Your Astrology Element in 2020

Astrology Your Zodiac Sign Element in 2020

The 12 zodiac signs are divided into Four Elements – Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Each of the elements will deal with upcoming astrological influences in their own way. They will interact with planetary movements according to their own energies and characteristics.

  • Fire Signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are naturally adventurous and confident but they are easily disappointed and can take things too personally.
  • Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) take a more cautious and practical approach. They are expect to see tangible results and may ignore more subtle signs and influences.
  • Air Signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) seek information and explanations but they can be too easily convinced by “facts” that could be far from the truth.
  • Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) rely on their instincts and emotions for guidance and inspiration. But they can feel overwhelmed, oppressed and depressed by issues beyond their control.


Element of Fire Aries, Leo & SagittariusZodiac Signs Aries, Leo & Sagittarius


2020 begins with South Node in Capricorn and the North Node in Cancer. Neither of these placements are particularly helpful for the 3 Fire Signs. This is because of ancestral line issues involving unhappy soul memories that have been put into your gene pool by previous generations.

Aries especially might be feeling under pressure from these shadowy energies which may manifest as a strong sense of restriction. This could be caused by rules and regulations put in place by authority figures that limit Aries’ ability to achieve their private goals and objectives.

Leo and Sagittarius could also be feeling oppressed by stressful situations in Society that have nothing to do with them personally but which involve them indirectly, by affecting their individual security and general quality of life.

Things should improve as the South Node moves into Sagittarius on 5 May 2020. For Aries and Leo this influence might be very good as both signs are being given the opportunity to benefit from positive qualities inherited from their ancestors. These could include optimism, a sense of adventure, and a willingness to explore. Follow your star and see where it leads you!

The South Node effect is not so straightforward for Sagittarians, who may get a sense of being dragged back into déjà vu experiences which could feature past life soul memories that create a restless yearning to move beyond current boundaries. The best way to cope with this sense of dissatisfaction is to focus it on a specific target. Travel, study or some form of personal development would be ways in which you could assuage the urge to move forward to pastures new.

19 DECEMBER 2020

Another highly significant influence for Sagittarians this year is their ruling planet Jupiter moving through ambitious Capricorn. This should spur the 3rd Fire Sign on to achieve results, rewards and respect for their professionalism, effort and expertise. 2020 is a good year for far-seeing Sagittarians to show the world what they are capable of. They could be building on steps that were first taken 12 years ago.

For Aries, the Jupiter in Capricorn influence could feel rather pushy as it might make them feel frustrated by or disappointed in their own achievements. The 1st Fire Sign will probably have to go through a learning curve where plans and aspirations are concerned. They may need to explore the importance of patience and persistence when it comes to gaining long-term goals.

Leo may be learning more about how to deal with authority figures and their rules, regulations, procedures & protocols. It could be a somewhat stressful experience as the 2nd Fire Sign doesn’t like to be dictated to by people they don’t really respect. However, there will be lessons worth learning that will prove their worth in the long-term.


Aries, Leo & Sagittarius will be continuing to cope with the heavy energies emanating from Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, draining them of their natural enthusiasm, confidence and optimism. There could be a sense of constant obstacles, setbacks and delays affecting the world around them over which they personally have little or no control. It’s definitely a toughening up time for Fire Signs and they might struggle to keep looking for silver linings among the dark clouds. It’s important that they stay motivated, cheerful and positive as they wait for better times to appear.


While the 3 Fire Signs could benefit from this shift of emphasis, it is unlikely to bring immediate relief. The energy is still quite heavy due to the gravity of the general global situation. 

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius could make a big difference by getting involved in group activities over the next 2-3 years. These three signs are natural motivators, role models and mentors and their energetic, confident and optimistic approach can inspire others (especially younger people) to take responsibility for their own future.

We are moving into an era when people will rely less on high status individuals – emperors, kings and gurus – and there will be a stronger emphasis on team effort. All 3 Fire Signs step easily into the role of group leader, which is just what is needed in times such as these.


