Taurus Season 2021

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Astrology for Taurus Season 19 April-20 May 2021


Earth element is easy to identify because it is the most solid and stable of the four astrological energy forms. In zodiac sign Taurus it manifests as strength and consistency as well as tangible talents and resources. Taurus is linked to to Nature, to Gaia and to the ecology of Planet Earth.


Unpredictable Uranus continues its travels through Taurus. This season it will be moving from 10 to almost 12 degrees of the sign, in the second decan of Taurus. This indicates that there could be details which will have to be changed, probably because they cannot be made to work in practical terms. Perhaps your plans for the future have been disrupted by unexpected events, which is why you either have had, or will have to change certain key aspects of them.


On 19 April both the Sun and Mercury move into Taurus which should help you to recognise and value the resources you have at your disposal. It is far more constructive to appreciate what you can do with your talents rather than complain about any lack or scarcity in your life. Sorry if it sounds corny, but the words of Dolly Parton sum up what I am trying to say:

“My coat of many colors that my momma made for me,
made only from rags, but I wore it so proudly,
although we had no money, I was rich as I could be …”

Your true wealth is the natural abilities you were born with as they are the raw materials (even if they look a bit ragged round the edges to begin with!) which can be used to fashion a fulfilling, enjoyable and abundant life for yourself.

23-25 April Venus and Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus and square Saturn in Aquarius. It becomes all the more important to reinforce your personal position. What really matters to you, what do you count as fundamental to your happiness? You are not beholden to what the world deems to be necessary or essential. To your own heart and mind be true. If you would rather have more time for leisure and less money for luxuries do not be afraid to turn your back on society’s standards and judgements.

27-30 April This season’s Full Moon creates an opposition between the Moon in Scorpio and Uranus, Venus, Mercury and the Sun in Taurus, hardened by the square from Saturn in Aquarius and coinciding with Pluto moving Retrograde in Capricorn. While Full Moons are usually a time of consolidation and confirmation, they can also highlight the need to let go of situations and circumstances that are holding you back. This could be difficult to do, depending on the strength of your attachment to or dependence on whatever it is that must be relinquished. But your stubborn resistance will only make it harder for you in the long run. It is far better to give in gracefully for if you continue to cling to whatever it is you are reluctant to release, life will come along and get rid of it for you!

During the first week in May Mercury and Venus in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn and square Jupiter in Aquarius, which could be very helpful if you are looking to reinforce or ringfence your plans for future achievement. This will be especially so if you are prepared to be patient. Sudden flushes of success might be exciting but they are unlikely to last into the long term. However, they may be offering you a glimpse of how things could work out if you persevere through good times and bad.

8 May Dwarf Planet Ceres moves into Taurus. Whether you live in the northern or southern hemisphere and are preparing for late spring or autumn, this is a great time to focus on growing your garden. Even if you do not possess a plot of earth to tend, you could be cultivating some sort of creative project which requires loving and attentive care to foster it through its natural phases from seed stage to fruition.

9-17 May The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus, which will be moving into the sign of Gemini to form a conjunction with the North Node and a trine with Saturn. This energy is helpful to most kinds of serious study, especially if there is some sort of tangible result, exam or judgement to mark your achievement. Hopefully this is or has been a positive, even pleasurable, learning experience even if it has required a fair amount of patience and persistence.

10-11 May the Moon makes contact with Ceres & Uranus before moving on to conjunct the Sun and create a New Moon at 21-22° of Taurus. This event takes place in the 3rd decan of Taurus, square to Saturn in Aquarius which puts the focus on long term projects whose progress may have been frustrated or disrupted by unexpected events. If this is the case, please do not give in to doubt, fear or disappointment. Something which may have been premature, or trying to be born before its time, can now be re-seeded. A trine from the Sun in Taurus to Pluto in Capricorn before it (the Sun) moves into Gemini on 20 May suggests that this time around there could be a very strong potential for success.

