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Astrology for May 2023

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note: all dates and times in this article are based on Universal Time Zone (UT)

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Your Zodiac Sign This Month

The strongest influences to your birth sign will come from:

  • planets passing through your Zodiac Sign
  • New and Full Moons affecting your section of the Zodiac
  • the current placement of your Ruling Planet and the connections it creates
  • your Ruling Planet moving retrograde or direct
    (see the list of ruling planets at the end of this post)

Movement of the Moon

The Moon passes through your Zodiac Sign 1-2 times per month. Because La Luna affects your moods and emotions you may find that your feelings are more sensitive when she is in your sector of the zodiac. Your instincts are intensified at this time, and you are at your most intuitive and imaginative. Read more about the Movement of the Moon

MOON VOID OF COURSE phases are when the Moon makes no more astrological connections to any planet before it moves into the next zodiac sign. Traditional astrology believes that anything important which is initiated during these times is unlikely to come to full fruition or reap the results that are anticipated, or hoped for.


This article looks at highlights in May’s astrological cycles. Invite them to guide and empower your manifestation projects and ask for their assistance when you struggle to cope with the harsher aspects of life on Planet Earth.

Taurus Season began on 20th April and continues until 21st of this month when the Sun moves into the first air sign Gemini. May is a solar blend of Earth and Air elements, which helps us to come up with ideas, schemes and designs that can be counted on to work in practical terms. But we must be both honest and realistic about the long-term sustainability of our plans. It is not sensible to build the future on untested theories based on unproved facts and figures, however clever and convincing they may look on paper.

1 May Moon conjuncts Ceres in Virgo, trines Uranus in Taurus, squares Venus in Gemini and opposes Neptune in Pisces. Creative projects benefit from an unorthodox element which takes them into a category of their own. They may not be easy to sell in the early stages, but the original aspects of your vision will gradually catch on and may even start a new trend! 1 May UT 23:51 Moon goes void of course until 2 May UT 06:08 when Moon moves into Libra.

1 May Sun conjuncts Mercury in Taurus. This is a great time to get your message across, especially if it involves promoting your particular talents and abilities. Stick to a communication style that is simple and straightforward. There is no need to overstate your case. Your charm and resourcefulness are bound to shine through if you allow your natural gifts to speak for themselves.


You may have been feeling the early rumblings of a major shift about to happen but whatever it will be is still below the surface, hidden from view. You, who are tuned into the subtle yet intense energies of sleeping volcanos about to awake, are already prepared to survive the fallout which follows eruption. You are the one who copes with challenge and holds things together while less stalwart souls panic and flap around you. You were there, wide awake and ready to respond, when powerful beings from the realms of Light sent out their call. You are a member of the super-charged team that is guiding Humanity through a dark tunnel into a bright future.

2-4 May Venus in Gemini forms T-square with Ceres in Virgo & Neptune in Pisces. Any doubts you may have about your popularity within your peer group should be questioned. You do not need to serve others in order to get them to notice you. People will like you better when they can see how well you get on with yourself.

2-4 May Moon in Libra trines Pluto in Aquarius & Venus in Gemini, opposes Chiron Eris & Jupiter in Aries and squares Mars in Cancer. When you take a detached view of your situation you are able to gain a sense of perspective that cannot be achieved if you are exaggerating your emotional involvement in the affair. Try not to take things too personally, as this approach will push you to retaliate when it would be better to negotiate. 4 May UT 09:15 Moon goes void of course until UT 14:32 when Moon moves into Scorpio.

4-6 May Moon conjuncts South Node in Scorpio, squares Pluto in Aquarius, trines Saturn & Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Cancer and opposes North Node, Mercury, Sun & Uranus in Taurus. Never doubt that you are quite capable of taking unexpected upheavals in your stride. Your soul plan is programmed to cope with any trials and tribulations that life may throw at you. Trust that the strength, stamina, wisdom and experience of your ancestors is always there to back you up, especially when the going gets really tough. 6 May UT 14:36 Moon goes void of course until UT 20:03 when Moon moves into Sagittarius.

