What’s going on for your Zodiac Sign this month? Generally speaking, the strongest influences will come from

  • the current position of your ruling planet and the aspects, patterns or connections it creates
  • your ruling planet moving retrograde or direct
  • planets passing through your sign
  • the New and Full Moons affecting your section of the zodiac

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Your ruler Mars is currently travelling retrograde in Gemini and is now moving out from under the confusing influence of nebulous Neptune, which might make it easier for you to regain clarity and perspective. While it is important to stay focussed on the present, try not to implement quick fix solutions when making key decisions that could affect your long term outcomes.

On 1st December Mars in Gemini forms a 180 degree polarity with Venus in Sagittarius. This suggests that thinking about where your current position is taking you could be beneficial. You might want to consider the role that your existing social networks (local and global) could play in helping you expand your sphere of influence.

On 8th December your ruler is empowered as it conjuncts the Full Moon in Gemini which could bring you a strong sense that you are well on the way to gaining the goals you set for yourself earlier in the year, perhaps around the New Moon in Gemini at the end of May 2022. At least you feel that you have created a basic template to work from, which should facilitate and regulate your progress.

On 20 December expansive and enthusiastic Jupiter returns to your sign, which could give those of you born in the early section of Aries a boost of confidence and positivity. It may also make you a magnet for a multitude of exciting opportunities! Enjoy the experience but be careful not to get carried away on a wave of over-the-top optimism. Risk assessment becomes evermore important than ever under Jupiter’s rather reckless influence.

On 23 December there is a New Moon in your fellow cardinal sign Capricorn and at the same time, asteroid Chiron stations direct in your sector of the zodiac. This suggests that there is healing work to do on painful wounds involving what can go wrong when the Aries urge to take action without being properly prepared ends in disappointment, delay, remorse and regret. This is a great time to resolve not to give in to impatience or frustration, as these emotions are responsible for most of your problems by pushing you to perform before you are really ready.


During the first half of December your ruling planet Venus continues to travel through the outgoing, optimistic sign of Sagittarius. She makes a series of contacts along the way, some of which need to be acknowledged as potentially helpful whereas others might have a harmful effect.

On 1 December your ruler Venus in Sagittarius opposes Mars in Gemini. Do not allow yourself to be cajoled by immature individuals who do not want their horizons to be limited by anything they cannot relate to directly. Their boredom is not your problem. You can offer options which might appeal, but it is their choice whether or not they embrace the opportunities you have pointed out to them.

4-5 December Venus in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces trines Eris in Aries. Try not to let vague misgivings prevent you from answering the call to venture out of your comfort zone. Invoke your inner Warrior Woman and invite her feisty spirit to cut a flaming path through the foggy clouds of doubt.

On 7 December Venus in Sagittarius squares Ceres in Virgo. While it is always wonderful to be offered a multitude of options, choosing the ones that are most likely to reap rewards for you is not so easy. You will need to discriminate between the opportunities which you will be able to work constructively with and those that are mere mirages, leading you on a path to nowhere.

9-10 December your ruler Venus indulges in a final carefree fling with Jupiter in Pisces (so hold tight to your purse strings!) before moving into your fellow earth sign Capricorn where she settles down to a more sedate pace. Quite honestly, this placement feels more natural to Taureans who prefer predictability to constant change. Venus in Capricorn can help you to create simple strategies that provide you with a strong sense of stability, which is very reassuring to you.

19-20 December Venus in Capricorn squares Chiron in Aries and trines North Node in Taurus. Something needs to be healed if you are to move away from the influence of the uncomfortable issues that have been holding you back. Your reluctance to confront these wounds is preventing you from curing them and resolving the problems they create. The process becomes straightforward and easy to implement once you remove your resistance.

21-22 December this year’s Capricorn Solstice happens shortly before your ruler Venus in Capricorn forms a fortunate trine with evolutionary Uranus which is currently occupying your sector of the zodiac. This bodes well for Taureans who are keen to make constructive changes to their current circumstances, particularly in ways which offer them freedom from heavy responsibilities that have become irksome and unnecessary.

