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Astrology for November 2023

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note: all dates and times in this article are based on Universal Time Zone (UT)

© Pauline Gerosa Astrology Oracle 2023 Images & Text

Your Zodiac Sign This Month

The strongest influences to your birth sign will come from:

  • planets passing through your Zodiac Sign
  • New and Full Moons affecting your section of the Zodiac
  • the current placement of your Ruling Planet and the connections it creates
  • your Ruling Planet moving retrograde or direct
    (see the list of ruling planets at the end of this post)

Movement of the Moon

The Moon passes through your Zodiac Sign 1-2 times per month. Because La Luna affects your moods and emotions you may find that your feelings are more sensitive when she is in your sector of the zodiac. Your instincts are intensified at this time, and you are at your most intuitive and imaginative. Read more about the Movement of the Moon

MOON VOID OF COURSE phases are when the Moon makes no more astrological connections to any planet before it moves into the next zodiac sign. Traditional astrology believes that anything important which is initiated during these times is unlikely to come to full fruition or reap the results that are anticipated, or hoped for.


This article looks at highlights in November’s astrological cycles. Invite them to guide and empower your manifestation projects and ask for their assistance when you struggle to cope with the harsher aspects of life on Planet Earth.

Scorpio Season began on 23rd October and ends on 22nd of this month when the Sun moves into third fire sign, Sagittarius. A solar blend of water and fire elements helps us not just to cope with circumstances that are both challenging and intense but also to transform them so they become productive rather than destructive. But any tendency to overdo the drama should definitely be avoided.

1-4 November Moon in Cancer trine Saturn & Neptune in Pisces, trine Sun, Mars, Mercury & Ceres in Scorpio, square Chiron, Eris & North Node in Aries, opposing Pluto in Capricorn. 4 November UT 03:26 Moon goes void of course until UT 07:20 when Moon moves into Leo.

Pinpoint the potential – the ability to place total trust in the intuitive reactions and responses emanating from your gut instincts ensures that you retain control of the most challenging of circumstances, which enables you to create the outcomes you desire.

Possible pitfalls – whatever appears to be going on in the world around you must not be allowed to frighten or confuse you. Switch off from whatever distressing drama happens to be playing and retreat into your own reality.

3-7 November Planetary Placements & Patterns

Sun in Scorpio opposing Jupiter in Taurus. Venus in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces, trine Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury conjunct Ceres in Scorpio, opposing Uranus in Taurus.

This complex collection of energies carries considerable potential, but the intensity involves a certain risk factor. The clandestine dealings of power-obsessed individuals in their attempts to cause chaos and confusion can only go so far before they hit a brick wall of resistance. Some courageous souls will be in the front line of this life or death struggle to break free from oppression. The rest of us must reinforce their brave efforts by surrounding them with the invincible psychic forces of Light and Love.


Sun Signs most affected: CAPRICORN, PISCES

If it feels as though you have been sailing through stormy seas filled with jagged rocks then give yourself a pat on the back for having navigated your way through the dangers, delays and difficulties to calmer waters. Your mission is far from over but you have successfully completed this clause in your contract. Take time to organise the next stage on your schedule for success. Your plans should be structured with careful precision but it is important not to be too rigid. Your vision must be allowed space to manifest of its own volition and on its own terms.

4-6 November Moon in Leo square Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus, square Sun, Mars, Ceres & Mercury in Scorpio, trine Chiron, Eris & North Node in Aries. 6 November UT 07:23 Moon goes void of course until UT 19:38 when Moon moves into Virgo

Pinpoint the potential – trust your inner wounded warrior to carry you through troubled times. Please believe that your courage and confidence are strong enough to ensure that you survive the dark days of doubt.

Possible pitfalls – “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” might be the mantra that serves to sustain a positive outlook in situations which severely shake your faith in life.

6-9 November Moon in Virgo opposing Saturn & Neptune in Pisces, trine Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus, trine Pluto in Capricorn. 9 November UT 04:53 Moon goes void of course until UT 08:07 when Moon moves into Libra.

Pinpoint the potential – remaining loyal to the basic principles and standards that, in your book, cannot be compromised will reap the rewards you have been working to achieve.

Possible pitfalls – do not let doubts and fears about the apparent pointlessness of the work you are doing deter you from trusting that if you keep believing in the positive potential of your plans, they will definitely succeed.


As this placement of Venus in one of the signs she rules has the ability to enhance your personal charm and persuasiveness it can be very helpful if you are hoping to negotiate a fair deal, especially if you are trying to get others to agree with your side of the situation. Play your cards right and you could end up forming a mutual admiration society, with everyone offering support and appreciation for one another’s contributions. If you are having problems with procrastination, this is the ideal setup for attracting the second opinions which assist you to arrive at a definite decision. Choose advisers who are able to identify with your position while maintaining a balanced view of your circumstances. They could help you weigh up the pros and cons of each of your options and may even offer their services as your PR agent.

