“You cannot make yourself feel
something you do not feel”

Pearl S. Buck

  • The moving Moon triggers your birth chart on a monthly basis, giving you the chance to connect to the inner wisdom of your Soul via your moods, instincts, imagination and intuition. Key days for you will be when the Moon passes over sensitive points in your birth chart and connects directly with your Sun and Moon.

  • Lunations (New and Full Moons) become personal to you when they occur in the birth chart placements of your Sun and Moon. This would be especially so if you were born when the Moon was either conjunct or opposing the Sun.

  • Zodiac Sign Cancer is responsive to La Luna all year long, due to the Moon’s rulership of its sector of the zodiac.

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02 January New Moon in Capricorn

This is the optimum time to set intentions and sow seeds for new growth in your vocation, career or profession. You are at the initial stage of creating plans and strategies which provide the structure, goals and timelines to help build and sustain your progress. This phase could feel like selecting a recipe, design or template that will generate new birth.

17 January Full Moon in Cancer

Anything which comes to fruition at this time is likely to be the product of a fertile growing season. All the heart and soul, feelings and emotions you have poured into your project will pay off in the rewards of a harvest which would not be so rich if you had not cared so much!

1 February New Moon in Aquarius

Your intentions should be focussed on the future. It is time to sow the seeds for projects that could continue to reap rewards many years from now. Your plans should contain an innovative element or incorporate evolutionary updates, even if you are working with something that has already proved to be successful.

16 February Full Moon in Leo

This is the right time to celebrate and be proud of who you are and what you have accomplished so far. You have proved your potential, you are aware of your ability and you are ready to take your rightful place on the world stage. That inner sense of self-respect will sustain you as you move into the next phase of your personal quest to fulfil your true potential.

02 March New Moon in Pisces

If you want to manifest something, you have to start with a vision. Ideally, it will be one that inspires you and fills you with the desire to express your imagination. This New Moon can help you to create the design or blueprint from which to build. You are sowing the seeds for something that at present is just a dream. But over time it will become reality.

18 March Full Moon in Virgo

This is the perfect time to consolidate on the effort you have put in until now. You deserve to reap the rewards of your labour. Give yourself credit for what you have achieved, even if the results appear relatively modest. All that matters is that you feel satisfied with how things are going. This is a work in progress which you will continue to bring to perfection in a variety of ways and forms.

01 April New Moon in Aries

It is time to set your intentions on winning your goals. You are sowing the seeds for success, but you must be prepared to wait for results. Take one step at a time and do not get impatient if you hit delays. Feelings of frustration will drain your energy and drive. A short-term sense of disappointment could undermine your courage and motivation and prevent you from achieving your objective. 

16 April Full Moon in Libra

This is the perfect time to evaluate decisions you made earlier. You might need to compromise on certain aspects of your choices in order to achieve more favourable outcomes. Do not be afraid to ask for advice from others before you seal the deal. Try to maintain a balanced attitude, especially if your emotions are being pulled in opposite directions. Trust your judgement to select the perfect priorities for you.

30 April New Moon in Taurus (Partial Solar Eclipse)

Set your intentions on starting something which is designed to deliver high-quality results. This is a good time to sow seeds for schemes that may grow rather slowly but which ultimately will be well made and built to last. Your gut feelings should be consulted as they have an important role to play in offering constructive guidance on how to proceed as each stage of your project is realised.

16 May Full Moon in Scorpio (Total Lunar Eclipse)

You could have a sense that you have reached the end of a significant phase in your life, and that a mission has been accomplished or completed. Perhaps things have been very challenging or complicated and you have earned a well-deserved rest. It is now time to relax and replenish your energy. But you must be very careful not to allow your achievement to be sabotaged by destructive emotions such as envy, resentment or regret.

30 May New Moon in Gemini

Set your intentions to sow seeds for projects that might involve education, teaching or communicating with people who are curious and eager to learn. Your local community could prove to be a good source of support if you have a message to deliver or something to sell. Try to keep things simple at this stage, otherwise you may start to scatter your energy in ways which leave you feeling exhausted and confused.

14 June Full Moon in Sagittarius

There could be the sense of an adventure which has come to an end and an awareness that you have grown in knowledge and experience by adding to the abundant supply of impressions already imprinted on your memory. You are ready to embark on the next stage of your life path journey. Make sure that your emotions are fully engaged as you come to select your next destination.

29 June New Moon in Cancer

The urge to plant seeds that will generate new projects and life forms could be particularly strong. You would be tuning into the primeval instinct which inspires you to create something from scratch. Guided by instructions from your imagination, you select raw materials and fashion them into your version of what you feel they are waiting to become. It is a deeply personal and potentially satisfying experience.

