Astrology for November 2020

Astrology for November 2020All dates in this article are based on Universal Time Zone


Mercury, planet of communication, is resuming forward movement but not without some difficulty as it is challenged by a square from Saturn in Capricorn. This suggests an ongoing sense of banging your head against a brick wall, especially if you have been denied answers to questions that, in your mind, you have a perfect right to ask. You will probably have to be patient for a bit longer, as the people who should be providing you with information are bogged down in complicated power struggles and difficult decisions. The best thing to do is keep your own counsel. Focus on issues that affect you directly and take advice only from those you trust.

THE SABIAN SYMBOLS FOR 25-26° LIBRA ARE “The sight of an autumn leaf brings to a pilgrim the sudden revelation of the mystery of life and death.” and “An eagle and a large white dove change into each other.” I feel these symbols are extremely relevant to the situation that is currently playing out in global politics and for me, they contain a message of Hope in these rather dark times. The potential is that powerful figures on the world stage are finally confronted with the realisation that they are mortal. How do they wish to be judged after their death? As aggressive warmongers or creators of peace and harmony? Let us hope it will be the second choice.


Creative Ceres takes her place in the most imaginative and visionary of the zodiac signs. She wishes to inspire us and enable us to tune into the ethereal information that flows to us through our dreams. Asleep or awake, as co-creators with Mother Earth we can receive guidance on how to bring new life into being, while remaining in harmony with Nature and the environment of our home Planet.

“The land is my mother. Like a human mother, the land gives us protection, enjoyment and provides our needs – economic, social and religious. We have a human relationship with the land: Mother, daughter, son. When the land is taken from us or destroyed, we feel hurt because we belong to the land and we are part of it.” Djinyini Gondarra (

Venus in Libra is opposing Mars in Aries as Ceres enters Pisces, which suggests we must be far less selfish and impatient in our creative endeavours. Why do we hassle ourselves through the process, aggressively striving to get it done as soon as possible, insisting that it has to achieve certain goals? When, as Mother Goddess Ceres would wish us to, we could be having the kind of delightful and loving experience that celebrates our talents and abilities and fills us with joy and gratitude.


This placement of the mind planet helps us to see, hear and speak the truth. We are done with being lied to and we’re no longer interested in messages that merely manipulate facts and reduce reality to smear campaigns.

This placement of Mercury demands that we discern the differences between wishful thinking and intelligent ideas, which is why you have to be totally honest with yourself about the views you hold. Are they guided by your own strong instincts and intuition, or are you being swayed by persuasive propaganda? It is important to ensure all your thoughts and opinions are sincere and thoroughly checked for any form of unwanted influence.

The Sun will be forming an inspirational trine with Neptune in Pisces as Mercury moves into Scorpio, which suggests that the visionary ability of your mind energy will be enhanced. This would be very helpful if you are hoping to receive premonitions about the future in order to invoke a clear sense of how to invest your time, energy and resources to your best advantage. Any data that comes through to you should be carefully recorded and examined for authenticity. Ask for the source, which ideally would be your own Wise Self, assisted by ancestors, family and friends from other dimensions of time and space.


There could start to be a sense of things finally beginning to move again, after a period of being constricted or constrained. But this is not an excuse for an impatient race to make up for lost time. The energy would be far better spent on identifying what you would like to achieve, at least in the short term. Make sure that the goals you are setting fill you with excitement and enthusiasm so that your energy remains strong and focussed. Try to keep things simple, as this will make it easier to accomplish your aims. But remember that the goal is not the end of the road, but rather a step along the way to fulfilment.

THE SABIAN SYMBOL FOR 15° ARIES is “An Indian weaving a ceremonial blanket”.

I absolutely love this symbol which suggests that all our actions – great & small, positive & negative, contribute to an amazing tapestry of experience and achievement. The overall image, made from a myriad of decisions & deeds, finally appears as a shimmering galaxy of light and colour in the heavenly realms of Cosmic Consciousness.


This is a potent point in your Soul Path purpose and you can use it to empower your evolutionary progress. But there is no pressure – you can simply tune into this new Moon and allow yourself to be bathed by its transformational energies!

Normally the New Moon in Scorpio marks the beginning of an influential new cycle where events that flow naturally will be more powerful than those that are over-managed. Things should be allowed to take their course without too much interference, especially in the early stages. Observe rather than intrude, and don’t do anything unless you are strongly guided by instinct or intuition. Trust your gut and follow your hunches as they are tuned into what’s really going on. But the 2020 version goes way beyond the basic seeding of intentions that generally occur at this time. I would describe it more as a surrender to your soul purpose. Let your Eternal Self set the agenda and the pace at which you manifest its unfolding plan.

The energy of the New Moon is intensified by a challenging square between Venus in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. This suggests forces that are out of balance and which are creating a kind of chaos that appears controlled but is actually very destructive. It seems that we must acknowledge the presence of these primitive energies and understand how their influence can be turned from negative to positive, from darkness to light.

