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Manifest Your Life with the Sun, Moon & Planets

Astrology can help you to know, understand, accept & love your Self. Your birth chart provides valuable information about who you really are. It can define your true potential, helping you recognise all that you are capable of. It can clarify past and present experiences in key areas of your life, enabling you to lay the foundations for future fulfilment and lasting happiness. It can also offer useful guidance on how to make the most of current and future planetary influences.

This valuable knowledge and insight enables you to become Main Manifestor of your own life. So long as your intention is to create outcomes which benefit you and all others involved, with harm to none, the Cosmos joyfully works with you to make your dreams come true!


Your birth chart can give you valuable information & feedback about yourself. It can help you to understand how to: define what works for you and what could be holding you back, express your true character, project your personality effectively, fulfil your true potential, identify your personal & professional goals, understand your relationship choices, maximise your health & wealth, get to grips with family issues.


Looking at the recent, current and upcoming planetary placements, patterns and movements that are influencing your birth chart. Helping you to put things into perspective, make the most of upcoming opportunities, preparing you for the future and warning you about forces which could bring challenge and change. Understanding how to manage the energies surrounding key dates.

Online & Phone Consultations

personal readings

We link up via a video or audio link to talk about your birth chart, interpret the information it contains and look at the recent, current and future influences to it. If you wish to record our reading on your own devices you are welcome to do so.

Initial Appointment 

your birth chart

Your first reading with me is a 60-80 minute session when I introduce you to your birth chart energies, explain their influence in the main areas of your life (personal & professional) and show you how to make the most of them. You also receive a written summary of your birth chart planets.

Follow On Readings

onward & upward!

These 60 minute appointments are offered to existing clients. They can be used for further in-depth analysis of your current situation, to look forward into the future, or to work on a specific subject of your choice. 

Zodiac Compatibility

soul mates

Comparing your birth chart with another person’s to explain what works and what doesn’t in your relationship with them. Romantic, family, friendly or business connections.

Astro Forecasting

where am I going?

Looking at how your birth chart is being affected by recent, current and upcoming influences in the main areas of your life. Working to set goals and timelines for your desired outcomes.

Gifts & Vouchers

mark the day

Gift vouchers for astrology readings & reports make attractive, truly original personal gifts to celebrate special occasions, to offer thanks or congratulations, or simply to say “I love you”!

Ask a Question

when? how? why?

A shorter session to seek a response or answer to a single question, using the astrology oracle card deck I have created myself.

Written Report

your planets & their placements

A beautifully presented detailed report on your birth chart planets, their placements & patterns. Number of pages is usually around 45, depending on the individual birth chart.

Your Birth Info

time, date & place

Your astrology reading or report is based on your date and place of birth and, if known, the time you were born.

Your Zodiac, Birth or Sun Sign is based on where the Sun appeared in the sky on your birthday.

The 12 Zodiac Signs are allocated to twelve of the star groups, or constellations which fall across the Ecliptic, the imaginary circle that traces the path of Earth’s orbit around the Sun. Each of the Signs has their own strongly-defined identity and character. The Zodiac Year starts at the Equinox (19-21 March), beginning with the sign of Aries and ending in Pisces. The origins of the Zodiac are lost in the mists of time, based on myths and legends from ancient cultures.


Astrology and Me

I am very lucky to have had an interesting and varied life but it hasn’t been without its dark days! It was about 36 years ago, when I was going through one of those really intense experiences, that I first found astrology. It has been helping me to make sense of both the good times and bad ever since.

As I was living in London, I was able to attend regular classes held by the Faculty of Astrological Studies. I spent six exciting years studying the spellbinding subject and gained my diploma in 1992, when I began to read birth charts professionally. Each time I interpret a chart, whether for work, study, research or pleasure, my interest in astrology increases.

I was born with Sun in Scorpio, in the 7th house of my horoscope, which explains my passion for working with my clients to achieve solutions and outcomes for them. It is not my job to tell them what to do, but I can help them to find the clarity and confidence to make their own decisions.

Professional Training & Qualification

I trained for over five years with the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London UK

I gained my diploma in 1992 after some difficult exams but I continue to learn more with every chart I read!

Regular posting on social media platforms can be difficult and time consuming but I find it really helps to improve my fluency in the language of astrology.

Ask me about having your own astrology or birth chart reading.

Contented Clients

I count myself very blessed to have read for many people over the years. Lots of them come back for repeat readings and recommend me to their friends.

“Hi Pauline, having listened back to our session I wanted to thank you again. It was excellent and elegantly delivered! I feel spiritually seen and that I now have some solid advice and structures to gently mull over. In short, everything I wanted from the reading.”

“Dear Pauline, Thanks again for your readings. You gave me incredibly valuable insights in a moment of my life where I really needed guidance. Huge appreciation for your work.”

“Hi Pauline, I just wanted to say a big thank you again for the fantastic reading – your insightful and nuanced observations and suggestions have certainly given me much food for thought!”

“Dear Pauline, I would like to express my respect for your astrological and counselling style. You practically and profoundly guide the client towards his/her soul realms, life path, desires and hopes. It is very rare to have such revelation and kind understanding in a single session. Your empathy and spiritual approach make this a rich and exceptional experience!”

“Pauline’s reading was incredibly helpful and resourceful – it was empowering to be able to ‘join the dots’ together and truly understand myself – what I wanted and how to get past the obstacles to get there. I’ve been able to use the insight gained to improve the quality of my life and well-being to stay on track with my life path”