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“‘Moon!’ you cry suddenly, ‘Moon! Moon!’
The moon has stepped back like an artist gazing amazed at a work that points at him amazed.” Ted Hughes

The New Moon marks the start of a new cycle, symbolising new beginnings and new growth. It compares to the first moment when a seed germinates, or an egg is fertilised. These events – like the New Moon – are hidden from view. They take place in darkness, deep in the soil and deep in the womb. We live in a time when new life can be engineered through the use of man-made mechanisms but there is still that miraculous moment outside our conscious control when a new birth either thrives or fails.

When the Moon is full there is a sense of something that has been growing or forming over a period of time reaching a conclusion or coming to fruition. It could be that a project has been realised, or that a plan is now manifested in a material form. It could also be that something that was previously unseen or unacknowledged has come into awareness, ready to be recognised on a conscious level.


The New and Full Moons alternate in opposing signs of the zodiac, reinforcing the interplay between the Sun and Moon as seen from our viewpoint here on Planet Earth. A New Moon is when the Moon appears in the same section of the Zodiac Band as the Sun. At a Full Moon, the Moon occupies the sign on the opposite side of the Zodiac Band to the Sun.


NEW MOON IN ARIES A great time to initiate new projects but remember that whatever you are launching must have your enthusiasm and passion behind it. Assert yourself with courage and conviction as half-hearted measures will not get you past the starting post! Great for goal setting, especially if you are aiming for short-term results that confirm you are on the right track.

FULL MOON IN LIBRA The perfect time to manifest balance, harmony and fairness in all areas of your life. Approach your relationships (whether personal or professional) with a willingness to appreciate your partners’ points of view and with the expectation that they will respond in kind. The energy is good for collaborating with others, especially if your project has reached the stage where you no longer want to run things all by yourself.


NEW MOON IN TAURUS This New Moon confirms that you were born carrying the seed of everything you will ever need. Turn to your own talents for the resources you require to make your life more comfortable, enjoyable and fulfilling. Affirm your appreciation for your natural abilities and trust that they will enable you to enrich your life on all levels.

FULL MOON IN SCORPIO Once you are aware of how resourceful and talented you truly are, you realise you are far stronger than you thought you were. This sense of empowerment allows you to face Life’s challenges knowing that you are in charge of your own destiny. You trust yourself to cope with whatever comes your way. You can manage your own assets and your gut feelings will guide you to the individuals, investments and events that serve your best purposes.


NEW MOON IN GEMINI Tap into the light n’ fast energy of this New Moon to give you a new lease of life! Let your natural curiosity lead you to investigate the variety of interesting things happening in and around your neighbourhood. This is a good time to embark on educational projects and to collect new contacts within your community. You are in the early learning stage of your enterprise, and you are gathering information as you go along.

FULL MOON IN SAGITTARIUS This could be a time when risks and gambles you have taken in the past bring positive results. Whether you have won or lost in material terms, you will still have gained experience and knowledge. It is up to you to turn them to your best advantage. It is time to celebrate being alive and to count all the amazing things that you have seen, done and gained so far, knowing there is always more to come.


NEW MOON IN CANCER This New Moon favours starting from scratch – whether you are writing your memoirs, conceiving a baby, or planning the birth of a new business. Be aware that new moons are all about beginnings and that this is the pro-creative stage for your projects. Do not interfere too heavily in their growth patterns at this point, let them develop organically. Just feed your seedlings with positive intentions for their future success.

FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN Full Moons are a time of reaping rewards and even if you feel you have precious little to show for the effort and energy you have put into your goals, try to see how far you have come and give yourself credit for the tangible results you have achieved. Evaluate your progress rather than judge yourself for what has not gone to plan. Remember that mistakes, delays and setbacks are a very necessary part of the maturing process in any project as they add to your reserves of wisdom and expertise.


NEW MOON IN LEO This New Moon favours activities that have a playful quality. Find the fun in everything, no matter how dreary it looks at the outset. Your child-like enthusiasm is the magic ingredient which will make your enterprise flourish and grow into something with real star quality. Radiate confidence and warmth, even if you feel you are only play-acting to begin with.

FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS This full Moon favours looking at the things in your life that have been around for a while and could benefit from a freshen up. If you have a project that has reached completion, it could still be worth making some innovative tweaks before it gets shelved. The point of no return is never really reached, there’s always room for radical change. Invention and improvisation are your evolutionary allies as your future unfolds.


NEW MOON IN VIRGO This is the time to sow seeds and prepare for new growth. Because the Moon is in vigilant Virgo, you will need to be especially intricate about anything you are planting. The more care you take, the better the results. Details will count, so try not to overlook them. Prepare your Cosmic Order very precisely before placing it under your pillow tonight!

FULL MOON IN PISCES This is the most effective Moon for making dreams come true. But although it sounds easy, materialising ethereal energy is probably the most advanced activity you can undertake. Eliminate any vague, indistinct or unrealistic aspects from your Cosmic Request if you really want your wish to be granted. But you will need to accept that a 3D version of your hoped-for vision may not be quite so amazing as the heavenly images which inspire your higher senses.


NEW MOON IN LIBRA Whatever you begin now should start off on an even keel. Ideally, there would not be too much of one energy and too little of another. The New Moon in Libra puts emphasis on creating new potential within situations that involve co-operation and collaboration with others. If your project involves inter-action between partners, both sides have to take fair and equal shares in all aspects of the relationship.

