Astrology Parents & ChildrenA close and loving bond between parent and child cannot be guaranteed. Astrology can help to explain how the planetary connections between a mother or father and their offspring affects the relationship between them, making it easy or difficult (or a combination of both). Positive links bring caring compatibility whereas differences tend to create distances.

Your children are not your children …
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.
You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.

Kahlil Gibran



Birth Charts of Debbie Reynolds & Carrie FisherThis famous mother-daughter relationship was known to have its up and down, but it was also acknowledged as close and loving connection. Astrology suggests a true-love family bond between these two, which may have been formed in previous lives. Debbie’s Venus in Taurus connects directly with the Moon and South Node in her daughter’s chart. Debbie’s Sun makes close contact with Carrie’s birth chart Ceres in Aries and Debbie’s Ceres is not far from Carrie’s rising sign in Capricorn, pointing to pre-planned parental ties. Little wonder that they died within one day of each other. But in spite of the positive links between them, they struggled with their differences, as suggested in Carrie’s semi-autobiographical novel Postcards from the Edge.

Debbie has a strongly independent streak, represented by her Aries Sun conjunct Uranus. Her mothering instincts are unconventional with a friendly but emotionally detached delivery, as shown by her Moon in Aquarius. This combination of 7th house Aries Sun and 5th house Aquarius Moon suggests someone who demands to have her own way and do things on her own terms.

Debbie’s need to nurture is restrained, possibly even repressed, as shown by her Ceres in Capricorn ruled by Saturn in Aquarius (the coolest of signs) and opposed by Pluto (the most controlled of planets). This may mean that her caring nature is rationed, or doled out on a pragmatic, business-like basis that could seem contrived. Debbie’s Venus conjunct Chiron in Taurus suggests that she could be empathetic to other people’s issues (including her daughter’s), but that she would try to heal their wounds in purely practical or material ways.

Carrie’s chart suggests that she is far more dependant on the love and company of others than her mother. Both her Sun in Libra and Moon in Taurus are ruled by the relationship planet Venus, suggesting that she wouldn’t feel at all comfortable in a cold or lonely environment. But an opposition from Saturn and a square from Pluto to her Moon suggest that is the kind of family atmosphere she experienced as a child.

Her Taurus Moon craves a stable, traditional family upbringing and her Libra Sun conjunct Neptune becomes very vulnerable in situations where other people can’t be relied on. Carrie’s drug problem could have arisen out of her attempt to escape the reality of her relationship with a parent who didn’t have the ability to appreciate and fulfil her emotional needs and yet, confusingly, really did seem to care.


Birth Charts of Prince Charles & Prince William

Another in-the-spotlight parent-child relationship is that of Charles Prince of Wales and his first son William. Astrology points to the close connections between them. To begin with, they are both water signs. This puts them on the same energetic wavelength, although Charles is the more intense and William the more imaginative of the two. Charles’ Moon & North Node in Taurus connect with the base sign (IC) in William’s birth chart, which would help them to feel at home in one another’s company. William’s Saturn and Mars in Libra connect directly with the Venus, Neptune and Base Sign in Charles’ chart, creating an easy, if somewhat competitive, attraction between them, with William bringing Charles the chance to man up, mature and become more disciplined and focused.

Prince Charles carries his own deep-seated concerns around parenthood, as shown by a conjunction between Ceres and Pluto in Leo square to his Scorpio Sun. It’s possible that, for him, the role of father involves personal power and ego issues, with the parent promoting their own agenda regardless of the needs of the child. Charles’ sensual Moon in Taurus ruled by gentle Venus conjunct Neptune in Libra is naturally loving and affectionate. But his convoluted mind, indicated by Mercury in suspicious and potentially spiteful Scorpio, tends to block any uncomplicated expression of his feelings.

At base, Charles craves an easy-going existence in harmonious surroundings which leaves him vulnerable to being written off as weak, evasive and introverted. Yet he was born with attention-seeking Leo on the Ascendant and power-seeking Pluto in the first house of his horoscope. This could give the impression that he demands the glory but shies away from the obligations that go with it. William’s birth chart Sun in Cancer trine Jupiter, quincunx Uranus and square Neptune shows that he is tuned into the contradictions and confusions within his father’s character.

In spite of having both his Sun and Moon in Cancer – the shyest of signs, Prince William is less introspective than his father. Born at the New Moon, he instinctively knows how to take the initiative and push himself forward. He doesn’t crave the limelight, perhaps because he has a positive sense of his own personal power, and he can cope with the responsibility of his own destiny, however heavy. This is indicated by Jupiter, ruler of his rising sign Sagittarius, on the Midheaven of his horoscope in Scorpio, the sign most adapted to coping with challenge. Jupiter is also close to his potent Midheaven ruler Pluto, which reinforces his willingness to step up to his fate and embrace its intensity.

William’s 7th house Sun & Moon make him naturally interactive. He chooses to collaborate rather than to dominate and to co-operate rather than to go it alone. Due to a dynamic aspect between his Mars in Libra and his Cancerian Sun Moon & North Node, he is no pushover but he will probably prefer partnership to singledom. Charles has a very different approach to relationships. Aquarius on his 7th house cusp suggests that any prospective partners will be required to respect his autonomy and maintain their distance. His 7th house ruler Uranus is in Gemini and opposes Jupiter in Sagittarius which indicates that Charles is really against having to relinquish his personal freedom, no matter who is asking him to do so. This would be even more so if he was being expected to take on a conventional style marriage.

William’s communication skills, represented by his chatty, quick witted Mercury in Gemini trine Mars in Libra, are easier on the ear than Charles’ drawling, somewhat obscure and sometimes sarcastic style. And while William shares his father’s fondness for a calm and relaxed private life, he doesn’t use it as an excuse to escape from life’s more onerous duties. If it comes down to a competition between them for the role of king, William’s birth chart seems to suggest that his head would find it easier to bear the crown.

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