Cancer in 2021

Planetary Energies, Influences & Key Dates for Cancer in 2021

All dates in this article are based on Universal Time Zone



New and Full Moons for all the Zodiac Signs will be relevant to you in some way. You are especially sensitive to their energies because of the strong influence your ruler, the Moon, holds over your Sign. Even so, lunations in your own sign and that of your opposite sign Capricorn are likely to have the most intense effect on you.

It is very interesting to see that there is no Full Moon in Cancer in 2021. This suggests that, while the seeds of new life and new creations are being planted all over the world they will not be born, or come to fruition until next year at the earliest. They will need to be cared for, protected and nurtured during this protracted growth phase, and they may require special support as they acclimatise to current earthly conditions.

13 January New Moon in Capricorn This is the optimum time to set intentions and sow seeds for new growth in your vocation, career or profession. You are at the initial stage of creating plans and strategies that will provide the structure, goals and timelines which will help to build your progress. This is probably the most satisfying phase for you, as it could feel like selecting a recipe or design for a potential new birth.

24 June Full Moon in Capricorn Hopefully by now, you will be rewarded with a sense of achievement and a feeling that your efforts so far have been worth while. But this is not the time to turn your back and walk away. You are still responsible for the continuing survival of your creation, which will require your personal input for some time to come.

10 July New Moon in Cancer Your sign – the most creative in the zodiac – is constantly formulating intentions and sowing seeds for the birth of new projects and life forms. We could call it a primeval urge with you, as most Cancerians are driven by the instinct to take raw materials and make something from them.

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23 April Mars moves into Cancer As you could be feeling more motivated, this is a good time to focus your energy on your personal goals and channel your enthusiasm into activities that provide you with creative outlets. A stronger sense of independence might make you ready to take the initiative more than you usually do and you could be less worried about operating on your own or being by yourself.

02 June Venus moves into Cancer As you may be feeling rather shy and more self-protective than usual, this could be a good time for settling down in your own space and engaging with your creative talents, as they could give you the sense of satisfaction and fulfilment that you may not be getting from your relationships with other people at present. Having said that, there is potential under this placement for you to play the role of peacemaker in your family.

21 June the Sun moves into Cancer (Solstice) This could be the time of year when you feel at your most alive, confident and vibrant. It is an inner force which does not demand attention, admiration or applause. Even so, you will be radiating positive energy, warmth and comfort that draws others to you, and prompts them to coax you out of your shell. You are introverted by nature, but your shyness should not stop you from shining your Light for all the world to see.

11 July Mercury moves into Cancer This placement helps you to express creative ideas that are fed by your personal memories, thoughts & impressions. If you don’t feel confident enough to share them verbally, then write them down. Your communication style flows naturally, voicing the inner visions of your imagination. You do not need to imitate other authors or speakers. Just tell it as you see it.


Uranus in Taurus Normally you are not keen on unexpected events that threaten your personal safety, or that of your home and family. But you are able to identify the creative potential that change brings. Cancerians are security conscious, but they do get bored in situations where nothing new is happening. They may be scared to begin with but actually, they are excited by the idea of doing something for the first time or coping with a novel kind of crisis. Uranus in Taurus is asking you to be at your most ingenious, by finding ways and means to thrive through these strange and unsettling times.

You are receiving ongoing support from Neptune as it moves through your fellow water sign Pisces. Neptune enhances your already fertile and creative imagination, by sending you dreams and visions for potential projects involving new life and new birth. Neptune also enables you to be more accepting and less frightened of the natural flow of things.

Jupiter dips into Pisces for a few weeks between May and July this year, which could have an expansive influence on you. You might find it easier to trust your own emotions and impressions, and tuning into unseen energies that guide and protect you could come more naturally to you. Beliefs and philosophies that you shied away from in the past because you judged them to be unrealistic and unachievable could now seem perfectly possible to you.


Pluto is still moving through your opposite sign, Capricorn. This very challenging influence will no doubt have put you under considerable pressure over the past decade. But it will also have brought out the best in you. You have probably had to cope with circumstances and situations that pushed your buttons and tried your patience. Even so, you have endured the trials and tribulations, thanks to your own ingenuity and strong survival instincts. You have become more self-sufficient and less needy of approval from those you perceive to be better than you. You have secured the right to be respected for your personal attributes and abilities.

Chiron & Eris in Aries this difficult combination of energies is coming at you from two different angles.

Chiron in Aries is pushing you to work with your healing potential, beginning with the need to address any wounds that you might have inherited through your ancestral line. You are beginning to see that nobody can be helped solely by outside forces and that everyone must take an active role in their own healing process. Yet as each individual person gains that goal for themselves, they also achieve it on behalf of the generations that went before them and those who will come after them.

Eris in Aries is a very long term influence (from 1926 to 2048) with a reputation for creating conflict. But its real purpose is to make us more assertive. Truly brave and confident people do not need to argue, squabble or fight. They know what they want and they know how to get it without having to go to war. They are far more interested in sharpening their skills and making themselves more self-sufficient. Used wisely, Eris in Aries can help you to develop warrior-like attributes which can then be used to conquer the weaker aspects of your character.

Jupiter & Saturn are in Aquarius As we have already said, Cancerians are not afraid of change if it brings them the chance to try new ways of doing things but they are against innovations that impose their influence by creating a cold, remote and impersonal environment. As the most subjective of the zodiac signs, you do not like living things to be treated like so many pieces of machinery. Systems, technologies, rules and regulations that are designed to make society run smoothly but which don’t respect or care about the lives of individual people and their families, are not for you. You prefer organic, home-made methods that have been handed down from one generation to the next. You are not backward-looking but you would be sorry to see some of the old ways being shoved aside by changes that, in your mind, are unfeeling and unnecessary. 


The Nodes are always linked to you via your Ruler the Moon. These particular placements of the North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius may not influence you directly on a personal level but you can still tap into their potential to help you fulfil your Life Path mission. Their message to you is an educational one, inviting you to improve and extend your ability to receive, process and communicate information. As our society becomes more specialised, people who can translate complex concepts into terms that are easy for most of the population (no matter how young, old, clever or dim) to understand and follow will be much needed. It is your destiny to provide this service in whatever way you can. Read more about the Nodes, and their influence in your birth chart.

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