5 May FULL MOON IN SCORPIO (Lunar Appulse Eclipse)

You could be feeling that you have reached the end of a significant phase in your life, because a major mission has been accomplished or completed. Perhaps things have been very challenging or complicated and you have earned a well-deserved rest. It is now time to relax and replenish your energy. But be careful not to allow any negative moods, memories or emotions to cast a shadow over what should be a time of transformation and regeneration in your life. Trust that you are in total control of the process. You can set your own pace, you can dictate your own terms. There is absolutely no need to put yourself under pressure.

6-8 May Moon in Sagittarius squares Saturn & Neptune in Pisces and trines Chiron, Eris & Jupiter in Aries. Do not be afraid to engage with the exciting opportunities that are coming your way. If you struggle to maintain your levels of courage and confidence then imagine a brave warrior standing at your shoulder, encouraging you to take this chance to expand and grow in spite of the doubts and fears which cast a shadow over your future success. 8 May UT 20:26 Moon goes void of course until UT 23:32 when Moon moves into Capricorn.


You may feel like shying away from social activities for a while, to focus on the comforts of home and family. A period of privacy will allow you to get creative with your natural talents and abilities. A relaxing retreat could be helpful if you are trying to bring harmony to personal relationships by introducing an atmosphere of mutual care and proposing ways of nurturing one another’s physical and emotional needs. This is not the time to outlay earnings on high-status stuff that you do not truly value, however much it might impress others. Spend your money in ways which offer you personal joy and fulfilment. You will be creating memories to gladden your heart for a long time to come.

11-13 May Venus in Cancer trines South Node in Scorpio & Saturn in Pisces. If ever you feel undervalued by the humans in your life, know that you are always loved and appreciated by your Soul family. They will never stop guiding, protecting, supporting and admiring you because they think you are the best thing since sliced bread!


As goddess of the harvest, Ceres feels very much at home in Virgo which is all about the rewards you reap when your hard work pays off. Ploughing through a list of chores and duties can feel very pointless, especially when you know you will have to repeat the process on a daily basis. But this is the basic stuff of life on Planet Earth. The regular, rhythmical routine of a succession of small tasks that keep the wheels turning and everything running smoothly. Ask Ceres for the gift of gratitude which will help you see the true fertility and fruitfulness within each tiny detail of your everyday existence.

9-15 May Sun conjuncts Uranus in Taurus and trines Ceres in Virgo. Put your creative skills to good use by applying them to circumstances that are crying out for change. Evolution is the order of the day, and your unique ability to understand precisely how to carry out much needed alterations and adjustments will breathe new life into situations which have become stagnant and stale.

9-11 May Moon in Capricorn opposes Venus & Mars in Cancer, trines North Node, Mercury, Uranus & Sun in Taurus and Ceres in Virgo and squares Chiron, Eris & Jupiter in Aries. Stand your ground against emotional pleadings from people who are pushing you to act before you are ready. You have learned from previous experience to trust your own methods for making things happen to a timescale that is designed to achieve the most satisfactory results. 10 May UT 23:50 Moon goes void of course until 11 May UT 02:05 when Moon moves into Aquarius.

11-15 May Mars in Cancer squares Eris in Aries and trines Neptune in Pisces. Please do not let impatience hustle you into acting prematurely. Let yourself be guided by instincts and intuition on how, when and where to execute your vision in order to manifest the outcomes you see so clearly in your dreams.

11-13 May Moon conjuncts Pluto in Aquarius and squares North Node, Mercury, Uranus & Sun in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio. While this could be a pivotal moment on your life path there is no need to put yourself under pressure to choose between one way or another. Your trust in the power of your Soul group to guide you in the right direction is the only impetus you need. 13 May UT 03:13 Moon goes void of course until UT 04:38 when Moon moves into Pisces.

13-15 May Moon conjuncts Saturn & Neptune in Pisces, trines South Node in Scorpio and Venus & Mars in Cancer, and opposes Ceres in Virgo. Do not worry about what to do to make your dream come true. This is a creative process which will happen naturally and organically. You will receive clear guidance from your Wise Self on any specific tasks and duties you need to carry out. 15 May UT 02:54 Moon goes void of course until UT 07:55 when Moon moves into Aries.


