How the Planets are Placed this year 2022

As the Planets of the Solar System travel along their journeys through the Zodiac Band they create and activate specific energies.

These forces affect you intimately when they influence you on an individual level, via the planetary placements and patterns in your horoscope. For example, people born with the Sun in Taurus continue to cope with the evolutionary effects of Planet Uranus as it passes through their zodiac sign while those born under Aquarius are currently dealing with Saturn’s stern influence. Pisces and Aries will be beginning a new 12 year adventure as expansive Jupiter travels through their sector of the zodiac band.

But anyone can tune into the planetary placements and use them to their advantage. You can factor their positive aspects into your plans and take notice of their warnings about what to avoid.


As the Earth journeys along its orbit each year, the Sun appears to move around your horoscope, shedding light on your birth chart planets and energising their characteristics. Its life-giving force will highlight specific areas of your horoscope as it travels through the 12 zodiac signs.

The Sun brings warmth and self-assurance and provides a sense of playfulness, fun and joyful generosity. Ideally, it will have an enlivening effect on you which would help to enhance your levels of confidence and self-respect. But beware the Sun’s tendency to generate energy that is arrogant, bossy, and demanding.


It is easy to watch the changing phases of the Moon, especially when the weather is clear. From ancient times to present day, humans have observed La Luna as she waxes and wanes, appears and disappears, renews and culminates through her monthly cycle.

We recognise the Moon’s gravitational pull and its influence on the tides. High and low tides are emphasised at the time of new and full moons when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are aligned. Farmers and gardeners continue to use the phases of the Moon to guide their plans for planting and harvesting.

Astrology believes that the Moon influences us on a subconscious and emotional level by affecting our moods, feelings, reactions and responses.


Moving Mercury circles your birth chart in under a year. When it triggers your planets or horoscope houses, it boosts your ability to absorb, remember, understand and communicate information. It can also activate links between you and your siblings, childhood friends and members of your local community.

As the closest planet to the Sun, Mercury is represented in Greek and Roman mythology as Messenger to the Gods. Clever, curious, fast-moving he is the quintessential communicator and connector. He likes to keep in touch with what is going on in the world and he knows how to tell and sell a good story.

Mercury affects our ability to receive, process, understand, interpret, learn and communicate information, including the impressions that flow from our imagination. It helps us to utilise our mental and manual skills and apply them effectively. But Mercury’s influence can create a tendency to be economical with the truth, to gossip and to spread rumours that are capable of causing a lot of mischief.


Venus is the planetary ambassador for natural resources, talents and abilities, values and ethics, relationships, collaborations and negotiations. She is the beautiful mythical goddess (also called Aphrodite) who charms, cajoles and persuades, who attracts love and admiration and who bestows tangible gifts, natural talents and artistic abilities.

Venus defines our enjoyment of life, our material abundance and our willingness to share who we are and what we have. But she can also make us rather lazy about going after our own goals. Venus finds it easier to sit back and allow someone else to provide the initiative, energy and motivation needed to make choices and take action.

As she travels around your birth chart, Venus enhances your social skills and helps you to value and express the talents and abilities you were born with. She may also introduce partnerships into your life, bringing you the chance to collaborate or co-operate with others.


The astrological identity of Planet Mars mirrors the mythological warrior: brave, strong and ready for action but without proper training and discipline, Mars energy turns aggressive and becomes destructive.

Mars drives our ability to identify and achieve goals. It provides motivation and fuels our physical urges. It helps us to stay focussed on winning and reaching the targets we have set ourselves. But it can cause selfishness and a tendency to insist on having our own way.

Mars takes about 2 years to travel around your Birth Chart, increasing your levels of energy, vitality and strength and making you more competitive. You can use Mars energy to activate your willingness to win and to help you identify goals to aim for. But be aware that Mars could cause impatience, which might make you impetuous and accident prone.


Ceres is named for the mythological goddess who conceives, generates and nurtures new life – from seed stage to fruition. She is linked to all things environmental, from agriculture to ecological events. She is particularly relevant as Protector of Planet Earth while humanity struggles to confront the implications of climate change and our role in mitigating its detrimental effects.

Ceres is worshipped as a fertility icon and as a mother figure who fosters her own and other peoples’ children. She triggers your birth chart in ways which help you to nurture and be nurtured. She also makes you more fertile – not just physically but also mentally. Whether you are planning to start a family or trying to write a book, you can count on Ceres to give you a boost!