29-31 December your ruler Venus conjuncts Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn and squares Eris in Aries. Please do not listen to negative news if it is going to upset and enrage you. There is no need to ignore what is going on in the world but global events should not be allowed to unsettle your equilibrium or influence your plans for the coming year, unless there is a key factor within them which needs to be revised or re-structured.


Your ruling planet Mercury is currently travelling through Sagittarius which, according to traditional astrology, is not one of its strongest placements. This is because when the Mind Planet passes through the most restless of zodiac signs, it becomes more difficult to concentrate on one thing at a time. But there is a definite plus to this placement which is the potential to broaden your outlook, enabling you to see things from a fresh perspective.

2-6 December Mercury in Sagittarius forms a jittery mutable T-square with Neptune & Jupiter in Pisces and Ceres in Virgo, and trines Eris in Aries. A feisty insistence on sticking to the point which keeps your mind focused becomes extra important. Otherwise you could feel deluged by such an extensive range of possibilities and potentials that you will not be able to develop clear views on how to implement any of your ideas and carry them to fruition.

On 6 December your ruler Mercury moves into the strict sign of Capricorn, which could help you to develop a more disciplined approach to defining the strategies that will enable you to put your ideas into practice. Your plans should plot a course which identifies key stages combined with a series of short, medium and long term goals. While remaining flexible and open to adaptation, they will provide structure upon which you can formulate your schemes for success.

On 8 December this month’s Full Moon takes place in your sign, in close conjunction to Mars which is currently moving Retrograde through Gemini. The sensible way to apply this energy would be by tuning into its quick-thinking ability, particularly if you are carrying out last-minute revisions to previously formed plans. This could work really well so long as you do not get carried away on a surge of over-enthusiastic re-writing of your design. Let it come to fruition in its present format and you will soon see the extent of its potential for future growth.

15-17 December Mercury in Capricorn squares Chiron in Aries and trines North Node & Uranus in Taurus. If your self-healing process has slowed down it could be because you are battling with negative thoughts that keep dragging you back to unhappy times. They create complications which only serve to prolong your pain. It is time to turn around and walk towards a future that is free from the torment of unhealed wounds.

On 27 December Mercury in Capricorn squares Eris in Aries. It may seem as though you have been drawn into some sort of competition which is making you judge your own intelligence as inadequate against that of your rivals. Take the time to evaluate any negative assessments you have formed about your learning ability or communication skills, as they will probably prove to be incorrect.

29-31 December your ruler Mercury goes into reverse, to meet up with Venus in Capricorn and to reform the square it made to Eris in Aries a couple of days ago. Mercury’s retrograde movement might slow things down, which could feel frustrating to begin with, but there are long-term benefits to be gained if you use the energy constructively. This is the perfect time to test the talents and abilities that can be applied to achieving your ambitions. Be careful not to judge them by the wrong criteria (such as speed or forcefulness for example), but be diligent about recognising their true qualities and value.


Your ruler the Moon is at its most responsive when it is conjunct or opposing the Sun (at the New and Full Moon) and also when it is passing through your section of the zodiac.

On 8 December there is a fidgety Full Moon conjunct Mars which is currently moving Retrograde through Gemini. This combination might make you feel agitated, especially if you feel that projects you were hoping to have completed by now are yet to fulfil their promise. This could be because you tried to speed through some key stages by skipping over sections which actually needed your undivided attention. Once you have located and filled the gaps, your progress towards the finish line should resume at a reasonably rapid pace.

9-11 December as your ruler the Moon moves through Cancer it will oppose Mercury & Pluto in Capricorn, square Chiron & Eris in Aries and form a grand trine in your fellow water signs with the South Node in Scorpio and the Neptune/Jupiter conjunction in Pisces. This series of planetary patterns could be rather challenging and intense but it also carries potential benefits. If you have been battling for some time with a negative mindset which makes you feel incapable of achieving your goals, you might now be offered the opportunity to release yourself from this cruel tendency to think of yourself as inadequate or inept. Once you start to see your life as an act of creation, made out of nothing and started from scratch by you, hopefully the truth about how wonderful you are will begin to dawn on you.