Now is the hour to honour and express your natural abilities – particularly those gifts involving mental acumen and manual dexterity. Although you may be taking your talents for granted others could benefit from them and would therefore appreciate and cherish them. If, until now, you have assumed that you are too slow to keep up with the clever ones in class, you might begin to see that your knack for understanding the real importance of basic principles is more valuable than all those smart but superficial sound bites. This is a good time to re-engage with physical pastimes which relax you while giving you a chance to express and enjoy your artistic nature. Activities such as singing, dancing, painting and craftwork could persuade your busy brain to give you a break.

15-17 May Moon conjuncts Chiron & Eris in Aries and squares Venus & Mars in Cancer. Your self-healing process is damaged by memories of pain inflicted on you by people who should have offered love and care. You must tackle these hurtful flashbacks head-on by bravely banishing them to where they belong, which is firmly in the past. They must not be allowed to threaten your present and future happiness. 17 May UT 09:08 Moon goes void of course until UT 12:27 when Moon moves into Taurus.


The Planet of knowledge and experience is moving into the sign of resources and relationships, taking you on a learning curve that promises to enrich your earth plane existence by making it more enjoyable and fulfilling. This is a voyage of discovery during which you will explore the many options open to you, so long as you are prepared to apply your natural gifts to their best advantage, in ways that benefit both yourself and others. The satisfaction you gain from using the simplest of methods and materials to create high quality, lasting results will be truly rewarding on all levels of your existence. Your example will be deeply reassuring to people who are longing to ditch value systems that feel false to them in favour of a more relaxed, unhurried lifestyle. Jupiter in Taurus opens up opportunity in the area of organics, following sustainable growth and development models based on natural assets, principles, timing and cycles.

18 May 2023 Jupiter in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius. Humanity cannot survive for much longer by following the billionaire’s code: “why be happy with one private yacht if you can have twelve”. Earth’s resources belong to all living beings and it is very wrong for a few privileged individuals to seize a giant portion for themselves thereby depriving others of their fair share. This negative example undermines the true concept of abundance by reducing it to nothing more than excessive consumption.

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”
Mahatma Gandhi

17-19 May Moon conjuncts Jupiter, North Node, Mercury, Uranus & Sun in Taurus, squares Pluto in Aquarius and trines Ceres in Virgo. A true sense of satisfaction stems from your ability to find fulfilment in life’s small and simple pleasures. The unique enjoyment that is generated from employing your natural talents in creative ways cannot be matched by any other form of human achievement. 19 May UT 17:49 Moon goes void of course until UT 18:47 when Moon moves into Gemini.


Set your intentions on starting something which is designed to deliver high-quality results. This is a good time to sow seeds for schemes that may grow rather slowly but which ultimately will be well made and built to last. Your gut feelings should be consulted because they have an important role to play in offering constructive guidance on how to proceed as each stage of your project is realised. This will ensure your rate of progress is steady and sustainable, your resources are always put to good use and the rewards you reap are as rich as you would want them to be.

19-22 May Moon in Gemini trines Pluto in Aquarius and squares Ceres in Virgo and Saturn & Neptune in Pisces. Make sure your message makes an impact by strengthening its universal appeal. Do not include unnecessary details as they will confuse and mislead the people you are communicating with. Extra data can be delivered further on down the line when your audience is ready to learn the more advanced features of your language. 21 May UT 22:10 Moon goes void of course until 22 May UT 03:28 when Moon moves into Cancer.

20 May MARS MOVES INTO LEO to oppose Pluto in Aquarius

Do not be afraid to draw attention to yourself, as this is a good time to stand in the spotlight and shine. Your leadership potential is particularly robust right now. Others may look to you for motivation in areas where they lack confidence, courage and conviction. You might be the kind of role model who proves that any goal can be achieved through a combination of enthusiasm, effort and the ability to keep trying until you get what you want. But if you find folk who are reluctant to determine their own direction, you may need to coax rather than coach them to take a stronger stance or to assume a more independent attitude.