THE SABIAN SYMBOL FOR 23° SCORPIO is “A rabbit metamorphoses into a nature spirit.”

Which is another way of describing how a physical life form becomes something higher and finer. But the process is purely natural, it cannot be manipulated, forced or engineered. It happens exactly how, when and where it is meant to.


Normally this would be a time of optimism, when people are feeling jolly as they look forward to the hope of better times. While these happy days may be very difficult to see on a horizon that seems to be filled with storm clouds, it is still possible to put yourself in a positive place.

You do not have to bury your head in the sand or ignore the potential dangers and difficulties of our present times, but you can detach from the negative energies surrounding them. Imagine yourself flying above the dreary doldrums of day-to-day existence. Actually, when you see them from a higher perspective, they don’t seem so bad! They look more like a patchwork quilt of infinite scraps and stitches which combine to create a wondrous living image – a moving picture of existence.

Shadowscapes Tarot the WorldTaking a philosophical view of things will help you to discover that place of positivity within yourself. It is like a gorgeous Christmas Tree hung with lighted candles. Each candle represents the potential for a new adventure, an amazing experience, a possible breakthrough, a fresh insight, a marvellous miracle!

Like the World Card in the Shadowscapes Tarot deck, you are gazing into the Unknown, wondering what Life has in store for you, and where it will take you next.

“I know not all that may be coming,
but be it what it will,
I’ll go to it laughing.”
Herman Melville


Shadowscapes Tarot Page of CupsVenus, planet of relationships and resources, moves into the most complicated of the zodiac signs while still under the depressing influence of a negative square from Saturn in Capricorn and heading into an upsetting opposition with Uranus in Taurus. While none of this bodes well for a happily ever after fairytale ending, I do feel there is plenty you can do to mitigate a difficult situation.

First and foremost, you can get to grips with issues involving your self-esteem. Some of the influences may be deep-seated and impossible to erase, but even so they should no longer be allowed to blight your life or interfere with your health, wealth and happiness.

You were born with talents and abilities. They are your resources – the tangible assets that can be used to enhance your existence by making it more enjoyable and fulfilling as well as enriching your sense of material comfort and security.

You were born with plenty of personal charm and charisma, neither of which have anything to do with external appearances. If you are experiencing partnership problems, or an apparent lack of success in your dealings with others, it is probably because you are under-valuing your own attractiveness. Understand why this is so, break away from these self-sabotaging patterns, and begin a totally new relationship with the wonderful, fabulous Self that you see reflected in your mirror. Then sit back and wait for the admirers to arrive!


As Neptune continues its passage through its own spiritual and sensitive sign Pisces our yearning for metaphysical messages and inter-dimensional insights that help us to see beyond our mundane existence should deepen. Hopefully Neptune is making us kinder and more sympathetic towards our fellow Earthlings. It’s probably the position of the compassionate planet in soft-hearted Pisces that’s inspiring the current world movements in ecology, animal welfare and veganism. But nebulous Neptune also has a tendency to turn us into escapists, feeding the addiction for fantasy TV, shopping, junk food, alcohol and drugs that enables us to avoid the harsher realities of life. We must resist the temptation to sacrifice our hard-gained consciousness and drift off into a hypnotic, sleep-walking state from which it’s very difficult to awake.

SABIAN SYMBOL FOR 18° PISCES is “In a gigantic tent, villagers witness a spectacular performance.”

Perhaps this is another way of saying “Life is a Cabaret old chum, come to the Cabaret!!” It reminds us that life could be compared to a hologram. It seems so real and it is so easy to believe that nothing else exists outside its all-encompassing influence. But, in the same way we can stop watching a TV programme and switch to another channel, we are always free to determine the terms upon which we interact with the drama entitled “Life on Planet Earth”.


Normally, this would be a good time to catch up on results from any networking you’ve been doing within your local community. Any spreading and collecting of news, views and information should come to fruition, so you’ll be more in the know and better connected to what’s going on around you. Just make sure the data you’ve collected is correct and that the sources it comes from are genuine.

However, this Full Moon is also an Appulse Eclipse, which suggests that your influence may be stronger than you think. It could be that your message contains information that is teaching or guiding others, which makes it necessary for you to understand who you are talking to and who is hearing what you say. You would not want your words to mislead anyone – on the contrary, you would hope that they have been able to enlighten, educate and inform.

This Full Moon is moving from 8° to 9° which, in Tarot terms, symbolises a movement between the Strength Card and The Hermit. This suggests that anyone in a position of power must overcome their own baser instincts and learned the true lessons of humility before they inflict their influence on others. Otherwise, they may reap negative results that sound a discordant note.

THE SABIAN SYMBOLS FOR THIS FULL MOON AT 8°-9° GEMINI are “Aroused strikers surround a factory.” and “A quiver filled with arrows.”

Basically, those who make false statements, guarantees and pledges knowing they cannot or will not deliver on the contracts they have signed are likely to end up with a revolution on their hands and an arrow between the shoulder blades. So be warned: don’t make promises you can’t keep.


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