Libra in 2021

Planetary Energies, Influences & Key Dates for Libra in 2021

All dates in this article are based on Universal Time Zone



Your Ruling Planet Venus is associated with the personal charm, flair and style you were born with, as well as your ability to form partnerships with other people. Venus has one Retrograde phase this year, offering you the chance to re-evaluate your relationships to ensure that everyone involved continues to get a fair deal.

08 January Venus moves into Capricorn This is a good time to apply your personal charm and negotiating skills to work on achieving your ambitions. It might be helpful to enlist the support of expert advice if you are unsure about which choice to make or direction to take.

01 February Venus moves into Aquarius You might be attracting new admirers, possibly from within group and team settings. If you’re looking for love then choose someone with a kindred spirit quality. Friends could turn out to be your top ambassadors

25 February Venus moves into Pisces You may be feeling ultra romantic or sentimental but please try not to be unrealistic in your expectations of other people. They are just the same as always so don’t view them through rose-coloured lenses! Accept them as they are with all their human faults.

21 March Venus moves into Aries Your ruler is urging you to climb into the driving seat of your life. Don’t be afraid to do things on your own, or to take the initiative in your dealings with other people. Try not to fall into the trap of competing with others, or pushing yourself to overtake them. Just focus on gaining your own goals.

14 April Venus moves into Taurus Take time to celebrate, recognise and appreciate the talents and abilities you were born with. They can be used to enrich your life and make it more enjoyable and fulfilling. They can be depended upon to help you earn a living, and to provide for your material comfort and security.

09 May Venus moves into Gemini Your popularity with local contacts and acquaintances is good right now so this is a favourable time for networking in your neighbourhood. It is especially helpful if you have something to sell as your clients, contacts and pals are willing to be your PR agents.

02 June Venus moves into Cancer You may feel like shying away from social activities for a while, to focus on the comforts of home and family. A period of privacy will allow you to regain a sense of equilibrium. It could also be helpful if you are trying to create harmony within your personal relationships.

27 June Venus moves into Leo Lavish attention on your relationship with your Self and engage with the Inner Child who still craves your unconditional approval. This is a partnership that must be prioritised. Because if you can’t love, respect and admire You, how will you be able to allow anyone else to?

22 July Venus moves into Virgo This is the perfect time to relish the skills that enable you to get your work done so efficiently and effectively and to enjoy the pleasure of using them. It may also be the moment to get to grips with situations where your willingness to be of service is being taken advantage of.

16 August Venus moves into Libra As this placement of your ruling planet enhances your personal charm and persuasiveness it can be very helpful if you’re hoping to negotiate a fair deal, especially if you are trying to get others to agree with your side of the situation!

10 September Venus moves into Scorpio This potent placement can be called on to help you invest your talents and abilities in ways that could enrich and empower you. It can also make you more mysterious and fascinating to others but watch out … as you could be more susceptible to falling under the spell of a fascinating stranger!

07 October Venus moves into Sagittarius Fall in love with positivity, optimism, new prospects, everything that makes your life more adventurous. It’s ok to give way to the free spirit within you and follow the call to push back the boundaries of your life, to explore and discover new experiences.

05 November Venus moves into Capricorn Consolidate on the preparations you may have made earlier in the year to apply your personal charm, style and flair in ways that are designed to help you achieve your ambitions in life.


19 December Venus moves Retrograde in Capricorn You may need to re-evaluate your plans and strategies for success, especially if they are not working to your best advantage. It could be that they are under-achieving or falling short of expectations because they are not drawing attention to your finest features. Maybe they are failing to promote your abilities and employ your talents to their highest potential. This needs to be rectified to ensure you gain the credit you deserve.


30 August Mercury moves into Libra Your zodiac sign tends to procrastinate at the best of times, but you may find that your mind is even more indecisive under this planetary placement. However, this is not the moment to force yourself into making definite decisions. At least not until you have weighed up the pros & cons of which choice to go with. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback, or to seek a second opinion. Talking to someone else about your concerns will help, even if you don’t agree with the advice or feedback you are given.

15 September Mars moves into Libra This could be a rather frustrating placement for you as it might seem like you’re taking one step forward and two back. Just focus on your flair for compromise and diplomacy, and you will probably end up getting what you want. This is not the best energy for making yes or no choices, but it is great for brokering and achieving win/win deals.

22 September the Sun moves into Libra The Libra equinox is the perfect time of year for you as it is all about re-balancing, harmonising and equalising situations that were initiated earlier but which by now have started to become too one-sided, or one-dimensional. This is especially so for you in your partnerships – personal and professional – with other people. Make sure that both parties are being treated fairly, and that they are benefitting equally from the relationship.

27 September Mercury moves Retrograde in Libra This is not the right time to sign important agreements unless you are absolutely sure you are not putting your name to something you may regret in future. Choices and decisions should be checked and re-checked until your mind is completely clear and convinced that this is the best option for you.