9 November Venus meets up with the Moon in Libra, which could enhance your popularity with people who admire your style. They may be drawn to an artistic element within your presentation that you might take for granted but which they find really attractive and would like to imitate. They will appreciate any tips you can offer about how to improve the response they receive from others.

Sun Signs most affected: TAURUS, LIBRA

9-11 November Moon in Libra conjunct Venus & South Node in Libra, opposing Chiron, Eris & North Node in Aries, square Pluto in Capricorn. 11 November UT 15:03 Moon goes void of course until UT 18:38 when Moon moves into Scorpio.

Pinpoint the potential – it is time to recognise and be grateful for the gifts you have inherited via the gene pool you were born into. Be thankful for the talents, abilities and personal charms bequeathed to you by your ancestors!

Possible pitfalls – you sabotage any chance of healing the wounds which destroy your happiness by denying the talents and abilities that are yours to enjoy and fulfil.


This placement of the mind planet encourages your ability to ask intelligent and meaningful questions and then wend your way through a variety of answers until you find the one that makes most sense to you. It is the perfect time to broaden your mind and raise your levels of knowledge and awareness. Expand your education in ways which will introduce you to new concepts, languages and cultures. Take your brain on a voyage of discovery into the Unknown! At this stage you are exploring your options, you do not have to commit to a single subject until you are ready. This placement of Mercury offers the opportunity to form networks in communities with a global identity, which encourage communication and the sharing of information over a wide range of distances and interests.

Shortly after moving into Sagittarius, Mercury falls into a square aspect to Saturn in Pisces, which could cause a sense of foreboding about where things seem to be going. Try not to let negative news prevent you from keeping an open mind and an optimistic outlook. Seek the silver linings that cheer you up and put a smile on your face.

Sun Signs most affected: GEMINI, VIRGO, SAGITTARIUS

11-14 November Moon in Scorpio trine Saturn & Neptune in Pisces, conjunct Sun (New Moon), Mars & Ceres in Scorpio, opposing Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus. 13 November UT 23:01 Moon goes void of course until 14 November UT 02:22 when Moon moves into Sagittarius

Pinpoint the potential – this could be a fertile, productive phase when you feel inspired and emboldened to push past any perceived threats to the success of your creative endeavours.

Possible pitfalls – it would be naïve not to expect a certain degree of difficulty in getting your project off the ground, but there is no need to abandon your plans simply because unforeseen obstacles crop up to stall your progress.

11-13 November Planetary Placements & Patterns

Mars & Sun in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus. Ceres in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces.

Trust is your most effective weapon when you are confronted with unexpected events that generate chaos and confusion. Your ability to cope with crisis is reinforced by a strong sense of being guided and protected by unseen forces whose energies are infinitely more powerful than any purely human activity could possibly match. But you must fight any subconscious urge to control the situation and deliberately invite your multidimensional Guides to handle matters on your behalf.


Set your intentions on starting something which will help to transform situations that are seriously in need of regeneration. They may appear lifeless, but – like a neglected garden – under the surface of the soil lie the seeds of renewal and rebirth. Your project will be empowered by the strength of your emotional input. Your passion and commitment are the magic ingredients which will enrich the final outcome. Please ensure that any new venture you begin at this time is founded on scrupulous standards of honesty, integrity and trust. If you are at all compromised by your own or other peoples’ motives, or by the materials and methods you employ, you will not prosper in the long term.

Since this new moon is entangled in an opposition between Mars in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus it might be wise to be prepared for some sort of subversive or underground activity that undermines the smooth running of “normal” events. Those who are awake, aware and primed to cope with sudden change will be able to avoid the more radical aspects of this forceful energy.

Sun Signs most affected: CANCER, SCORPIO

14-16 November Moon in Sagittarius square Saturn & Neptune in Pisces, conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius, trine Chiron, Eris & North Node in Aries. 15 November UT 22:55 Moon goes void of course until 16 November UT 07:41 when Moon moves into Capricorn

Pinpoint the potential – your ability to see beyond present chaos and confusion to the brighter times that lie ahead enables you to spread a healing message of hope.

Possible pitfalls – however low the world appears to have fallen, do not allow your naturally optimistic outlook to be clouded by doubt and fear.

16 November Moon in Capricorn trine Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus, square Venus in Libra, square Chiron, Eris & North Node in Aries, conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. 18 November UT 08:25 Moon goes void of course until UT 11:27 when Moon moves into Aquarius.

Pinpoint the potential – your dedicated commitment to your goals for personal growth and transformation galvanises people who, until now, have failed to evolve beyond their comfort zones of apathy and self-pity.