The energies which define Zodiac Sign Taurus


Taureans have a calm, reassuring presence with a timeless quality that makes you feel there is nothing on earth which cannot be sorted out by a cup of cocoa and a good night’s sleep. Their patient pragmatism provides the sort of support upon which successful projects can be built, usually because their input has high levels of common sense and craftsmanship. Their relaxed attitude does not detract from their capability and their preference for doing things properly. Often naturally talented themselves, Taureans know the real thing when they see it. They respect and value quality. If a thing cannot be done thoroughly, they would rather not do it at all.


Taureans sometimes seem impervious to problems which are very upsetting to others. Their unruffled, understated “what a fuss about nothing” attitude can be very irritating as can their tendency to dismiss strong emotions as attention seeking drama. Their insistence on sticking to traditional, tried and tested methods, regimes and routines has the power to exasperate, especially if you are trying to persuade them to take a fresh perspective on an existing situation.


To be fair, Taurus have a lot to teach the other 11 zodiac signs when it comes to keeping things simple. But there are certain circumstances in life which are so dreadful, messy or complicated that they cannot be fixed by a hot bath or a walk in the woods. Taureans need to appreciate that not everyone has their strength and resilience, their patience and endurance. Neither can they channel their chaos creatively through the constructive use of their natural abilities, as Taureans often do.


Taurus is linked with Venus, the mythological goddess of natural beauty, artistic talent, pleasure and abundance. In her positive expression Venus is fair, kind, loving and lovely. She is the archetype of the perfect partner: attentive, calming and a joy to be around. In her negative aspect she can be jealous and possessive, greedy and stubborn.


This is someone who, no matter what else is going on in their birth chart, has a very real sense of inner stability. They know that, when the chips are down, they can rely on their own strength and endurance. It is not difficult for these staunch souls to make themselves comfortable, so long as their most basic needs are met. The only thing that really rattles them is any unexpected change or disruption in the normal rhythm of their lives. They can cope with challenge, so long as they have time to adjust to whatever it is that threatens their settled existence.


First impression is of someone who is quite laid back and content to let things coast along. They may not say much, unless the subject is one they are interested in, or feel confident about discussing. People with Taurus rising tend to give off a relaxing, reassuring vibe which can be very calming. But they can also be a bit too honest and down to earth so if you are looking for flattery and adulation, it might be better to find someone born while Gemini, Libra or Virgo were rising!


As the most naturally talented of all the signs Taurus makes sharing their gifts look easy. Think of the apparently effortless vocal style of Cher, Ella Fitzgerald, Barbra Streisand, Adele, Bing Crosby and Glen Campbell, the good looks of George Clooney or the wealth creation ability of Mark Zuckerberg. Taureans seem to fall into lifestyles which make it look as though they were born that way, like Queen Elizabeth II. Naturalist/environmentalist David Attenborough is a good example of a Taurus native whose identity is linked to a subject or field which resonates authentically with his zodiac sign.


Unfortunately, this potentially pleasant sign has a very dark shadow of a cruel and primitive nature. Sadistic dictators Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein and Pol Pot were all born under Taurus. The Taurean tendency to covet wealth can tempt people like Tony Blair to abandon their finer, higher values in favour of a lavish income and luxurious lifestyle. Base appetites can be an issue when Taurus goes bad. Jeffrey Epstein, convicted for sexually abusing and trafficking under-age girls was born with Jupiter in Taurus, which can indicate excessive carnal desire.

Taurus and the Tarot

As the earthiest of the 3 Earth signs, Taurus is definitely linked to the suit of Pentacles

  • I would use the 8 of Pentacles to depict the ability and craftsmanship of this talented sign and the Taurean dedication to quality, beauty and grace of form.
  • For me, the Knight of Pentacles embodies the patience and endurance of the sign and the Taurean ability to persevere when everyone else has become bored, fed up or frustrated.
  • The 4 of Pentacles points to the Taurus tendency to hold on to their values, money and possessions. They are not mean so much as overly careful, but their reluctance to embrace innovative change can work against them.
  • The Queen of Pentacles reversed represents what happens when Taurus gets bogged down in concerns about how much something is worth in monetary or material terms. This obsession with wealth can make Taurus dismissive of and unsympathetic towards people who value things like freedom and fulfilment over financial security.

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