Leo Season 2021

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Astrology for Leo Season 22 July-22 August 2021


Leo is the second of the three fire signs, offering a flamboyant yet stable and sustained version of this heat-inducing element. Here we have the type of fire that creates beautiful artefacts, high-class opulence and delicious dramas, adding a touch of luxury and glamour to our lives!


True to form, Leo Season opens on a dramatic note created this year by the indomitable forces of Mars in Leo, Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. This implacable energy reflects the difficulties that arise when everyone thinks they have the right to control matters and no one is prepared to offer any kind of compromise. But the Cosmos has ways of forcing us to find innovative answers to situations which seem to have locked themselves into an impasse.

24 July The first of two Full Moons in Leo’s opposite sign of Aquarius illustrates the need for humanity to seek simple, easy to implement solutions to the apparently insolvable problems which cast shadows over our future. The Full Moon trines North Node in Gemini and conjuncts Saturn, suggesting that it is well within our level of intelligence to come up with clever ideas to carry us forward, in spite of any unforeseen obstacles. As the Moon moves on to square Uranus and Ceres in Taurus and oppose Mars in Leo we are reminded that Nature has a way of imposing the sort of sudden changes which force us to admit that it is not us in the driving seat, however much we like to believe that we are!

28 July Jupiter Retrograde moves into Aquarius. This significant event in Leo’s opposite sign reinforces the message that the whole world is one big group experience. We truly are “all in it together” regardless of species, race, gender, culture or creed. It is the differences between us and the need for us to embrace those diversities which make the Planet Earth adventure so evolutionary and exciting.


22 July Sun moves into Leo. This the perfect time to turn a spotlight on your relationship with your Self. Your Inner Child craves the undivided attention which engenders and encourages a healthy self-regard. Unconditional acceptance radiates from within and without a strong sense of self respect and approval you will never feel truly confident – no matter how much applause and admiration you receive from elsewhere. 

28 July Mercury moves into Leo. It takes a certain amount of bravado to stand in front of an audience and tell your story, which is why so many performers suffer from stage fright. But once you have settled into your solo role, your voice will gain strength and power. You will become more confident about attracting attention to your ideas and less concerned about whether your listeners offer you roses or rotten tomatoes!

1-6 August Sun conjunct Mercury in Leo opposes Saturn in Aquarius, trines Chiron in Aries and squares Uranus in Taurus. This could be an important step forward in your self-healing process, but since it will probably take you way out of your comfort zone it might seem as though you are being tested in order to prove your commitment to fulfilling your goal of a happier future.

8 August New Moon in Leo square Uranus in Taurus. At the end of the day, everything begins with you. You are the Captain of your own enterprise and it is up to you to make a success of your life. This is the right time to set your intentions to create plans for showcasing your Star Quality, for that is the special gift you have to offer the world.

9-20 August Mercury and Sun in Leo trine Eris in Aries and oppose Jupiter in Aquarius. Things will work out better for you if you take an assertive rather than a defensive stance. Do not be afraid to showcase the views and ideas that bear special significance for you, even if initially they are rejected by the mainstream. Be proud of the fact that the common herd is at least two steps behind the curve, whereas you are a good way ahead of it.

22 August Full Moon conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius. The second of two Full Moons in Leo’s opposite sign this year pinpoints the role that teams and groups could play in bringing your projects to fruition. The helpful support of friends and kindred spirits who share your ideals and your hopes for the future may also be relevant to your overall success.

The Energies which define Zodiac Sign Leo


The fifth sign of the zodiac lives up to its totem animal. Impressive, charismatic and regal even the shyest lion or lioness knows how to attract attention. Leos have a warm, radiant, cheerful quality which is capable of lighting up a room and energising situations that have lost their lustre. Their presence can be very reassuring as somehow they make you feel more confident. They give the impression of being in command and able to give strong, clear, decisive direction when it is really needed.


Leo in demanding mode can be devastating to everyone else’s energy levels. You feel like you’ve given pints of blood and most of your bone marrow by the time you have finished trying to placate their vampire-like tendency to drain your stamina and patience. Leos at their worst are like spoilt children, whatever you do for them it is never enough, whatever you give them they still want more.


Leos must learn to monitor their inclination to assume that the world revolves around them. Of course they are special but so are we all. A little less “I and Me”, a little more “us and we” brings out the best in them and enhances the charm that ensures they receive all the credit and applause they could possibly want without insisting on having it. The Leo penchant for drama is also something which should be carefully controlled and effectively channelled. Otherwise it becomes yet another attention-seeking ploy that is likely to earn poor reviews.


Zodiac sign Leo is associated with the star of our solar system: the Sun. This explains why Leos possess a scintillating quality which helps them to stand out in a crowd. They often exude warmth and sparkle, even on a bad day. But there are times when their passionate temperament gets too hot to handle. It is at this point you begin to feel exhausted and dehydrated, as you though you had spent too long in the sauna!


Naturally warm and enthusiastic, these people are keen to attract and keep your interest. Like an excited child, they love to tell you all about themselves and what they have been doing. You are expected to offer them your undivided attention because nothing upsets them more than being ignored. It makes them feel belittled and unimportant. Once they are sure of your fondness for them, you will have their undying love in return. You will be one of their go-to buddies, especially when their pride has been hurt and they crave comfort and reassurance.


Rather like a director walking onto a film set, this personality comes across as confident and ready to take charge. The first impression is of someone who knows their own worth and expects to receive the respect they deserve. It is possible that the birth of this individual was eagerly anticipated, giving the sense that a Very Important Person was about to make an entrance onto the Earth plane. For this reason, Leo rising can create an aura of glamour and celebrity.


You will not be surprised when you discover that someone who has gained serious celebrity status was born under the sign of Leo. The star quality which radiates out of these Shining Ones sets them apart and is impossible to ignore. Iconic figures from the Leo hall of fame include the amazing Whitney Houston, luxury style queen Jacquie Onassis, superstar Madonna, heart-throbs Robert Redford & Laurence Fishburne and the very first man to take a giant step onto the Moon – astronaut Neil Armstrong.


It is so sad to think that two of the world’s most infamous leaders, Napoleon Bonaparte and Benito Mussolini, started out with the best of intentions. Both came from modest beginnings and were initially motivated by honourable ideals. But their Leo sense of self-importance took over and turned them into caricatures of arrogance, pomposity and pride. And remember what we were saying earlier about energy vampires? This Leo lady took it to extremes: history’s most prolific female serial killer, Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed aka “Countess Dracula”.

Leo and the Tarot

As the second of the 3 Fire Signs, Leo is linked to the suit of Wands.

  • The Four of Wands symbolises the sense of cheerfulness, celebration and fun that streams out of Leos when they are in full swing.
  • The King and Queen of Wands embody the VIP quality of this regal sign.
  • The Seven and Nine of Wands show how furiously defensive Leos become when they are under attack. They never quite recover from the experience of being attacked and humiliated by hostile forces.

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