Cancer Season Element of Water

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Astrology for Cancer Season 21 June-22 July 2021


The natural movement of water is flowing and in the zodiac sign of Cancer it could be compared to a fast running river which creates new life as it carries vital moisture and nutrients to the land along its banks. Without water nothing will grow but too much water can be overwhelming, causing flooding, chaos and confusion.


Cancer season 2021 begins with Mercury moving retrograde in Gemini but the communication planet changes direction on 22 June, when it starts going forward again. Which should help to correct mistakes or misunderstandings and iron out any network or transport glitches that have occurred earlier in the month.

Neptune continues its long drift through fellow water sign Pisces and will start moving retrograde on 25 June. While this is not helpful if you are desperately trying to find clarity and precision, Neptune’s mystical influence can offer a boost to Cancer’s already fertile imagination. This would be especially inspirational at the time of the New Moon in Cancer on 10 July.


21 June Sun moves into Cancer. The June Solstice is an extremely fertile point in the zodiac calendar, so tune in if you wish to bring new life into being or if you want to start making something from scratch. The energy is driven by emotion so your actions should be motivated by intuition rather than conscious thought.

22-23 June Venus in Cancer squares Eris in Aries & opposes Pluto in Capricorn. This is a good time to make sure that anyone and anything you really care about are safe and well protected from the harsher aspects of worldly affairs.

24 June Full Moon in Capricorn sextile Jupiter in Pisces. The more you are able to rely on your own wisdom, foresight and planning the better. Having a self-generated strategy for success keeps you on track when other, less prepared people are falling by the wayside.

8-9 July Moon in Cancer trines Jupiter in Pisces and squares Chiron in Aries. So long as you have absolute faith in your ability to take care of yourself and provide for your own needs, you will be able to avoid unnecessary pain, strain or unhappiness.

10 July the New Moon in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces, producing waves of psychic energy which can be used to enhance and inspire your dreams for projects yet to be manifested in real life terms. As the Moon moves on to square Eris in Aries & oppose Pluto in Capricorn, you will be able to test the validity of your creative visions. You may need to wrestle with the challenges that emerge but which should make you all the more determined to overcome any obstacles in your path.

11 July Mercury moves into Cancer. This placement helps you to express creative ideas which are fed by your personal memories, thoughts & impressions. If you don’t feel confident enough to share them verbally, then write them down. Your communication style flows naturally, voicing the inner visions of your subconscious mind. You do not need to imitate other authors or speakers. Just tell the story as you see it.

The Energies which define Zodiac Sign Cancer


Cancerians can be the most creative and caring of the 12 zodiac signs. Once they accept you into their lives you become a member of their family and you will be welcomed as such. Their hospitality and ability to make you feel at home is very comforting. They have a knack for rustling up a tasty snack from very basic ingredients. When you get back to your base and try the same trick you probably won’t be able to get anything like the same result. Their magic touch is a natural talent for procreation: making something manifest out of nothing.


Cancers have a tendency to go on the defensive at the first sign of anything that might upset their vulnerable feelings. Their crabby self-protectiveness can make you feel as though you have to watch every word and gesture in case you unwittingly offend them. When they are in one of their retaliatory moods, you must be sure to steer clear of those sharp pincers which seem to seek out and seize your most sensitive spots!


Cancerians must learn not to shy away from situations simply because they might expose their sensitive feelings. Their tendency to take offense, even when none was meant, can hold them back from fulfilling their true potential. Even the most innocent or general comments can be taken personally, which forces them onto the defensive and into their shell. This sign also has to guard against getting too attached – whether to people, places or situations. Clinging can make them look needy and insecure and just results in them feeling more vulnerable than ever.


The Moon has a natural affinity with this fertile and creative sign. Cancerians often seem as if they were born with abilities which no teacher could ever instil in a pupil. They seem to intuit how to accomplish whatever they set out to do, guided by their own instincts and inner compass. It is as though they learned everything they needed to know through a process of osmosis, while they were still in the womb!


Because the 4th zodiac sign is naturally connected to the Moon, this placement is very potent – perhaps even more so than being born with the Sun in Cancer. A strongly creative streak which is guided by imagination, instinct and intuition means these people are often self-taught in their chosen field. They seem to have the knack of crafting things from scratch and may also have a natural talent for home-making and hospitality. This Moon Sign may be drawn to mothering or nurturing roles, but they will have to watch a tendency to cling on to their brood long after it is time for them to leave the nest.


These people come across as rather shy and reserved, and it might take a while to push past their defensive shell. Initially, they present a caring, attentive attitude which responds well to other people’s vulnerability. But there could be other factors in their make-up which soon get tired of being leaned on. It is at this point that someone you thought you could depend on for an endless supply of sympathetic concern is suddenly ignoring your calls.


There are far too many talented Cancerians to list here, but notable names are:

  • creative inventors Nikola Tesla and Alan Turing
  • caring humanitarians Nelson Mandela and Diana Princess of Wales
  • inspirational women Helen Keller and Emmeline Pankhurst


Cancerian English kings Henry VIII and Edward VIII both put their own emotional needs before the good of their country. And of course Henry is famous for having two of his six wives put to death. German serial killer Elisabeth Wiese was convicted of murdering five children. Interestingly for someone born under the sign of the mother, she set up a child-care and adoption scam. She sold her own daughter into prostitution and subsequently killed the baby (her grandchild) she bore.

Cancer and the Tarot

As the 1st of the 3 Water Signs, Cancer is linked to the suit of Cups. 

  • The Ace of Cups illustrates the Cancer creative talent which seems to come from nowhere, or spring out of nothing. The entrepreneurial quality which enables Cancerians to start and run their own businesses (which often involve family members) is represented by the King of Cups.
  • The Five & Six of Cups symbolise the regret and nostalgia from which Cancerians often suffer. Their tendency to yearn for the “good old days” or to mourn what might have been creates a longing that can never be satisfied.

More Information

For tips on how to heal Cancerian issues and enhance Cancerian energies, contact:

  • Hypnotherapist: Regina Brancato-Dunderdale at Regina Hypnotherapy
  • Crystal Healer & Complementary Therapist: Shirley O’Donoghue at Lucis College

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