On 23 December the New Moon in your opposite sign Capricorn forms a T-square with Jupiter in Aries and Ceres in Libra. If you are making plans to start something new, it would be wise to negotiate a balance between your urge to avoid anything that appears to compromise your ability to take the initiative and remain independent with your willingness to accept help and support from others. In fact, the contribution that comes from collaborating or co-operating with people who can offer you a second point of view could enhance the chance of reaping richer rewards at the end of your endeavours.


Your ruler the Sun is currently moving through the most adventurous sector of the zodiac, which could account for why you might be wanting to travel beyond existing boundaries to expand your sphere of influence and experience.

4-8 December your ruler the Sun in Sagittarius trines Chiron in Aries and opposes Mars in Gemini. There is an opportunity to make considerable headway in your self-healing journey, enabling you to gain a sense of real respect for the progress you are making. Please do not be tempted to skip over important key stages in this process, which cannot be speeded up or forced into fast forward mode. Impatience will only impede your ability to keep going in the right direction.

14-15 December the Sun in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces and trines Eris in Aries. Uncertainty is your true enemy, especially when it sweeps over you like a tsunami of chaos and confusion. You are particularly vulnerable when the atmosphere around you is cloudy or vague and you cannot shed light on who or what to believe. Stand firm in the certainty that you are strong and brave enough to withstand those invisible energies that threaten to undermine your self-confidence. Trust your feisty inner Warrior to defeat the doubt which dims your naturally sunny disposition.

On 21 December the Sun moves into Capricorn (Solstice). Your ruler is positioned on the last of this year’s power points which is a good time to assess your achievement over the past twelve months. There is no room for the type of negative judgements that dampen your spirits or make you feel inadequate. It is far more constructive to consider what you have accomplished and what you would do to gain even better results. The goal is to improve your input and enhance the rewards for your time and energy based on the benefit of hindsight and the expertise you now possess.

On 22 December the Sun in Capricorn squares Jupiter in Aries and Ceres in Libra. The urge to fling yourself headfirst into the gaining of your goals must be tempered by the need to sustain a sense of harmony and equilibrium in your life. Too much emphasis on achievement puts you at risk of setting yourself up for disappointment. Whereas too much time spent on weighing up the pros and cons of your situation means you could miss out on opportunities with a limited shelf life. Somewhere in the middle of these two extremes is located the best possible strategy for you. All you have to do is implement it.


Your ruling planet Mercury is passing through Sagittarius and what can be the most slapdash section of the zodiac. This does not sit comfortably with you who, as a Virgo, prefers to avoid loose ends and missing details.

2-6 December your ruler Mercury in Sagittarius forms a T-square with Neptune & Jupiter in Pisces and Ceres in Virgo, and trines Eris in Aries. The biggest problem with information overload is the anxiety it causes which arises from the impression that you will never be able to digest the deluge of facts and figures involved. The good news is that by sticking to the salient points which define the data you are dealing with and with help from your laser sharp administrative skills you will soon get a handle on the situation.

On 6 December your ruler Mercury is moving into fellow earth sign Capricorn, from where it can support your natural ability to structure, classify and organise. These skills come in very handy when you are formulating strategies for long-term success and it is essential not to underplay their role in setting the timelines which will keep your plans on track. The only drawback is likely to be your tendency to minimise the importance of your role in making sure that everything runs to a tight schedule.

On 8 December this month’s Full Moon forms a close conjunction to Mars which is currently moving Retrograde through Gemini, a sign which shares rulership by planet Mercury with yours. The energy could make you feel rather anxious and nervous, especially if you feel you have not finished working on projects you hoped to have ticked off your to-do list by now. Try not to panic about missed deadlines and continue to work through the tasks that remain to be accomplished in your normal neat and methodical way.

15-17 December your ruler Mercury in Capricorn squares Chiron in Aries and trines North Node & Uranus in Taurus. If your self-healing process has slowed down it could be because you are battling negative thoughts about your lack of motivation and drive. Stop for a minute and ask yourself if they actually make sense. It is possible that your judgement comes from trying to compete against individuals with a very different set of values to your own. If your ability to achieve might seem less successful than theirs it could be because your ethical standards are so much higher.

