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Ask the Oracle


Ask the heavenly bodies of our solar system to guide and enlighten you in the search for answers to your questions.


These cards offer advice on Focus and Timing as well as on what Actions to take or to avoid.


These cards point to the Area(s) of your Life on which to focus your attention and energy.


These cards offer guidance on the type of energy that could be a source of support or which may be holding you back.

The Astro Oracle deck is divided into 4 sections. The full Heavenly Bodies/Planets section contains a total of 29 cards – 15 of which are shown in the online shuffle deck. I’m using a card generation plugin by Emotional Online Storytelling.

Single question or subject readings
Where am I now? feedback & confirmation

Always remember that you must be completely clear in your own mind about what you want to ask the Astro Oracle Cards, even when you feel nervous about uncovering the truth. If you are at all elusive or untruthful the cards that come up for you will reflect your lack of clarity or honesty. You cannot force them to tell you what you want to hear, no matter how many times you ask the same question!

The Astro Oracle deck can be used to answer specific questions in all the important areas of your life. The cards can also give a sense of timing, as well as guidance on how to use your resources, energies and abilities constructively. They also reveal the truth about issues that may be bubbling away beneath the surface of your conscious awareness, that are confusing you or undermining your confidence and courage.

  • The deck can be used to gain focus and precision when there is a specific question to be answered, or a problem to be solved. The guidance from the cards is usually very accurate, making it possible to offer clear and practical advice on the situation.
  • The answers it gives are holistic, providing practical information alongside emotional support and spiritual insight.
  • The cards you receive contain information, advice and guidance regarding your situation. They may even give you a straight Yes or No answer, depending on the matter you are asking about.

Astro Oracle Readings

I created my own deck of oracle cards so that I could to a slightly different style of astrology reading that is more simple and straightforward than working with birth charts and horoscopes.

If you would like to organise an astrology oracle reading for yourself or as a gift for someone else I would be very happy to hear from you.

£45 for a 45 minute reading (£5 discount for bank to bank payment) – more information. We connect via an online Zoom video link or phone/WhatsApp audio link. An audio recording of your reading and images of your oracle cards are emailed to you to download and keep.


Keen to understand the basic principles of this super-interesting subject? My astro-oracle study card & reading deck will help you get your head around the ABC of Astrology and its main building blocks:

  • Zodiac Signs
  • Elements & Qualities
  • Horoscope Houses
  • Heavenly Bodies – Sun, Moon & Planets
  • Aspects & Patterns

I am currently working with specialist printers IVORY to produce a good quality tarot size pack at the most affordable price! Contact me if you would be keen to invest in an Astro Oracle deck.