18 October Mercury moves Direct in Libra If there have been any misunderstandings in your dealings with other people, they could have been caused by communication issues. Perhaps things were said or written which went astray, got lost in translation or were taken the wrong way. Now is your chance to make things right again. You may need all your natural tact and diplomacy but there is no reason why you can’t reach an amicable agreement and restore peace and harmony.


Jupiter & Saturn are in Aquarius The two giants of our solar system are on your side this year. They are adding a cutting edge to your intellectual ability, helping you to stay rational and detached on matters that might be causing panic and concern. They could be increasing your interest in the future and in technologies which make it easier for people to interact with like-minded groups, friends and kindred spirits. You may also be attracted to movements which are campaigning to close gaps between opposing polarities in society (black/white, rich/poor, male/female, young/old) in order to give everyone equal opportunities. But beware of a tendency to fall in love with utopian ideals that are noble in theory but difficult to implement in practice.


Pluto in Capricorn and Chiron & Eris in Aries These slow-moving energies continue to needle you from afar, putting you under pressure and bringing pain and strife into your life.

Pluto in Capricorn may be blocking you in some way, perhaps by making it difficult for you to plan ahead. Your strategies for progress seem to be stymied by a Hydra’s head of obstacles. Each time you overcome one, another one appears to take its place. The purpose of Pluto is to toughen you up, to empower and transform you. By tackling the tests it sends you, you are becoming a much stronger version of your original self. You have survived Pluto’s boot camp, and you will emerge – regenerated – at the end of the experience.

Chiron in your opposite sign of Aries is encouraging you to heal painful wounds that you may be trying to deny or ignore. This is not easy for you, as it involves confronting unpleasant issues which, as a peace-loving Libran, you prefer to avoid. But there are some things that are better out than in, as the saying goes. If you do not deal with your wounds, they will continue to fester. It is much better to open them up to scrutiny so they can be diagnosed and treated accordingly. Chiron may send you therapists disguised as people who upset or irritate you. Their purpose is to expose the problems and mirror the hurts that you need to address.

Eris in Aries is a feisty, sometimes aggressive, energy which represents all the things you like the least. Librans usually feel very bad about getting angry as they do not enjoy the loss of equilibrium involved. While they appreciate a good discussion, they are upset by arguments and they would far rather not be drawn into fights. Even if they win, they tend to feel bad as their victory could mean the loss of a valued partner. But Eris has an important gift to offer you. She turns your tendency to give in to other peoples’ demands on your time and energy into an ability to assert yourself against their selfishness. She enables you to stand up for yourself in situations where you are being used, or taken advantage of.

Uranus in Taurus the rebellious energy of Uranus, with its unexpected upheavals and unstable influence, is a serious source of stress for you. You are worried by these constant changes – not just for yourself, but for all the people you care about. These sudden disruptions bring a discordant note into your life, making it very difficult for you to keep a sense of equilibrium. You don’t like having to be always on the alert, anticipating yet another unforeseen incident. Unfortunately, this is the current state of world events. We are passing through a time of transition which will take us through a series of evolutionary stages. We need you Librans to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible!

Neptune in Pisces Librans already struggle to stay focussed on a single target and the undermining influence of Neptune is not helping you. The confusion you feel when you contemplate all the possible options available to you will be increased with Jupiter moving into Pisces May-July 2021. Relationships involving individuals who can’t be relied on to keep their promises or turn up on time could be a source of stress for you and you would be best to steer clear of people who vampire your energy or manipulate you into feeling sorry for them. But there will be benefits from the Neptune/Jupiter effect as it can enhance your imagination and send you beautiful dreams and visions to awaken the creative artist in you. It may also make you more intuitive and receptive to unseen auras and atmospheres.


The North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius are supportive of your sign. They are giving you easy access to the strengths that lie within your gene pool, accumulated over generations by your adventurous ancestors. These positive qualities could help to propel you along your life path. You may have a definite sense of a destiny that involves some sort of mentoring or counselling role, which might involve young people in need of educational support. Read more about the Nodes, and their influence in your birth chart.


28 March Full Moon in Libra This is a good time to evaluate decisions you made earlier. You might need to compromise on certain aspects of your choices in order to achieve more favourable outcomes. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice from others before you seal the deal.

12 April New Moon in Aries It’s time to set your intentions on winning your goals. You are sowing the seeds for success, but you must be prepared to wait for results. Take one step at a time and don’t allow yourself to lose focus if you hit delays.

6 October New Moon in Libra This is a good time to initiate a new basis for partnership projects. You are looking to collaborate on 50/50 equal shares terms, with both sides balancing the amount they give and take.

20 October Full Moon in Aries The goals you set earlier in the year (perhaps at the New Moon in Aries) could be coming to fruition. Something you have been intent on winning may be achieved, if not fully then at least to the point where you recognise that the first stage of your project has been successfully completed.

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