FULL MOON IN ARIES The potential is for you to see that you have reached some sort of winning post. If you feel there is still a long way to go before you hit your target, then use this time to impress upon yourself how extremely brave you have been to come so far. Take steps to stay motivated and to maintain your levels of courage, enthusiasm and drive.


NEW MOON IN SCORPIO This is an influential new cycle where events which flow naturally will be more powerful than those that are over-managed. Things should be allowed to take their course without too much interference, especially in the early stages. Observe rather than intrude, and do not do anything unless you are strongly guided by instinct or intuition. Trust your gut and follow your hunches as they are tuned into what is really going on.

FULL MOON IN TAURUS This is the perfect time for counting your blessings and for valuing the more enjoyable aspects of your life. Recognise your natural talents and appreciate the abilities you were born with – they are what have helped you to accumulate a wealth of happy memories that will stay with you for ever. Take stock of how you have managed to make things happen and give yourself credit for sticking it out when times have not been so easy. Enhance the sense of well-being this full Moon can bring by connecting to something you consider to be beautiful, relaxing or reassuring.


NEW MOON IN SAGITTARIUS The time is right to set your sights on new horizons and to travel beyond the boundaries of your current situation. If you hear yourself coming up with excuses, counter them with the mantra “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” Expansion is in order, so start thinking about different ways to extend your existing levels of knowledge and experience. This new Moon is in the mood for adventure and it wants you to come along for the ride!

FULL MOON IN GEMINI This is a good time to catch up on results from new links you have been creating within your local networks. Any spreading and collecting of news, views and information should come to fruition, so you will be more in the know and better connected to what is going on around you. Just make sure that the data you have documented is correct and that the sources it comes from are to be trusted.


NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN This New Moon is particularly effective for sewing the seeds of good resolutions and ambitious aspirations. Serious intent is required from you however, as poorly formed plans or half-hearted promises will not provide the correct level of commitment required to get your projects off the ground. Taking a step-by-step approach can help you develop a strategy that provides a realistic timeline in which to achieve your goals.

FULL MOON IN CANCER Some of the plans you launched around the New Moon could be showing signs of development. Now is the point where, like a parent with a new baby, you need to protect and nurture those tender shoots of growth. Do not shy away from making an emotional connection to your projects. Continue to feed them with your creative input.


NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS This New Moon marks a moment of promise and hope for the future. Let innovation flow, bring on the outside-the-box ideas. No original thought should ever be suppressed for however flawed or unworkable, ridiculous or outlandish it seems now, it could hold the seeds of future success. This is a good time to start something new, or to approach an existing situation from a totally fresh perspective.

FULL MOON IN LEO You have permission to pat yourself on the back for being so special – there is no-one else like you and there is nobody who can take your place. This is the perfect time to applaud everything you are and all that you can do. Today’s the day for those self-confirming affirmations which enhance your levels of confidence and pride. Visualise your name in lights, look in the mirror, and tell yourself how wonderful you truly are!


NEW MOON IN PISCES We are sailing closer to the March Equinox, and this year’s first turning of the seasons. Tap into the energy to turn the tide in your own life. You are standing at a watershed between what has been and what is to come. Let go of what has passed and prepare to receive the next phase of your magical earth plane existence, never forgetting that you are a Spiritual Being who has chosen to incarnate in a human body to manifest your visions in material forms.

FULL MOON IN VIRGO This full Moon helps to increase your efficiency levels. Are you well organised? Are you optimising your skills and other valuable resources? Could you make your daily routine more productive? As this competent lunar mood culminates and begins its waning phase, it can help you utilise your energy more effectively and eliminate any wasted effort. Enhance the sense of sorted ness this full Moon can bring by introducing tools, methods and systems that are guaranteed to keep your everyday chores under control.


Solar Eclipses powerful seed moments

Solar eclipses take place at the New Moon when the Moon (as seen from Earth) moves across the Sun, blocking out its light either partially or totally. An annular eclipse, which shows the dark disc of the Moon surrounded by of halo of bright sunlight, is perhaps the most spectacular.

The Sun in astrology symbolises conscious control, whereas the Moon stands for all things organic, natural, instinctive and intuitive. And when the Moon eclipses the Sun, natural processes take precedence over organised systems. It would be wonderful if Solar eclipses were recognised throughout the world as powerful seed moments. They could be designated “Trust your Gut” days, when people were actively encouraged to value intuition over conscious thought. Until that happens (as I’m sure it will one day), you can use the energy of eclipses of the Sun to pay special attention to your inspirational thoughts, ideas, dreams and feelings. Honour and trust them as they may well contain the seeds for your future growth.

Lunar Eclipses unveiling hidden truths

An eclipsed full Moon appears magical and mysterious. The luminous white disc is veiled in a rosy shadow and the Moon emerges from the veil as though she is replaying the full cycle of her waxing and waning. The Lunar Eclipse emphasises this fruition process, making it more powerful and potentially more abundant.

The Moon in astrology symbolises instinctive and organic processes that have yet to be fully recognised or understood on a conscious level. For this reason, lunar eclipses are good for uncovering the truth about a subject or situation. On a personal level, they help you understand the truth about yourself, your life goals, your relationships and so on – giving you the opportunity to decide what you want to keep and what you need to leave aside. It’s much the same on a world level: lunar eclipses expose the truth about what should be kept and what should be discarded within our societies. The type of eclipse (full, partial or appulse) symbolises the extent to which things have been hidden or veiled from our conscious awareness, so that what was once in darkness can be brought into the light.

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