“Not all dreamers are winners,
but all winners are dreamers.
Your dream is the key to your future”
Mark Gorman

  • Planet Neptune is the ethereal and insubstantial weaver of dreams, inspiring our imaginations with multi-dimensional information from higher realms of consciousness.

  • Neptune provides the faith that helps you to believe you can manifest your visions. But it can also confuse, mesmerise and delude you.  The retrograde phases of Neptune help you to regain your grip on reality.

  • The Neptune cycle is around 165 years long. The last time it occupied its present position in the zodiac was in the mid 1800s. The movement to abolish slavery was gaining support, culminating in the American Civil War. 

  • Some people will feel the effects of Planet Neptune’s nebulous presence more than others, depending on the placements and patterns within their own birth charts. Its other-worldly influence is strongest while passing through Pisces, which is the sign of Neptune’s rulership. 

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Neptune in Pisces

Neptune, strong in its own sign Pisces, provides the ideal conditions for people to channel out-of-this-world information which could help us to build a heaven here on earth. We may not be aware that we are directly involved in the movement that is creating a shift in consciousness on our home planet but we are all contributors in one way or another. Gradually, it is beginning to dawn on us that we have total control over our own perceptions and therefore over our own lives.

We are channelling the influences from Neptune that are helping us to unlock the power of our imagination and change the state of our minds through the use of self-belief, positive thoughts and imagery. Many of us are receiving and transmitting inspirational energy while we are asleep, meditating, dozing or daydreaming. This may give the impression of snoozing in a hammock on a beautiful beach with the waves lapping gently on the shore, which is far from the truth. Channelling multi-dimensional messages is exhausting work – physically, mentally and emotionally. It can also be very scary and confusing as some of the things you see do not make much sense in earthly terms.

It is also very difficult not to get stranded in the land of Dreams, drifting between the realms of vision and reality. That is why it is so important for all Earthling Empaths to incorporate structure into their daily routine. Rituals and regimes which bring a reassuring rhythm to your life can help to keep you healthy and sane, enhancing your voluntary work as a vessel for Light Energy.

The Jupiter Effect:

29 December 2021-10 May 2022, and 28 October-20 December 2022 Jupiter is in Pisces.

28 October-23 November Jupiter is Retrograde in Pisces.

Neptune’s presence in Pisces is very much magnified this year, due to Jupiter’s position in the 12th zodiac sign. While there are advantages to this blending of energies, they are more likely to be of a spiritual than a practical nature. Life on the physical plane could become rather chaotic, as things get blown out of proportion and common sense is in short supply.

The instability around you will probably increase, which makes it extra important for you to maintain healthy boundaries between you and the craziness. You will be able to see beyond it to the light at the end of the tunnel, but many others will not. You cannot afford to be overwhelmed by their panic and despair for your mission is to act as a beacon of hope in these troubling times. Just keep radiating messages of positivity and peace. Your optimistic outlook will soothe their insecurity and bolster their faith in the future.

As Jupiter moves Retrograde in Pisces there could be a role for you in situations where people have become very disappointed, or disillusioned. Something or someone they fervently believed in has let them down. To be fair, they probably should have been a bit more careful about placing their trust in the first place! But this is a learning curve for them, and you can help them to travel along it until they reach a place of higher understanding. Do not be afraid to introduce these lost souls to the concept of spiritual guidance. Suggest that they explore it until they discover how to channel it for themselves.

When Jupiter makes its final exit from Pisces on 20 December 2022 you could be aware that your ability to interpret dreams and visions is very much expanded. Hopefully you will be feeling far more confident about connecting to your Cosmic Guides as your trust in the information you receive via your Soul Self should be much improved.

28 June Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

04 December Neptune Direct in Pisces

Even though you cannot deny the harsher aspects of life or avoid interacting with them, you will need to retreat from them on a regular basis. You are not escaping, merely making sure you remain immune from negativity and despair. Get plenty of rest and sleep as much as you can. Whenever possible be by water (especially the sea) because this element replenishes, revives and supports your spiritual nature.

By the time Neptune resumes forward movement, situations that have seemed crazy, chaotic and confusing could begin to be less so. Hopefully you feel more fluent in the fleeting language of signs and symbols and you find it easier to go with the flow. Your ability to interpret your own intuitive flashes is almost instantaneous, you no longer have to puzzle over how apparently random pieces of information fit together to give you the full picture.

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