Astrology for September 2020

Astrology for September 2020

All dates in this article are based on Universal Time

This month’s major planetary movements can be employed to encourage, emphasise and enhance your own creative powers. You can work with them to reinforce your intention to manifest a life that is interesting, exciting, joyful and abundant.

2 September 2020 UT 05:21 Full Moon @ 10° Pisces

Tuning into the energy: This is the most effective Moon for making dreams come true. But although it sounds easy, turning vision into reality is probably the most advanced activity you can undertake. You must acquaint yourself with every detail of your dream in order to manifest it in real terms. The Full Moon suggests that you would be reaching some sort of completion in the natural process of things. If this isn’t so, then it could be that up until now you have been too imprecise or inconsistent about what you wanted to achieve. Eliminate any vague, indistinct or unrealistic aspects from your Cosmic Request if you really want your wish to be granted. But also accept that a three-dimensional version of your vision may not be quite so amazing as the one you dreamed up. 

Utilise Uranus, the Planet of Evolution. This Full Moon is strongly supported by Uranus, giving your hopes for your future an innovative edge. So don’t be afraid to add original, unorthodox tweaks to your vision, even if they seem shocking or too extreme! And please don’t resist the changes you intuitively know have to happen before your dreams can be realised.

Listen to Mercury, the Mind Planet. Mercury is talking to you through this month’s Full Moon horoscope from its position in Virgo, on the midpoint between the North and South Nodes in Gemini & Sagittarius. The message is to be aware that you are standing at a crossroads between past and future. Figuring out which beliefs you need to leave behind and what knowledge you wish to take forward will help to define your manifestation process. Ask your ancestors to guide your decisions, remembering that they would want you to springboard off their experience rather than repeat their mistakes.

Mercury also forms trines to Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, and an awkward quincunx to Eris. Don’t be too ready to respect rules and regulations, at least until you have understood the difference between information that empowers and sustains you and propaganda that is designed to control and manipulate you. Be aware that the impatient impulses of your primitive brain create panic reactions which inhibit your ability to access the full capacity of your intelligent mind.

Plug into Pisces, the sign of intuition and imagination. Trust these unseen abilities to guide you to where you need to go. Experiment with the images and impressions that flow through your waking and sleeping dreams. Register your responses to them. Those that inspire and comfort you show you where to focus your energy and intention. Those that frighten and confuse you reveal what to reject and avoid.

Note the influence of Number 10 This month’s full Moon occurs in the 10th degree of Pisces. According to the Sabian Symbols, this degree represents “People traveling a narrow path, seeking illumination” Any sense that you are traveling a narrow path between your past and your future, searching for the way forward and waiting to know where to go next should be honoured and embraced.

Number 10 in the tarot is linked to the concept that a phase or cycle has been completed, and it’s time for a new one to begin. Full Moons always bring a sense that something has been brought to fruition, and that it either has to be put away or evolved to the next level. Like the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot, you don’t want to keep reliving the same experience over and over again. You can work from a pattern or template that has already proved effective but each time you re-use it, you will incorporate corrections, amendments and improvements.

5 September 2020 UT 19:46 Mercury moves into Libra

Tuning into the energy: Mercury’s influence on your mindset could make you think about re-balancing things that are off-key or out of kilter. Issues that sound a sour note in your life might be brought back into balance by a few well-chosen thoughts or words. This is an excellent time to learn the language of diplomacy and send messages of reconciliation. You might find it easier to understand a situation from the other person’s point of view. It doesn’t mean you must relinquish your own ideas, but you can agree to disagree.

Peaceful negotiations and harmonious collaborations involve both sides having to listen as carefully as they speak. Otherwise, the two parties are talking at rather than to each other. Planet Venus, ruler of the sign of Libra is currently in the sign of Cancer, reminding you that people can come across as crotchety when actually, they’re feeling very vulnerable. Once you understand that they are only trying to protect themselves or to hide their hurt, you are able to take a more caring tone with them. Your conciliatory words may reassure and comfort them, helping to penetrate their sulky, self-defensive shell.