On 27 December Mercury in Capricorn squares Eris in Aries. Try not to get drawn into conflict with pushy people who want you to agree with their way of doing things. By continuing to operate by your own rules, protocols and procedures while distancing yourself from their dramas you can prove that it is your methods rather than theirs which win top quality results in the long run.

29-31 December your ruler Mercury goes into reverse, to meet up with Venus in Capricorn and re-form the square it made to Eris in Aries a couple of days ago. As Mercury’s retrograde movement could create hitches and glitches with everyday systems and equipment, it makes sense to prepare for that eventuality by ensuring your work is carefully checked, stored and backed up. But this is a good time to challenge your tendency to underestimate the true value of your organisational skills and your natural ability to find sensible solutions to tricky problems.


During the first half of December your ruling planet Venus continues her journey through the adventurous sign of Sagittarius. She makes a series of contacts along the way, some of which may upset your equilibrium with their overly expansive energy.

On 1 December your ruler Venus in Sagittarius opposes Mars in Gemini. Relationships could suffer if one side insists on playing the clever-clogs cheeky teenager who has a ready excuse for everything. If you are on the receiving end of this type of immature behaviour, I suggest you take the moral high ground by responding with a tolerant yet fair to both sides approach which activates your partner’s sense of justice.

4-7 December Venus in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces and Ceres in Virgo, and trines Eris in Aries. Your sign is famous for its tendency to procrastinate and your ruler’s current series of interactions may well exaggerate this trait in you. Make the most of it by allowing yourself to explore the options (no matter how many) open to you until you hit upon one choice that really lights your fire.

9-10 December. Your ruler Venus indulges in a final carefree fling with Jupiter in Pisces (so watch out for tempting offers which end up taking you on an unplanned spending spree!) before coming back down to earth in the responsible sign of Capricorn. This sector of the zodiac is antagonistic to yours because it prioritises social status over relationship harmony. You can bring these apparently incompatible aspirations together by applying your charm in situations where there are people who, having been impressed by you, could further your personal and professional ambitions.

On 18 December Dwarf Planet Ceres moves into Libra. Creative Ceres brings a fertile boost to your already artistic sign. You may find it more difficult to ignore the instinct which prompts you to sow seeds for a new scheme, or to make something from scratch. This project would be your baby and will need to be nurtured by you throughout its growth process – from planting to fruition. However, because Libra is the sign of partnership and collaboration, you might invite others to participate in certain aspects or stages of your venture.

19-20 December your ruler Venus in Capricorn squares Chiron in Aries and trines North Node in Taurus. It could be that you are overcomplicating problems, thereby making them more difficult to solve. Whether the pain is practical, mental or emotional does not make any difference. Once you identify and get to grips with the underlying source of your unhappiness you will be able to make significant progress towards healing the wound.

21-22 December this year’s Capricorn Solstice happens shortly before your ruler Venus in Capricorn forms a favourable trine with evolutionary Uranus in Taurus. While these energies are not particularly compatible with your sector of the zodiac, they can activate an urge to organise yourself by planning ahead. The aim is to ensure that you are always able to sustain your sense of equilibrium, even when confronted with sudden or unexpected change.

29-31 December Venus conjuncts Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn and squares Eris in Aries. While it makes sense to keep an eye on what is going on in the outside world, it is important not to get upset about the aggressive approach of selfish individuals. Of course it is necessary to defend yourself against any fallout from their actions, but as their primitive behaviour defies any rational explanation you would be wasting your time by trying to understand it. All you can do is send wishes for peace and harmony their way, in the hope that they will see the light one day.


Your ruling planet Pluto is now in the closing stages of Capricorn at 26-27 degrees of this sector of the zodiac band. Scorpios born in the second half of their sign are most likely to be directly affected by issues involving the incorrect use of personal power, status and prestige.

On 4 December Planet Neptune (ruler of your fellow water sign Pisces), which has been moving retrograde through its own sector of the zodiac, will regain forward momentum. This could be a very helpful influence for Scorpios who have already started to intensify their interest in all things occult. If you are still concerned about dabbling with unseen energies, Neptune might be making its presence known to you while you are asleep or in some form of meditation. You could be receiving dreams and visions containing images or symbols which trigger a powerful emotional response in you. There is no need to doubt your reactions, for they are trying to communicate with you. Learn to trust them and respect their ability to guide you safely through these turbulent times of transition.

