Astrology for May 2021Note: all dates and times in this article are based on Universal Time (GMT)


Main Astrology Events this Month

01-05 MAY

The month opens on a business-like note sounded by the Moon in Capricorn, although a testy T-square involving the Moon, Mars in Cancer and Chiron in Aries rings a warning bell. Rather like a high-profile project manager, the Moon has easy access to an impressive collection of able artisans. Uranus, the Sun, Venus and Mercury are lined up in the talented sign of Taurus, ready and willing to begin preparations to materialise ambitious plans and schemes.

But all grand designs come with built-in problems that usually involve arguments, disagreements and power struggles over strategies which turn out to be far more difficult to implement than expected. The process of manifesting a proposal as a workable reality is fraught with unexpected obstacles and enforced U-turns.

Such types of barriers and limitations are likely to emerge as the Moon, having moved into Aquarius, squares Uranus and Venus in Taurus, at the same time as the Sun and Mercury in Taurus are confronted by Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. As the Moon conjuncts Jupiter, there could be a surge in the level of rebellious reaction from people (possibly younger generation) who feel they are facing a future which looks very different to the one they were anticipating.

You can opt to use this energy constructively in your own life. By assuming a position that is as detached from worldly events as possible, you are liberating yourself to make plans and take decisions to suit your individual circumstances. Rely on your own resources to provide for your basic needs and value them as a source of abundance, pleasure and ease. Try not to lust after luxuries that will only weigh you down by limiting your freedom and increasing your sense of liability.


Mercury, planet of information, moves into the sign of communication which is helpful if you are engaged in any form of education (learning or teaching), networking, marketing, short-distance transportation or activities involving your local community. You can call on Mercury in this clever, chatty sign for assistance if you want to get your message across. Now is the time for collecting data, news & information that might come in handy to refer to for instruction or to provide the raw material for an article or essay. Light-hearted, fun contacts are the order of the day, possibly with pals from your peer group. It could be that you will be catching up with siblings, cousins or fellow pupils from school days.

10 May Mercury conjuncts North Node in Gemini. There could be a sense that you are on the right track, perhaps because one or other of your pet ideas is getting noticed. Something that you learned and have started to talk or write about recently may be evoking interest, especially if you have taken an existing viewpoint and evolved it or interpreted it in your own terms.

12 May Mercury in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius It is time to take your mental potential seriously. No more making excuses about your lack of brains or schooling. No more negative judgements about your ability to communicate. No more complaining that nobody listens to what you have to say. Select a subject which can help you manifest the future you have in mind, apply your intellectual acumen to learning everything you can about its matter and methods and figure out how this wisdom can be used to achieve your ambitions.

22-29 May Mercury squares Neptune in Pisces and conjuncts Venus in Gemini This is the hallmark of the silver-tongued salesman, so it is very important to pay attention and listen carefully. Just because someone is saying what they know you want to hear does not mean they are telling the truth. They could be coming across as kind, sympathetic and absolutely on your side but it may be nothing more than an act. Double-check their pledges and promises, however sincere and convincing they sound.

If you want to turn this energy to your advantage, the best way to use it is in situations where people are looking to be amused or entertained. If you have a message to deliver, even though your subject may be a serious one, make sure your communication style is light-hearted and easy to understand without being evasive. It is perfectly possible to cover all the salient points without telling a tale of woe which ends in misery ever after.


Mercury links up with Venus before turning retrograde at the end of the month, which suggests that this could be a good time to re-connect to people you knew at school, while you were studying or who come from your local community and neighbouring networks. They could be instrumental in persuading you to take another look at ideas you were interested in at the time, thereby re-awakening your attraction to the subject matter concerned.

This position of planet Mercury is ideal if you are looking to re-visit a time in your life when you were absorbing, processing, interpreting and communicating information. If this is a process which includes re-reading letters, essays or articles you wrote then, you could be pleasantly surprised to realise that you are quite a bit cleverer and more expressive than you had previously believed yourself to be!

Another way this retrograde motion of Mercury might manifest in your life is to bring up issues involving brothers, sisters, schoolmates and cousins, or people who took on similar roles in your life. The state of your connections with them (whether negative or positive) could re-surface to become a temporary focal point. While this may be an opportunity to redress any kind of falling out, you do not have to feel obliged to be the one who must rectify all mistakes. If there have been misunderstandings, it will take two to resolve them.