6 September 2020 UT 07:21 Venus moves into Leo

Tuning into the energy: the best use you can make of this planetary placement is by taking the trouble to fall in love with your Self. You can’t expect to have warm relations with other people if you haven’t bothered to cultivate a positive partnership with You. This involves recognising and respecting your qualities, appreciating your abilities, being thankful for your talents. You need to accept everything you are – good and bad, beautiful and ugly – in order to offer yourself the unconditional love your heart desires. This is how you create the true self-confidence which endows you with a shining aura that everyone will admire. To be fair, you won’t really require that admiration because by now, you know how to generate your own supply! But you will be able to reflect that confident glow back to your audience, inviting them to share the spotlight and enjoy the applause with you.

9 September 2020 UT 22:22 Mars moves Retrograde @ 28° Aries

Tuning in: you can utilise this dynamic energy by making it mark a key turning point in your life. Perhaps you’re feeling a sense of frustration that your goals have only brought you so far. You have not achieved the results you were expecting. The question is why? Apparently you’ve done everything you were supposed to. All your efforts and actions were focused on achievement. So what went wrong? The answer is absolutely nothing.

You have gained the goals that were important at the time you set them. They served their purpose in bringing you here. Now they are no longer relevant. It is time to review your aims and aspirations, making them more authentic to who you are now. Your goals must resonate with your energy field, filling you with excitement and enthusiasm. They must reflect what you really want, they must be motivated by what truly turns you on. No more marching to someone else’s order, it’s time to dance to the beat of your own drum.

September 2020 Jupiter & Saturn move Direct in Capricorn

Our two giant planets moving direct in the serious sign of Capricorn suggests a strong focus on issues involving corporations, business, industry, careers and vocations.

Jupiter and Saturn can help you to discover, define and discipline your plans to achieve your professional goals and ambitions.

13 September UT 00:40 Jupiter moves Direct @ 17° Capricorn

How to take advantage: Jupiter, planet of opportunity, is inviting you to expand your ambition. It is time to journey out beyond your current horizons. But please be aware there’s no instruction manual, you’ll be following your own direction. Take it for granted that you have accumulated all the wisdom and knowledge you need to embark on this new adventure. Your experience will warn you whether or when to take the next step and it will guide you towards the destinations and outcomes that are right for you.

The only thing that can hold you back from entering enthusiastically into this voyage of discovery, excitement and achievement is your own inhibition.

29 September UT 05:11 Saturn moves Direct @ 25° Capricorn

Tuning in to the energy: Saturn’s influence is particularly helpful if you’re trying to give structure and definition to your goals and ambitions. But this process requires a certain level of maturity, stamina and endurance. If you’re worried about failure and rejection, or if you’re impatient to have what you want when you want it then you are setting yourself up to fall at the first obstacle.

There is an important lesson to be learned through the process of achievement. When things come too easily, you tend to take them for granted and underestimate their importance to you. Whereas when you strive long and hard for something, you value and respect it. You esteem and admire yourself that much more for never giving up – in spite of all those sleepless nights, difficulties and delays – until you attained your goal. And an even more substantial sense of accomplishment comes from knowing that your success has been earned through the skilful use of the precious gifts you were born with – your natural talents and abilities.

17 September 2020 UT 11:00 New Moon @ 25° Virgo

Tuning in to the energy: This is the time to sew seeds and prepare for new growth and because the Moon is in vigilant Virgo, you’ll need to be especially intricate about anything you’re planting. The more care you take, the better the results. Details will count, so try not to overlook them. Prepare your Cosmic Order very precisely before placing it under your pillow tonight.

Lean on Saturn for support: invoke the positive energy of the grand master of plans, procedures and protocols as you draw up your design for achievement. The commitment you put in at this point will pay off further along your timeline. Don’t be afraid of the effort involved – tangible results are earned through hard work. Everything you do now will enhance your skill set, even if the training process starts to feel a bit like a boot camp!

