All about Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Sun Sign Aquarius

AQUARIANS ARE * Democratic * Different * Eccentric * Freedom-loving *
* Friendly * Futuristic * Inventive * Humanitarian * Original * Rebellious * * Unexpected * Unconventional *** UNIQUE***


  • Aquarians are natural-born rebels: idealistic, unconventional and forward-thinking.
  • Aquarians do things their way and they hate being controlled, or told what to think.
  • Ownership, possessiveness and loss of freedom are their enemies and they side with the underdog.
  • Aquarians are trend-setters and their individualistic style stands out from the crowd.
  • People admire their inventiveness. ManyAquarians would rather drive an old banger powered by a recycled central heating boiler than a flashy new car.
  • Aquarians can be stubborn, rigid and dogmatic. Sometimes they contradict just for the sake of being different.


Aquarians may experience problems with their blood circulation and nervous system. The Aquarian tendency to be out of sync with their physical body can have the same effect as an un-earthed electrical plug creating energy that is jittery, erratic and difficult to control.


Aquarians see money as the root of most of the world’s problems although they accept it as a way to buy personal freedom. They are hoping for a future where financial systems are much more humanitarian and democratic.


  • Original and unpredictable energy
  • Need to feel at ease with their own uniqueness
  • Can experience themselves as eccentric or view themselves as misfits.
  • Prefer not to be burdened by the wants, needs and expectations of others.
  • Happier in kindred spirit group settings, where people support one another but everyone is responsible for their own role.


This Fixed Quality & Air Element combination brings an original, innovative, evolutionary quality that can get entrenched in its own way of viewing the world. Aquarians tend to stick stubbornly to their own ideas and ideals about how to live life, which can make them appear rebellious and eccentric.


The Eleventh Zodiac Sign is interested in innovation. Aquarians love to do things differently and their role is to channel change onto the Earth plane. This is the sign that astrology considers to be evolutionary. When it is working well, it helps to advance human society with new sciences and technologies. But when it malfunctions, it brings catastrophic upheaval, rebellion and revolution.


The House of Aquarius describes attitudes to friendship, to kindred spirits and to fellow humans generally. It also gives insight into hopes and dreams for the future. The 11th house points to potential in team & tribal settings and roles involving group activities. It’s about shared ideals that prompt people to pool their ideas and energies and pull together for the greater good of all.


This sign is looking for a profession that leaves them at liberty to work, on their on terms, using their own techniques. Aquarians are natural free-lancers or sole traders. They are not keen on following orders and they might struggle in corporate structures that demand absolute obedience to strict rules & regulations. They don’t try to impress anyone, they just aim to deliver results that hit the nail on the head then go one step further. As their innovative approach can seem strange to more conventional types, they can feel like misfits in old-school organisations that insist on sticking to tradition.

The Three Decans of Aquarius

Each zodiac sign is 30 days long and is divided into three Decans of 10 days each.

1ST DECAN is double AQUARIUS, influenced by Planet URANUS This is the most unorthodox section of the sign. Aquarian energy in the 1ST Decan produces the true Evolutionaries of the zodiac. It’s almost as though they have come from the future to introduce energies that have the potential to move human society forward. This type of Aquarian might find it difficult to acclimatise to present-day Planet Earth and (what seems like to them) its comparatively clunky and outdated way of doing things.

While the Uranus influence on this Decan supplies the unconventional, unpredictable ground-breaking Genius Gene, it can also create a wide streak of eccentricity which might make individuals born into this Decan feel like misfits or strangers in a strange land. But although the tendency not to belong to any particular social set could seem lonely or isolated, it allows these one-off characters to stay free to be Unique.

2ND DECAN of AQUARIUS is influenced by GEMINI and Planet MERCURY This is Aquarian energy at its most fluent. The ability to translate and interpret futuristic concepts comes more easily to this section of the sign, which enables this type of Aquarian to communicate complex facts and figures in formats that are relatively easy to understand. They’ll probably be interested in a diverse number of topics but technological, scientific or sociological subjects could well hold a stronger significance for them.

The quick-thinking influence of Mercury on this Decan may mean that these Aquarians will have to battle with boredom, especially if they’re stuck in a conventional classroom filled with slow learners. It’s at this point that they could become disruptive or un-cooperative. Ideally, some bright spark will tune into their wavelength and realise how tedious traditional learning is for them.

3RD DECAN of AQUARIUS is influenced by LIBRA and Planet VENUS This is Aquarian energy at its most equable. Aquarius has a reputation for rebelliousness which can test the most tolerant of partners. But 3RD Decan Aquarians are more likely to compromise and collaborate than other sections of the sign. They will still have a tendency to value friendship as the preferred way of relating to others but there could be more respect for romance.

The sociable influence of Venus on this Decan brings an ability to understand that people don’t have to be alike to get on with one another. In fact, the most interesting connections can be those that cross countries and cultures and that celebrate the differences between individuals and their circumstances. 3RD Decan Aquarians are tailor made for online dating, where they can link up with kindred spirits without having to relinquish their physical freedom.


ROMANTIC: Although they are moved to tears by humanitarian causes, Aquarians are less easily moved when things get too personal.

FRIENDSHIP: The Aquarian ideal. Generally they are happier in friendships or group activities than on an intense one to one basis.

