Gemini Season 2021

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Astrology for Gemini Season 20 May-21 June 2021


The element of air manifests as networks, currents or waves of energy that are usually invisible in themselves but which create movement and connections. In zodiac sign Gemini air energy drives mental, verbal and written communication and is taken to represent short-distance transport links.


Planet Venus is passing through Gemini until 02 June, making this a good time for getting two for the price of one out of your social life. Lovely for networking in your neighbourhood, this placement can be especially helpful if you have something to sell as it can enhance your popularity amongst your clients, contacts and pals. It is also good for socialising on a fun, light-hearted level – meeting and greeting a variety of people without getting over-involved with any one in particular.

The two big planets of the solar system are both moving Retrograde during Gemini Season. Jupiter, which is currently in the idealistic sign of Pisces, is not helping Geminis to handle their more over-the-top expectations. And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with hoping for the best, it would be an unlucky mistake to gamble on the prospect of positive potentials alone. Saturn, which is passing through the cool-headed sign of Aquarius, could help Gemini to take a more rational, scientific approach to fulfilling their hopes and manifesting their vision for the future.


20 May the Sun moves into Gemini square Jupiter in Pisces. If you are offered a leading role within your local community then take it! It could get you linked in with the kind of contacts who will promote you, your ideas and services. You may learn a lot from it – it could help to enhance your communication skills and shine a light on your presentation or performance abilities. But be careful not to overdo the risk factor, or get carried away by the anticipation of unrealistic outcomes.

Between 22-29 May Mercury squares Neptune in Pisces, conjuncts Venus in Gemini and moves Retrograde. Do not worry if you have to go back over stuff you assumed you had finished with. This is a chance to review information you thought you had absorbed but now realise you need to study in more depth or detail. Your ideas may need to be edited and revised in case of mistakes. As Mercury will make two further squares to Neptune before moving out of Gemini, it is important to pay attention to any anomalies, inaccuracies or misunderstandings at this stage, otherwise they could come back to haunt you.

26 May Full Moon in Sagittarius (Total Lunar Eclipse) There could be the sense of an adventure that has come to an end. But this is not the time for regret, just the awareness that you have expanded your mind, grown in knowledge and experience and added to the abundant supply of impressions already imprinted on your memory. What you have learned so far will foster and feed your further growth.

10 June New Moon in Gemini (Annular Solar Eclipse) conjunct Mercury and square Neptune in Pisces. Set your intentions to sow seeds for projects which could involve education, teaching or communicating with young people. An imaginative approach will work better than simply going by the book, so let your ideas be guided by memories, moods and emotional impressions. Aim for an ideal blend of fact and fiction, so that no-one can accuse you of misrepresenting the truth.

The Energies which define Zodiac Sign Gemini


Geminis can be good fun. Smart, clever and curious, they make great conversationalists. They have the ability to make you feel as though you have just met a new brother, sister or school pal. A twin-like chum you can chat to and gossip with on a light-hearted level without having to go into scientific explanation or in-depth discussion. They are quick on the uptake and talking to them can seem like finding someone to finish your sentences for you.


The most irritating thing about Gemini is their clever clogs tendency to score points. You are itching to share your hot off the press news with them and they cut you short by walking out the door flinging a fast “heard that already” over their shoulder. They always seem to have the latest facts and figures at their fingertips, ready to trounce you at your own game.


This is the sign of the salesman, journalist and teacher – all occupations which are quite keen on the sound of their own voice and the content of their own views. Geminis must learn to control a tendency to listen only to the non-stop dialogue going on within the confines of their own brains. The thoughts and ideas chattering endlessly inside their minds can render them deaf to almost everything else that is being communicated to them. Which is why they end up with a reputation for putting words into other people’s mouths.


The planet of communication & information is at home in one of its own signs (the other being Virgo). Mercury is the Messenger who creates links, connections and networks, who transports people and goods from one point to another, who broadcasts news and delivers data. Mercury is also the educator who teaches, instructs and facilitates.


These people are natural networkers, and they tend to greet everyone they meet as though they were a potential sibling or school pal. This casual, youthful attitude is popular with most people, as it negates the need for heavy formality. But there are some who might find it frivolous or disrespectful. In fact, those born with Moon in Gemini are clever and curious by birth and they are quick learners. Their ability to absorb and process data ensures they notice anything and everything. They might appear to be messing about but actually their information alert button is constantly switched on.


Gemini is an ideal ascendant for someone in the role of courier, educational course provider, sales person, middle-man or link-maker. Those born when the sign of Gemini was rising in the East come across as interested and interesting. They create a first impression of someone who is inquisitive and eager to learn. But they can also seem as though they have plenty of other things to do and many other places to be, which might be disconcerting if you are trying to carry out a conversation with them – especially on a topic that does not appeal to them! It may feel like trying to pin down a teenager who just wants to run off to meet their mates.


Given that Gemini is the sign of vocal and written communication, it is not surprising to find some very famous singers and songwriters being born under this section of the zodiac. Mouthpieces for the 1960s youth movement Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan and Brian Wilson and 1980s teen idol Kylie Minogue are all Geminis. So are Judy Garland – who started out as a juvenile actress singer – and Idina Menzel, the voice of iconic Elsa from Disney’s cartoon Frozen.


While it would be totally wrong to brand all Geminis as insincere, the ability to evade and deceive is a key characteristic of the shadow side of Gemini. Examples would be politicians like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson with a gift for telling people what they want to hear in a language they can understand and who can sell an idea regardless of its integrity. Gemini crime is often connected to fraud but it can also be the manifestation of mental problems, as with the American serial killer and sex offender Jeffrey Dahmer.

Gemini and the Tarot

As the 1st of the 3 Air Signs, Gemini is linked to the suit of Swords

  • The Page & Knight of Swords are all about quick intelligence and rapid communication, getting the message across, spreading news and telling a story. They also point to the potential for words to be used as weapons – whether for attack or defence.
  • The Six & Seven of Swords symbolise the mischievous Gemini tendency to deceive and if their trickery is discovered, to escape. Their motive is to evade responsibility and avoid paying the price for their dishonesty.

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