“To shine your brightest light is
to be who you truly are.”
Roy T. Bennett

  • Each of the twelve signs receive a solar boost while the Sun travels through their section of the zodiac band  but the 5th Sign is responsive to its rays throughout the astrological year, due to the Sun’s rulership of Leo.

  • The most important annual event for you is when the Sun resumes exactly the same position it occupied on the day you were born. Your Solar Return, or birthday chart would be used in an astrological forecast to give information about major themes for the year ahead.

  • Stay in touch with planetary placements and patterns involving the Sun in 2022 via Astro Oracle’s regular articles and social media posts.

20 January Sun in Aquarius

The Sun’s force is now being filtered through the element of Air, which enhances your ability to think for yourself and to form your own opinions. Once you accept that your life is yours to control, direct and create you can get started on deciding what to do with it. Follow your own star, dare to be different, dazzle the world with your unique quality and style. You can determine your own destiny! The future is yours to fulfil.

18 February Sun in Pisces

Now that you have gained your sense of direction and of how you want 2022 to work out, it is time to tune into the guidance that flows to you through your dreams and visions. The Sun’s force is tempered by the water element of Pisces, which is why you may be feeling rather more emotional, sensitive and vulnerable than usual. Sleep as much as you can as it is important to retreat from the harsher aspects of life whenever possible. 

20 March Sun in Aries (Equinox)

We have arrived at the Equinox and now is the time to set your goals for the coming season. Start out with an overall idea of what you would like to achieve during the year and then break the path to your ultimate objective into a series of shorter term goals, or destinations. The Sun’s energy blazes brightly in dynamic fire sign Aries, where it can help to boost your confidence, motivation and enthusiasm. But it might up your levels of impatience, so be careful not to push yourself too hard, too soon.

20 April Sun in Taurus

The Sun has now settled into the Earth element of Taurus, making this an excellent time to balance the books and take stock of your situation. Make sure you have the material resources you need to provide a firm foundation on which to build. If they are scarce, do not be tempted to cut corners on quality but try to keep your overheads low. You may have to slow down for the time being, until you have replenished your reserves. Check that you are putting your talents and abilities to the best possible use, as they will help you generate the wealth that makes your life more enjoyable, comfortable and secure.

21 May Sun in Gemini

The Sun’s energy becomes more mobile in the flexible Air element of Gemini. This placement supports your ability to communicate, network and make connections with people from your peer group, community and neighbourhood. Everything you need is in your local area so long as you get linked in with the right contacts. But please do not make the mistake of assuming you have nothing left to learn. Take every chance you get to educate yourself, especially in ways that will enhance your mental acumen and manual dexterity.

21 June Sun in Cancer (Solstice)

The Sun has reached a potent point in this year’s calendar. It is once again in the element of Water which, in the sign of Cancer, takes on a highly fertile and productive quality. Tap into what could be a very creative time for you, provided you are prepared to give yourself entirely to whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. Your goal has to resonate with you on a personal level and your emotional attachment to it should be strong. Otherwise, you will not have the energy or enthusiasm to achieve it.

22 July Sun in Leo (Rulership)

The Sun has entered the realm of its rulership in the regal sign of Leo. The element is Fire in a rather spectacular form which is why astrology elects this time of year as the best to celebrate your Self and give thanks for the Star Quality that makes you Special. Take your place centre stage, stand in the spotlight and radiate your waves of charismatic charm. Accept the applause and admiration that you so rightly deserve. Bask in the warm approval of those who love, cherish and respect you. Say it loud: I’m Me and I’m Proud!

23 August Sun in Virgo

The Sun has slipped into Virgo, the second Earth sign which is a blend of practicality and workmanship. This could be a busy time of year in one way or another. Perhaps you are clearing up after one stage of your life plan, or maybe you are preparing for the next – or both! Either way, it is a good idea to get to grips with making your daily routine more efficient and effective so that your health and wellbeing are better served. You may need to sharpen your delegation skills so you can make it easier for your colleagues to help you, and take some of the strain off you.

23 September Sun in Libra (Equinox)

The Sun takes its place in the Air sign that enjoys one-to-one contact and talking things over in order to achieve fairer outcomes. So what could be a better time than the Libra Equinox to re-dress the balance, to prioritise your partnership potential or to admit that it would be wonderful to have a Special Someone by your side. Perhaps they are already sitting there, waiting for you to notice them! If you are lucky enough to be blessed with loved ones in your personal life you could turn your attention to people who are keen to join forces with you on a professional level or to cooperate with you on collaborative projects.

23 October Sun in Scorpio

The complex and passionate influence of fixed Water sign Scorpio can make this a challenging time of year. The Sun’s energy takes on an intense quality which creates a rather heavy atmosphere. You may have to confront truths that are difficult to digest. These might be connected to the management of your resources which may require you to make some tough – even ruthless – moves. Likewise with important relationships, whether intimate or business. It would be best to trust your instincts to guide you on how to manage matters. The Sun in Scorpio phase might seem tough because its mission is to test you in ways which lead to transformation, regeneration and rebirth.

22 November Sun in Sagittarius

The upbeat mood of the Sun as it journeys through the intrepid, adventurous energy of Fire sign Sagittarius helps to boost your overall levels of optimism and positivity. Your urge to explore could be activated, and you may be looking forward to expanding your horizons. Some form of travel (physical, mental or spiritual) might be on the agenda, or you could be contemplating enrolling on a course that promises to increase your current levels of knowledge and experience. 

21 December Sun in Capricorn (Solstice)

The Sun has entered the third and final Earth sign, which marks a milestone in your progress towards the manifestation of your goals. Once again you have reached the turning of the year so be of good cheer! You have come this far, regardless of all the obstacles and delays that blocked your way. You are ready to give yourself a pat on the back for surviving through the hard times and for making the most of any opportunities that crossed your path. It is now time to evaluate your progress and optimise your plans for the next stage of your endeavour.

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