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Macrocosm-Microcosm of Astrology

“The source and essence of all creation can be found everywhere. It resides equally in you, in me, and in all things.” Victor Shamas

Astrology believes that the celestial cycles and patterns described by the Planets within our solar system manifest themselves as individual life forms. They do so in order to explore consciousness on a material level and to experience life on a physical plane.

Astrologers take the moment of physical birth to be the point when the collective energy matrix of the solar system chooses to reproduce itself on an individual level. The two energy patterns – that of the greater solar system and that of the smaller individual life form – remain interconnected, even though there may not be any conscious awareness of this connected-ness within the individual life form.

This reproducing of a greater energy matrix within a smaller was intuited by ancient belief systems and most enduring human philosophies are based on the principle that the macrocosm is reflected within the microcosm. For example, we now know that each individual cell – or microcosm – of an organism reflects the whole organism – or macrocosm – and therefore each cell carries the potential to reproduce the entire body.

When an astrologer is asked “how does astrology work?” their true answer would be “it explains how the energy of an individual life form is connected to and reflects the energy of the entire solar system”. But even though this response is correct, it rarely gets a sympathetic hearing.

People have a tendency to feel overawed by the thought that they could be physical manifestations of those great and mysterious sky gods spiralling sedately across the heavens. They seem more comfortable with the idea that they are at the mercy of these magical, wondrous beings who either hurl thunderbolts or bestow blessings, depending on their mood.

Astrology’s job is to remind us that, far from being minor accidents of fate or random mutations left over from the big bang, we are significant cells in the body of Cosmic Consciousness. An astrologer’s mission is to introduce the person to their personal energy field – or microcosm map – and explain how it reflects and remains connected to the energy patterns within the solar system – or macrocosm matrix – at the time of their birth.

I believe there was a time when this awareness was absolutely understood and accepted, as echoes of its truth still resonate within the most distorted of our myths, religions and beliefs. I believe the time has now come for us to remember and know that we are highly valued individual expressions of the all-that-is Macrocosm as it explores itself through a myriad of consciously created microcosms.

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