Planet Jupiter is all about exploration and adventure. It instils us with a yearning to grow and encourages us to journey out beyond our existing horizons – to seek and discover what is yet unknown to us. It provides you with a positive, optimistic outlook on life.

When Jupiter triggers your Birth Chart it always brings the opportunity to grow and develop beyond your current circumstances. Jupiter increases confidence levels, giving you the courage to face new experiences with faith and enthusiasm.

The larger-than-life planet can make you restless, careless or over-confident about your ability to handle certain situations, but so long as you keep your feet on the ground you should be able to make the most of Jolly Jupiter’s outgoing influence.


Planet Saturn is master of the maturing process. It takes the task of testing our willingness to gain wisdom and expertise very seriously.

When Saturn triggers your Birth Chart it usually brings events which challenge your commitment and test your ability to overcome obstacles. Saturn asks you to become more organised and deliberate in your planning process, and to take total responsibility for the decisions and choices you make.

Saturn transits can feel rather difficult – as if you are trying to pass an advanced exam so you can move on to the next level of your learning curve. They are not much fun at the time but if you use them wisely, they can help you develop your potential and manifest your goals.


Chiron is an asteroid rather than a planet but its astrological influence remains strong, based on a mythological creature in the form of a Centaur. Half human, half horse, Chiron was dedicated in service to the human race as an empathetic teacher and healer.

Life on Planet Earth is a risky business and most humans bear war wounds and battle scars from their experiences. These wounds and scars are part of the adventure. They are a way of reminding us that we have been brave enough to endure suffering and adversity and to recover from their harmful effects.

When Chiron triggers your Birth Chart it creates events which help you to heal pain from the past. You may also be involved in situations which allow you to help other people resolve the problems that blight their lives.


Planet Uranus brings the changes which mark the end of one era and the beginning of a new one. These times of transition can be cataclysmic in their effect due to their random nature and the disruption they cause.

When Uranus triggers your Birth Chart, it tends to bring radical change into your life. The best way to deal with its unsettling energy is not to resist it but to embrace its call to evolve.

As many of us do not make it to the ripe old age of 84, we may not live to see the return of Uranus to the same place it occupied in our Birth Charts. More of us are still around when, in our early 40s, Uranus opposes its birth chart position. The 42-year trigger of Uranus often coincides with the famous “midlife crisis” when people want to shrug off existing routine and responsibility and go off in an entirely new direction.


Planet Neptune is not so much a cycle as an influence that ebbs and flows throughout our lives. Its energy is ethereal, slipping through your fingers like water. It is a fleeting flow of emotions and impressions. It is not a substance you can catch and pin down, or define in material terms. It is the stuff that dreams are made of.

When Neptune triggers your Birth Chart it usually activates your imagination in some way. This can be helpful by opening you up to inspirational ideas and experiences, but you need to be aware that it can also confuse or deceive you. So long as you see the difference between fantasy and reality, you can use Neptune to help make your world more loving, beautiful, artistic and imaginative.


Planet Pluto packs a powerful punch, in spite of its small size and its location on the outskirts of the solar system. Its discovery in 1930 preceded a traumatic and transformational time in human history when the potentially life enhancing yet deeply destructive force of nuclear energy was unleashed into the world.

When Pluto triggers your Birth Chart it usually brings powerful experiences that transform you or the way you live your life. Pluto transits tend to push you well out of your comfort zone, but once you have completed them you will feel like a new person. Pluto brings you the potential to empower yourself in all the important aspects of your life so that you will never play the role of victim again.


The recently discovered dwarf planet Eris orbits around the far-flung edges of our known solar system. She takes around 558 years to complete her elliptical journey around the Sun and may never trigger your Birth Chart directly. If she does, it will probably create situations which encourage you to assert yourself, your ideals and values. Eris brings out the Warrior in you, even at the cost of creating confrontation and disharmony in your life.

Eris was discovered in 2005, about a year before Tarana Burke began using the phrase “Me Too” in connection with campaigns against sexual harassment and exploitation. The #metoo movement united people who were victims of power abuse, inspiring them to tune into their Inner Eris warrior energy and find the courage to fight their oppressors.

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