Astrology for November 2022

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note: all dates and times in this article are based on Universal Time Zone

This month’s ASTRO CALENDAR lists major planetary placements & patterns, together with movement of the Moon and void of course phases, on a daily basis.

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Scorpio Season began on 23rd October and continues until the 22nd of this month, when the Sun moves into the third fire sign, Sagittarius. November is a solar blend of water and fire elements which intensifies our perceptive instincts and awakens our urge to explore. Hopefully this eagle-eyed combination will encourage us to seek and find answers to some of our most challenging concerns.

Here are the highlights in this month’s astrological cycles. Invite them to guide and empower your manifestation projects and ask for their assistance when you struggle to cope with the harsher aspects of life on Planet Earth.

WEEK ONE 01-07 November

3-5 November South Node conjuncts Venus, the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio. This celestial meet-up might trigger deep-seated emotions that are difficult to deal with. Strong feelings stemming from sub-conscious memories or misunderstandings with roots in past history (possibly handed down from previous generations) could erupt with volcanic force. Scary as this may seem, it has to happen in order to detoxify the current situation. It is a potent form of purification and regeneration with the power to transform heavy burdens of guilt and shame into haloes of light, love and forgiveness.

5-7 November Venus in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus and square Saturn in Aquarius. If you have been trying to brush unpleasant issues under the carpet when they really need to be confronted and changed it could be that you no longer have any choice but to face facts, however unwilling you are to do so. Hanging on in the hope that things can continue in their current format will not work, basically because they have run out of time and resources. The most productive way to tackle the problem would be to gain a deeper understanding of it by researching into the underlying causes. This will give you more control as you fashion your plans to reform the situation.

WEEK TWO 08-14 November 2022

8 November FULL MOON TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE IN TAURUS conjunct Uranus, trine Ceres, square Saturn, opposing Mercury and Venus

Something you have been building for a while may be about to bear fruit, but the emerging of hidden complications might mean that the closing stages are knocked off course by circumstances beyond your control. Do not allow any loss of trust or conviction to overshadow your progress so far, even though the road ahead seems to be strewn with rather large rocks.

When you are in the midst of managing a crisis your unwavering commitment to your project will help to keep you calm. If you feel that evidence based on your own observations and experience is being dismissed as irrelevant, please feel free to dig your heels in. Your stubborn determination to stick with your instinctive reactions on stuff that really matters could make a fundamental difference to how it evolves and the richness of the rewards you will reap.

9 November Uranus in Taurus opposing Sun & Mercury in Scorpio, trine Ceres in Virgo. Undergoing major change of any kind is rarely easy. It can test you to the extent where you are tempted to throw in the towel. Somehow you manage to keep going, day after day, until the time comes for you to turn around and see the fruits of your labour. This is when you realise that your dogged determination has been recognised and rewarded in full.

10-11 November Mercury & Sun in Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius. If you find yourself in a difficult situation the last thing to do is blame yourself for being there. The only reason you should contemplate undertaking a course of self-interrogation would be to gain a deeper understanding of the sequence of events which brought you to where you are now. You will learn from any mistakes that were made and resolve never to repeat them.

10-12 November Venus & Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces. This very favourable influence can help to heighten your perception of the Guidance which flows to you via your imagination. Your ability to interpret the dreams and visions you receive will be empowered, enabling you to communicate their inspirational content more clearly.

WEEK THREE 15-21 November 2022

15 November Sun in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces. Empathetic individuals can appear fragile and vulnerable due to their high level of sensitivity. In fact, compassion is an empowering quality within their nature. It is the true source of the spiritual strength which makes them so much tougher than they seem! But they do need to retreat from the rigours of daily life at regular intervals, otherwise they risk being overwhelmed by the sheer intensity of the sympathy they feel for their fellow Earthlings.

15-16 November Venus & Mercury in Scorpio trine Jupiter in Pisces. If you have been dragged through the doldrums, dealing with a deluge of negative information and oppressive opinions you may begin to sense a lightening of the load. A glimmer of hope at the end of a long, dark tunnel perhaps? Dare to believe that better times are waiting for you, just around the river bend. Have faith that you will find them when your Soul Plan decrees the time is right.


Fall in love with positivity, optimism, new prospects – with anything that makes your world more adventurous. Give way to the free spirit within you and follow the call to push back the boundaries of your life, to explore and discover new experiences. This is not the time to settle for the kind of ho-hum situation that offers a fair enough level of comfort and enjoyment but which leaves you feeling restless and dissatisfied. The sensation of somehow wanting more could crop up in your relationships, possibly via a developing dullness with the way things seem to be drifting along. Actually the boredom you feel is with yourself, and it is waking you up to the fact that you need to allow fresh options and influences into your life. They will expand and liberate your current circumstances until they no longer limit your potential for personal growth.


This placement of the mind planet encourages your ability to ask intelligent and meaningful questions and then wend your way through a variety of answers until you find the one that makes most sense to you. It is the perfect time to broaden your mind and raise your levels of knowledge and awareness. Expand your education in ways which will introduce you to new concepts, languages and cultures. Take your brain on a voyage of discovery into the Unknown! At this stage you are exploring your options, you do not have to commit to a single subject until you are ready. This placement of Mercury offers the opportunity to form networks in communities with a global identity, which encourage communication and the sharing of information over a wide range of distances and interests.