On 8 December the Full Moon conjuncts Mars Retrograde in Gemini. Scorpios do not like being asked to carry the can for people who are too selfish or immature to sort things out for themselves. But it could be that, in order to get a result or bring something to fruition, it will be necessary for you to take the moral high ground and compensate for careless mistakes that were not made by you. While you might feel irritated by the inefficiency of others, you will also gain a secret sense of satisfaction for having saved the day.

On 8 December Pluto in Capricorn trines Ceres in Virgo. Your ruler forms a productive pattern with fertile Ceres, which could make it easier for you to tackle precision work you might previously have considered too detailed or intricate for your skillset. By taking things one stage at a time and allowing them to follow their natural process you release the pressure you put on yourself to achieve perfect results or die! This could actually turn out to be a form of therapy for you, as you learn to relinquish control and enjoy each task for the fulfilment it brings you.

On 19 December Scorpios’ well hidden yet deeply emotional nature is awakened as the Moon moves through your sector of the zodiac. While this happens on a monthly basis in current times it triggers a series of powerful planetary patterns. As the Moon conjuncts South Node in Scorpio, opposes North Node and Uranus in Taurus, squares Saturn in Aquarius and trines Neptune in Pisces you might feel the pull of potent yet invisible forces which seem to be controlling the ebb and flow of human affairs. If you dig a little deeper, the evolutionary purpose behind apparently random world events begins to reveal itself and subsequently the true value of your personal role as a Lightworker on present day Planet Earth is clarified to you.

21-23 December the Sun moves into Capricorn to form a New Moon in the sign. The second solstice of the year is a powerful seeding time for you which could reap rich results so long as you resist the pressure to force or control the process. Scorpios are always ready to cast themselves in roles with a degree of difficulty that less stalwart souls would not dream of tackling. Actually it is their tendency to complicate matters rather than the role itself which makes everything more challenging than it needs to be for the 8th zodiac sign. When you start making plans for your next venture, please ensure your strategy for success does not insist on incorporating obstacles that are not strictly necessary to the achievement of your goals.

On 29 December Mercury moves Retrograde in Capricorn. Scorpios may be the only sign that does not panic about the Mind Planet going into reverse. In fact, you might secretly enjoy the scope to criticise, correct and perfect the ground you have covered to date. Just keep an eye on your tendency to take things to extremes. Do not overdramatise any mistakes you have made by turning them into glaring errors and ditching them entirely when all that is really needed is a basic review and refresh of what you have already produced.


As we are still in Sagittarius season, there is quite a lot going on in your sign for the first half of this month at least.

1-6 December planets Mercury and Venus are both in Sagittarius, forming squares to Neptune in Pisces and Ceres in Virgo and a trine to Eris in Aries. It is important not to get carried away when it comes to making promises you know will be impossible to keep. Likewise, you need to up your level of gullibility if you are being offered deals which, when you stop to think about it, are pure pie in the sky. Try not to listen to window dressing waffle designed to confuse and mislead you. Insist on sticking to the salient points of the matter and walk away as soon as you stop believing in the silver tongued marketeer who delivers the sales patter.

6-9 December Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius square Jupiter in Pisces. These are tempting times for your sign so you should have your risk-assessment kit close to hand and ready to implement. You could be travelling along a careless and fancy free path for the time being but at some stage in the not too far distant future you will have to account for the choices you have made. Make sure they are a credit to you, that they support your personal growth and development and that they encourage others to follow in your footsteps.

On 8 December this month’s Full Moon conjunct Mars Retrograde in your opposite sign Gemini could be a source of stress, but only if you see it as an irritation. Shift your perception and you will start to sense the positive potential it carries which is the opportunity to tie up any loose ends that may have marred the overall effect of your recent endeavours. Sagittarians tend to get bored by the finishing stages within a project because they are eager to move on to the next venture, which can earn them a reputation for being unreliable. You can buck the trend by making sure you complete one course of action before starting on another.