FAMILY: Aquarians can feel like misfits in their own families. They don’t do so well in conventional family setups and they prefer to belong to a group of kindred spirits.

PROFESSIONAL: Aquarians tend to think outside the box, which can make them seem rebellious.

KEY RELATIONSHIP: will most probably be with a kindred spirit, or group of kindred spirits.

Compatibility between the Zodiac Sign Elements & Qualities

Compatibility between the Elements FIRE, EARTH, AIR & WATER Astrology suggests that it is easier for the signs of one element to get along with one another, as the energy that drives them comes from the same source. But that doesn’t mean that relationships between signs from different elements are doomed to fail, although it might take longer for them to understand and accommodate the differences between them.


AQUARIUS with FIRE SIGNS The elements of Air & Fire complement each other very well. Timing is important, however as things can happen too fast & misunderstandings can occur.

  • ARIES this is an interesting combination as both signs value independence but passionate Aries could be too much for cool Aquarius.
  • LEO These two have opposing value systems. Aquarius thinks us and we – Leo thinks I and me.
  • SAGITTARIUS Both are keen to make the world a better place but Aquarius prioritises theory over practice while Sagittarius believes that actions speak louder than words.

AQUARIUS with EARTH SIGNS Pair-ups between Air & Earth Signs can be a bit dry unless there are shared interests, ideals and activities to provide the passion.

  • TAURUS It’s difficult for these two to find common ground. Idealistic Aquarius wants to heal the world whereas practical Taurus believes that charity begins at home.
  • VIRGO Their techniques couldn’t be more different. Virgo swears by tried and tested methods whereas Aquarius wants to innovate and do things differently.
  • CAPRICORN avant-garde Aquarius dares to be different while conventional Capricorn plays by the rules.

AQUARIUS with FELLOW AIR SIGNS Air Signs share an interest in information and communication, but if everyone is speaking their own words or thinking their own thoughts, then who’s listening?

  • GEMINI this is a great combination for sharing of ideas but could be too cool for sharing of emotions.
  • LIBRA This is a principled pair when it comes to fairness and equality. They can create the ideal relationship so long as they remember to include some emotion.
  • AQUARIUS are friendly kindred spirits so long as they are interested in the same ideal. Otherwise it’s endless argument.

AQUARIUS with WATER SIGNS The elements of Air & Water can work well when there is a sharing of creative ideas. Air signs help the water signs to put their ideas into words, and water signs help air signs to express their imagination.

  • CANCER They share a talent for original thinking but these two will need communication coaching. Aquarius is too cool and Cancer too shy.
  • SCORPIO This opinionated pair can argue till the cows come home but they learn a lot from listening to each other’s points of views.
  • PISCES This humanistic pair share an interest in helping others. They make a good team too – Aquarius provides the intellect and Pisces the imagination.

Compatibility between the Qualities CARDINAL, FIXED & MUTABLE Traditional Astrology used to believe that it would be difficult for signs of the same Quality to get on with each other. Actually they are perfectly capable of bringing out the best in one another. But relationships between them can be challenging for both partners, as disagreements can arise when their energies clash or turn confrontational.


AQUARIUS with FELLOW FIXED SIGNS TAURUS, LEO & SCORPIO These four signs share the same values when it comes to loyalty and perseverance. Most difficulties within the relationship would be caused by stubborn pride and a reluctance to concede to one another’s point of view. But as both partners are interested in staying involved for the long term, they are prepared to invest time and energy in trying to reconcile their differences.

FIXED SIGN AQUARIUS with CARDINAL SIGNS ARIES, CANCER, LIBRA & CAPRICORN It’s a question of outcomes. Cardinal signs insist on identifying goals and time lines as they expect to see results sooner or later. Fixed signs tend to get caught up in an ongoing situation and will prolong the process in order to stay involved with it. But Fixed signs can provide the patience that Cardinal signs sometimes lack and Cardinal signs can help Fixed signs to avoid becoming stale and stuck.

FIXED SIGN AQUARIUS with MUTABLE SIGNS GEMINI, VIRGO, SAGITTARIUS & PISCES It’s a question of intensity. Fixed Signs have a habit of giving their all to whatever they have chosen as their mission in life. Mutable signs seek a wide range of interests and prefer not to get bogged down in any single issue. Fixed signs can help their Mutable friends to go deeper and get more involved. Mutable signs can help their Fixed partners to lighten up and take things less seriously.


Aquarius is a Yang sign ruled by the planet Uranus, God of the Sky. He inspires the 11TH Sign with originality and inventiveness. According to mythology, Uranus was a creature of the sky who mated with Terra (Gaia in Greek legend) and fathered the first generation of gods and goddesses. Aquarians are “creatures of the sky”. Their abstract ideas and unworldly ideologies can make them feel different from the more earthy, practical people around them. Uranus was the father of Aphrodite (or Venus), the fair goddess of peace and harmony. Under this father-daughter influence, Aquarians are able to bring new ideas into the world with the aim of making life on Planet Earth fairer and more enjoyable for everyone.

Note: Your Zodiac Sign refers to which astrological constellation the Sun appeared to be in on the date of your birth. Each sign lasts for about 30 days, starting from around the 21st of each calendar month. If you were born close to the cusp of one sign and the next, you will need to check your year of birth for which date and at what time on that date, the Sun moved signs.

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