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Astrology is such a multi-layered, multi-dimensional discipline that it can challenge even the most eager student, let alone someone who has little or no previous knowledge of the subject. This deck is an attempt to make astrology more accessible to people with a purely personal interest and also to practising professionals who are looking to offer a different approach to forecasting, prediction and interpretation.

The Astro Oracle deck can be used to answer specific questions in all the important areas of your life. The cards can also give a sense of timing, as well as guidance on how to use your resources, energies and abilities constructively. They also reveal the truth about issues that may be bubbling away beneath the surface of your conscious awareness, that are confusing you or undermining your confidence and courage.


How does it work?

I created my own deck of oracle cards so that I could to a slightly different style of astrology reading that is more simple and straightforward than working with birth charts and horoscopes.

The Astro Oracle deck can be used to gain focus and precision when there is a specific question to be answered, or a problem to be solved. The guidance from the cards is usually very accurate, making it possible to offer clear and practical advice on the situation.

The answers it gives are holistic, providing practical information alongside emotional support and spiritual insight.

The cards you receive contain information, advice and guidance regarding your situation. They may even give you a straight Yes or No answer, depending on the matter you are asking about.

Single question or subject readings
Where am I now? feedback & confirmation

Always remember that you must be completely clear in your own mind about what you want to ask the Astro Oracle Cards, even when you feel nervous about uncovering the truth. If you are at all elusive or untruthful the cards that come up for you will reflect your lack of clarity or honesty. You cannot force them to tell you what you want to hear, no matter how many times you ask the same question!

If you would like to organise an astrology oracle reading for yourself or as a gift for someone else I would be very happy to hear from you. A 30 minute session is £30.

We connect via an online Zoom video link or phone/WhatsApp audio link

An audio recording of your reading and images of your oracle cards are emailed to you to download and keep.

Cards from the Astro Oracle Deck


The lights, planets and other heavenly bodies that inhabit our solar system and travel within it. In astrology they represent specific forces, energies and characteristics, possibilities and potentials which are yours to work with. Their influence and effects can be both constructive and destructive, depending on your free will choices on how to interact with them.


The 12 zodiac signs are stylised versions of 12 constellations that fall along the Ecliptic (the Sun’s apparent path around Earth). Each sign is allocated 30 degrees of a 360 degree circle. In the Astro Oracle Deck these cards offer advice on Focus and Timing as well as on what Actions to take or to avoid.


The 12 horoscope houses represent key areas of earthly life. In the Astro Oracle Deck these cards provide information and confirmation on the background and context for your reading. They also point to sectors of your life that need your attention, or through which your energy could be channelled most effectively.


These cards define the type of energy that you need to employ or hold back on, depending on whether you have too little or too much of it.



These cards point to underlying energy patterns which could be supporting you or holding you back.



These cards can be used to empower your manifestation projects, to help you embrace the energies which serve you well and to release those that are holding you back. 


Case Study Professional & Career Guidance

This reading was given to someone who was struggling to find a sense of direction with regard to their career path. They were feeling confused and inadequate and unsure of what to do next.

To begin with, I selected a series of headings from the Deck of 1000 Spreads by Tierney Sadler which I felt would be relevant to the reading. These topics provide context and structure which give extra meaning to the Astro Oracle cards that are drawn. It is possible to substitute one topic card for another (for example career could be replaced by health, finances or relationships) and to continue working with the same spread.

Spirit of the Reading
GRAND TRINE PATTERN confirms that the person I am reading for (my Client) has plenty of natural talents and abilities which can be used to achieve their professional goals and ambitions. However, these resources could be going unrecognised as they may be taken for granted.

Topic of the Reading (Career)
PLANET URANUS suggests that there is something original, unorthodox or alternative about my Client’s chosen career path. It could also mean that they tend to rebel against authority and conventions or question formal rules and regulations, procedures and protocols. They insist on doing things their way, which could create obstacles for them. But there is no doubt that they are uniquely suited to their profession.

PLANET PLUTO indicates there is something lurking in the background of my Client’s past which could be concerned with the use and abuse of personal power. Its negative influence has created a tendency to self-sabotage. But its positive force has instilled a deep respect for honour and integrity.

What to take from the Past
FIXED ENERGY confirms that my Client has survived tough times. They have persevered with their career goals, and they have remained loyal to their choice of profession. This quality will provide the staying power that keeps them focussed on fulfilling their ambitions.

What to leave in the Past
PLANET NEPTUNE RETROGRADE. Any lack of clarity and conviction must be relinquished as it creates a fog of doubt that confuses my Client and saps their focus and determination to succeed. This impractical influence is a bit too dreamy and unrealistic, which is not much help when it comes to defining aims and objectives.

CARDINAL ENERGY provides motivation and drive. It offers the courage, confidence, enthusiasm and focus necessary to define and achieve goals. My client must now foster this quality, along with the expectation of successful outcomes, within themselves. Any signs of disappointment, despondency or despair must be countered by the determination to win.

Immediate Future
NEW MOON brings the promise of a fresh start. The energy is conducive to the seeding of new life which indicates that the person I’m reading for is about to feel a sense of anticipation and excitement which they may have lost.

What cannot be changed
PLANET MARS RETROGRADE. This card suggests that my Client may find it difficult to make things work first time around. There could be a sense of constantly having to correct or re-do tasks which can be demoralising and disappointing. But as the energy cannot be changed it will have to be channelled constructively. My Client must embrace their own compelling urge to improve and perfect instead of labelling themselves as inefficient or incompetent.

ZODIAC SIGN LIBRA. This card can be read on several levels – firstly from the aspect of timing. Libra season starts at the September Equinox and finishes around 21 October. This time of year could be significant to the reading in terms of when the person could expect the fresh start indicated by the New Moon card to be coming into effect. The sign of Libra also suggests that partnerships could be an important influence as could any roles involving advice-giving, counselling, co-operating, collaborating, negotiating. But my client must be careful to adopt a pro-active stance within the situation rather than waiting to be told what to do.

What can be changed
PLANET MARS & THE EARTH. These two cards came out together so I read them as complimentary to one another. Mars indicates that the person needs to be more dynamic, focussed and goal-oriented in their achievement of their ambitions. The Earth card suggests that my client must be more committed to the full enjoyment of their physical, earth-plane existence rather than resenting, rejecting or pulling away from it.

FIRST HOROSCOPE HOUSE confirms the need to be pro-active in the definition of goals and objectives. A certain amount of courage is called for when it comes to self-promotion, especially if my Client normally shies away from drawing attention to themselves or feels uncomfortable when they are invited to take the initiative. If they come across as motivated, confident and convincing, they will find it easier to persuade others to support them in the fulfilment of their ambitions.


Keen to understand the basic principles of this super-interesting subject? My astro-oracle study card & reading deck will help you get your head around the ABC of Astrology and its main building blocks:

  • Zodiac Signs
  • Elements & Qualities
  • Horoscope Houses
  • Sun, Moon & Planets
  • Aspects & Patterns

PDF downloads £15 each or £20 for both files

  • OPTION 1 – print pages portrait layout (your choice of paper size & weight)
  • OPTION 2 – print-ready tarot size cards