On 18 December Jupiter in Pisces opposes Ceres in Virgo. Your ruler is taking you to the land of limitless possibilities and potentials which sounds exciting except that the end result could be a severe case of information overload. While it is absolutely right to contemplate the many options open to you, at some point you will have to commit to a trajectory that takes you towards a specific destination which provides the optimum site for you to start something new.

On 20 December Jupiter moves into Aries. Your ruler is now in a fellow fire sign, which should bring a boost to your levels of courage, confidence and self belief. Personal goals become the signposts that give you a strong sense of direction. Your progress towards them should be swift and successful, so long as you stick to your key aims and targets. Do not be tempted to wander off into the wilderness. Your adventure is thrilling enough without upping its risk factor to danger point. That would be sheer recklessness fuelled by a careless disregard for your own best interests.

On 22 December following on from the Solstice and New Moon in Capricorn, your ruler Jupiter in Aries forms a T-square with Sun in Capricorn and Ceres in Libra. This is a very good time to formulate plans for new growth, based on a variety of options open to you. While it is wise to consider all of them, eventually you will have to choose one that seems to offer the best chance of success. Your goal does not have to be defined by tangible results. In fact your main objective is to satisfy the urge to explore and discover and to expand your current levels of knowledge and experience.


This is your season Capricorn and as you would expect, there is plenty going on in your sign.

On 6 December Mercury moves into Capricorn. The mind planet has entered your section of the zodiac, where it will be until 11 February 2023. This gives you plenty of time to put your ideas in order, particularly those which enable you to create long term plans. This is not a process which needs to be rushed, but neither should it be held back by the fear of failure. Try not to limit the scope of your schemes before you have even put them on paper. Aim for the ultimate level of achievement as this can always be adjusted to a more realistic level, according to prevailing conditions and circumstances.

On 10 December Venus moves into Capricorn. This is the perfect time to evaluate the talents and abilities that can help you to achieve your ambitions in life. Be honest and fair in your assessment and try not to bring negative judgements into the equation. If you sense any lack of skills or resources, then you will be able to remedy the situation. There is no need to criticise yourself for not having the credentials you have yet to acquire. Please do not downplay the gifts you were born with, as they could be just the qualities that will impress prospective supporters, fans and admirers.

On 21 December the Sun moves into Capricorn (Solstice). This key point in the astrological calendar belongs to you Capricorn, as the arch planner of the zodiac. Thanks to you sensible souls the human race has learned to survive through tough times by creating strategies to cope with difficulties and delays. You are at your best when overcoming an obstacle or plotting a course towards your next goal. For you, climbing the ladder of success is far more fun than reaching the top. Your problem is what to do if you run out of ambitions to achieve!

On 23 December the New Moon in Capricorn forms a T-square with Jupiter in Aries and Ceres in Libra. Obviously this is the optimum time of year to be creating formulas for fresh starts and you should give yourself free reign when defining your goals for the coming year. Just be careful not to get carried away when it comes to assessing potential risks. You cannot expect to anticipate every possible danger to your enterprise. You will have to balance the instinct to protect your project against the urge to progress with your plans.

On 29 December Mercury moves Retrograde in Capricorn. You share a common approach to your sympathetic sign Scorpio when it comes to an astrological event which strikes fear into most sections of the zodiac. Rather than seeing obstacles and delays as deadly enemies, you appreciate the experience they offer. Of course mistakes of any kind are best avoided but the potential for learning from them is not lost on you. In fact Capricorns often credit their time spent correcting errors as a definite contribution to their current levels of expertise.


Aquarians are the Evolutionaries of the zodiac and they are naturally interested in innovation. With their ruling planet Uranus currently causing all kinds of upheaval in the normally change-resistant sign of Taurus, they could be finding it more difficult to promote their futuristic ideals, some of which seem far too unconventional for ordinary folk to understand let alone accept.

17-22 December Uranus in Taurus receives trines from Mercury and Venus in Capricorn. It could be that some of your more outlandish ideas are finally gaining interest amongst people with influence. Perhaps there has been a basic shift in values or it could be that traditional resources are in short supply. In any case, your ground-breaking, ahead of the curve views are finding favour in orthodox circles. But you still have to respect the protocols and procedures which are so important to the old-school elite. Unless you embrace these rules and regulations (however unnecessary you deem them to be) you will not be able to tune into the wavelength of the planners and strategists you are hoping to impress.