13 July Full Moon in Capricorn

Hopefully by now, you will be rewarded with a sense of achievement and a feeling that your efforts so far have been worth while. But this is not the time to turn your back and walk away. You are still responsible for the continuing survival of your creation, which will require your personal input for some time to come. Do not underestimate the remaining potential within your project which needs your emotional involvement if it is to be fully realised.

28 July New Moon in Leo

At the end of the day, everything begins with you. You are the Captain of your own enterprise and it is up to you to make a success of your life. This is the right time to set your intentions to create plans for showcasing your Star Quality, for that is the special gift you have to offer the world. The magic ingredient which will attract the rewards you deserve is your confidence in your own potential. The stronger your sense of self-respect the more brightly you will shine.

12 August Full Moon in Aquarius

It is possible that things are turning out rather differently from how you were expecting them to. For this reason, you could be making radical changes or updates to your designs so they can be completed. This full moon emphasises the importance of innovation as well as the role played by kindred spirits, groups and teams in bringing your plans to fruition. It is important that you feel free to express all that is original about you. Embrace the qualities which make you different, do not try to normalise or regulate them.

27 August New Moon in Virgo

This is a very good time to set your intentions on optimising the general efficiency, health and wellbeing of your daily life. Sow the seeds for practices which will help you stick to rhythms, routines, regimes and recipes that can enhance your everyday existence. Aim to start afresh insofar as your anxiety levels are concerned. It is not your job to heal the world, or to carry the burdens of people who are too arrogant or lazy to look after themselves.

10 September Full Moon in Pisces

There could be a sense that your vision has become reality, even if not quite in the way you imagined it would. All the same, you have proved to yourself that you are capable of making dreams come true. There is no room for feelings of regret over how or why things should have been done. This is not the time to look back through rose-coloured glasses. Nostalgia is not the name of the game. Your creative project is a magical process which must ebb and flow to its own rhythm and dance to its own tune, nourished by your faith that it will manifest exactly when and how it is meant to.

25 September New Moon in Libra

This is the right time to initiate a new basis for partnership projects. You are looking to collaborate on fifty-fifty equal shares terms, with both parties balancing the amount they give and take. There must be absolutely no feelings of resentment from one side towards the other, as this could create the kind of sub-conscious competition which causes animosity and prevents ongoing mutual agreement.

09 October Full Moon in Aries

The goals you set earlier in the year (perhaps at the New Moon in Aries) could be coming to fruition. Something you have been intent on winning may be achieved, if not fully then at least to the point where you can be sure of having reached the first stage of completion. It is vital to maintain motivation by strengthening your levels of enthusiasm and excitement. These positive emotions fuel your courage to continue and re-boot your physical stamina so that there is no chance that your interest could start to wane.

25 October New Moon in Scorpio (Partial Solar Eclipse)

Set your intentions on starting something which will help to transform situations that are seriously in need of regeneration. They may appear lifeless, but – like a neglected garden – under the surface of the soil lie the seeds of renewal and rebirth. Your project will be empowered by the strength of your emotional input. Your passion is the magic ingredient that will enrich the final outcome. So go ahead and give yourself permission to dive in at the deep end of this full immersion experience!

08 November Full Moon in Taurus (Total Lunar Eclipse)

Something you have been building for a while may be nearing completion, but the final stages could take longer than expected. Do not let feelings of frustration overshadow your progress so far, or disappointed hopes lead you to undervalue what you have achieved. Neither should you withdraw your commitment to the final outcome, as it will gradually become clear why you had to wait for results which might be even better than you had originally anticipated.

23 November New Moon in Sagittarius

This is a good time to begin an adventure which will expand your current levels of knowledge and experience. It is rather like setting out on a journey into the Unknown. Hopefully the prospect will fill you with excitement, even if it makes you feel somewhat scared. Just make sure you carry out the risk-assessment and safety checks that will protect you against potential hazards and mishaps.

08 December Full Moon in Gemini

An educational programme, a sales or marketing idea, a communication or logistics project could be coming to fruition. It has passed through the elementary stage and is now ready to be taken to the next phase of development. This would be a good point to address any teething problems which may prevent you from moving your creation to a more advanced level. You could consider looking to contacts within your local community for imaginative input and emotional support.

23 December New Moon in Capricorn

This is your second chance in 2022 to lay down strategies for long-term success. It would be wise to anticipate any potential difficulties, delays, setbacks or obstacles so that you can organise yourself to overcome them, as and when they arise. You are not being pessimistic, you are simply ensuring that you remain prepared for all eventualities. At the same time, be on your guard against the type of negative emotions which would drain your confidence and conviction.

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