Chiron in Aries is a positive influence for the 3 Fire Signs, as it should help each of them to see how the ability to survive stressful situations supports their individual healing process. It does so by creating a more independent, self-assured and self-sufficient approach to solving their own problems whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

As an Aries Chiron will affect you most directly and it may well motivate you to take a pioneering role in the field of self-recovery.


Uranus in Taurus is not very helpful to Aries, Leos and Sagittarians because it keeps causing unexpected changes of direction that are difficult to deal with. This stubborn yet unpredictable energy is a thorn in the side of these three normally pro-active signs as it keeps them in a constant state of concern about what may or may not happen next.

Uranus could be making the Fire Signs feel like children in a playground which turns into a scene from a nightmare where the swings and roundabouts start moving too fast then stop suddenly, throwing everyone off.


Neptune in Pisces continues to create the kind of chaos and confusion that Fire Signs really do not like. The lack of clarity and certainty drains their energy and throws them off centre.

Even though Aries, Leo & Sagittarius can tune into Neptune’s inspirational influence to help them generate artistic dreams and visions, they may still feel a bit unsure about how to make those dreams come true.


Element of Earth Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn

Earth Signs Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn


2020 begins with South Node in Capricorn, which gives the 3 Earth Signs easy access to all the useful abilities created over generations by their ancestors and available to them today through the gene pool they were born into.

This is particularly so for Taurus and Virgo, as they can benefit from talents passed down to them by their forefathers which would help them to build plans and strategies that bring lasting success.

While this is also true for Capricorns, they might be hampered by the more negative aspects of the South Node in their sign, such as the cold-hearted urge to achieve wealth & social status to the detriment of their personal goals. Inherited health problems involving joints and bones could also crop up.

The South Node moves into Sagittarius on 5 May 2020. This ancestral line influence becomes less helpful to Earth Signs as it may not feel relevant to their present-day lives.

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn generally like to know what to expect. They can cope with problems, set-backs, delays and difficulties as long as they know what is required of them and how they can get to grips with what is going on.

This position of the South Node suggests that, over next couple of years, it is going to seem as if the goalposts are continually moving. Taurus, who values stability and Capricorn, who prefers the tried & tested, probably won’t like this at all. Virgo, a more flexible sign, may be able to cope better with the general lack of permanence & dependability.


This huge build-up of aspirational energy lands fairly and squarely on the shoulders of the 3 Earth Signs. The question is, will they use it wisely? True, it could bring them significant personal gain in terms of social status and worldly success but they will also have to consider the longer-term responsibilities that come with material rewards.

Taurus can utilise the opportunities offered by Jupiter to build on from the firm foundations that Saturn and Pluto have helped to establish over the recent and longer-term past. Taureans feel comfortable with all these planets in Capricorn because it gives them permission to do things properly. The 1st Earth Sign prefers to take its time, as it likes to produce results that are made to last. But Taurus will have to guard against getting too settled as, however permanent these energies appear to be now, they will not last for ever.

Virgos might feel obliged to work even harder than they already do as Jupiter offers them options to achieve their ambitions that are difficult to resist. But while they may benefit personally from Saturn & Pluto’s substantial support for their own material success, they will probably feel very uneasy about the idea of benefiting from a system that exploits the weak and vulnerable in society.

This year’s mantra for Capricorns should be “don’t stop till you reach the top”. Jupiter is giving this naturally aspirational sign a big boost of encouragement and opportunity in all areas – particularly in how they can make their mark on the world. But while the ongoing presence of Pluto & Saturn in Capricorn solidifies and intensifies the urge to achieve, the danger is that everything becomes so serious and intense that it turns heavy and obsessive. Capricorns will need to remember that there’s more to life than achieving ambitions.


The Earth Signs are unlikely to find this energy very easy to cope with. It brings an atmosphere of rebelliousness which is just what makes Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo feel uncomfortable as, in their mind, it creates chaos. They fear the breakdown of order and discipline, as well as the absence of rules and regulations that make life run along predictable lines.