25-27 December the Moon is in Aquarius. Although the Moon has been moving through your sign at least 12 times a year since the dawn of astrology, current planetary patterns are taking this monthly phase to a different level. Over the next couple of days the Moon in Aquarius creates contacts which could define the key themes of the next few weeks for you.

Firstly the Moon will form a grand trine in air signs with Ceres in Libra and Mars in Gemini before moving into a T-square formation with the North Node and your ruler Uranus in Taurus and the South Node in Scorpio. Finally, the Moon meets up with Saturn which is plodding its way through your sector of the zodiac. This is all about the communication of clever ideas that are simple to follow and easy to implement, using sustainable, readily available methods and materials. So why are they not being put into practice? Strong resistance in the form of hidden agendas and vested interests is blocking the progress of processes which could lighten the life of so many.

As an Aquarian, you could belong to a highly evolved Galatic group whose mission is to channel the energy that is bound to break down barriers which are currently preventing humanity from moving out of an era of oppression into a future where all lifeforms will be able to thrive. Once you become aware of this, your soul purpose, you will probably find yourself drawn to kindred spirits who share your interest in improving the present state of affairs on Planet Earth.


Your ruling planet Neptune is drifting slowly through your sign. There are pluses and minuses to this placement for you because while it boosts your ability to channel inspirational information it also undermines your personal boundaries, leaving you vulnerable to invasion from unseen atmospheric energies.

2-4 December your ruler Neptune is squared by Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius. Yours is not the most practical sign because you tend to find 3D reality rather depressing and difficult to deal with. So as soon as someone with an optimistic outlook comes along you turn to them for guidance on where to find the silver linings in life. However, these types tend to be transient and the feel-good factor they offer does not last for long. Their easy going approach can cheer you up by giving you a more positive perspective on your problems. But as they move on you are still struggling to cope with your confusion about the best way to work through your daily to do list.

On 4 December your ruler Neptune is now ready to resume forward movement through your sign after a period of retrograde motion. I cannot promise that this energy shift will bring you the clarity you crave, but I will say that it could help to dissolve your sense of separation from your Soul Self. If this is the case, then all you have to do is trust that you are constantly connected to an eternal source of love and light which will never betray or abandon you. Your belief is the magic key that unlocks your access to unseen empathisers who are always available, day and night, to guide and support you through every minute of your earth plane experience.

On 9 December Venus in Sagittarius squares Jupiter in Pisces. Pisceans often take their talents and abilities for granted, especially those they use to manifest real-life versions of their dreams and visions. The explanation could be because the inspirational image you see with your higher senses is impossible to replicate in material terms. You are bound to be dissatisfied to begin with, until you accept that something spun from angel wings and fairy dust is bound to look and feel disappointingly dense and heavy when it appears in physical form. You should celebrate the skills which enable you to produce such a sensitive interpretation of information that flows to you from the higher realms of heaven.

On 14 December the Sun in Sagittarius squares your ruler Neptune in Pisces. Please don’t feel left behind if the general trend seems to be in favour of some sort of mass exodus. Your guidance flows directly from the Cosmos, who will soon let you know when it is time for you to make a move. Until then, carry on going with the flow, trusting that the inspiration which lights your way emanates from a Source that always has your best interests at heart.

27-29 December the Moon is in Pisces. The monthly phase during which the Moon moves through your sign tends to be a sensitive one for you and it is a good idea to prepare for any possible reactions to it. December’s Pisces Moon transit involves a square to Mars which is currently moving Retrograde in Gemini and a trine to the South Node in Scorpio, finishing with direct contact between la Luna and your ruler Neptune.

This sequence suggests you could be feeling rather frazzled, possibly because you have been dealing with information that upsets or confuses you. The best way forward is to reinforce your personal boundaries, so that your energy field is protected from harmful forces, effects or atmospheres. Imagine standing in a sphere of brilliant light which protects you, keeping you strong and safe in all situations. You are then ready to receive the high frequency inspirational dreams and visions which you would not be able to channel when in a weakened state.

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