This is the optimum time to get involved with all things ecological. From planting a few seeds to sprout on your windowsill to joining an organisation which promotes environmental protection, you could be feeling the urge to nurture Nature.

Ceres in Taurus offers us the ability to appreciate the fundamental gifts of life. Clean air, fresh water, nourishing food, a loving home which offers safety and shelter. The company of other lifeforms, whether they be mineral, plant, animal or human. This is really all we need to create an earthly paradise.

Ceres in Taurus could help you to recognise how your most contented moments tend to happen when you are relaxed, comfortable and easy within yourself. There is no sense of pressure or stress. You are not striving to impress, you are merely living in the present instant. You have absolute trust in your talents and the activity you are engaged in. There is no fear of failure, for if for any reason your project does not work out as you had expected, you accept the unexpected variation to your design as integral to a natural, organic process.


Venus is the planet of relationships and resources and while Gemini is not her favourite sign to pass through, she knows how to cash in on its quick-silver energies. She understands that information is a valuable resource, especially to those who can interpret any data they deal with and put their own spin on other peoples’ bright ideas. She also recognises the importance of clear communication which enables everyone, regardless of their level of education or training, can comprehend. It is far easier to create a rapport with someone if you speak to them in their language and listen to them on their terms.

Gemini is a sociable sign to begin with and becomes even more so while Venus is in residence. This is a good time to look for potential partners in your local community or neighbourhood who could benefit you personally or professionally (or both!). Keep your connection style chatty, flirty and light-hearted for now, as this is not the moment to get dramatic, heavy and intense. The energy is great for exchanging ideas at a tentative ABC level, but not for the kind of commitment which involves long-term accountability.

17 May Venus conjunct North Node in Gemini Your ability to communicate carries you forward along your life path towards the fulfilment of your destiny. A talent for sharing your ideas and listening carefully to the responses you receive can ease your journey.

20 May Venus in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius Never be afraid to admit that you do not know or understand something. Do not allow your perception that you lack information or education to lower your self-esteem. Turn this shortage to your advantage by cajoling those who have wisdom to share it with you and then flattering them by hanging on to their every word. Everyone loves a good listener!

27 May Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces This is not the best time to get taken in by someone else’s powers of persuasion. You are vulnerable to vampires who set out to deceive, manipulate and make you feel sorry for them until they use up every drop of your kindness and compassion.


This new moon is just emerging from the sombre shadow of Saturn in Aquarius, which suggests that anything you initiate now should be launched from a firm, no-frills foundation. Your awareness that plans must be thoroughly formulated to stand the test of time is probably the most valuable asset you own. It will ensure that whatever you are building will be solid and robust enough to withstand major difficulties, obstacles and delays.

Do not be afraid to take your time over the productive process, whatever its nature. By doing so, you will be able to identify possible faults and anticipate future problems thereby eliminating their harmful effects. On the other hand, you should not allow caution and concern about what could go wrong to block you from materialising your dreams and designs in real life terms.

The Moon contacts Uranus in Taurus before it meets the Sun to make a New Moon and it then moves on to form a square with Jupiter in Aquarius. This reminds us of our strong need to freely fulfil our potential as individual human beings. The square between Mars in Cancer and Chiron in Aries which coincides with this lunar event suggests we harm our health when we supress the expression of our creative urges. By denying these natural instincts, we depress our enthusiasm and vitality and our lives become driven only by duty.


This major astrological event is happening for the first time since 2010, although Jupiter only slips into Pisces for a short stay until it retrogrades back into Aquarius on 28 July 2021.

Overall, this is a positive position for the planet of promise although it might make the general situation here on Earth rather more undefined and unclear than it already is. The mentors, guides and gurus who lead the world must be very careful not to beguile us with unrealistic and overly optimistic prospects. There is nothing wrong with taking a hopeful approach to life but they will need to curb any tendency to take risks that have not been fully assessed.

On a personal level, “Be careful what you wish for” could be your mantra during this period, as it will remind you not to be too careless, slapdash or naïve in your expectations. However, this is an excellent time to develop your psychic awareness, so that its wisdom and experience is always available to you. You will be expanding your ability to interpret information from other dimensions, which flows to you through your imagination and through the symbols that appear in your dreams and visions. Do not disregard them as random or accidental. They are allowing you to view the adventure called Life on Planet Earth from a higher perspective.

