Astrology & the Nodes of the Moon


The Moon’s Nodes in your birth chart represent your Life Path and describes your evolutionary journey here on Planet Earth. You are travelling from the South Node towards the North Node. The South Node could be seen as a place that you have already visited. You have acquired skills, experience, lessons, memories and impressions while being there that will stay with you forever. They have become part of who you now are. You are ready for your next learning curve, which will take you along the unfamiliar path that leads to your North Node.

As this next step of your journey unfolds you’ll undergo new experiences that will encourage you to develop facets of yourself that are as yet undiscovered. Because these unknown parts of yourself are just beginning to emerge, you won’t feel sure of them. The tendency will be to fall back on what you do know and what you can do. But life will keep reminding you that you don’t wish to stay in the South Node. You want to progress to the North Node, picking up all the experiences that will be offered to you along the way.


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In traditional astrology, the Moon’s Nodes are referred to as the Head & Tail of the Dragon. There were some fairly gruesome interpretations given for the placements of the mythical creature’s extremities within birth charts in ancient times. But these days we’re less bound by fatalistic warnings and more interested in how to take a pro-active approach to developing our individual potential. The Dragon is a wonderful symbol for personal evolution. It describes the journey from the inborn knowing-ness contained in the Dragon’s Tail (the South Node) to the fully-conscious awareness of the Dragon’s Head (the North Node). We’ve learned to trust the accumulated knowledge & experience stored in our Dragon’s Tail which may have been gained over a series of past lives or existences and we’re extending and evolving it to the next level of wisdom.

It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end. Ursula Le Guin



coming from the SOUTH NODE IN ARIES, ruled by PLANET MARS You know how to take the initiative and act independently. You can set goals and motivate yourself to achieve them. The time has come for you to consider the views of your partners and associates before you decide what to do. It might feel frustrating at first, but you’ll gradually get used to negotiating and collaborating with others. You might even learn to enjoy sharing the decision making process and taking turns in the driving seat.

moving towards the NORTH NODE IN LIBRA, ruled by PLANET VENUS You are developing the ability to work alongside others. The time has come to learn how to co-operate with partners and associates. You might find it difficult to relinquish your independence as you’re accustomed to setting your own goals and taking your own advice. But you’ll gradually realise that negotiation can be fun and that two heads can be better than one. Your relationships will benefit as you start to enjoy sharing stuff that you used to keep to yourself.


coming from the SOUTH NODE IN TAURUS, ruled by PLANET VENUS You already know how to create a comfortable existence, based on natural abilities and simple pleasures. The time has come for you to move towards a more complex way of life. You are beginning to become aware of forces that can’t be explained in physical terms or accessed in practical ways. You are learning to link to these energies by tuning into your gut instincts and emotional reactions. Whereas you are used to getting factual information from instruction manuals you’re now starting to trust the guidance that flows from your subliminal senses. You’re accustomed to relying purely on your own resources but it’s time for you to realise that you would be more powerful and effective if you could understand investment and master the art of management.

moving towards the NORTH NODE IN SCORPIO, ruled by PLANET PLUTO You are developing the ability to manage your resources. You already know how to generate wealth and now you’re learning how it can be saved, spent, shared, endowed or invested. You are also beginning to trust your instincts and understand to what extent they can inform and guide you. You tend to rely on your tangible talents and practical skills to take care of your material needs and earn the means to provide for your comfort and security. But now it’s time to turn to your gut feelings to help you gain wealth, power and control.


coming from the SOUTH NODE IN GEMINI, ruled by PLANET MERCURY You already know how to process information in simple terms. You’re a clever communicator and a nifty networker. You are an experienced educator at the ABC level and you know how keep your audience interested by sticking to subjects that are quick and easy to explain. The hour has arrived for you to move into philosophical mode. You are ready to expand your knowledge and take your subjects to a level that is more complex and advanced. It’s time for you to open your awareness to possibilities that can’t be defined in short sentences. Once you’ve got your head around them, you’ll be able to translate them into terms that others can understand.

moving towards the NORTH NODE IN SAGITTARIUS ruled by PLANET JUPITER You are developing the ability to expand your levels of knowledge and awareness. You are learning to view the world from a higher perspective. You are used to communicating on simple terms, based on basic vocabulary. You’ve mastered the ABC of life and now you are ready to take things further. It comes as second nature for you to avoid complex explanations but the time has come to up your game. You are about to open your mind and discover the wealth of information and experience that the world is waiting to offer you.


