“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience
to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear
for newer and richer experience.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

  • Every 12 years, Jupiter returns to the same place in the solar system it occupied on your Birth Date. Each Jupiter return marks the beginning of a new 12 year adventure or experience in your life.

  • The biggest planet is at its most influential while passing through the adventurous sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter is also accorded extra influence in inspirational Pisces, due to its traditional links to this sign.

  • In 2022, Jupiter will be moving through the last and first sectors of the zodiac: Pisces and Aries. Its influence will be felt in the areas of your horoscope allocated to these two signs and also through the patterns created by Jupiter’s position relative to your birth chart planets.

  • While there tends to be a lessening in levels of optimism during the retrograde phases of Jupiter they offer an opportunity to bring expectations back to a more realistic plane. They also help to curb the risk involved in projections whose potential success has been overstated. Their true objective is to encourage you to re-discover roads you have already travelled, so that you can apply the knowledge you gained then to your current situation.

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From 29 December 2021-10 May 2022, and from 28 October-20 December 2022 Jupiter is in Pisces. 

28 October-23 November Jupiter is Retrograde in Pisces.

As Jupiter travels through the ethereal realm of Pisces, try not to be beguiled by mirage-like imagery or pie in the sky promises. There is nothing wrong with taking a hopeful approach to life but you will need to curb any tendency to take risks that have not been fully assessed. “Be careful what you wish for” could be your mantra during this period, as it will remind you not to be too careless, slapdash or naïve in your expectations.

In some ways, Jupiter in Pisces is filled with the hope that all our dreams are about to come true. In others, it seems to offer opportunities which turn out to be nothing but balloons filled with hot air. We can cast ourselves as victims but it really is up to us not to be deceived by imposters, however plausible and sincere they seem. We should be able to tell the difference between a true guru and a false guide. A real and honest leader, whether spiritual or political, will always encourage you to ask questions and to think for yourself. Their mission is to offer you a wider perspective on the world. Whereas a phoney expert will persuade you to follow in their footsteps while ignoring any doubts you might have about the validity of their views.

You are far better to trust in your own intuitive insights. This is an excellent time to develop your psychic awareness, so that its Wise Guidance is always available to you. You will be expanding your ability to interpret information from other dimensions, which flows to you through your imagination and through the symbols that appear in your dreams and visions. Do not disregard them as random or accidental. They are showing you the world from a higher perspective.

The retrograde phase of Jupiter in Pisces could bring a sense of déjà vu, particularly involving situations you believed were now behind you. How come they have cropped up again? Because there is a great deal to be gained from reliving certain aspects of the original adventure, but this time you will be blessed with the benefit of knowledge and hindsight.

From 10 May to 28 October, and from 20 December Jupiter is in Aries 

28 July-28 October Jupiter is Retrograde in Aries

This placement of the outward-bound planet favours the qualities of courage and independence. Jupiter is encouraging you to take the initiative and to strike out on your own, even though you may doubt that your bold move will succeed. Jupiter does not really care about hitting targets or winning prizes, he is far more interested in gaining knowledge and experience.

Jupiter offers you the opportunity to expand your horizons and express your urge for adventure. It brings a sense that anything is possible, provided you are ready to give it a go. But this exhilarating influence can take you on a roller coaster ride to recklessness if you are not careful to consider the full implications of any risks involved. There is a point when self-sufficiency can be taken to extremes and become self-destructive.

The best way to use this intrepid energy is by channelling it into some form of personal growth training, especially the kind that helps you to develop your potential as an instigator, a motivator, or a coach. This is the type of knowledge that can be self-taught, as it originates from your individual character, qualities and experiences.

Watch out for a fall in certainty and conviction levels as Jupiter turns Retrograde in Aries. Perhaps you embarked on a pioneering project full of excitement and enthusiasm but now you are starting to feel less optimistic about its prospects. Maybe things are turning out to be less direct or straightforward than you expected them to be. Please do not allow disappointment or frustration to stop you in your tracks. Wherever this learning curve is taking you, you will not return empty-handed. The final destination is far less important than the knowledge and experience you will gain along your journey.

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