Honour your Ancestors: This New Moon triggers the pivot point between the South and North Nodes, which suggests you can tap into the accumulated wisdom and experience gained by your ancestors. Ask for their guidance if you feel unsure of the way forward or when you come up against something you cannot interpret or do not understand.

Stand firm against stress: A quincunx from aggressive Eris to the New Moon suggests the need to take a feisty and assertive stance in stressful situations which might involve rivals, and competitors, or opponents to your cause.

Note the influence of Number 25 This month’s New Moon occurs in the 25th degree of Virgo which, according to the Sabian Symbols, represents “the social acknowledgment of a job well done and a destiny fulfilled”. Remember that, when your Soul agreed to incarnate on the Earth plane, You were not worried about making mistakes. Your concern was to sharpen your skills so your energies could work more precisely, efficiently and effectively. Your Soul understood that mistakes are part of the training process and that the overall objective was to do the best you could with the tools, techniques and methods at your disposal. Your reward is in the work itself, in the satisfaction you gain from using and applying your hard-won skills.

Number 25 reduces to 7 in Numerology. Sevens in the Tarot describe how getting the job done can have its ups and downs:

  • 7 of Wands – when there is a tendency to feel you have to take a defensive position, protecting yourself against people who want to exploit your energy and ability
  • 7 of Cups – when you start to stress about having too many options and not knowing which one to prioritise or where to begin
  • 7 of Swords – when you are tempted to cut corners, or try to get away with shoddy workmanship in ways that are unworthy of you
  • 7 of Pentacles – when you start to see the results of all your patience, persistence and effort, even though you know there’s still more work to do

22 September 2020 UT 13:30 Sun moves into Libra

Tuning in to the energy: It is time to seek peace and harmony in all areas of your life. Anything that is troubling you, making you unhappy, unwell, or insecure must be addressed. The Cosmos eagerly awaits your invitation to partner up with you – to co-operate, collaborate and co-create together with you. To share your trials and troubles, to join in your joys and woes. All you have to do is ask, and you will receive the support and help you need to create a sustained sense of equilibrium on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Even though your Soul incarnated into an individual body, you were not designed for isolation. It is the sense of being separate that causes you to feel frightened, lonely and abandoned. True serenity springs from the realisation that you are never alone. There is always Someone standing beside you, waiting to remind you of and restore you to your rightful state of Amazing Grace.

Planet Venus, the ruler of Libra, is currently creating a finger of fate formation with Jupiter and Neptune – the planets of hope and faith. Your belief that you are on the receiving end of enormous waves of unconditional love is the magic ingredient which will enable you to appreciate that you are valued, treasured and beloved beyond measure. Knowing that this is true – forever and always – will help you through the most stressful situations.

27 September UT 07:20 Ceres moves Retrograde into Aquarius

Tuning in to the energy: Ceres is offering you the chance to review how innovative ideas, tools and equipment could enhance your creative process. While you do not want to replace the organic nature of starting something from scratch and taking it to fruition, it’s possible that some of your projects might benefit from the future-proofing influence of cutting edge technology. New platforms for your productivity could also ensure that your growth cycle remains fertile and that you can continue to cultivate its potential for as long as your interest holds out.

27 September 2020 UT 07:40 Mercury moves into Scorpio

Tuning in to the energy: This placement of the mind planet brings us an interesting combination of intellect and instinct. Tap into it to help you read between the lines of a situation or to detect the underlying truth of what is really going on. It can help you to deepen your perception, so that you begin to notice clues and signs that you had not seen before. You could be more aware of the messages your guts are trying to convey to your conscious brain. You’ll probably be more suspicious of information that sounds insincere, and you’ll become more adept at sussing out any hint of hypocrisy or lack of integrity. You may find that you take a deeper interest in managerial matters and that your fluency in the language of investment improves. You could also find the subject of psychology intriguing as it helps you to figure out what is simmering beneath the surface.

But beware of any tendency to become bewitched by intricate plots and schemes that seduce you into submission by making everything appear far more mysterious than it actually is. Don’t let yourself be lead down a labyrinth of lies and deceit to a place that doesn’t really exist except in conspiracy theory horror movies.


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