This is the optimum placement of Jupiter for channelling inspiration, whether artistic or scientific or a blend of both. Leonardo da Vinci the revered renaissance genius who painted the Mona Lisa and drew designs for flying machines as well as detailed anatomical diagrams; Isaac Newton who defined the laws of gravity and motion; Sigmund Freud who was the creator of psychoanalysis; vocal artists Edith Piaf and Billie Holiday who both wowed the world with the heart-rending emotion which seemed to flow from them as they sang, were all born with Jupiter in Pisces.


You are your state of mind. Your state of mind creates your view, or your window, on life.” Frederick Lenz

The way that information is broadcast, absorbed, processed and interpreted becomes extra important when the Sun moves through the sign of communication. Intelligence should never be taken for granted, as it is our main means of moving ourselves away from a stressful attitude of survival towards a thriving state of mind.

Once you understand that everything hinges on your mentality, what other people say or write does not matter any more. You are no longer brainwashed by their thoughts and opinions because you are able to form and define your own ideas about the environment you choose to inhabit.

21 May Sun in Gemini square Jupiter in Pisces It is not so easy to be clear about what you think and believe when you are deluged by information which sounds very convincing even though it may be totally untrue. This is when you need to ask a lot of questions, even if you know the answers you receive are going to disappoint you. It is usually at such times you discover that someone you held in high regard is in fact dishonest and not nearly so wise as you perceived them to be. While this realisation knocks your faith in humanity, it can also strengthen your belief in your own intelligence and integrity.


We have reached Saturn’s second reversal in the sign of Aquarius, which is giving us another chance to review and evaluate the outcomes to date of the most recent evolutionary exam that Humanity has imposed on itself. Considering the challenges confronting us in current times: Corona virus, climate change, pollution, racism, power abuse, wealth inequality, nuclear weapons and waste, on first appraisal it may not look as though we are doing well.

But when we acknowledge the incredible ability of populations to adapt to the most strenuous of circumstances, when we recall the recent and apparently amazing response of American citizens in defence of liberty, equality and democracy, when we respect the innovative expertise of our professional scientists and the unconditional dedication of our medical practitioners, we can only take the knee in respect for their service to humanity.

Saturn moving retrograde in Aquarius is reminding us that our obvious problem (as always) is arrogance, selfishness, greed, corruption and abuse by elite individuals in positions of power and privilege. Until we tackle the type of high-ranking rulers and hierarchical systems that exploit rather than sustain our societies, the Cosmos will continue to set tests which are designed to wake us up.


like Icarus who, flying close to the sun, forgot that his wings were made of wax, we should be wary when triumphant ideas seem unassailable, for then there is all the more reason to predict their downfall.” Dwight Longenecker

The Moon in astrology symbolises instinctive and organic processes which have yet to be fully recognised or understood on a conscious level. A total eclipse has the power to bring that which has been hidden or veiled from our conscious awareness into the light. When the eclipse occurs in the sign of Sagittarius, we can expect something like an Icarus moment for high-profile figures who, in arrogance or carelessness, have over-reached their limits.

On a personal level, this could be a time when risks and gambles you have taken in the past reap results. Whether you have won or lost in material terms, you will still have gained experience and knowledge. Perhaps the most important lesson you have learned is to accept and respect your limitations, so that rather than despising or ignoring them, you can now turn them to your advantage.

The Moon squares Jupiter in Pisces before opposing Sun in Gemini to form the Full Moon Eclipse, which suggests that people of a slippery disposition have been deluding themselves – whether out of naivete or extraordinary levels of self-belief – about how much longer they can continue to escape the consequences of their behaviour.

Coming out of the Eclipse, the Moon will move on to conjunct the South Node in Sagittarius and trine Chiron in Aries. This suggests that discussions are emerging about the growing number of people who are beginning to be aware of how to access knowledge and experience accumulated by their ancestors and stored within their gene pools. Much of this information is concerned with activating the sub-conscious self-healing process within an individual’s energy field, which can be used in conjunction with therapeutic procedures to produce much better recovery outcomes.

NOTE OF WARNING: This article is being written shortly after news was released about the creation of a genetic chimera – a hybrid being created from human and monkey cells. It could be that the lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius will raise a lot of questions about the ethics of this so called advance in medical science.

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