“Everyone thinks of changing the world,
but no one thinks of changing himself”
Leo Tolstoy

  • Planet Uranus is associated with the alterations and innovations which save us from stagnation. Uranus stops us from getting stuck in the same old way of doing things, over and over again until we become more like machines than living creatures.

  • The Uranus cycle is about 84 years long. The last time the radical planet occupied its present position in the Zodiac was in the 1930s, a period of extraordinary upheaval and social change.

  • When Uranus triggers your Birth Chart, it tends to bring progressive change into your life. The best way to deal with its unsettling energy is not to resist it but to embrace its call to evolve. The retrograde phases of Uranus help you to resolve and integrate energies or events which have happened randomly or unexpectedly.

  • Some signs will feel the erratic effects of Uranus more than others, depending on where it is currently placed in the Zodiac Band. Uranus is linked by rulership to the unorthodox sign of Aquarius.

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Uranus in Taurus

Uranus is an “impersonal” planet. Astrologers see it as a global influence, affecting generations and nations. But much of the Uranus Effect we see at work in the world is reflected in the lives of individual people.

Moving through the stolid sign of Taurus, unpredictable Uranus is raring to revolutionise us in ways that we will not be able to ignore! His objective is to evolve us by waking us up and shaking us out of our comfort zones, even if the only way to do that is by making the ground move under our feet. Many of us will quake in fear at the thought of such upheaval, but trapped inside all of us is an Inner Wild Child, a free spirit who is longing to break out of its box – however cosy the cage may be.

Going against the flow, daring to be different and upsetting the apple cart are activities that might mark you as a misfit. But your readiness to rebel enables you to cope with the unexpected, unknown, untried and undiscovered events that Uranus will catalyse during this turbulent time of transition. It also makes you aware that your individual presence on Planet Earth has unique value. You are a one-off, there is no one else alive today who can clone or imitate your particular qualities.

24 August Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

One of the biggest problems with the current placement of Uranus is that of things being done or taking place far too suddenly. Either because some bright spark has a lightbulb moment and assumes their idea will revolutionise the world, or events take an erratic turn and contradict all the forecasts for how things should happen. Whatever the cause or reason, the underlying issue is a reluctance to respect the importance of carefully considered conscious control when implementing innovative change. 

While Uranus travels through Taurus, there is a tendency to ignore the importance of firm foundations. Whether you are building an abstract concept or a bridge across the Amazon river, you still need to structure the process of your project. Major modifications that are forced through before the trouble-shooting process is complete can cause significant and lasting damage.

The fall out from a series of wild-card, spur of the moment improvisations which lack the most basic level of preparation could be a source of upset at least until Uranus moves Direct again on 22 January 2023.

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