Astrology for March 2022

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Sun, Moon & Planets in March 2022

note: all dates and times in this article are based on Universal Time Zone

Pisces Season started on 18 February and continues until the 20th of this month, when the Sun moves into Aries. March is a blend of water and fire elements that creates the kind of passionate combination which can motivate you to fulfil your goals, dreams and desires.

The astrology suggests that this month could be marked by a willingness to welcome change while at the same time remaining conscious of the rights and wrongs of past times. There is no point in making radical moves if, sooner or later, they simply take you back to where you started from. It might seem as though you are doing something differently but because the underlying energy has not been evolved, everything remains the same.

WEEK ONE 01-07 March 2022

This week starts out on a constructive note with Venus in Capricorn trine North Node in Taurus and Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. There is a realisation that all innovative ideas must respect and learn from past mistakes rather than resisting or ignoring obvious obstacles to sustainable progress. The passage from one era to the next is made easier if each step is carefully considered so that there is no danger of having to repeat destructive periods in history.


If you want to manifest something completely new, you have to start with a vision. Ideally, it will be one that inspires you and fills you with the desire to express your imagination. This New Moon can help you to create a scheme from which to build. You are sowing the seeds for something that at present is just a dream. But over time it will become reality. No matter how outlandish your hopes for an ideal future may be or how incredible the possibility that they could be fulfilled, you should keep believing that everything you wish for will eventually come to pass.

Your basic blueprint is the starting point which forms the foundation for your manifestation process. Try not to limit your scope at this stage when it is too early to worry about mundane matters. If you let your imagination travel freely you may well find that the ways and means of making things work reveal themselves to you as you channel the details of your design.

3-6 March Venus & Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Sun conjunct Jupiter in Pisces. Mercury in Aquarius square Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio. This beautiful blend of artistry and enthusiasm could help you to define the earthly elements of your dream without sacrificing any of its wow factor features. Try not to make things too complicated. So long as you remain true to the original simplicity and clarity of your idea, it will grow and develop to its full potential.


Looking at innovative ways to apply your talents and abilities could give you access to new admirers, possibly within group settings. Seek out kindred spirits who share your values and ideals. Friends might turn out to be your top ambassadors. If you are looking for love, situations involving teams, tribes and technology could be where potential partners are waiting to be found.

The focus is on goals that are future-oriented. At present, they may possess a utopian ahead-of-their time quality which makes them seem unreachable or impossible to achieve. Technology could play a key role in getting your aims off the ground especially if it enables you to experiment, improvise, innovate and invent new ways of getting things done. You are not keen to be hampered by orthodox methods which probably feel far too prescriptive and restrictive for your liking. They belong to another era. The time has come to break away from old-school, backward-looking conventions.

Venus conjuncts Mars in Aquarius. Meet-ups with potential partners (whether personal or professional) who encourage you to express your originality and individuality could be on the cards. They may be a source of positive feedback in that they might recognise your resourcefulness and appreciate the value of your unique talents and abilities.

WEEK TWO 08-14 March 2022


Most of your more enlightened ideas are likely to originate from your imagination and be inspired by dreams and visions. As they will probably be far more interesting and entertaining than ordinary life, you could get lost in them. Gazing out of the window when you are supposed to be concentrating on the task in hand could get you into trouble, in more ways than one!

You may be feeling more sleepy than usual, so make sure you allow plenty of switch-off time. It is possible that your most amazing insights will come to you while you are in the REM state, dozing or meditating. But however clear the image may be at the instant you receive it, you might not be able to remember some of the more intricate details when you wake up or come back to consciousness. Keeping a dream diary could be a solution.

13-14 March Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Ceres in Gemini square Mercury in Pisces and trine Venus in Aquarius. Imaginative minds often feel overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of their creative ideas and confused about how best to communicate or express them. It can help to experiment with the various options at your disposal, until it becomes clear which vision is most compatible with your particular range of talents and most suited to the resources that are available to you.