coming from the SOUTH NODE IN CANCER, ruled by THE MOON You know how to fulfill your personal goals but now it’s time to tackle your professional ambitions. You’ll have to move from an organic, home-spun approach to a more formal and structured way of doing things. This may not be easy as the pull of your natural creativity might rail against the regulations imposed by corporate authorities. But you will gradually understand that respecting their rules and complying with their protocols will be the means by which you can achieve worldly status and success.

moving towards the NORTH NODE IN CAPRICORN ruled by PLANET SATURN You are developing the drive, determination and detachment you need to achieve your ambitions. You have been used to pootling about on your own terms and in your own time, working on creative projects that give you personal satisfaction. The time has come for you to take a more formal approach and show the world what you are capable of. You tend to fall back into familiar habits that have worked well in the past but that won’t cut the mustard in a professional setting. Private feeling must now give way to corporate protocol. You used to be a home bunny, now you’re getting ready to rule in the boardroom.


coming from the SOUTH NODE IN LEO, ruled by THE SUN You know how to stand in the spotlight, giving your all to amaze your audience and obtain their applause. The time has come for you to retire from starring roles and take your place as a team member. You are used to feeling that the success or failure of the show rests on your shoulders. Now you’re starting to see that it’s not all down to you. You begin to merge with a group of mutually supportive kindred spirits. You join a tribe where no-one is expected to assume individual importance. Everyone is equal, energies are harmonised and there’s no pressure on any one person to outshine the others.

moving towards the NORTH NODE IN AQUARIUS ruled by PLANET URANUS You have been used to playing a solo part. Now it’s time to join the chorus and be part of a group dynamic. You will gradually relinquish the type of leadership position that requires you to direct and command in favour of a more team-spirited approach. You will begin to move away from the belief that the show begins and ends with you. Your attitude will become less solitary as you realise that there kindred spirits with whom you can share the spotlight. You will also start to see that you no longer need to dominate or control others as you relax into the less demanding role of being a tribe member.


coming from the SOUTH NODE IN VIRGO, ruled by PLANET MERCURY You know how to process factual information. You can classify and organise data in practical terms. The time has come for you to relax your conscious awareness and allow the slightly chaotic influence of your imagination to take control. Information will begin to flow intuitively. You’ll start to pay as much attention to what you sense and feel as you do to what you think, see and hear. You will find yourself understanding and saying things you didn’t know you knew. Mind-blowing messages might be delivered while you’re asleep, dreaming or meditating. You will gradually learn to trust their source and decipher their meaning. You’ll become fluent in the symbolic languages of synchronicity, imagery and impression.

moving towards the NORTH NODE IN PISCES ruled by PLANET NEPTUNE You are developing the ability to trust your intuition and to rely on your psychic awareness. You are used to dealing with data that comes in the form of practical instructions that can be followed in a series of logical steps. Now you have to learn the language of symbols and to decipher the codes contained in dreams and visions. You will gradually begin to understand the apparently random patterns of information that ebb into your imagination without needing to analyse them at a conscious level. You will no longer feel compelled to explain the synchronicities, images and impressions that flow through your metaphysical mind.


coming from the SOUTH NODE IN LIBRA, ruled by PLANET VENUS You are an accomplished negotiator and you know how to co-operate with others. Collaboration comes easily to you and you prefer to take your partners’ views into consideration before you make a decision. The time has come for you to become more assertive and independent. You’re learning how to move forward without waiting for advice or permission from anyone else.

moving towards the NORTH NODE IN ARIES, ruled by PLANET MARS You’re developing independence and the ability to assert yourself effectively. You may not yet be sure about how to channel your energies towards achieving your aims. You may not yet know how to summon up the motivation you need without falling back on instructions or advice from others. You no longer need to feel that it’s selfish to prioritise what you want, but you’ll have to be patient with yourself while you learn how to focus on your own goals.


coming from the SOUTH NODE IN SCORPIO, ruled by PLANET PLUTO You are an accomplished manager with an instinct to control where and what you can. You tend to distrust anything that seems too easy and you often make things more complicated than they need to be. You find it difficult to accept things at face value and you’re suspicious of hidden meanings behind the simplest of statements. This has given you a knack for sussing out secrets and helped you to develop as someone who can cope with challenging circumstances. But the time has come for you to give yourself a break. You’re learning how to take a more easy-going, trusting attitude to life so that you can relax and enjoy its natural pleasures.