19 November Mars in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces. Be careful with this energy combo, especially if you are tempted to hurry and hustle to hit a target before you are absolutely sure that you know what you are doing. Do not take any action while in a confused state. Your impatience to tick off items on your to do list might rebound on you, leaving you floundering in a sea of frustrated goals and wasted effort. Conserve your strength and sustain your stamina until you have achieved a definite sense of clarity and direction.

21 November Sun in Scorpio trine Jupiter in Pisces. “Hope springs eternal” this inspirational mantra offers an optimistic energy to empower and uplift you when times get really tough. Life is a learning curve which carries us through a series of strange adventures and in-depth experiences, some of which test us to our limits. Their purpose is to expand our levels of knowledge and awareness, to strengthen our courage and integrity and to deepen our connection to the Truth.

21 November Mercury conjunct Venus in Sagittarius. This is the perfect time to connect with networks that bring you into contact with a wide variety of interesting people. They can definitely open your mind to new ideas and fresh perspectives but they could also open doors you did not know existed, which would be helpful if you have got something to promote or sell. Others may be seeking your advice and your wise words have the potential to be a very positive influence in their lives. You would be offering them a more optimistic outlook by highlighting options and opportunities available to them that they might have overlooked.

WEEKS FOUR & FIVE 22-30 November 2022


The upbeat mood of the Sun as it journeys through the intrepid, adventurous energy of Fire sign Sagittarius helps to boost your overall quota of optimism and positivity. Your urge to explore could be dynamised and you may be looking forward to expanding your horizons. Some form of travel (physical, mental or spiritual) might be on the agenda, or you could be contemplating enrolling on a course that promises to increase your current level of self-awareness. It is important to take an active role in attracting positive events into your life. Windows of opportunity do not open by themselves. You have to go looking for the options which will enhance your existence. You must stay alert for the moment when chance comes your way and be ready to answer its call. Every prospect that crosses your path carries its own potential to increase your understanding, knowledge and experience of the world around you.

22 November Mars in Gemini square Ceres in Virgo. Be careful not to spread your energy too thinly across too many areas of interest. Cutting corners on the amount of time and attention you give to each of your projects could leave you feeling frazzled as well as frustrated by the results you achieve. This is not to say that you cannot have several subjects on your desk at one time, in fact the variety could protect you from becoming bored. You just need to focus on one topic at a time and make sure you do not let diversity distract you from getting your work done.


As this New Moon is passing away from the influence of a moving Direct Jupiter and into the welcoming arms of Venus, its energy should be supercharged with positivity and optimism, making this the ideal time to begin an adventure which promises to expand your existing levels of knowledge and experience. It is rather like setting out on a journey into the Unknown. Hopefully, the prospect will fill you with excitement, even if it makes you feel somewhat scared. Just make sure you carry out the risk-assessment and safety checks that will protect you against potential hazards and mishaps. At this stage you are simply exploring the options open to you and it might be wiser not to narrow your scope until you feel certain you have found the Real Thing, your Heart’s Desire.


The phrase “go with the flow” means giving in to the guidance you receive in the fleeting form of feelings, emotions, images and impressions. Your faith will carry you along without a lot of obvious effort on your part. This is an excellent time to develop your psychic awareness, so that its Wise Counsel is always available to you. You will be expanding your ability to interpret information from other dimensions, which flows to you through your imagination and through the symbols that appear in your dreams and visions. Do not disregard them as random or accidental. They are showing you the world from a higher perspective.

25 November Neptune in Pisces opposing Ceres in Virgo. Fantasies and visions are inspiring but they can also confuse your creative process by overwhelming you with an endless flow of material to be manifested. Even though you know it is impossible to realise every magical sparkle in physical form (there are simply not enough hours in the day), you feel duty bound to sow as many dream seeds as you can. But sooner or later you will need to select the sprouted plantlets with the best chance of blossoming and then nurture them through to fruition.

25-26 November Mercury & Venus in Sagittarius trine Chiron in Aries. It sounds like just a slogan but the words “we’re all in it together” can be very helpful to those who are embarked on their journey to self-healing. Just to know that there are other intrepid travellers who have trodden a similar path and survived to tell the tale is enough to encourage the most troubled soul. The knowledge and experience to be gained through the process of recovering from woundedness is a glorious gift to be celebrated and shared.

28-29 November Mars in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius and opposing Mercury in Sagittarius. Really brainy people often have a problem with presenting their ideas to audiences who are too lazy to listen. This is especially so with advanced or innovative concepts which require concentrated effort to understand. While it is important to adjust your communication style to suit your classroom there are some subjects that simply cannot be dumbed down or reduced to an ABC level of comprehension. You are perfectly within your rights to insist that your effort and expertise are respected. Those who cannot be bothered to open their minds to your message will be stuck in primary school for the foreseeable future.

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