Astrology for October 2022

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Sun, Moon & Planets in October 2022

note: all dates and times in this article are based on Universal Time Zone

This month’s ASTRO CALENDAR lists major planetary placements & patterns, together with movement of the Moon and void of course phases, on a daily basis. Check the Quickie Horoscope for your Zodiac Sign, I hope it works well for you this month!

Libra Season began on 23rd September and continues until the 23rd of this month, when the Sun moves into the 2nd water sign, Scorpio. October is a solar blend of air and water elements, which helps us to combine the functions of the two sides of our brains (logical and imaginative) so we can come up with creative solutions that are both emotionally expressive and scientifically sound.

Here are the highlights in this month’s astrological cycles. Invite them to guide and empower your manifestation projects and ask for their assistance when you struggle to cope with the harsher aspects of life on Planet Earth.

WEEK ONE 01-07 October 2022

1 October Venus in Libra opposing Jupiter in Aries. One partner’s urge to strike out independently could be a source of disharmony within relationships. It is important to find solutions which leave both sides feeling that at least they have been given a fair hearing, even if it is not possible for them to get exactly what they want. If everyone involved can curb their impatience and maintain a diplomatic demeanour there is a very good chance of reaching agreement and keeping the peace.


Now that you have finished editing, questioning and perfecting the efficiency of your regular routine you can apply the methods and techniques you have acquired to making your life less stressful, thereby enhancing your health and wellbeing. Each time you put your hard-earned skills into practice they gain precision, fluency and finesse. Day by day in every way you are learning to be more capable and competent. Sun Signs most affected: GEMINI, VIRGO

7 October Sun in Libra opposing Chiron in Aries. Even the most problematic partnerships bring some form of self-healing, if only by aggravating and exposing wounds that are in dire need of attention. Sometimes you have to witness your own pain reflected back to you through another person before you can recognise it in yourself. Which is why relationships can sometimes seem like substitute therapy sessions!

Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn. There is no substitute for working long and hard to amass your own experience. Intelligence, perception and common sense will only carry you so far but it is by practising and perfecting your skills with daily diligence that you will eventually achieve wisdom which is both true and deep.

WEEK TWO 08-15 October 2022


Power is only to be used with very high levels of responsibility, honesty and integrity as it corrupts those who dare to dabble in it for selfish reasons. We aspire to achieve it because we associate it with strength and control. But we often fear our personal power because we worry that by misusing it, we could cause more harm than good. This sense of foreboding prompts us to throttle back on our true potential and stick to situations that might be beneath rather than above our actual abilities. But surely this is a sign of wise humility. Only the most arrogant of individuals assume that power should be seized rather than earned. Sun Signs most affected: SCORPIO, CAPRICORN

9 October FULL MOON IN ARIES conjunct Chiron, sextile Saturn in Aquarius

The goals you set earlier in the year (perhaps at the Aries New Moon last April) could be coming to fruition. Something you have been intent on winning may be achieved, if not fully then at least to the point where you can be sure of having reached the first stage of completion. The fact that you have managed to get this far could bring a sense of self-healing which provides motivation and fuels your courage to continue. Knowing that you have survived difficulties and delays in the past gives you the confidence you need to overcome any future obstacles. Sun Signs most affected: ARIES, CANCER, LIBRA


You may find that your mind is less quick to come to conclusions than usual. But this is not the time to force yourself into making definite decisions. At least not until you have weighed up the pros and cons of which choice to go with. Do not be afraid to ask for feedback, or to seek a second opinion. Talking to someone who fills the role of trusted adviser about your concerns will help even if you do not agree with the guidance they give you. An alternative view could provide the comparison you need to formulate your final verdict. Sun Signs most affected: GEMINI, VIRGO, LIBRA

Venus in Libra opposing Chiron in Aries. While it is absolutely true that only you can heal your wounds, the sense of support you gain from knowing that there are people in your corner wishing you well motivates you to fight for full recovery. And as your courage energises their willpower to address their own painful problems, there are equal benefits for both sides in the therapeutic process.

12 October Sun in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius. Society starts to evolve when it embraces equality as its ideal. Protocols and procedures are determined through peaceful negotiations, diplomatic discussion and the friendly exchange of views. Everyone is offered equal consideration. Nobody is excluded or left behind.