Generally speaking, the Earth Signs like to know where they stand and what they need to do in order to keep things organised. Taurus doesn’t enjoy the sense that life is about to be turned upside down. Virgo gets anxious at the idea that everything is about to go pear-shaped. Capricorns fear the potential loss of structure and authority.

The best way forward for the Earth Signs over the next 2-3 years is to embrace the fact that it’s time to put new social systems in place as the old ones are now past their sell-by date. Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn all have so much to contribute to the re-building and re-generation of human society and its respect for the natural resources of Planet Earth. 


None of the Earth Signs are going to find this influence an easy one to cope with. The concept of self-healing can involve having to face distressing wounds and thorny problems head-on, when Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn would rather work around them.

This is where simple therapies involving contact with Nature and rhythmical physical activity like walking, swimming and dancing could be very helpful in releasing pent-up pain.


Generally the Earth Signs are rather risk-averse and resistant to change. But the influence of evolutionary Uranus moving through their own element is making Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn more interested in innovation than they usually are.

There is an awareness that extraordinary times call for avant-garde actions and the need to find novel solutions to old problems. Issues arising from environmental upheaval, extreme weather events and fundamental shifts in financial and economic systems could drive the Earth Signs to seek new models on which to base their future security.


Neptune in Pisces continues to bring a welcome wave of inspiration to the Earth Element, which can sometimes lack vision.

Taureans could tap into this imaginative energy in ways that would enhance their natural talents and abilities as well as their enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures.

Capricorns can also benefit from insightful information (some of which could flow to them while they are asleep) which might help them to achieve their goals in life.

Virgo is the earth sign that would find Neptune’s rather chaotic energy somewhat unsettling. Virgoans prefer to keep things neat and tidy and Neptune can mess with their carefully organised arrangements.


Element of Air Gemini, Libra & Aquarius

Air Signs Gemini, Libra & Aquarius


January-May of 2020, the South Node is in Capricorn and the North Node in Cancer and the 3 Air Signs could have been struggling to cope with these incompatible energies since 2018.

Librans in particular could find it more difficult than usual to choose between staying put or moving on. Indecision could feel like a curse that has been inherited from your gene pool which now needs to be cured! Try to see procrastination as a tool that was developed by previous generations in your gene pool in order to ensure that no action was taken until the pros and cons had been properly considered.

Gemini and Aquarius may be feeling out of sync with what is going on in the world. This could be due to a general sense of either being a bit behind or slightly ahead of the curve. Geminis might be trying to seek simple solutions to situations that have already moved beyond the elementary stage. Aquarians may be seeing all too clearly where things will end up if Society does not change its ways in the here and now.

Things get easier for the Air Signs when the South Node moves into Sagittarius on 5 May 2020. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are all being given easy access to positive qualities inherited from their ancestors which could help them to feel more adventurous and upbeat about the future. The ABC of options on how to move forward could make itself available to them, providing solutions to seemingly super-complex problems.


This cumbersome planetary line-up could prove to be a source of unwanted pressure for the Air Signs.

Libra in particular may be feeling that life is becoming far too unjust, with people on the lower rungs of society having to cope with very deprived conditions while those at the top are too selfish to share their wealth & success with those in need.

Gemini & Aquarius may be under stress from a growing sense of restriction. Perhaps it’s not going to be as easy as they thought it would be to get their ideas authorised and accepted, due to increased levels of rules, regulations, procedures and protocols. Some of these strictures could seem unnecessarily harsh but as they are imposed by authorities with a significant amount of power and control, rebelling against them is not an option.


Of all the elements, the Air Signs are most likely to respond positively to this major energy shift. It offers Geminis, Librans & Aquarians the opportunity to come up with ideas that can help humans to cope with fundamental changes in the way their societies operate.

