Capricorn in 2021

Planetary Energies, Influences & Key Dates for Capricorn in 2021

All dates in this article are based on Universal Time Zone



Your Ruling Planet Saturn is associated with ambition, authority and structure. It provides you with the discipline you need to achieve your goals in life. The retrograde phases of Saturn help you to reinforce your plans and strategies for future success.

Saturn is now in Aquarius, which is an interesting placement for your ruler as it is all about forming strategies for the future. Although Saturn tends to resist the type of abrupt changes that upset existing plans, it is perfectly capable of taking them in its stride. Capricorns will always prefer what has been tried and tested when possible, but only when it continues to generate tangible rewards. Once something has passed its sell-by date, Capricorn reluctantly rejects it and gets to work on building alternative routes to successful results. You are not the sign to be prevented by anything short of death from achieving your ambitions! You keep on climbing, regardless of how many times the ladder breaks under you. The next two years will be demanding, but their purpose is to help you focus your efforts on the future. As human society and its systems travel through the transitions that mark the end of an era, you will be formulating plans for success in the coming times.


23 May Saturn moves Retrograde in Aquarius Long term strategies for future success may need to be put on hold or revised in some way. Innovative ways of doing things could prove unfeasible but don’t give up, just keep trying to find ways of making them work. It is possible they are slightly ahead of their time. In which case they may have to be shelved for now, and replaced by interim or alternative back-up plans.

11 October Saturn moves Direct in Aquarius The struggle to plan for changing times continues, but it brings about important and lasting innovations which will serve future generations. If you are a champion of forward-thinking schemes for business and industry, do not be put off by negative judgement or criticism of your hopes for a better world.



Pluto continues its relentless journey through Capricorn, continuing its mission to purge, transform and regenerate corporate hierarchies and authoritarian power structures. Pluto dictates that it is time to confront the consequences of our collective karma. Any human system that has employed exploitation or abuse to enrich and empower itself will be held accountable and cast into the fiery furnace that purifies and renews.

27 April Pluto moves Retrograde in Capricorn We see Pluto’s undermining influence at work in a failing social order that is crumbling before our eyes. People whose ambitions have led them to exploit or abuse others will have to account to their own consciences. This is a time of retribution, so try to make amends for any instances where you may have misused your personal power.

06 October Pluto moves Direct in Capricorn Reinforce and empower your plans for achieving long-term results, thereby ensuring their ability to overcome the obstacles and challenges of tough times. Don’t be surprised to find that some of the key strategies you are invested in have been completely transformed and are now a reborn version of what was originally proposed.


08 January Venus moves into Capricorn This is a good time to apply your talents & abilities to achieving your ambitions. Put yourself in planning mode and formulate some strategies on which to build your future success.

05 November Venus returns to Capricorn Consolidate on the preparations you may have made earlier in the year to apply your talents & abilities, as well as your personal charm, style and flair, in ways that are designed to help you achieve your ambitions in life. When Venus moves Retrograde in Capricorn on 19 December you may need to re-evaluate your plans and strategies for success, especially if they are not working to your best advantage. It could be that they are under-achieving or falling short of expectations because they are not drawing attention to your finest features. Maybe they are failing to promote your abilities and employ your talents to their highest potential. This needs to be rectified to ensure you gain the credit you deserve.

13 December Mercury moves into Capricorn Put your mind into planning mode. The idea of rolling up your sleeves and getting to grips with the task of formulating forecasts & budgets should fill you with a quiet sense of satisfaction. Don’t be afraid to create strategies for long-term success. Draw on experience you have gained over time, and look to respected role models for their specialised guidance and instruction.

21 December the Sun moves into Capricorn (Solstice) Once again you have reached the turning of the year so be of good cheer! You have come this far, regardless of all the obstacles and delays that blocked your way. You are ready to give yourself a pat on the back for surviving through the hard times and for making the most of any opportunities that crossed your path. It is now time to evaluate your progress and optimise your plans for the next stage of your endeavour.


