“To know oneself, one
should assert oneself.”

Albert Camus

  • Dwarf Planet Eris shows how assertive you are and how capable you are of standing up for yourself. The position of Eris in your birth chart points to how and where you will need to fight against the destructive forces of aggression, rivalry and revenge within your character.

  • When Eris moves Retrograde her influence could create situations which force you to defend yourself. Think of it as training to be a well-discipline warrior in the martial arts!

  • Eris has a direct affect on the Aries sector of your birth chart. In 2022, Eris energy will be focussed particularly on any parts and planets of your horoscope that are placed between 23 and 25 degrees of the sign.

  • Eris spends the longest phase of her 560 year cycle in the 1st zodiac sign. Her most current passage through Aries began in 1922 and will last until 2048.

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12 January 2022 Eris moves Direct
22 July 2022 Eris moves Retrograde
12 January 2023 Eris moves Direct

Feisty Eris has made many a reverse movement since she began travelling through Aries 100 years ago, in her efforts to make us aware of the difference between assertiveness and aggression.

Contrast the strong, calm centeredness of someone who knows exactly what they need and how to get it against the crazed frustration of a primitive individual intent on attaining instant gratification for their desires.

When you choose the assertive option, Eris offers you the insight, courage and dignity which enable you to operate as a Wise Warrior who acts and moves with absolute mastery and control. Once you side with aggression, you succumb to the influence of Eris as a vicious harpie who wreaks havoc by creating conflict and discord.

Aggression leads to war. The world has seen enough enmity and Planet Earth has borne far too many of its devastating effects. The only battle humanity should be fighting is against the destructive forces of immaturity, selfishness and greed within itself.


10 May to 28 October and from 20 December Jupiter is in Aries

28 July-28 October Jupiter is Retrograde in Aries

The most recent meet up between Jupiter and Eris in Aries was in April 2011, which was when the highly acclaimed Game of Thrones – a mythical saga of warring tribes – was first released.

There was also a super outbreak of tornados in the Southern, Midwestern, and North-eastern United States, following on from the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan a month earlier. And maybe it is just a coincidence that slap bang on a conjunction between Jupiter and Eris in Aries in October 1951, Japan was hit by Typhoon Ruth which brought winds speeds of 121 mph and up to 25.17 inches of rainfall.

It does not take an astrologer to predict that 2022 is likely to see some extreme weather events, as well as plenty of skirmishes between warring tribes. We just have to hope that the Jupiter effect will not magnify the malicious side of Eris or manifest her vengeful characteristics.

The hopeful potential within this planetary pairing is that it gives people the courage to be more pro-active in the fight to ward off attacks against their independence, and the confidence to assert themselves against all hostile forces which threaten their best interests.

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