The Air Signs give us the teachers and communicators, counsellors and advisers, scientists and inventors who enable us to understand and make sense of our own behaviour and of the environments we occupy. Their roles become even more important as we move through a testing time that will revolutionise the way we live on Planet Earth.

Aquarians in particular could feel duty-bound to seek solutions that promise a better, more sustainable future for the human race. They may find themselves in positions of authority, with added responsibilities for those who look to them for instructions.


The thought of healing your own wounds and solving your own problems is attractive to the 3 Air Signs a) because it gives them the freedom to sort things out for themselves and b) because they can learn a lot in the process.

The 2nd Air Sign could struggle to stay motivated as their path to self-healing unfolds, and as a Libra you may need someone who is prepared to step into the role of counsellor or therapist to work with. On the other hand, you may find that you are being sought out for your counselling skills, and your ability to support others through their painful period of recovery.

Geminis could be coming up with ideas that promise to shorten the journey from hurt to healed. If you are a Gemini, think about using simple statements and affirmations that reinforce the message that you can easily cure yourself, provided your mindset remains committed to that outcome.

Aquarians might be looking at self-healing therapies involving teams and groups. As an Aquarian, you may also be captivated by the concept of virtual healing, or of cutting-edge medical technologies associated with artificial intelligence & robotics


This unpredictable energy is not easy for any of the Air Signs, particularly Aquarius. The 3rd Air Sign is naturally future-oriented and welcomes most forms of constructive change. But the stop-start influence of Uranus in Taurus is very frustrating for Aquarius as it seems to be standing in the way of innovative moves to make the world a better place. If you are an Aquarian the best way to cope with your ruling planet Uranus passing through the stubborn sign of Taurus is to get involved in evolutionary projects that focus on sustaining Nature and the environment.

Geminis will probably find the erratic yet inflexible influence of Uranus moving through Taurus very stressful. Cataclysmic events like earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfires, tsunamis might be interesting to study at school but dealing with them in real life is a very different matter. If you are a Gemini try not to get too drawn into the conflicting arguments attached to earth-changing affairs. Examine the evidence, think things through for yourself, and come to your own conclusions.

Librans don’t like it when life starts to veer from one extreme to another. The 2nd Air Sign prefers an atmosphere of peace and harmony, unless of course they are the source of the discord. (Some people born under Libra cause all kinds of trouble while managing to appear blameless – for example the current President of Russia). As a Libra, your best way of coping with the turbulent world around you is to create an oasis of calm in your own life. Somewhere where you can relax and regain your sense of equilibrium.


The Air Signs continue to cope with nebulous Neptune’s confusing effects. Geminis & Aquarians are most at the mercy of this energy that ebbs and flows, appears and disappears, seems to be one thing and turns out to be another.

Geminis are known for their tendency to sell a good story but Neptune seems to have made them even more prone to bending the truth to suit the listener. The current president of USA and the current prime minister of UK are both Geminis and are prime examples of how to seduce people with propaganda and by telling them what they want to hear. If you are a Gemini you can find positive ways of working with Neptune by allowing its visionary energy to flow into your imagination and inspire your ideas.

Aquarius is not so keen on the undermining effect that Neptune can have on hard, cold scientific facts. The 3rd Air Sign welcomes innovative, outside-the-box thinking, but is totally against vague theories that can never be proved. It’s hard to convince an Aquarian that they can make their dreams come true simply by wishing to do so. Unless you tell them that manifesting visions is another term for quantum physics.


Element of Water Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces

Water Signs Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces


The 3 Water Signs have been benefiting from the influence of the North Node in Cancer since 2018. Zodiac Signs Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces are being enticed along their Life Paths by the promise that they are in the process of fulfilling their soul contracts and that they will accomplish this goal and pass their Cosmic Consciousness exams with flying colours.

This is particularly true for Cancerians who may feel that they have finally found their real purpose in life. Scorpio & Pisces have also been buoyed by a sense that, however dark and dreary the world around them appears, their presence on Planet Earth is important and helpful in some way.

