Virgo Season

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Astrology for Virgo Season 22 August-22 September 2021


Earth element is easy to identify because it is the most solid and stable of the four astrological energy forms. In zodiac sign Virgo it manifests as the efficient use of time, energy and resources. Hard-working Virgo manages the daily routine effectively, by precisely matching the correct skills, tools and techniques to the specific task in hand.


Zodiac Sign Virgo is currently benefitting from the long-term effects of outer planets Uranus and Pluto as they pass through fellow Earth signs Taurus and Capricorn. Uranus is now moving across the middle section of Taurus, offering Virgos born in the second week of their sign the resources to work constructively with unforeseen changes. These seismic shifts make life less predictable but certainly more exciting. Pluto is passing through the final 5 degrees of Capricorn, influencing Virgos born during the last week of the sign. It has a reinforcing effect, imbuing normally nervous Virgoans with a stronger sense of their personal power and purpose.

Neptune in Pisces has been bothering Virgo for a number of years and at the moment it is affecting Virgoans born in the third week of their sign. Virgos are not afraid of hard work but they do not like the sort of vague, inconclusive situations which create doubt and confusion. They hate wasting time and the idea of waiting around to see what may or may not happen really gets on their nerves. So does being fobbed off with delusional webs of promises, lies and excuses that Neptune tends to weave.


29 July-15 September Mars is in Virgo. This planetary placement is helpful if you have work which requires accuracy and precision. Mars will probably give a boost to your energy levels, but it might also make you a bit jittery and impatient. Charging through your to-do list just for the sake of ticking boxes on your timetable will only result in you ending up frazzled and exhausted.

11-30 August Mercury in Virgo. This placement should be good for working with detailed information, facts and figures. It helps to sharpen skills and obtain precision results. Try not to get nervous about making mistakes and don’t allow yourself to be stressed by minor details.

22 August the Sun moves into Virgo. Your body is your instrument and the most important item in your tool box. It must be maintained in tip-top condition if it is to serve its purpose and function correctly. Your daily routine must run smoothly, effectively and efficiently and your diet should be wholesome and nutritious in order to ensure optimum health and wellbeing.

07 September New Moon in Virgo. Set your intentions on optimising the general efficiency, health and wellbeing of your daily life. Sow the seeds for practices which will help you stick to rhythms, routines, regimes and recipes to enhance your everyday existence.

The Energies which define Zodiac Sign Virgo


Virgos are great at getting things done. Their ability to employ their raw materials efficiently and effectively enables them to deliver well executed results. They don’t mind deadlines and they prefer to work to a well-ordered timetable. While less skilful and organised souls are still messing about deciding how to proceed, Virgo is finishing the task and preparing to turn to the next item on their to-do list. Their reward is the sense of accomplishment which comes from having sorted something in a way that satisfies their standards of usefulness and precision.


Perhaps the most irritating trait about Virgo is their tendency to label themselves as hard done by. Because it’s not easy for them to insist on getting what they want, their way of justifying their self-serving actions is by turning them into duties. Somehow they manage to make you feel that they are slaving away on your behalf when actually what they are doing is in their best interests rather than yours. Yet you are left with a sense of guilt that you have exploited them in some way.


The greatest lesson for Virgo is to take pride in their ability to serve others. They are here to learn about the joy that is to be found in applying their skills to completing everyday tasks and duties. The potential for those born under this, the most industrious of zodiac signs, is to find fulfilment in being able to offer assistance when and where it is needed without expectation of praise or reward.


Quick off the mark Mercury helps Virgoans to understand how to use the tools, methods and techniques available to them in order to produce precise results. And it is thanks to the influence of this clever-clogs planet that Virgo is so adept at organising information and so skilled of dealing with the tricky details which others find difficult to decipher.


People born when the Moon is in Virgo benefit from a regular routine. Due to a delicate digestive system which is easily upset by anxiety, they are particularly susceptible to the affects of stress caused by panic, chaos and upheaval. Once they are certain about what should or should not be happening, they can get on with the job of working through the situation. Naturally competent and capable, Moon in Virgo can cope with most circumstances but they feel much happier when they know what the form is.


These personalities come across as diligent and efficient. First impression is of someone who is ready to roll their sleeves up and get to work, and who prefers to take instructions rather than give them. But appearances can be deceptive and if there are less docile energies lurking behind the scenes of a Virgo Rising horoscope, you could be surprised when who you assumed to be your dependable, helpful and reliable servant decides they don’t want to be your willing workhorse anymore.


Highly successful author Agatha Christie, creator of intricate crime stories, was born under the sign of Virgo. Her work showcases the Virgoan attention to detail which intrigues her readers and keeps them coming back for more.

Maria Montessori, pioneer of educational methods which encouraged pre-school children to train themselves to understand, think and perceive, is an example of the Virgoan ability to make creative use of practical skills.

Investment wizard Warren Buffet built his fortune based on the Virgoan values that disregard surface appearances and which focus on how or whether a business model will work in real terms so as to determine what results it is likely to render.


Two rather sad example of how Virgo can go very wrong are Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse. Both these extremely talented individuals caved into the pressure of feeling the need to deliver faultless results in service of a demanding public. Both struggled with perfectionism. A hyper-critical attitude to their own physicality combined with super-sensitive nervous reflexes led to various forms of self-bullying and toxic, self-destructive behaviour.

Virgo and the Tarot

As the second of the 3 Earth signs, Virgo is linked to the suit of Pentacles

  • The Page of Pentacles captures the ever-ready quality of a Virgo waiting to be told what is required of them.
  • The Three of Pentacles symbolises the 6th sign’s willingness to take instructions from those who are keen to employ Virgoan services.
  • The Seven and Eight of Pentacles illustrate the Virgoan attitude to work: careful, critical, diligent, precise but sometimes too anxious and perfectionist.

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