Pisces in 2021

Planetary Energies, Influences & Key Dates for Pisces in 2021

All dates in this article are based on Universal Time Zone



Your Ruling Planet Neptune is associated with inspiration and imagination. It provides you with visions of potentials and possibilities. The retrograde phases of Neptune help you to interpret the strange symbols that flow through your dreams.

“A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more.” Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Your ruling planet Neptune, strong in its own sign Pisces provides the ideal conditions for people like you to channel out-of-this-world information that could help us to build a heaven here on earth. We may not be aware that we are directly involved in the movement that is creating a shift in consciousness on our home planet but we are all doing so. Gradually, it is beginning to dawn on us that we have total control over our own perceptions and therefore over our own lives.

As a Pisces, you are channelling the influences from Neptune that are helping us to unlock the power of our imagination and change the state of our minds through the use of self-belief, positive thoughts and imagery. Those born under your zodiac sign are receiving and transmitting inspirational energy while they are asleep, meditating, dozing or daydreaming. 

This may give the impression that you are snoozing in a hammock on a beautiful beach with the waves lapping gently on the shore, which is far from the truth. Channelling multi-dimensional messages is exhausting work – physically, mentally and emotionally. It can also be very scary and confusing as some of the things you see do not make much sense in earthly terms.

It is also very difficult not to get stranded in the land of Dreams, drifting between the realms of vision and reality. That is why it is so important for Pisceans to incorporate structure into their daily routine. Rituals and regimes which bring a reassuring rhythm to your life can help to keep you healthy and sane.

This will be all the more obvious when Jupiter moves into Pisces May-July 2021. The chaos around you will probably increase, which makes it extra important for you to maintain healthy boundaries between you and the craziness. You will be able to see beyond it to the light at the end of the tunnel, but many others will not. You cannot afford to be overwhelmed by their panic and despair for your mission is to act as a beacon of hope in these troubling times. Just keep radiating messages of positivity and peace. Your optimistic outlook will soothe their insecurity and bolster their faith in the future.

As Jupiter moves Retrograde in Pisces on 20 June there could be a role for you in situations where people have become very disappointed, or disillusioned. Something or someone they fervently believed in has let them down. To be fair, they probably should have been a bit more careful about placing their trust in the first place! But this is a learning curve for them, and you can help them to travel along it until they reach a place of higher understanding. Do not be afraid to introduce these lost souls to the concept of spiritual guidance. Suggest that they explore it until they discover how to channel it for themselves.

When Jupiter makes its final entrance into Pisces on 29 December 2021 you could be aware that your ability to interpret dreams and visions is very much expanded. Hopefully you will be feeling far more confident about connecting to your Cosmic Guides as your trust in the information you receive via your Soul Self should be much improved.


25 June Neptune moves Retrograde in Pisces Even though you cannot deny or interact with the harsher aspects of life, you will need to retreat from them on a regular basis. You are not escaping, merely making sure you remain immune from negativity and despair. Get plenty of rest and sleep as much as you can. Whenever possible be by water (especially the sea) because, as your element, it replenishes and revives you. By the time Neptune moves Direct in Pisces on 01 December, situations that have seemed crazy, chaotic and confusing could begin to be less so.


18 February Sun moves into Pisces This is a good time to surrender yourself to the guidance that flows to you through your dreams & visions. Sleep as much as you can and, as you may be feeling rather more sensitive and vulnerable than usual, it is vitally important for you to retreat from the harsher aspects of life whenever possible. You must have plenty of Me-time in which to create the healthy boundaries you need to complete your mission as a Cosmic Lightworker in service to the peoples of planet Earth.

25 February Venus moves into Pisces You may be feeling ultra romantic or sentimental but please try not to be unrealistic in your expectations of other people. They are just the same as always so don’t view them through rose-coloured lenses! Accept them as they are with all their human faults.

15 March Mercury moves into Pisces Most of your more enlightened ideas are likely to originate from your imagination and be inspired by dreams & visions. As they will probably be far more interesting and entertaining than ordinary life, you could get lost in them. Gazing out of the window when you are supposed to be concentrating on the task in hand could get you into trouble, in more ways than one! You may be feeling more sleepy than usual, so make sure you allow plenty of switch-off time.


