“The day the power of love
overrules the love of power,
the world will know peace.”
Mahatma Gandhi

  • Planet Pluto represents unseen energy that is both intense and enigmatic. It has a brooding, pent-up presence which remains under control until it eventually erupts with volcanic force.

  • Planet Pluto is associated with power and challenge. It provides you with the courage to confront harsh realities and the ability to transform darkness to light. The retrograde phases of Pluto offer you the chance to go deeper into whatever you are dealing with, in order to expose the truth and purge yourself of the destructive forces that poison your life.

  • The Pluto cycle is around 248 years long. The last time it occupied its present position in the zodiac was in the 1770s, triggering the American and French revolutions, both of which had a transformational effect on the distribution of power and wealth in world politics.

  • It is fascinating to note that when the Russian Revolution occurred in 1917, Pluto was at five degrees of Cancer, exactly opposite its position at five degrees of Capricorn when the American Revolution began.

  • Some people will feel the effects of Planet Pluto’s powerful presence more than others, depending on the placements and patterns within their own birth charts. Its passionate influence is most intense while passing through Scorpio, which is the sign of Pluto’s rulership.

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Pluto in Capricorn

29 April Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

Pluto continues its relentless journey through status-conscious Capricorn, intent on its mission to purge, transform and regenerate. Pluto has a particular role to play in ensuring that power abuse which has been either hidden or denied is exposed and resolved.

Power is only to be used with very high levels of responsibility, honesty and integrity as it corrupts those who dare to dabble in it for selfish reasons. Pluto insists that people whose ambitions have led them to exploit or abuse others will have to account to their own consciences.

We are attracted to power because it helps us to feel in control. Most of us resent having to kowtow to others, especially if there is no respect for the person who is handing out the orders. But being the boss does not come so easily to most of us either. We often fear our own power because we worry about causing more harm than good. This sense of foreboding prompts us to throttle back on our true potential and stick to situations that are far beneath our actual abilities.

If you recognise this pattern in yourself, you will probably be feeling frustrated with your life and discontented with your performance. The frustration can emerge in manipulative behaviour, where you orchestrate dramas or embroil yourself in complicated situations which leave you feeling unfulfilled and guilt-ridden.

This is a time of retribution when you can try to make amends for any instances where you may have misused the strengths and privileges that have been bestowed on you by the Cosmos. They were not given to you for your personal glorification, but as gifts to share with those less capable than yourself.

Retrograde Pluto is urging you to stop messing about with your personal power and teaching you how to handle its potent energies. Once you gain a sense of the control that actually was never lost to you, you will feel ready to fulfil your true destiny as an invincible seeker of truth and transformation.

08 October Pluto Direct in Capricorn

This is the right time to reinforce and empower your plans for achieving long-term results. You may need to ringfence their ability to overcome obstacles and cope with challenge but you can be sure that if you are truly determined to succeed, you surely will.

On a political level, Pluto dictates that time has run out for those who have employed exploitation or abuse to enrich and empower themselves. They will be held accountable for their dark deeds and must confront the consequences of their karma.

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