“Winners can tell you where they are going
[and] what they plan to do along the way”

Denis Waitley

  • Mars will activate about half of your birth chart during the course of one year. It triggers your planetary placements by enhancing their positive energies and sharpening their more negative characteristics.

  • Look out for increased levels of aggression, impatience and frustration when Mars is moving through a retrograde phase. If you encounter delays, take them as warnings that this is not the best time to act.

  • Mars is at its most influential while passing through fire sign Aries because of its rulership of this sector of the zodiac. Mars also has extra strength in the sign of Scorpio, due to its ancient connection with this sign.

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from 13 December 2021 Mars in Sagittarius

You may be feeling extra adventurous – keen to push past your current boundaries and widen your horizons. This urge to expand provides a source of motivation and encourages you to journey out into the Unknown.  Watch your levels of impatience and impetuousness and do not take risks without assessing the potential for accident and injury. Channel this fiery enthusiasm into activities that can increase your knowledge of yourself, and of the world you live in.

24 January Mars in Capricorn

This could be seen as the most ambitious of planetary placements since it combines a willingness to win with the urge to achieve your ambitions. It helps you to define goals, particularly the type of aspirations which provide you with long term targets on which to focus your motivation and drive. The influence of Mars in Capricorn supports strategic planning to ensure the most effective use of energy and the optimisation of outcomes. Strict discipline is considered an asset, as is obedience to procedures and protocols which are guaranteed to get results. This is not the best time to improvise or to initiate unproven methods. Better stick to the tried and tested expertise that is readily available from existing instruction manuals and rule books. 

06 March Mars in Aquarius

The focus is on goals that are future-oriented. At present, they may possess a utopian ahead-of-their time quality which makes them seem unreachable or impossible to achieve. It may help to link up with kindred spirit groups who share these outside the box ideals. Technology could play a key role in getting your aims off the ground especially if it enables you to experiment, improvise, innovate and invent new ways of getting things done. You are not keen to be hampered by orthodox methods which probably feel far too prescriptive and restrictive for your liking. They belong to another era. The time has come to break away from old-school, backward-looking conventions.

15 April Mars in Pisces

Your energy is engaged by goals which inspire you by activating your imagination. You need to feel excited about what you are aiming for, otherwise there will be nothing to fuel your progress towards your target. Do not be surprised if your physical stamina takes on an ebb-flow quality. You will be able to optimise your drive during the active phase so long as you respect the passive by retreating into a rest break when your strength starts to deplete. These random interruptions to your momentum might feel chaotic but they are a vital aspect of a highly creative process. Embrace them, enjoy them, much as you would welcome gentle waves on a beach after a stormy night at sea!

24 May Mars in Aries (Rulership)

This vibrant, competitive energy must be directed towards a specific goal. It needs to be channelled effectively and requires well-defined targets. It is great for getting started but tends to run out of steam when actual results fall short of expectations. The strong influence of Mars in its own zodiac sign Aries is marvellous if you want to be motivated but not so good if you tend to get impatient or frustrated by disappointments and delays. The nature of this placement is more like a sprint than a marathon. It provides a sharp sense of focus, urgency, excitement and speed that is short-lived yet highly effective. It brings an adrenaline rush which is designed to function for limited periods only. It should not be forced to fuel sustained activity or endure long-term effort.

05 July Mars in Taurus

The pace may feel slower and less dynamic, but at least you get some valuable catch-up time. Spend it on reinforcing the structures that underpin your goals, and improving the strength and quality of your game. Take a well-earned rest, especially if your situation has become far too stressful. Give your adrenaline levels a rest and focus on generating the happy hormones which can help you to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. If you really need a target to aim for, let it be one which makes good use of your resources by offering a constructive outlet for your natural talents and abilities.

20 August Mars in Gemini moving Retrograde 30 October 2022-12 January 2023

Use this inquisitive energy to educate yourself, especially in areas that can improve your fluency and communication skills. You will learn new ways of putting your ideas into action, energising your marketing style and motivating prospective customers to follow your lead. It is not necessary to pin yourself down to a single activity at this stage, as your energy will be better spread over a variety of subjects. Multi-tasking is the name of the game and one which can be fun to play so long as you do not lose sight of your key aims and objectives.

As Mars turns retrograde in Gemini the danger is that your efforts to keep abreast of all your interests are making you hyperactive, nervous and anxious. You may not want to reduce the number of your various pursuits but you do need to prioritise the more pressing or important among them. This is how you will retain diversity without losing definition and focus.

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