Gemini in 2021

Planetary Energies, Influences & Key Dates for Gemini in 2021

All dates in this article are based on Universal Time Zone



Your Ruling Planet Mercury is associated with connecting and communicating. It travels quite rapidly through the zodiac, in spite of several apparent stops and reversals known as Mercury Retrogrades.

08 January Mercury moves into Aquarius This placement is great for learning something completely new, changing your view of things and coming up with outside-the-box ideas. It is helpful if you’re hoping to connect with kindred spirits (possibly from very different backgrounds to your own) in your neighbourhood, and it should support your attempts to network within group or team settings. Watch out for sudden changes of direction. Pay attention when you’re out and about in case of unexpected or accidental events.

15 March Mercury moves into Pisces Most of your more enlightened ideas are likely to originate from your imagination and be inspired by dreams & visions. As they will probably be far more interesting and entertaining than ordinary life, you could get lost in them. Gazing out of the window when you are supposed to be concentrating on the task in hand could get you into trouble, in more ways than one! You may be feeling more sleepy than usual, so make sure you allow plenty of switch-off time.

04 April Mercury moves into Aries You’re back to your normal fast-paced way of doing things. This placement of your ruling planet will help to keep your communication style sharp and direct. You’ll find it easier to stick to the point but be careful to think before you speak, otherwise you might blurt out things that would be better kept to yourself.

19 April Mercury moves into Taurus This placement is particularly good for taking a more laid-back approach. If you stop and think about it – it is the simple things of life that are usually the most satisfying and enjoyable. At this stage, you are looking for quality and lasting value rather than quantities of short-term stop-gaps.

04 May Mercury moves into Gemini Now is the time for collecting fact, figures, news & information that might come in handy when you have to string a convincing story together. Light-hearted, fun contacts are the order of the day when your natural fluency in gossip and small talk make your company even more amusing than usual!

11 July Mercury moves into Cancer You might be feeling you have had more than enough socialising and are now in need of some privacy. Time spent in your own space will help you to come up with creative ideas that are fed by your personal memories, thoughts & impressions.

28 July Mercury moves into Leo Don’t be shy about showcasing your ideas by exhibiting them in front of an audience. Put some energy into your presentation by giving it the kind of entertainment value that will keep your spectators’ attention fixed on you.

11 August Mercury moves into Virgo This placement of your ruling planet in the other sign that it is connected with should be good for working with detailed information, facts and figures. It could be the right time to test your ideas to see which skills, methods and techniques you will need to use in order to get the most efficient and effective outcomes. But try not to get too stressed about making mistakes and avoid the temptation to get bogged down in minor details.

30 August Mercury moves into Libra You may find that your mind is less quick to come to conclusions. But this is not the time to force yourself into making definite decisions. At least not until you have weighed up the pros & cons of which choice to go with. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback, or to seek a second opinion. Talking to someone else about your concerns will help, even if you don’t agree with the advice you are given.

05 November Mercury moves into Scorpio It could be that your mind is being drawn, like a magnet, to deeper matters. You may not be satisfied with superficial explanations – you’ll want to find out what is going on under the surface. You are quite right not to take things at face value. Don’t be afraid to demand proof if you are in the slightest bit suspicious that you are being mislead.

24 November Mercury moves into Sagittarius This is the perfect time to broaden your mind and raise your levels of knowledge and awareness. Study a subject that introduces you to new concepts, languages and cultures. Take your brain on a voyage of discovery into the Unknown! It is also a good time to form networks in communities with a global identity, which encourage communication and the sharing of information.

13 December Mercury moves into Capricorn Put your mind into planning mode. Use it to create strategies for long-term success. Draw on experience you have gained over time, and look to respected role models for their specialised guidance and instruction. This could be a good time to write your CV. Make sure that everything you put into it is relevant and of interest to authority figures who might be interviewing you in future.


30 January Mercury moves Retrograde in Aquarius Don’t get too fixated on any specific idea or viewpoint as you may have to change your mind about it completely, due to the sudden arrival of new information, unforeseen developments or shifting perspectives.

21 February Mercury moves Direct in Aquarius Continue your contact with people who are teaching you to think outside the box. It’s possible that your more unusual or innovative ideas which until now seemed to be ignored – probably because they were slightly ahead of their time – are coming into their own and beginning to resonate with a more receptive group of kindred spirits.

29 May Mercury moves Retrograde in Gemini Don’t worry if you have to go back over stuff you assumed you had finished with. This is a chance to review subjects you thought you understood. Your ideas may need to be edited and revised in case of mistakes or missing details.

22 June Mercury moves Direct in Gemini If you’ve been experiencing glitches & hitches in communication or logistics these matters should now begin to sort themselves out. Don’t be irritated by the delays they have caused. Just re-jig your diary and move on. When you look back on this time, you’ll probably realise you were being held back for a good reason.

27 September Mercury moves Retrograde in Libra This is a point of re-balancing or equalising things that were initiated earlier but which have become too one-dimensional. However, it is not the right time to sign important agreements unless you are absolutely sure you are not putting your name to something you may regret in future. Choices and decisions should be checked and re-checked until your mind is completely clear and convinced that this is the best option for you.

18 October Mercury moves Direct in Libra Negotiations, discussions, contracts and covenants may now be nearing the stage of settlement. If there have been any misunderstandings in your dealings with other people, they could have been caused by communication issues. Perhaps things were said or written which went astray, got lost in translation or were taken the wrong way. Now is your chance to make things right again. You might need all your natural tact and diplomacy but there is no reason why you can’t reach an amicable agreement and restore peace and harmony.