WEEK THREE 15-21 March 2022

15-17 March Sun in Pisces trine South Node in Scorpio. Mars in Aquarius trine Ceres in Gemini. Your ancestors have equipped you with everything you could possibly need to turn your dreams into reality. Skills, methods and techniques are stored within your gene pool, waiting for you to retrieve them from your sub-conscious memory banks and put them to work. They can be applied to innovative, futuristic projects even more effectively than they were used in the past, by the generations that came before you.


This is the perfect time to consolidate on the effort you have put into achieving your ambitions. You deserve to reap the rewards of your labour. Give yourself credit for the results you have realised so far, even if they appear relatively modest according to your critical judgement. All that matters is that you feel satisfied with how things are going. This is a work in progress which you will continue to bring to perfection in a variety of ways and forms.

Your insistence on working to stringent standards might mean that it takes longer than anticipated to attain your objectives. But since you value authenticity and expertise above everything else, you will not mind waiting for outcomes which fulfil your high principles.

19-21 March Venus in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus. Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Pisces. Unexpected events are unlikely to throw you off course for very long. On the contrary, they could be the catalyst that forces you back on your own resources. You may discover previously unrecognised abilities amongst which could be a talent for dreaming up ideas that expand your options and release you from any sense of being imprisoned within your current situation.


We have arrived at the Equinox and now is the time to set your goals for the coming season. Start out with an overall idea of what you would like to achieve during the year and then break the path to your ultimate objective into a series of shorter term goals, or destinations.

The Sun’s energy blazes brightly in dynamic fire sign Aries, where it can help to boost your confidence, motivation and enthusiasm. But it might inflame your levels of impatience, so be careful not to push yourself too hard, too soon. It is important to pace yourself effectively, so that your drive and focus do not flag.

Delays are an inevitable part of life so it is pointless to let them irritate you. Try not to get too fixated on a single objective, as this leaves you without any back-up plans. Be sure to offer yourself an alternative route to where you want to go, so that you avoid feeling frustrated and stuck if things do not move as quickly as you expected them to.

Equinox Poem “You Are Ostara” by Diana Paxson

"You are the sunlight on the leaves,
You are the music of the stream,
You are the scent upon the wind,
You are the dreamer and the dream.
You are consistency in change,
You are the patterning of chance.
You are never twice the same,
You are the dancer and the dance."

WEEK FOUR 22-28 March 2022

22-23 March Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus. Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces and trine South Node in Scorpio. The problem with breaking moulds and doing things differently is that this type of activity tends to cause strong reactions. Sudden change can be scary when it actually occurs as the gap between idealistic vision and 3D reality has to be dealt with. There is usually some sort of “this is definitely not what I wanted” backlash which leads to arguments that can get aggressive. There are bound to be unknowns in any innovative undertaking but clarifications and explanations often go unheeded by people who prefer to ignore anything which undermines the dreamlike fantasy of their version of how things should be.


The pace is about to pick up again, favouring a communication style that is focussed and direct rather than dreamy and descriptive. Unless your information is relevant and to the point, you will be wasting time and energy as well as causing confusion and frustration.

Because this placement of Mercury can be tactless, be careful not to blurt out things that would be better kept to yourself. Think before you speak. The truth can get you into trouble, especially with people who are reluctant to face facts or with individuals whose priority is not to lose face.

You can always provide the kind of context that will soften the sharp edges of what you want to say. Asking permission to share your thoughts, warning your audience that you are speaking for yourself and inviting alternative opinions might make it easier to get others to accept your ideas without feeling antagonised or provoked.

28 March Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. This combination favours relationships between kindred spirits who share a strong commitment to the achievement of an ideal. They may not appear to have much in common to begin with, but any collaborative engagements between them could have lasting consequences.

WEEK FIVE 29-31 March 2022

29-30 March Neptune in Pisces trine South Node in Scorpio. Venus in Aquarius squares the Nodes in Taurus & Scorpio. Nostalgia for times gone by could be a source of inspiration, so long as it does not create a sense of melancholy or regret. Looking back to how things used to be realised or manifested and imitating the process while applying it to current day circumstances could be a very effective way of bridging the gap between past and present.

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