“Fertility comes from the
from the heart.”

Marty Rubin

  • Ceres moves across slightly less than half of your birth chart, depending on the year in question. She brings increased fertility and productivity to the planetary placements and patterns she touches. Which is wonderful if those energies are positive to begin with. But Ceres can also foster fruition that is harmful and which needs to be pruned back or weeded out.

  • When Ceres moves Retrograde her influence could manifest as a turning point in your creative projects, highlighting a need to review or revise certain aspects of your design in order to make it more productive so that it renders richer results.

  • Although Ceres is not formally appointed as a ruler of any of the zodiac signs, it is possible that her influence is stronger when she passes through talented Taurus, creative Cancer and fruitful Virgo.

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21 Dec 2021 – 14 January 2022 Ceres Retrograde in Taurus

As Ceres retraces her steps through the sign of physical form and beauty, you may feel drawn to express an almost primitive urge to produce something that celebrates and honours the marvellous manifestation of life on Planet Earth. You could be starting from scratch, or contributing to an existing project by nurturing, protecting or enhancing its potential.

14 January Ceres Direct in Taurus

The forward movement of Ceres in the resourceful sign of Taurus can help you to reconnect with your natural assets – the talents and abilities you were born with. It is up to you to foster them, nurture them and put them to good use. They were gifted to you as the skills, tools and building blocks which will enable you to work alongside the fertile forces of the Cosmos to generate and manifest new life forms. Your creative project is an organic process which takes you from seed stage to fruition. It will happen in its own time. There is no need to hurry.

9 February Ceres in Gemini

The Goddess of Fertility moves into communication mode, ready and willing to support your efforts to get your message across and render the results you reap more rewarding. Ceres can instruct you in the art of setting step by step stages within the productive process. These well defined phases help to foster and sustain healthy growth. First comes the seeding of your idea. Your vision should be planted in a fertile environment which encourages it to germinate. Feed it with faith, water it with love. Do not be afraid to prune unruly shoots which create diversions that detract from your original design.

15 May Ceres in Cancer

This placement of Ceres enhances her natural fertility, activating an urge to generate new life. The horoscope house or birth chart planet that Ceres is triggering for you will be the area you are most likely to feel as though you simply have to make something happen. The project you select must include a strong strain of personal involvement and hold the potential to fulfil you on an emotional level. This is not about winning goals or achieving outcomes. It is more like answering a call of nature – I live therefore I create.

23 July Ceres in Leo

The parenting instincts of Ceres are strengthened while she passes through the 5th zodiac sign, making it the perfect time to generate a stronger connection with your Inner Child. You are looking to nurture the self-esteem and foster the self-respect which will create true confidence and pride. If you struggle with the concept of lavishing care on your Self, it might be more constructive to witness the way children normally behave, react and respond. How they suffer when they are ignored or neglected and how they thrive in the sunshine of admiration and approval. The attitudes of these youngsters reflect the child within You, who craves attention and needs to feel wanted, welcome, valued and loved.

29 September Ceres in Virgo

As goddess of the harvest, Ceres feels very much at home in Virgo which is all about the rewards you reap when your hard work pays off. Ploughing through a list of chores and duties can feel very pointless, especially when you know you will have to repeat the process on a daily basis. But this is the basic stuff of life on Planet Earth. The regular, rhythmical routine of a succession of small tasks that keep the wheels turning and everything running smoothly. Ask Ceres for the gift of gratitude which will help you see the true fertility and fruitfulness within each tiny detail of your everyday existence.

18/19 December Ceres in Libra

Caring Ceres has entered the sign of one to one relationships. Call on her for help if you are hoping to make your partnerships, whether personal or professional, more fertile and fulfilling. Under this placement, there is potential for all kinds of collaborative and cooperative projects to take root and flourish. But these seeds of growth need to be nurtured and protected. They will not thrive by being taken for granted, or left to their own devices. Mutual appreciation is the magic ingredient which sustains the type of harmonious relations that reap the richest rewards.

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