Mercury in Libra opposing Jupiter in Aries. Do not take big decisions until you are totally ready to do so. An overwhelming sense of impatience should not be the motivating factor which forces you to come to a conclusion. Allow plenty of time for exploring all the options open to you before you make your choice.

Mars in Virgo square Neptune in Pisces. You can aim for perfection but please do not be disappointed when you find that it is impossible to achieve. Your health and wellbeing will benefit when you stop chasing unrealistic standards and start training yourself to be satisfied with doing your best.

14 October Venus in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius. Some of the most evolved relationships can be between kindred spirits who link up over the airwaves but may never meet in person. Yet they are closely connected via their shared ideals and the sense that both parties come from the same extra-terrestrial source.

WEEK THREE 15-21 October 2022

17-20 October Sun and Venus in Libra opposing Eris in Aries, trine Mars in Gemini, square Pluto in Capricorn. If you are involved in some form of disagreement, please choose the option of arguing rather than fighting. Try to take a diplomatic tone while making sure your point gets across in no uncertain terms. Your aim is to defeat your enemies through the clever use of words, not swords. You are launching a charm offensive, your weapons are flattery and persuasion. Even the most potent foe will not be able to withstand the onslaught of your quicksilver communication style.

20 October Mercury in Libra opposing Chiron in Aries. Bullying yourself with negative thoughts unsettles your equilibrium and sharpens the pain of your dis-ease, whereas talking it over with someone who is able to see things from your point of view can assist your self-healing process. Their input could turn out to be the motivating factor that drives you to act in your own favour.

WEEK FOUR 22-28 October 2022

22-23 October Sun conjunct Venus in Libra. Mercury in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius. There is absolutely no substitute for diplomatic negotiations, sharing of opinions and exchanging of views. Wisdom that has evolved down through the generations, over eons of time, would not even consider an alternative route to achieving civilised societies who live in a constant state of peace and harmony.


The complex and passionate influence of fixed Water sign Scorpio can make this a challenging time of year. The Sun’s energy takes on an intense quality which creates a rather heavy atmosphere. You might have to confront truths that are difficult to digest, perhaps in the management of your resources where you may be required to make some ruthless moves. Likewise with important relationships, whether intimate or business. If you feel trapped in a clandestine game where both partners are trying to out manoeuvre one another, trust your gut reactions to guide you on how to manage matters. Your motive is to serve your conscience and integrity by achieving the most effective outcomes for all concerned. Scorpio season may seem tough because its mission is to test you in ways which purify, transform and regenerate toxic influences that threaten the vitality of your life force. It is time to tackle them and emerge from their clutches, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Sun Signs most affected: LEO, SCORPIO


Take advantage of Venus travelling through the sign of transformation to regenerate your key relationships. You may have to do some soul-searching to determine what might be casting a shadow on your connections with other people. It is very important not to assume the role of scapegoat by blaming yourself for everything that is wrong. Neither should you try to shift all the shame onto someone else. Venus is also the planet of natural resources and when she is in Scorpio, the sign of asset management, she is testing your ability to appreciate the gifts you were born with. She will be questioning the value you place on your talents. Are you making the most of them? Have you invested your time, energy and passion in them? Do you feel a powerful sense of fulfilment when you engage with them? If the answer to any of these questions is “No”, then Venus will want to know why. Sun Signs most affected: TAURUS, LIBRA, SCORPIO


As the great task-master Saturn resumes its forward movement through the most unpredictable yet evolutionary of zodiac signs, we should be prepared to deal with the type of change that is calculated to test our mettle. The effort our eternal Souls put into incarnating as human beings emphasises the importance that the Planet Earth experience has in terms of enhancing our expertise. Living in a 3D reality can seem like a gruelling boot camp for many of us, but the insight and acumen we gain from sticking it out is beyond measure. Each generation contributes to the capability of the Cosmos to embrace and accept every single expression of life that it is possible to envision and conceive. Drawing on these ever-increasing reserves of wisdom and judgement, humans who wish to master the art of manifestation become more proficient in coping with the trials and tribulations involved in taking a plan and carrying it through to completion. But there will always be a major obstacle to overcome, and that is our tendency to cling to the tried and tested, even when it no longer serves our best interests. Brave is the far-sighted individual who dares to challenge Society’s status quo, even when their innovative ideas offer a lighter, brighter future to all who inhabit the Earth Plane experiment. Generally speaking, people are slow to rebel against the procedures and protocols which control their lives, even when it is obvious that they cause more harm than good. Saturn in Aquarius is here to remind us that it is time to relinquish the rules and regulations which have given us a false sense of security and permanence. We have reached the end of an era and, whether we like it or not, we are about to embark upon a new one which will no doubt contain lessons as yet unlearned. Sun Signs most affected: CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS

25 October NEW MOON IN SCORPIO Partial Solar Eclipse conjunct Venus in Scorpio

Set your intentions on starting something which will help to transform situations that are seriously in need of regeneration. They may appear lifeless, but – like a neglected garden – under the surface of the soil lie the seeds of renewal and rebirth. Your project will be empowered by the strength of your emotional input. Your passion and commitment are the magic ingredients which will enrich the final outcome. Please ensure that any new venture you begin at this time is founded on scrupulous standards of honesty, integrity and trust. If you are at all compromised by your own or other peoples’ motives, or by the materials and methods you employ, you will not prosper in the long term. Sun Signs most affected: CANCER, SCORPIO

26-27 October Mercury in Libra opposing Eris in Aries, trine Mars in Gemini, square Pluto in Capricorn. Choose your words carefully if you are forced to deal with narcissistic people in powerful positions. Do not be tempted to imitate their primitive communication style. Their arrogance inhibits any intelligence they may have started out with, which puts you way ahead of them in terms of quick wits. Polite charm (even though it may be insincere!) is more likely to cut through their defences than angry insults.


In some ways, Jupiter in Pisces is filled with the hope that all our dreams are about to come true. In others, it seems to offer opportunities which turn out to be nothing but balloons filled with hot air. We can cast ourselves as victims but it really is up to us not to be deceived by imposters, however plausible and sincere they seem. We should be able to tell the difference between a true guru and a false guide. A real and honest leader, whether spiritual or political, will always encourage you to ask questions and to think for yourself. Their mission is to offer you a wider perspective on the world. Whereas a phoney expert will persuade you to follow in their footsteps while ignoring any doubts you might have about the validity of their views. The retrograde phase of Jupiter in Pisces could bring a sense of déjà vu, particularly involving situations you believed were now behind you. How come they have cropped up again? Because there is a great deal to be gained from reliving certain aspects of the original adventure, but this time you will be blessed with the benefit of knowledge and hindsight. Sun Signs most affected: SAGITTARIUS, PISCES

WEEK FIVE 29-31 October 2022


You can use this introspective influence to carry out some in-depth investigation as it is precisely the type of mental energy which supports serious research into a specific subject. It is also great for soul-searching and spot-on if you want to dig into topics that are normally considered taboo like money, sex and death. It is a good position for looking at how to manage your assets. Do not dismiss your gut reactions or the messages you get from your instincts and intuition. They should be your trusted guides, particularly in circumstances where betrayal could be an issue. This is not a placement which favours light-hearted chat about nothing in particular. It is far better suited to the sort of full disclosure discussion that can transform your life. The rather sombre side of Mercury can bring an element of gravitas to your communication style which would be useful in situations where you have to sound sincere and convincing. Sun Signs most affected: GEMINI, VIRGO, SCORPIO


As Mars turns retrograde in Gemini the danger is that your efforts to keep abreast of all your interests are making you hyperactive, nervous and anxious. You may not want to reduce the number of your various pursuits but you do need to prioritise the more pressing or important among them. This is how you will retain diversity without losing definition and focus. Another side effect of Mars moving retrograde through Gemini (which continues until 12 January 2023) is the speed at which news bulletins are broadcast then quickly withdrawn or contradicted. There is no time to digest information, or to determine where it is coming from and whether or not it is true. Because question marks hover over the authenticity of data that is delivered the only thing that cannot be denied about it is its ability to create mental tension and stress. Sun Signs most affected: ARIES, GEMINI

Monday 31 October Ceres in Virgo trine North Node in Taurus. Your ability to work creatively with the simplest ingredients and to make the most of modest materials serves you well. Your natural resourcefulness and the enjoyment you derive from your everyday existence prove to be valuable assets as you travel through life.

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