without that self-awareness, it is difficult for Leo to create a relationship of unconditional love with their Inner Child, which is what they crave most. The Leos who demand never-ending attention and admiration from others are probably the ones who are not getting the approval they seek from themselves.


The Leo House is all about self-expression, playfulness, having fun and falling in love. It is also the house of parenthood and of connecting or interacting with children. 5th House energy points to issues around the relationship between a person and their Inner Child. Ideally the bond will be a loving one. If not, there could be problems with confidence and self-respect.


Rather like a director walking onto a film set, people born with Leo ascending over the Eastern horizon come across as confident and ready to take charge. The first impression is of someone who knows their own worth and expects to receive the respect they deserve.

It is possible that the birth of this individual was eagerly anticipated, giving the sense that a Very Important Person was about to make an entrance onto the Earth plane. For this reason, Leo rising can create an aura of glamour and celebrity.


As a Fire Sign, Leo has an affinity with the suit of WANDS which represents energy that is spontaneous, enthusiastic and entrepreneurial. Wands are about action and adventure.

They can also symbolise personal motivation and leadership potential. They warn against actions driven by arrogance, impatience, restlessness and recklessness.


Leo is a yang sign ruled by The Sun. Apollo is God of the Sun in Greek and Roman mythology. His influence gives Leo their driving force and energetic character. It also endows them with dramatic ability and a talent for standing in the spotlight through Apollo’s connection to the performing arts.

Apollo was worshipped as a protector and he was seen as handsome and charismatic. The Apollo influence causes Leos to respond to those who look to them for direction. It also gives them a compelling, magnetic quality which other people esteem and draw confidence from.



Leo Element is Fire and Quality is Fixed

This combination gives the 5th zodiac sign a strong, radiant and energising quality which is very warming but can become overpowering – a bit like the Sun on a very hot day!

Leos can lose courage and confidence in situations where they do not feel in control of their own destiny. But as soon as something happens to restore their self-respect they return to the shining state that is theirs by birth.


Astrology suggests that it is easier for the three signs within one Element to get on together, as the energy which drives them comes from the same source. But this does not mean that relationships between signs from different elements are doomed to fail, although it might take longer for them to understand and accommodate the differences between them.

LEO with FELLOW FIRE SIGNS ARIES & SAGITTARIUS The three Fire Signs share an enthusiastic and optimistic approach to life and they can have great fun together. But there could be fierce competition amongst themselves for centre stage, which might lead to clashes of wills and egos.

LEO with EARTH SIGNS TAURUS, VIRGO & CAPRICORN Fire and Earth Signs can create extremely productive partnerships so long as their roles are clearly defined and properly rewarded. It is important that there is mutual respect for one another’s way of doing things.

LEO with AIR SIGNS GEMINI, LIBRA & AQUARIUS Fire is naturally attracted to Air as these elements complement each other very well. Timing is important however, as things can happen too fast and misunderstandings may occur, especially if both partners are distracted by interests outside the relationship.

LEO with WATER SIGNS CANCER, SCORPIO & PISCES Fire and Water is quite a steamy mix! There is loads of emotion and excitement although this combination can be draining and exhausting too. When these two elements make an effort to understand the ebb and flow of each others’ energies, their contradictions turn creative.


Traditional Astrology used to believe that it would be difficult for the four signs within one Quality to get on together. Actually they are perfectly capable of bringing out the best in one another. But relationships between them can be challenging for both partners, as disagreements could arise when their energies clash or turn confrontational.

LEO with FELLOW FIXED SIGNS TAURUS, SCORPIO & AQUARIUS These four signs share the same values when it comes to loyalty and perseverance. Most difficulties within the relationship would be caused by stubborn pride and a reluctance to concede to one another’s point of view. But as both partners are interested in staying involved for the long term, they are prepared to invest time and energy in trying to reconcile their differences.

FIXED SIGN LEO with CARDINAL SIGNS ARIES, CANCER, LIBRA & CAPRICORN It is a question of outcomes. Cardinal signs insist on identifying goals and timelines as they expect to see results sooner or later. Fixed signs tend to get caught up in an ongoing situation and will prolong the process in order to stay involved with it. But Fixed signs can provide the patience that Cardinal signs sometimes lack while Cardinal signs could help Fixed signs to avoid becoming stale and stuck in a rut.

FIXED SIGN LEO with MUTABLE SIGNS GEMINI, VIRGO, SAGITTARIUS & PISCES It is a question of intensity. Fixed Signs have a habit of giving their all to whatever they have chosen as their mission in life. Mutable signs seek a wide range of interests and prefer not to become bogged down in any single issue. Fixed signs could help their Mutable friends to go deeper and get more involved while Mutable signs can persuade their Fixed partners to lighten up and take things less seriously.


The Zodiac Band is divided into 12 equal sections of 30 degrees. Each of the Twelve Zodiac Signs is sub-divided into Three Decans of 10 degrees, or about 10 days. The decans are based on the element of the sign.

The first decan of Leo is the strongest as it is a double dose of the same zodiac sign energies and characteristics. The second and third decans are modified by the qualities and traits of the other two signs belonging to the element of Fire – Sagittarius & Aries.


0 to 9.59 degrees of Leo (first ten days of the sign)

This is the high-octane section of the sign. Leo energy in the First Decan is particularly keen on shining and they will seek ways in which they can stand out from the crowd. They want to make their presence felt. They belong in solo roles, where they can help to energise and enhance whatever is going on around them. They adore admiration and applause but they recognise that the show they put on must be worthy of praise and therefore they give of their best.

The Sun’s influence on this Decan suggests a natural ability for standing in the spotlight and being the boss. There is a childlike quality to Leo’s First Decan which can make them very appealing and amusing but also rather arduous to cope with when they insist on demanding everybody’s undivided energy and attention.


10 to 19.59 degrees of Leo (middle ten days of the sign)

This type of Leo wants to shine their light all over the world. They are prepared to travel to the four corners of the Earth in search of new disciples, admirers and audiences. Their child-like willingness to play the games, embrace the customs and eat the food of whichever country or culture they find themselves in helps them to make the most of their experiences.

Planet Jupiter’s influence on this Decan suggests a natural ability to project positive, optimistic energy that draws admiration and respect. Second Decan Leos do well in roles where they are guiding or mentoring others by opening up new horizons to them or taking them forward towards the unknown. But there is a restlessness to this section of the sign which can make others feel that they are being forced to chase around, caught in a game of following the leader that they cannot remember having signed up for.


20 to 29.59 degrees of Leo (last ten days of the sign)

Third Decan Leos are perhaps the most competitive section of their sign. Self-motivated and strong on self-confidence, they will be keen to win the goals they have set themselves. They might be the least patient and persistent of the Leo Decans but they are no doubt the most independent, self-sufficient and able to act on their own initiative.

The Martian influence on this kind of Leo makes them natural leaders with the potential to bring out the best in their followers. But they can be bossy as well as intolerant and dismissive of those who struggle to keep up with their demanding pace. This type of Leo can be rather self-involved and needs to avoid arrogant or big-headed behaviour.

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