Possible pitfalls – do not give up on your goals, however lacklustre the response when you reveal them to the world or share them with others. Stick to your plans, which will find success when the time is right.

17-20 November Planetary Placements & Patterns

Sun conjunct Mars & Ceres in Scorpio, trine Neptune in Pisces.

“We can change our own life and ultimately change the world.” Kristi Bowman

This is the perfect time to invest in creative projects that promote individual evolution. The necessity for personal growth becomes even more meaningful during an era of intense turbulence. Offer your Self as a channel through which enlightened energies can flow and you will be guided through the stages and phases involved in transforming the collective consciousness of earth plane existence.

18-20 November Moon in Aquarius square Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus, trine Venus & South Node in Libra, square Mars, Sun & Ceres in Scorpio. 20 November UT 10:48 Moon goes void of course until UT 14:28 when Moon moves into Pisces.

Pinpoint the potential – You are constantly connected to a quantum soul family who will never desert or abandon you. Tune into their unconditionally loving presence and let them support you through the tough times.

Possible pitfalls – if you are feeling outcast, rejected or betrayed it is probably because you have lost all sense of alignment with your main source of support: the spiritual tribe to which you truly belong.

20-22 November Moon in Pisces conjunct Saturn & Neptune in Pisces, square Mercury in Sagittarius, trine Mars & Ceres in Scorpio. 22 November UT 15:07 Moon goes void of course until UT 17:19 when Moon moves into Aries

Pinpoint the potential – this blissful blend of lunar blessings is yours to do whatever you wish with, whenever you want to. Its marvellous magic transcends time and space to empower your manifestation projects.

Possible pitfalls – if there is a lesson attached to this benevolent lunar influence, it could be that of patience while you wait for your dreams to come true exactly when, where and how they are supposed to.

21-23 November Planetary Placements & Patterns

Chiron in Aries trine Mercury in Sagittarius, opposing Venus in Libra. Mars conjunct Ceres in Scorpio.

There is much ground to be covered in your quest for self-healing and the ultimate goal is a transformational shift within your energy field. But painful wounds, particularly in the area of your relationships with others, may well be exposed in the process. The courage it takes to address them will not be wasted as the potential for personal development is truly significant.

22-24 November Moon in Aries trine Sun & Mercury in Sagittarius, conjunct Chiron, Eris & North Node in Aries, opposing Venus in Libra, square Pluto in Capricorn. 24 November UT 17:38 Moon goes void of course until UT 20:28 when Moon moves into Taurus

Pinpoint the potential – the sense of adventure which spurs you on through life fuels your ability to embrace the opportunities that cross your path, in spite of the risk factor involved.

Possible pitfalls – while it is always wise to take heed of any strong sense of warning or foreboding, ingrained negativity and pessimism must not prevent you from taking a chance on life.


The upbeat mood of the Sun as it journeys through the intrepid, adventurous energy of Fire sign Sagittarius helps to boost your overall quota of optimism and positivity. Your urge to explore could be dynamised and you may be looking forward to expanding your horizons. Some form of travel (physical, mental or spiritual) might be on the agenda, or you could be contemplating enrolling on a course that promises to increase your current level of self-awareness. It is important to take an active role in attracting positive events into your life. Windows of opportunity do not open by themselves. You have to go looking for the options which will enhance your existence. You must stay alert for the moment when chance comes your way and be ready to answer its call. Every prospect that crosses your path carries its own potential to increase your understanding, knowledge and experience of the world around you.

Due to a down-beat influence as the fledgling Sun in Sagittarius falls into a square with Saturn in Pisces on 23 November, it could be wise to consider long reaching consequences more carefully than you would normally need to. Although they might be difficult to pinpoint with precision, your antenna are alerted to the possibility of unforeseen obstacles crossing your path. This enables you to re-direct your course quickly and easily if you should have to do so.

Sun Signs most affected: LEO, SAGITTARIUS

24-27 November Moon in Taurus conjunct Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus, trine Pluto in Capricorn. 26 November UT 21:50 Moon goes void of course until 27 November UT 00:39 Moon moves into Gemini

Pinpoint the potential – this is an opportunity to tune into extraordinarily effective energies. Whether you are deconstructing or reconstructing a specific area of your life, the changes you make will have a powerful impact on your existence.

Possible pitfalls – however firmly you have settled into what seems like a secure comfort zone, sooner or later you will be forced to heed the call to evolve.


You may be feeling extra outgoing, keen to expand your horizons and push past the boundaries that currently confine your life. Watch your levels of impatience and impetuousness and do not take risks without assessing the potential for accident and injury. Learning curves, however exciting, can morph into roller coaster rides whose rapid ups and downs leave you gasping for breath! Channel this fiery, freewheeling enthusiasm into activities which promise to increase your knowledge of yourself and of the world around you. You are not looking for the kind of instant achievement that enables you to tick off items on a to-do list. This is much more about participating in an enthralling adventure rather than hitting predetermined goals or marching through a series of targets and deadlines.

