“Your level of success is determined by
your level of self-discipline and perseverance.”

  • Planet Saturn is our strict task-master. Its purpose is to ensure that we pass the tests and overcome the challenges that life presents us with in order to achieve higher levels of wisdom and maturity.

  • Saturn is associated with ambition, authority and structure. It provides you with the discipline you need to achieve your worldly goals. The retrograde phases of Saturn help you to reinforce your strategies for future success.

  • Saturn returns to the same place in the solar system it occupied on your Birth Date about every 28-30 years. This can be a time of reckoning, when you evaluate your progress so far and formulate plans for the next stage of your life.

  • Some signs will feel Planet Saturn’s challenging effects more than others, depending on where it is currently placed in the Zodiac Band. The ringed planet’s influence is strongest while passing through aspirational Capricorn which is the sign of Saturn’s rulership. Saturn also gains strength in evolutionary Aquarius, due to its ancient affiliation with this sign.

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Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn is now in Aquarius, which is all about forming strategies for the future. Although Saturn tends to resist the type of abrupt changes that upset existing plans, it is perfectly capable of taking them in its stride. Saturn favours the status quo and prefers the tried and tested, but only when it continues to generate tangible results. Once something has passed its sell-by date, Saturn reluctantly rejects it and gets to work on building alternative routes to successful outcomes. As human society and its systems travel through the sometimes shocking transitions that mark the end of an era, the great ringed planet will be teaching us how to prepare for life in the times that lie ahead.

04 June Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius

Long term strategies for future success may need to be put on hold or revised in some way. Innovative ways of doing things could prove unfeasible but do not give up, just keep trying to find ways of making them work. It is possible they are slightly ahead of their time. In which case they may have to be shelved for now, and replaced by interim back-up plans.

Even if you are tuned into the excitement that comes with major change you are also aware that such times can be very difficult. This knowledge has a sobering effect and helps you to take a sensible, cautious approach to the future. You are not being pessimistic, but you have learned from experience that unbridled optimism has its limits and will only take you so far.

You are also concerned about people whose lives are made more arduous by this transition between one era and the next. For this reason, you might become interested in political movements which pledge to promote social equality and reinforce human rights.

23 October Saturn Direct in Aquarius

The struggle to plan for changing times continues, but it brings about important and lasting innovations which will serve future generations. If you are a champion of forward-thinking schemes for business and industry, do not be put off by negative judgement of your ideals or criticism of your hopes for a better world.

Evolution is all very well as a concept but it takes eons of gruelling effort to move through ascending levels of consciousness, from ignorance to wisdom. We must be patient with ourselves as we struggle to overcome the obstacles that test our courage, commitment and conviction so sorely. We must be willing to forgive our errors and mistakes by learning from them and continuing to move forward – onwards and upwards – in spite of them.

The future is our focus. We move towards it in the hope that, with each successive generation, the peoples of planet Earth are becoming evermore advanced and enlightened. And that the day we finally leave all trials and tribulations behind draws ever closer.

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