moving towards the NORTH NODE IN TAURUS, ruled by PLANET VENUS You are learning to appreciate your natural resourcefulness and the talents and abilities you were born with. You’re beginning to understand how you can take care of your material needs and earn the means to provide for your comfort and security. But this is an art you have yet to acquire, and you may slip back into relying on investment or input from others to cover your costs. You are also developing an ability to enjoy the world via your physical senses and to appreciate beauty in all forms. You will gradually come to value the simple pleasures of life and you’ll realise that things don’t have to be complicated or powerful in order to be important.


coming from the SOUTH NODE IN SAGITTARIUS, ruled by PLANET JUPITER You are highly proficient in a wide variety of subjects. Now it’s time to focus your interest so that you can pass on your wisdom to those who will benefit from your guidance. You will have to condense large amounts of knowledge and experience into simple, ABC formats that are easy to understand. This could seem boring and unfulfilling to you to begin with but you’ll gradually learn how rewarding it can be to mentor and educate others. You are an experienced traveller who is more at ease in an ever-changing landscape. The time has come for you to settle into a more confined community and develop close-knit ties with the people who live there.

moving towards the NORTH NODE IN GEMINI, ruled by PLANET MERCURY You are learning to communicate in a format that makes what you have to say easier to understand. You’re bringing your information back to its basic, ABC level so that people with limited education or training have access to it. As you are used to discussing your subjects at a high level, you tend to slip back into the specialist terminology that flows so fluently. You will gradually master the art of instructing at a variety of stages – from elementary to advanced. At the same time, you are figuring out how to function within the close-knit network of a local neighbourhood, where interests are confined to community matters rather than international affairs.


coming from the SOUTH NODE IN CAPRICORN, ruled by PLANET SATURN You automatically fall into mature mode as it comes naturally to you to behave responsibly. You tend to prioritise duty and you try to live up to the standards you believe are expected of you. Now it’s time for you to worry less about your social status so that you can focus more on personal goals. The only ambitions you need to aspire to are the ones that fulfil your creative instincts. The only duty you have is to yourself and your home life.

moving towards the NORTH NODE IN CANCER, ruled by THE MOON You are learning to express your own imagination rather than relying on instructions from experts. You’re developing trust in your emotional responses and your inner clock, so that you can be guided by intuition instead of obeying orders from authorities and elders. You tend to fall back on formalities but now it’s time for you to take a more personal approach and to stop feeling shy about taking credit for your own creations. Whereas you’re used to prioritising professional goals you are beginning to realise the importance of home life. Family relations are becoming more nurturing and protective, and less dutiful, disciplined or obedient.


coming from the SOUTH NODE IN AQUARIUS, ruled by PLANET URANUS You are an accomplished team player and you know how to operate within group settings. The time has come for you to step onto the stage and into the spotlight, to take up your rightful role as star of the show. Although you’re not used to having a high-profile identity or celebrity status, you’ll gradually learn to appreciate the individual attention that goes with it. Inhibitions about showing off will be overcome as your self-esteem develops and your confidence grows.

moving towards the NORTH NODE IN LEO, ruled by THE SUN You are developing the confidence to draw attention to yourself and to stand out from the crowd. You tend to back away from strongly individual roles in case they made you appear arrogant or conceited. You will gradually learn that great leaders combine the ability to shine with an unassuming attitude. They take pride in their talents yet they maintain a modest and unpretentious attitude towards the qualities that mark them out as special.


coming from the SOUTH NODE IN PISCES, ruled by PLANET NEPTUNE You do not question the dreams and visions that always seem to be available to you. You’re used to drifting off into the ethereal atmosphere that hangs somewhere between waking and sleeping. The time has come for you to channel the information that flows through your imagination in practical ways so that it can be translated into real life terms. Although you are accustomed to thinking of the images you receive as other-worldly and fantastical, you will gradually realise that they contain symbolic codes and messages filled with useful tips on how to get things done more efficiently on the earth plane.

moving towards the NORTH NODE IN VIRGO, ruled by PLANET MERCURY You are developing the skills that will help you bring order and form into your life. You tend to wander off into vague imaginings of how things could be but you can’t figure out how to get your visions to function in practical terms. You’ll gradually grasp the methods and techniques that will enable you to turn your dreams into reality. You’ll become more efficient at capturing indistinct images and turning them into workable projects.

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