Immediately after entering the sign of Sagittarius Mars is confronted by Saturn in Pisces, which might feel like setting out on a glorious day only to be dumped on by a torrential downpour of ice-cold rain. But nothing daunts the brave warrior in their determination to explore the unknown. Setbacks, delays and disappointments are nothing more than opportunities to test the limits to which your confidence, courage and commitment can be pushed!

Sun Signs most affected: ARIES, SAGITTARIUS


If you are about to create a design for a manifestation project it would be wise to explore all the options available to you before you commit to a particular focus or direction. You will learn a lot through this process of discovery, which should not be rushed. You are collecting the kind of knowledge and experience that will improve your prospects for producing rich rewards. Resist the temptation to cut corners, or to take unnecessary risks as they could endanger your outcomes and detract from the end result. Take a generous approach when it comes to welcoming creative contributions from far-flung sources as input from overseas could prove to be of considerable benefit to the final fruition of your scheme.

Ceres follows Mars into Sagittarius, adding emphasis to the unsettling square between the red planet and Saturn in Pisces. Do not allow the initial optimism you felt about your current direction of travel disappear at the first sign of trouble. Disappointment is the primary obstacle you will need to overcome if your creative endeavour is to have any chance of reaching a successful outcome. Self-belief is your main weapon against all forms of doubt and disillusion.

Sun Sign most affected: SAGITTARIUS

27-29 November Moon in Gemini opposing Ceres, Mars, Sun (Full Moon) & Mercury in Sagittarius, square Saturn & Neptune in Pisces, trine Venus & South Node in Libra. 29 November UT 01:01 Moon goes void of course until UT 06:53 when Moon moves into Cancer

Pinpoint the potential – previous generations in your ancestral line have contributed a variety of natural abilities to the list of gifts at your disposal. They provide the skills and attributes that enable you to communicate effectively.

Possible pitfalls – please do not take your talents for granted by judging them against non-existent ideals. Be grateful to the gene pool through which you inherited them.


Sun Signs most affected: GEMINI, CANCER, SAGITTARIUS

An educational programme, a sales or marketing idea, a communication or logistics project could be coming to fruition. It has passed through the elementary stage and is now ready to be taken to the next phase of development. This would be a good point to address any teething problems which may prevent you from moving your creation to a more advanced level. You could consider looking to contacts within your local community for imaginative input and emotional support. Bearing in mind that life on Planet Earth is a learning curve which inevitably offers you a mixed bag of experiences, you should always anticipate positive outcomes!

This Full Moon is caught in a T-square involving Saturn in Pisces and Ceres & Mars in Sagittarius, which indicates a need to consider unforeseen issues that could throw a shadow over your more optimistic expectations for success. Once they are firmly factored into your forecasts, they become a source of stability rather than distress.

27-29 November Planetary Placements & Patterns

Saturn in Pisces square Ceres in Sagittarius
Mercury in Sagittarius trine Eris & North Node in Aries, square Neptune in Pisces
Venus conjunct South Node in Libra, opposing Eris & North Node in Aries

The ambivalent energies of these planetary patterns suggest that the best way forward is to face reality, rather than trying to avoid it. While there is nothing wrong with continuing to hope for positive outcomes, it is unwise to pretend that the process of achieving them will be easy. On the contrary, it is bound to be littered with trials that will test your faith.

Focus your effort on winning the short-term goals that will carry you to victory in incremental steps, rather than trying to take on too much at once. Nostalgic longing for what could or should have been will prevent you from forging the path to a bright new future.

29 November-1 December Moon in Cancer square Chiron, North Node & Eris in Aries, trine Neptune in Pisces, square Venus in Libra, opposing Pluto in Capricorn.

Pinpoint the potential – no matter what is going on in the world around you, your fertile imagination provides a safe haven from suffering and sorrow.

Possible pitfalls – try not to allow other people’s heavy energies drag you down. Offer them your caring concern but be careful to ensure that your empathy will not be exploited.

1 December UT 13:05 Moon goes void of course until UT 16:00 when Moon moves into Leo.

Planetary Rulers of Zodiac Signs

Planet Mars rules Aries, Planet Venus rules Taurus & Libra, Planet Mercury rules Gemini & Virgo, The Moon rules Cancer, The Sun rules Leo, Planet Pluto rules Scorpio, Planet Jupiter rules Sagittarius, Planet Saturn rules Capricorn, Planet Uranus rules Aquarius and Planet Neptune is ruler of Pisces. More about ZODIAC SIGNS and their Rulers.

© Pauline Gerosa Astrology Oracle 2023 Images & Text



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