“You yourself, as much as anybody
in the entire universe, deserve
your love and affection”

Sharon Salzberg

  • As Venus moves across the planetary placements and patterns of your birth chart, she enhances your natural ability and charm. But she can also bring out the less attractive aspects of your character, particularly those involving misplaced values and a tendency to take your gifts for granted.

  • Issues involving material/financial security and relationship harmony can arise when Venus is moving Retrograde.

  • Venus is at her most influential while passing through Taurus and Libra because these two sectors of the zodiac are ruled by her.

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19 December 2021 Venus Retrograde in Capricorn

29 January 2022 Venus Direct in Capricorn

You may need to re-evaluate your plans and strategies for success, especially if they are not working to your best advantage. It could be that they are under-achieving or falling short of expectations because they are not drawing attention to your finest features. Maybe they are failing to promote your qualities and employ your talents to their highest potential. This needs to be rectified to ensure you gain the credit you deserve.

Your natural abilities are the means through which you will achieve your ambitions. This would be a good time to get expert advice on how to apply your gifts to the business of attaining the goals you have set yourself. The feedback you receive could have valuable, long-term effects.

06 March Venus in Aquarius

Looking at innovative ways to apply your talents and abilities could give you access to new admirers, possibly within group settings. Friends might turn out to be your top ambassadors. Seek out kindred spirits who share your values and ideals. If you are looking for love, situations involving teams, tribes and technology could be where potential partners are waiting to be found.

05 April Venus in Pisces

You may be feeling ultra romantic or sentimental but please try not to be unrealistic in your expectations of other people. Accept them as they are with all their human faults. Fall in love with the actual person, rather some figure of fantasy dreamed up by your imagination. Likewise with your finances – make sure you keep your feet firmly on the ground regarding matters involving your material security. 

02 May Venus in Aries

Do not be afraid to do things by yourself, or to take the initiative in your dealings with other people. You may feel more comfortable in the role of co-pilot, but it will do you good to sit in the driving seat for a while and take your own decisions about where to go and why.  Try not to fall into the trap of comparing your talents with anyone else’s. Turn your attention to what you do best and focus on the enjoyment you get from expressing your natural abilities.

28 May Venus in Taurus (Rulership)

Take time to celebrate, recognise and appreciate the talents and abilities you were born with. They can be used to enrich your life and make it more enjoyable and fulfilling. They can be depended upon to help you earn a living, and to provide for your material comfort and security. One very valuable gift that you may be taking for granted is your capacity for putting people at their ease and helping them to feel comfortable, calm and relaxed. This aspect of your nature is enhanced and strengthened by Venus while her influence is reinforced by her rulership of laid-back and stable earth sign Taurus.

23 June Venus in Gemini

Your popularity potential with local contacts and acquaintances is good right now so this is a favourable time for networking in your neighbourhood. It is especially helpful if you have something to sell as your clients, contacts and pals are willing to offer their support as PR agents. You can return the favour by putting your services at their disposal.

18 July Venus in Cancer

You may feel like shying away from social activities for a while, to focus on the comforts of home and family. A period of privacy will allow you to get creative with your natural talents and abilities. It could also be helpful if you are trying to bring harmony to personal relationships by introducing an atmosphere of mutual care and proposing ways of nurturing one another’s physical and emotional needs.

11 August Venus in Leo

Lavish attention on your relationship with your Self and engage with the Inner Child who still craves your unconditional approval. This is a partnership which must be prioritised. Because if you cannot love, respect and admire You, how will you be able to allow anyone else to? It is all about strengthening your self-esteem by appreciating all the qualities and gifts that make you so special. “Because I’m worth it” is your mantra for the month!

05 September Venus in Virgo

This is the perfect time to relish the skills that enable you to get your work done so efficiently and effectively. Enjoy the pleasure of using them. Do not skip the creative satisfaction to be had from carrying out daily tasks like preparing meals, organising your living space or planning your day. This placement of Virgo can prompt you to sort out situations which have become somewhat one-sided when it comes to the distribution of labour within your relationships. You do not want to be dumped with all the chores and duties, but neither would you feel comfortable about someone else’s services being taken for granted.

29 September Venus in Libra (Rulership)

As this placement of Venus in one of the signs she rules definitely has the ability to enhance your personal charm and persuasiveness it can be very helpful if you are hoping to negotiate a fair deal, especially if you are trying to get others to agree with your side of the situation. Play your cards right and you could end up forming a mutual admiration society, with everyone offering support and appreciation for one another’s contribution. If you are having problems with procrastination, this is the ideal setup for getting the kind of second opinion which could help you to come to a clear decision.

23 October Venus in Scorpio

This potent placement can be called on to help you invest your talents and abilities in ways that could enrich and empower you. It can also make you more mysterious and fascinating to others but watch out … as you could be more susceptible to falling under the spell of a fascinating stranger! Venus in Scorpio can intensify the hidden passion within a relationship by creating an atmosphere of drama and intrigue. Unacknowledged motives are suspected by both sides, generating a mutual lack of trust. Best case scenario is that everyone involved opts for the openness that is essential to the forging of deep and lasting bonds.

16 November Venus in Sagittarius

Fall in love with positivity, optimism, new prospects, everything that makes your life more adventurous. Give way to the free spirit within you and follow the call to push back the boundaries of your life, to explore and discover new experiences. This is not the time to settle for the kind of ho-hum situation that offers a fair enough level of comfort and enjoyment but which leaves you feeling restless and dissatisfied. You need to allow fresh options and influences into your life. They will expand and liberate your current circumstances so that they no longer limit your potential for personal growth.

10 December Venus in Capricorn

Consolidate on the preparations you made earlier in the year to apply your talents and abilities in ways which are designed to help you achieve your ambitions in life. You may need to rebalance any discordant energies within yourself, particularly those that create a tendency to criticise or to belittle the results you have produced so far. An honest evaluation of your efforts is helpful whereas the kind of harsh judgement that stifles your self-esteem is definitely not.

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