You have found an unusual helpmate in revolutionary planet Uranus. Capricorns are not crazy about the arrival of random changes that upset their long term plans for success and force them back to the drawing board. But this placement of erratic Uranus in your fellow earth sign Taurus is taking you back to the basic flaws in your original designs so that you can correct and re-launch them. All you earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) are made miserable by mistakes. You accept that they are an inevitable part of being human but they spoil your sense of satisfaction and achievement. Uranus is giving you the chance to demolish your faulty structures and rebuild them from the ground up. But you will need to be aware, as Uranus moves Retrograde in Taurus 20 August, that changes which are forced through too soon tend to cause a serious amount of unexpected and unwanted upheaval.

The ongoing influence of Neptune in your complementary sign of Pisces will be boosted by expansive Jupiter moving into Pisces May-July this year. The combination of these energies is a source of inspiration to you, helping to enhance your ability to create the dreams and visions that provide raw material for successful plans. Capricorns are normally very sensible and pragmatic but even they can be enticed by ethereal images of how things could be. The biggest problem for you will be to steer clear of pie-in-the-sky promises and potentials which are obviously unrealistic and impossible to manifest without breaking the budget.


Chiron & Eris in Aries this difficult influence could be bringing pain, grief and conflict into your life. As a Capricorn, you are not someone who feels comfortable about examining and diagnosing their own wounds. You would rather leave that to experts in the healing professions who can provide you with the pharmaceutical cures which enable you to carry on achieving your ambitions. It is a similar story when you are faced with people or circumstances that seem determined to defeat you. You tend to turn your back on their attempts to draw you into conflict. While this is a wise ploy in many ways, it often results in delaying rather than resolving the problem. Both Chiron and Eris are urging you to take a more pro-active and self-assertive approach to healing your wounds and confronting your enemies.

Jupiter in Aquarius We have already discussed the underlying influence that your ruling planet Saturn moving through the unorthodox sign of Aquarius is likely to have in your life. For much of 2021, Saturn will be joined by fellow giant planet Jupiter. This placement promises major changes in a relatively short space of time, making life more unpredictable and therefore less manageable. This could be stressful for you, as it will create the constant hassle of having to adapt and improvise. It might be best to expect a year of revolutionary shifts when everything is being evolved and its final form has yet to materialise.


The North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius are not particularly relevant to you on a personal level, but they could be a source of stress in your life. It might seem as though regulations, procedures and protocols which have served humanity for centuries can no longer be relied on to maintain social order. This is how it should be, for the time has come to substitute old ways for simpler systems that are far better suited to the 21st Century. Your role as a Capricorn is to help re-write the rule books and make them easier for people of all races, ranks and age groups to understand and follow. Read more about the Nodes, and their influence in your birth chart.


It is very interesting to see that there is no Full Moon in Cancer in 2021. This suggests that, while the seeds of new life and new creations are being planted all over the world they will not be born, or come to fruition until next year at the earliest. They will need to be cared for, protected and nurtured during this protracted growth phase, and they may require special support as they acclimatise to current earthly conditions.

13 January New Moon in Capricorn This is the optimum time to set intentions and sow seeds for new growth in your vocation, career or profession. You are at the initial stage of creating plans and strategies which provide the structure, goals and timelines that will help to build long term success. You could say this is the most important phase in your investment of time, energy and resources, as the effort you put in now will pay off later.

24 June Full Moon in Capricorn Hopefully by now, you will be rewarded with a sense of achievement and a feeling that your efforts so far have been worth while. But this is not the time to turn your back and walk away. You are still responsible for the continuing survival of your creation, which will require your personal input for some time to come.

10 July New Moon in Cancer Don’t resist the urge to be more creative when formulating intentions and sowing seeds for the birth of new projects and life forms. Allow your instincts, emotions, moods and impressions to guide your choice of materials and determine your strategies for success.

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