Astrology for March 2021

All dates and times in this article are based on Universal Time (GMT)


Main Planetary Movements this March

The inner planets are quite active this month with Mercury, Venus and Mars all moving signs. This brings the focus back to personal issues, which suggests that your time and attention are best spent on your own interests, issues and affairs.


This placement of the action planet is excellent for setting goals and targets connected with education, communication, sales and marketing. The energy is available to all, but especially to Zodiac Signs Aries and Gemini.

This is not the time to sit back and wait for the world to come to you. Be proactive in your efforts to locate the information you need, especially if it instructs you on ways of getting your message across to prospective clients, customers and other interested parties.

During week 19-26 Mars in Gemini will be particularly busy. First of all it will make direct contact with the Moon in Gemini, then it will form a helpful trine to Saturn in Aquarius, a hasty square to Mercury in Pisces and finally, Mars will meet up with the North Node in Gemini. This should be a good time to network within your local community as contacts you form now could become long-term allies – perhaps not immediately but further on into the future.

Be careful not to be drawn into arguments or to lash out with language, using aggressive words you may later wish unsaid. Avoid the urge to make short cuts in an attempt to get things finished faster. It might appear an easier option at this stage, but as it is likely you would have to come back and correct your mistakes your task will take longer if you rush it. By keeping your communication style simple and to the point and by eliminating the kind of surplus information that would only confuse and distract, you can reach the result you set out to achieve.


Use this cutting edge energy to generate new ways of viewing your current situation. It can help you to come up with innovative ideas on how best to move forward into the Unknown and how to cope with the unexpected events that are bound to crop up in this time of rapid, random, radical change.


As you stand on the watershed between what has been and what is to come, unsure of how the future will unfold, it is as well to remind yourself that it was ever thus. Occasionally we get clear premonitions about what is waiting for us right around the river bend but most of the time we just do not know. The Cosmos has arranged things this way for a very good reason. It wishes you to understand that your future is created by you, in the present. Your life is not some pre-written history, it is a once-only adventure that unfolds as you live it.


This is the perfect time to weigh up the pros and cons of all the dreams you could possibly hope would come true. You do not have to eliminate items from your wish list, but you do need to bring a recognisable flow to your manifestation process. You will be sensing the sequence of things by identifying what might need to happen before everything else falls into place.

As Pisces energy is ethereal and emotional, you would be working with your imagination to conjure up a clear vision of how you want things to be in all areas of your life. You add substance to your visual images by imprinting them into your energy field through the use of affirmations combined with tapping techniques. This is a very simple way to re-programme your mind set so that it supports the desired outcomes of your dreams.

You choose a sentence or phrase and repeat it until it assumes a rhythmical quality, like a mantra. While you chant your affirmation, you tap lightly but firmly on the side of your hand in the space between the base of your little finger and your wrist. First on one hand and then on the other. You can find more information on affirmation and tapping therapies on the internet.


This position of the New Moon is very favourable to those who are desirous of making their dreams come true. You are at the initial stage of your project and now is the time to sow seeds that will come to fruition in future. Be very mindful of what you are planting. If it is your intention to harvest corn, then do not waste your time sowing pumpkin seeds, unless you feel that pumpkins would help your soil to produce corn that is stronger and sweeter. It is not enough to take this first step and then withdraw your attention. Your seeds will need to be nurtured and attended throughout their growth cycle if they are to reward you with positive outcomes. Continue to water and feed your dreams with affirmations and visualisations on a regular basis and you will reap a rich harvest.

14 March the Moon conjuncts Chiron & Ceres in Aries You can tap into the therapeutic potential of this planetary combination and apply it to the healing of any painful wounds in your energy field. Whether the distress is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual its root cause is likely to involve some form of rejection or neglect. This conjunction in Aries can help you to win against the woundedness, by reinforcing the loving care and compassion you feel for yourself.


As mind planet Mercury moves into the most imaginative of zodiac signs, you may find that your visions become more vivid and your dreams more distracting. Do not worry if you find it difficult to concentrate for as long as you normally would. It could be that mundane matters no longer interest you, because they lack the magical quality which infuses the information that flows through your imagination.

If you allow your brainwaves to ebb and flow with the tides of Cosmic Consciousness, you will notice ideas floating across your field of awareness. They appear when needed, as if by magic and they are filled with information which provides answers to your questions, helping to solve your problems and make your dreams come true.

The ability to tune into enlightened guidance from other realms and dimensions could be especially effective on 30 March, when Mercury conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. Just make sure that your interpretation of what you are seeing, hearing or sensing is sound and correct. Do not be afraid to double-check the data that is coming through and ask for clarification if you need it.

25 March, when Mercury in Pisces squares the Nodes in Gemini & Sagittarius you will need to be extra careful about distinguishing fantasy from reality. Anything that appears too good to be true probably will be, and should not be believed until you are sure that the information comes from a reliable source and can be trusted. It would be wise to follow factual advice that is delivered in clear, easy to understand terms. You should not have to decipher the kind of complex instructions that are impossible to interpret and which leave you doubtful and confused.


We have arrived at the Equinox and now is the time to set targets for the coming season. Start out with an overall idea of what you would like to achieve during the year and then break the path to your ultimate objective into a series of shorter term aims, or destinations.

The key ingredients to getting what you want are enthusiasm, motivation and drive. Impatience and frustration are your enemies, because they make you push yourself too hard, too soon. They are a symptom that you lack trust in your own ability to achieve your aspirations. Your self-doubt is the only thing that will stop you from reaching your goals.

Like an athlete in training to gain a major prize, it is important never to give up, no matter how hard it seems to keep going. You will have dynamic days full of forward movement, when much is accomplished. You will have dark days when zero progress is made and you feel like you are back to square one. The point is to prove that you can win, through thick and thin!


The gift that Venus gives as she passes through the independent sign of Aries is that of self-sufficiency.

This really is the right time to tell yourself that you are enough. Everything about you is absolutely spot on, nothing else is required. All you need to do is enjoy the talents and abilities you were born with and apply them in ways which will help you to achieve your goals and aspirations in life.

If it is your decision to improve your levels of skill and proficiency, your only reason for doing so would be to fulfil your potential and satisfy your urge to evolve.

If it is your decision to enter into a partnership it will be because you have met someone who appreciates you for yourself alone, not for what you can give them, or do for them. This would be particularly relevant 28-29 March, when Venus & the Sun conjunct Chiron in Aries. Any painful issues connected to being exploited in relationships could come to the fore, in order for you to get to grips with the problem and heal the wounds it has caused.


Because this lunation in Libra, the sign of relationships, involves an opposition to the Moon from Sun, Chiron & Venus in Aries we can anticipate that painful problems in existing and ongoing partnerships will finally come to a head. This is to be welcomed rather than feared since it prompts a willingness to negotiate outcomes which promise to offer healing to all parties concerned.

If you feel that you have been fighting a losing battle with someone – whether on a personal or professional level – this could be your chance to choose the road to healing, both for yourself and your partner(s). But remember that only 50 per cent of the effort is yours to make – the remaining half is up to them. If they are not prepared to contribute their fair share, then they are not worth bothering with. It could be time to say goodbye so that you can move on and offer your gifts to someone who will recognise, celebrate and appreciate them.

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