Pisces Season 2021

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Astrology for Pisces Season 18 February-20 March 2021

When the Sun moves out of Aquarius and into Pisces on 18 February, the element of water will take over from the element of air. The underlying emphasis transfers from ideas to emotions, from thought to feeling.

Some of the massive concentration of energy that has been invested in the revolutionary sign of Aquarius should start to soften. Instead of stubbornly forcing changes to suit their own tribal agendas, people with power and influence could be taking a more compassionate, holistic approach to problems which, in the end, affect the whole world.

Mercury, planet of communication, moving direct in Aquarius on 20-21 February and then into Pisces on 15 March could improve the way information is exchanged, interpreted and understood. The potential would be for any major meetings and discussions on humanitarian issues to have a more fluent and empathetic style of dialogue, guided by a collective wish to heal and resolve intensely challenging situations.

Venus moves into Pisces on 25 February. This good fairy influence could reawaken our belief in happy endings and bring a sense of hope that things can only get better. But we must be aware that this magical flow of multidimensional blessing is easily mis-directed into low-vibrational activity which works to confuse, mystify, deceive and delude.

Action planet Mars moves into Gemini on 4th March, which may bring a tendency to move too fast and to disregard key details in the urge to achieve goals and hit targets as quickly as possible. This jittery Mars influence is aggravated when the Sun and Venus in Pisces form T-square patterns with the Moon’s Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius 5-9 March. We could be seeing an idealistic, undefined and indecisive urge to rush forward which ultimately could create even more chaos, doubt and panic than already exists.

Levels of hopefulness rise in the days surrounding the New Moon in Pisces on 13 March as the Sun, Moon and Venus all form conjunctions with Neptune in Pisces. This is the ideal energy in which to visualise the future you would love to see – both for yourself and for the world. If there was ever the perfect time to wish for peace and harmony on planet Earth, it is now!

The energies that define Zodiac Sign Pisces


Pisces people are imaginative and empathetic. They can be sources of inspiration as they often channel information from other dimensions, via their dreams and visions or through psychic flashes and clairvoyant premonitions. Many of them are natural mediums and some of them work in the healing professions where their compassionate qualities are effectively channelled. Pisceans can also be found in situations where they are encouraged to express their penchant for make believe, fantasy and illusion in ways which help people to escape from the drearier aspects of their everyday lives.


The most irritating thing about Pisces is their inconsistency. Carried along by the ever-shifting currents of their emotions, it is almost impossible for Pisceans to hold a mood, let alone a decision, for more than a few minutes. They never seem to be completely present – there is always a part of them that is somewhere other than the here and now. You are never quite sure that you can take them at their word. What they say today may be forgotten by the time the arrangements you agreed with them are due to happen. They do not mean to be unreliable, and the pledges they make are sincere. It is just that they stray away from the memory of having ever made those particular promises.


The most difficult lesson for Pisces is to differentiate between fantasy and reality. Their inner world of dreams and visions is so enticing that they often get trapped in it, lose track of time and forget they have real-life events and issues to deal with. The half-glimpsed impressions in their imaginations influence them far more strongly than what is actually going on around them. There will be times which call for the kind of focus and precision that Pisceans struggle to maintain as their attention is distracted by the myriad thoughts and images flowing through their sub-conscious minds. Pisces must also learn how to create the personal boundaries that are so essential to them if they are to protect their sensitive, vulnerable natures.


Planetary ruler Neptune gives Pisces many magical gifts, the most beautiful of all being the ability to turn dreams into reality. But the enchanted energies of Neptune can be fickle, turning marvellous, other-worldly visions into nightmarish scenes of horror. It is at this point that Pisces is forced to accept the glaring disparity between what they imagined and hoped could happen, and what has actually come to pass. The ensuing despair can make them want to retreat, run away and hide or to drown their disappointment in some way.


This Moon sign is the most susceptible to the unseen energies flowing through the Ether. Prone to fluctuating moods and emotions which can be induced by outside influences that have absolutely nothing to do with them personally, these sensitive souls struggle to cope with the harsher aspects of life. Because it is so difficult for them to describe their inner experience without sounding as though they are imagining things they tend to doubt their own feelings. If they seem evasive and irritable, it is probably because they are overwhelmed by disappointment or despair and badly in need of sleep. Time spent in or beside water can help to restore their sanity.


This personality comes across initially as kind and compassionate, if a little vague. People with Pisces Rising empathise easily, as they can imagine exactly what it must be like to be you. While it is true that they really would love to offer help and support, they are not always in a position to do so. Perhaps they are not physically, mentally or psychically strong enough, or maybe they lack the required resources. Even so, their sympathy and their willingness to share your woes leaves a lasting impression.


Two very nasty examples of Pisces energy gone wrong are Adolf Eichmann and Reinhard Heydrich who were high-ranking figures in the Nazi SS during World War II. Both played major roles in the horrific nightmare known as the Holocaust when millions of people – many of them from vulnerable age groups and defenceless minorities – were deliberately imprisoned, tortured and killed. Their motives were fuelled by fanatical beliefs based on highly questionable ideals connected to racial supremacy.


At the other end of the scale of human achievement we find two positive Pisces who used their visionary gifts to bring enlightenment to the world.

15th century Astronomer and Mathematician Nicolaus Copernicus employed an inspired combination of deduction and divination to prove that the Sun rather than the Earth was the central point around which the solar system revolved.

Metaphysical minds had long been searching for a scientific explanation as to how the time/space continuum functions but it was Theoretical Physicist Albert Einstein who blended intellect and imagination (left and right brain) to create his theory of relativity.

For more examples of extraordinary Pisces visit onthisday.com website and search for star-sign/Pisces.


Pisces and the Tarot

As a water sign, Pisces is linked to the suit of Cups

I would select the Three of Cups to symbolise the sublime sense of togetherness that Pisceans feel when they are in contact with their multi-dimensional guides and angels.

The Four of Cups can be seen to represent the gloom and despondency of a Pisces who is disappointed and disillusioned with life.

The Seven of Cups shows how easy it is for Pisces to be seduced by fairy tales, fantasy, make believe and illusion.

The Knight of Cups embodies the romantic, idealistic energy of Pisces who, despite all the dashed hopes and broken dreams, continues to seek for that special something which cannot be defined in earthly terms.

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