Uranus in Taurus Pisceans are very fluid people. Nothing comes easier to them than adapting to whatever environment they find themselves in. Once they have recovered from the shock of sudden and unexpected change, they acclimatise to it and move on. Of all the 12 zodiac signs, Pisces is the one who has mastered the art of going with the flow. The current placement of evolutionary Uranus is bringing fundamental changes which will upset much of the population. As a Pisces, your natural ability to cope with the ebb and flow of shifting circumstances will be strengthened. Uranus could help you to come into your own and earn the respect of people who panic at the very thought of having to do things differently in future.

Pluto continues its slow journey through your complementary sign of Capricorn, reinforcing your resilience to outside influences that have a negative effect on you. Somehow you are stronger and more able to cope with challenge. Perhaps because you have learned to look to a higher authority for orders and instruction on how to manage your life. The rules, regulations, procedures and protocols of human society pale into insignificance beside the powerful Guidance that flows to you from spiritual sources. You of all the zodiac signs are best placed to channel this potent and beneficial force, both for yourself and on behalf of others.


The planetary giants Jupiter & Saturn are in Aquarius this year, which is likely to make the world a less intimate place. Personal needs and emotions will probably have to be put on hold while human society copes with huge shifts in its status quo. Change is the order of the day and many people will struggle to acclimatise to the chaos it creates in their daily lives. This will be a source of stress for you, not so much for yourself as a Pisces who is highly skilled in the art of adapting. But your empathetic nature will suffer with those who are suffering because they are unable to find a foothold in a rapidly changing landscape. You could feel concerned that they are not ready for a future which looks very different to what they are used to. You can help by demonstrating your ability to go with the flow and evolve through all the ups and downs that come your way.

Chiron & Eris in Aries these are longer term influences in your life which could be of benefit to you even if they give you a certain amount of grief!

Chiron the Wounded Healer is a familiar presence for you, as an Empath. The ability to sympathise with suffering comes very easily to you – sometimes too much so. Pisces often end up carrying pain that does not belong to them, because they have absorbed it from the atmosphere around them. The placement of Chiron in Aries could help by making it easier for you to isolate yourself from those who seek to exploit your pity for them.

Eris in Aries is a very different energy to your rather soft and ethereal nature. She is a feisty force of nature who declares war on anything or anyone who threatens her interests. She can teach you a thing or two about standing up for yourself in situations where your compassionate nature is being taken advantage of. Eris can also help you to confront your own lack of courage and confidence. She will urge you to assert yourself against your enemies instead of letting them victimise you.


The North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius are at odds with your zodiac sign, which could be highlighting issues around which direction to take. You could be feeling confused about how to get your message across in ways that will be easy to understand. Yet you do not want to dumb down or compromise the complexity of what you have to say. Your faith will be tested by people who are not prepared to think for themselves. They prefer to shift the responsibility for their lives onto you as an Empath, channeler, medium or therapist instead of exercising the free will to determine their future. You may be tempted to offer them false hope, by telling them what they want to hear. It would be better to help them understand that their life is their own adventure. No one else can live it for them. Read more about the Nodes, and their influence in your birth chart.


27 February Full Moon in Virgo This is the perfect time to consolidate on the effort you have put in until now. You deserve to reap the rewards of your hard work. Give yourself credit for what you have achieved, even if the results appear relatively modest. All that matters is that you are satisfied with them.

13 March New Moon in Pisces If you want to manifest something, you have to start with a vision. This New Moon can help you to create the design or blueprint from which to build. You are sowing the seeds for something that at present is just a dream. But over time it will become reality.

07 September New Moon in Virgo This is a very good time to set your intentions on optimising the general efficiency, health and wellbeing of your daily life. Sow the seeds for practices which will help you stick to rhythms, routines, regimes and recipes that can enhance your everyday existence.

20 September Full Moon in Pisces There could be a sense that your vision has become reality, even if not quite in the way you imagined it would. All the same, you have proved to yourself that you are capable of turning dreams into reality.

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