Sagittarius in 2021

Planetary Energies, Influences & Key Dates for Sagittarius in 2021

All dates in this article are based on Universal Time Zone



Your Ruling Planet Jupiter is associated with exploration and adventure. It provides you with a positive, optimistic outlook on life. The retrograde phases of Jupiter offer you the opportunity to re-discover roads you have already travelled, but wish to revisit.

Jupiter spends most of the year in Aquarius, creating an atmosphere of huge change and the promise of plenty of new things appearing over the horizon. All this is fine for you as it supports your sense of adventure. While other less optimistic signs are steeped in fear about what the future looks like you are out there searching for positive potentials and exciting opportunities. These could be coming to you in the form of team or group situations or in the guise of kindred spirit connections. 2021 is a good year for you to expand your understanding of new technologies and your experience of cultures and customs that are very different to yours. My advice would be to try anything that comes your way or crosses your path, however strange or unconventional it may seem to begin with. This is not the time to worry about sticking to what you already know. Break free from the constraints of your comfort zone and take off on a voyage of discovery into the great Unknown.

Jupiter will be moving into Pisces 13 May-28 July 2021 This energy is less positive for you as it could make your situation rather undefined or unclear. You must be very careful not to be guided by unrealistic prospects or pie in the sky promises. There is nothing wrong with taking a hopeful approach to life but you will need to curb any tendency to take risks that have not been fully assessed. “Be careful what you wish for” could be your mantra during this period, as it will remind you not to be too careless, slapdash or naïve in your expectations. However, this is an excellent time to develop your psychic awareness, so that its Wise Guidance is always available to you. You will be expanding your ability to interpret information from other dimensions, which flows to you through your imagination and through the symbols that appear in your dreams and visions. Do not disregard them as random or accidental. They are showing you the world from a higher perspective.


20 June Jupiter moves Retrograde in Pisces Your hopes and visions may not be quite ready to manifest yet. You need to continue your voyage of discovery into the mysterious language of dreams and explore ways of interpreting the information they contain.

28 July Jupiter Retrogrades into Aquarius It may seem as if learning curves which were helping you to see further into the future are unravelling, or travelling backwards. But this is only so you can collect extra knowledge and experience before you resume your onward journey when Jupiter moves Direct in Aquarius on 18 October.


07 October Venus moves into Sagittarius Fall in love with positivity, optimism, new prospects, everything that makes your life more adventurous. It’s ok to give way to the free spirit within you and follow the call to push back the boundaries of your life, to explore and discover new experiences.

22 November the Sun moves into Sagittarius This is the season that boosts your overall levels of optimism and positivity. Your sense of adventure could be activated, and you may be looking forward to expanding your horizons. Some form of travel (physical, mental or spiritual) might be on the agenda, or you could be contemplating enrolling on a course that promises to increase your current levels of knowledge and experience.

24 November Mercury moves into Sagittarius This is the perfect time to broaden your mind and raise your levels of knowledge and awareness. Study a subject that introduces you to new concepts, languages and cultures. Take your brain on a voyage of discovery into the Unknown! It is also a good time to form networks in communities with a global identity, which encourage communication and the sharing of information.

13 December Mars moves into Sagittarius You may be feeling extra adventurous – keen to push past your current boundaries and expand your horizons. Watch your levels of impatience and impetuousness and do not take risks without assessing the potential for accident and injury. Channel this fiery enthusiasm into activities that can increase your knowledge of yourself, and of the world you live in.


Saturn in Aquarius You are very tuned into the excitement that comes with major change but you are also aware that such times can be very difficult. This knowledge has a sobering effect on you, and helps you to take a sensible, cautious approach to the future. You are not being pessimistic, but you have learned from experience that optimism has its limits and will only take you so far. You are also concerned about people whose lives are made more arduous by this transition between one era and the next. For this reason, you might become interested in social movements which pledge to promote social equality and reinforce human rights.

Chiron & Eris in Aries This combination of energies is supportive of your self-healing process, and also of your ability to assert yourself in situations which threaten your freedom and independence. You have 2 mythical icons in your corner. Wounded Healer Centaur Chiron is helping you to confront and clear the painful wounds that hurt you and make you unhappy. Whereas feisty Eris is urging you to stand up for yourself and fight the foes who bring strife into your life. You can’t fail to win with both these Olympians as your allies!


Neptune is in Pisces this ongoing influence has been draining your energy and enthusiasm for a few years now, and will continue to do so for some time to come. It is an unseen force that is impossible to pin down as it ebbs and flows, appears and disappears. It has a will o the wisp quality that cannot be defined in tangible terms. It can make you feel like retreating from reality or escaping into activities that undermine your confidence and optimism. But Neptune can also serve you in positive ways, by helping you to fly free of the boundaries of beliefs that have limited you, or prevented you from developing higher levels of awareness and understanding.

Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. This heavy-duty duo is a source of stress in your life, with its relentless insistence on challenge and change. There is nothing very cheerful about this intense combination. It is like a volcanic force that brings an unending stream of unpleasant upheaval and upsetting experiences into your previously carefree existence. Its true purpose is to evolve you and to raise your current levels of consciousness. And while in the long-term that is exactly what the outcome will be, in the meantime it often feels like a boot-camp learning curve with no end in sight!


The North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius are affecting you very directly. It is as though you have unfettered access to the lessons learned by your ancestors over eons of time and space. You are definitely not doomed to repeat them – in fact they are offered to you as a springboard or lift-off point. Once you accept that the knowledge of previous generations is in your DNA you realise that you are destined to continue the journey of discovery they started so long ago. Your adventures and experiences will expand on theirs and your contribution will be handed on to the children of the future. Read more about the Nodes, and their influence in your birth chart.


26 May Full Moon in Sagittarius (Total Lunar Eclipse) There could be the sense of an adventure that has come to an end. There should be no regrets, just the awareness that you have expanded your mind, grown in knowledge and experience and added to the abundant supply of impressions already imprinted on your memory.

10 June New Moon in Gemini (Annular Solar Eclipse) Set your intentions to sow seeds for projects that could involve education, teaching or communicating with young people. An imaginative approach will work better than simply going by the book, so let your ideas be guided by memories, moods and emotional impressions.

04 December New Moon in Sagittarius (Total Solar Eclipse) There is important knowledge yet to be gained which will be revealed to you in due course. You will discover it when the time is right and you will know it when you see it.

19 December Full Moon in Gemini An educational programme, a sales or marketing idea, a communication or logistics project could be coming to fruition. It has passed through the elementary stage and is now ready to be taken to the next phase of development. This would be a good point to address any teething problems which may prevent you from moving your creation to a more advanced level.

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