23-26 May 2023 Mars in Leo squares Jupiter & North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio. An attitude of arrogance will scupper any intentions you may entertain about leaving the past behind to embark on a new direction. A sense of superiority is what separates you from all that you are capable of becoming. True pride is based on the kind of inner confidence which provides you with the courage and endurance you need to be your best self at all times.

21 May SUN MOVES INTO GEMINI to trine Pluto in Aquarius

The Sun’s energy becomes more mobile in the flexible Air element of Gemini. This placement supports your ability to communicate, network and make connections with people from your peer group, community and neighbourhood. Everything you need is in your local area so long as you get linked in with the right contacts. But please do not make the mistake of assuming you have nothing left to learn. Take every chance you get to educate yourself, especially in ways that will enhance your mental acumen and manual dexterity. Sun in Gemini confirms the importance and value of your ongoing interest in learning. Activities involving young people could be especially informative, as this age group can be adept at interpreting most subjects in fun, easy to understand terms. But you have to be quick if you want to keep up with them! Their unjaded intellects, unburdened by preconceived perceptions, tend to move pretty fast.

28 May Sun in Gemini squares Saturn in Pisces. Try not to get stressed about matters that are way beyond your sphere of influence. Keep your thoughts positive and concentrate on news on subjects which interest and inform you. You are not in denial about global difficulties, but you do not want to add to the overall sum of doom and gloom in the world.

22-24 May Moon conjuncts Venus in Cancer, trines South Node in Scorpio and Saturn & Neptune in Pisces and squares Chiron & Eris in Aries. This could be a personally creative and fulfilling time for you so long as you are able to switch off those irritating urges to achieve specific goals. You are satisfying a powerful instinct to express what comes naturally and there are no expectations attached to this process other than your own enjoyment in it. 24 May UT 09:10 Moon goes void of course until UT 14:34 when Moon moves into Leo.

24-31 May Venus in Cancer squares Chiron & Eris in Aries. The love you give to yourself can help to heal any pain that has been inflicted on you. You must become your own nurturing carer who is always on stand by and ready to step in when needed. There is no self-pity involved in this ability to offer unconditional empathy and support to the inner wounded child who awaits your warm hugs!

24-27 May Moon conjuncts Mars in Leo, opposes Pluto in Aquarius, squares Jupiter North Node, Uranus & Mercury in Taurus and trines Chiron & Eris in Aries. Confidence in your own courage to confront and overcome the challenges you face will carry you through to victory. You must trust that the fearless and feisty aspects of your character have more than enough chutzpah to cope in the most difficult of circumstances. 26 May UT 06:36 Moon goes void of course until 27 May UT 03:04 when Moon moves into Virgo.

27-29 May Moon conjuncts Ceres in Virgo, trines Jupiter, North Node, Mercury & Uranus in Taurus, squares Sun in Gemini and opposes Saturn & Neptune in Pisces. Do not be tempted to hurry whatever it is you are working on. Take all the time you need to produce a finished article which completely satisfies your own creative values and ideals. Anything else would be an insult to your unique talents and skills. 29 May UT 09:44 Moon goes void of course until UT 14:50 when Moon moves into Libra.

29-31 May Moon in Libra trines Pluto in Aquarius and Sun in Gemini, opposes Chiron & Eris in Aries and squares Venus in Cancer. You are certainly clever enough to conceive a sensible strategy which will enable you to achieve meaningful results within a realistic timeline. You definitely do not need to be intimidated by competitors whose confidence is only skin deep. Their bravado is based on low self-esteem. 31 May UT 14:51 Moon goes void of course until UT 23:44 when Moon moves into Scorpio.

Planetary Rulers of Zodiac Signs

Planet Mars rules Aries, Planet Venus rules Taurus & Libra, Planet Mercury rules Gemini & Virgo, The Moon rules Cancer, The Sun rules Leo, Planet Pluto rules Scorpio, Planet Jupiter rules Sagittarius, Planet Saturn rules Capricorn, Planet Uranus rules Aquarius and Planet Neptune is ruler of Pisces. More about ZODIAC SIGNS and their Rulers.



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