04 March Mars moves into Gemini This placement should give you an energy boost, which could help with putting your ideas into action, spicing up your marketing style and motivating prospective customers to follow your lead. But it could also make you rather impatient, impetuous and hyper-active so beware of pushing yourself to do too much, too soon.

09 May Venus moves into Gemini Lovely for networking in your neighbourhood, this placement can be especially helpful if you have something to sell as it can enhance your popularity amongst your clients, contacts and pals. It’s a very good time for socialising on a fun, light-hearted level – meeting and greeting a variety of people without getting over-involved with any one in particular.

20 May the Sun moves into Gemini If you’re offered a leading role within your local community then take it! It could get you linked in with the kind of contacts who will promote you, your ideas and services. You may learn a lot from it – it could help to enhance your communication skills and shine a light on your presentation or performance abilities.


Jupiter & Saturn are in Aquarius You’ve got some serious supporters in the two giant planets within our solar system. They are encouraging you to look to the future, suggesting that the best way to prepare for a changing world is to educate yourself. Teach yourself, train yourself, learn as much as you can. Develop your brain and expand your communication skills until you become expert in your chosen field. Set your sights high – your intelligence is important and Humanity desperately needs innovative thinkers like you during these testing transitional times. You may not find the information you seek in conventional organisations. It is more likely to come to you from unorthodox or unexpected sources. So, keep your eyes and ears open as you set off on this roller-coaster learning curve. Have an amazing adventure! 

Chiron & Eris in Aries These two very different energies have been and will be influencing you over a long period. You may not be consciously aware of them as a positive force in your life but their presence is helping you. Chiron is facilitating a healing process through which you learn not only how to heal your own painful wounds but also how to teach others to heal themselves. Eris is providing you with a feisty fighting spirit which helps you to stay strong and assertive and does not allow you to give in to defeat. As a Gemini, you have a natural gift for communication. Chiron & Eris are helping you to use this ability constructively. Perhaps you are not aware to what extent your words can heal the wounded, or motivate the depressed. The more you become conscious of this talent, the more you will be able to share it with those who need it.


Generally speaking, Gemini is a curious, intelligent but light-hearted sign that is not so keen on the heavier, more discouraging aspects of life. I’m not saying that you avoid challenge but you would rather not get too bogged down in depressing difficulties.

Jupiter moving into Pisces Although Jupiter spends most of 2021 in Aquarius (which is beneficial to Geminis), it does dip in and out of Pisces for the period 13 May-28 July. This is not such a positive influence for you, as it can create a sense of being overwhelmed by vague impressions that are difficult to translate into words. The best way to use the energy is to improve your descriptive style, by painting pictures with language that inspires the imagination. Be aware that people are likely to be more gullible and sentimental than ever while Jupiter is in Pisces, so make sure that what you are saying does not willingly mislead or deceive anyone.

Neptune continues to plague you from Pisces, creating an ethereal influence that ebbs and flows into your life. It can be very confusing – especially when you are trying to understand what is real and what is not. While it is wonderful to believe in beautiful dreams and visions, it is still very important to stay firmly in touch with the truth. Just because something seems or sounds plausible, doesn’t mean that it can be trusted. There are many things in the world that are made with smoke and mirrors. They are insubstantial and cannot be relied on to deliver what they promise.

Uranus in Taurus is currently creating chaos with its unpredictable energy which brings unforeseen, unprecedented events of an unsettling and upsetting nature. While Gemini is usually up for a bit of mischief, the upheaval that Uranus is causing is beyond a joke. It is curtailing the freedom of movement and the ability to pop in and out of a variety of places that is so important to you. Rather than rebelling against it, use it as an incentive to think up simple yet inventive ideas on how to work around the road blocks that Uranus keeps putting in your path.

Pluto in Capricorn this heaviest of the heavy energy has been casting a shadow over your life for years and will not be releasing the pressure for some time yet. The best way to cope with its oppressive presence is by observing its effect on Society as a whole. Pluto is the great transformer and its destiny is to destroy structures that have passed their sell-by date to clear the way for re-birth and regeneration. Most Geminis have journalistic ability – they are the teachers, translators and interpreters of the zodiac. Perhaps you were born to witness and record these seemingly strange, apocalyptic times!


The North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius The North Node moving through Gemini has a very direct and personal effect on you. It is a bit like receiving a call to Destiny – when you receive flashes of insight as to why you decided to be born on Planet Earth. The main reason is to offer your communication skills, along with your ability to teach and translate information that can be difficult for some people (often less intelligent than you) to understand. You are facilitating this time of transition, when humans will have to learn new ways of seeing their world. Education should be an ever-evolving art rather than an institution for indoctrination, which unfortunately is what it has become. You are here to turn the situation around and teach people to think for themselves once more. Read more about the Nodes, and their influence in your birth chart.


26 May Full Moon in Sagittarius (Total Lunar Eclipse) There could be the sense of an adventure that has come to an end. There should be no regrets, just the awareness that you have expanded your mind, grown in knowledge and experience and added to the abundant supply of impressions already imprinted on your memory.

10 June New Moon in Gemini (Annular Solar Eclipse) Set your intentions to sow seeds for projects that could involve education, teaching or communicating with young people. An imaginative approach will work better than simply going by the book, so let your ideas be guided by memories, moods and emotional impressions.

04 December New Moon in Sagittarius (Total Solar Eclipse) There is important knowledge yet to be gained which will be revealed to you in due course. You will discover it when the time is right and you will know it when you see it.

19 December Full Moon in Gemini An educational programme, a sales or marketing idea, a communication or logistics project could be coming to fruition. It has passed through the elementary stage and is now ready to be taken to the next phase of development. This would be a good point to address any teething problems which may prevent you from moving your creation to a more advanced level.

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