Things become less easy for our 3 Water Signs as the North Node moves into Gemini on 5 May 2020. It is possible that they will be called on to interpret energies that are very difficult to translate into words or to explain in simple terms.

As a Cancerian, how can you describe the emotions involved in an act of creation – when you are giving birth to something that wasn’t there before? How does a Scorpio discuss what happens when your instincts tell you what your brain doesn’t know yet? And Pisces, what can you say about the weird & wonderful things that you view in your dreams but which don’t exist in real life?


The instincts, intuition, and imagination of the 3 Water Signs are enhanced by this impressive build up of planetary power. Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces could all be aware that their emotional energies are stronger and more empathetic than ever. While aspects of this psychic sensibility can feel heavy and oppressive, there is also an awareness that these 3 signs are helping with the birth process of a force that is both spiritual and profound.

Cancerians may find that their creative powers have grown in strength and effectiveness. Scorpios could find it easier to trust the insights and perceptions that lead them to the truth. Pisceans may be feeling less vulnerable and better able to interpret the information they receive through dreams and visions.


The Water Signs will probably find this energy shift difficult to deal with as it could create world-changing events that are upsetting to witness. Even though Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces instinctively understand the great cycles of life and death, their emotional empathy for any form of loss is very strong.

The best way to cope with the harsher side of this revolutionary shift is to switch off from the impersonal, over-arching drama that is playing out on the world stage while privately staying involved by making your own modest but magical moves.

Cancerians could offer their caring concern to their local communities, by creating a secure family environment and a safe haven to those who desperately need reassurance.

Scorpios can do the deep work, by digging out destructive energy, confronting it and transforming it into a lighter form. This sign could also contribute by getting involved in projects that work to purify and regenerate areas that have been polluted or poisoned.

Pisces could well be contributing most when they are asleep, while they are channelling high-frequency energy that will support the necessary changes that are taking place on Planet Earth, while mitigating the more severe side effects. For this reason, Pisces need to protect their psychic ability from negative influences. They must ensure that the information they receive and transmit comes only from Light and Love.


The Water Signs could be finding it difficult to cope with the trend towards self-healing. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces all struggle in their different ways to witness the pain and suffering of others without stepping in to help or rescue. Their empathetic instincts urge them to intervene in a process that is not theirs to manage or resolve. 

All 3 signs will have to accept that someone who has taken charge of their own healing process is so much stronger and healthier than if they had relied only on practitioners and prescriptions to cure their dis-ease.


Unexpected change is always unsettling and frightening in its ability to create chaos and upheaval. The 3 Water Signs will be sensing everyone else’s anxiety as well as their own as we travel through these troubled times, with their tendency to disrupt, disturb and shock us out of our comfort zones.

But Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are also tuned into the powerful pulsing of progressive energy that flows through this transition from one era to the next. All 3 Signs are intuitively aware of the sacred cycles that lie behind earth-shattering events which, when viewed from a higher perspective, are actually an essential part of our evolutionary process here on Planet Earth.


This subtle yet strong influence continues to enhance the psychic abilities of the 3 Water Signs. Its ethereal energy is better suited to dreams, visions and premonitions and is difficult to translate in ordinary, everyday terms.

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will probably be aware that they are experiencing heightened sensitivity to atmospheres at all levels – globally, nationally, locally, professionally and personally. It is as though they are tuned into the ebb and flow of everything. This could make it almost impossible for them to find refuge from the emotions, elements and events that surround them.

If you are a water sign yourself, or if you are in a relationship with one, you will need to understand how exhausting it can be to empathise endlessly with the energies around you. Whether they are awake or asleep, at work or at home, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are constantly channelling information from the etheric realms through to the “real” world.

Much of the information in my article for planetary trends in 2019 is still relevant. Hopefully it can help you to understand the true nature of the time that we are moving through and put the events we are experiencing into perspective.

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