Astrology for June 2022

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Sun, Moon & Planets in June 2022

note: all dates and times in this article are based on Universal Time Zone

This month’s ASTRO CALENDAR lists major planetary placements & patterns plus movement of the Moon.

Gemini Season began on 21 May and continues until the 21st of this month, when the Sun moves into Cancer for the first solstice of 2022. June is a solar blend of air and water elements, which helps us to stay rational and detached in situations involving strong feelings and deep emotional reactions.

This month’s astrology offers an interesting and creative combination of intellect and imagination which could help us to recognise that we are more than bright enough to sort things out for ourselves. As our reliance on authoritarian structures wanes, so does their influence over us. They have to accept that relations between us have changed. We are the ones in control and calling the shots so they must now kow-tow to our demands, rules and regulations.

WEEK ONE 01-07 June 2022


It is time to honour and express your natural abilities – particularly those gifts involving mental acumen and manual dexterity. Even if you take them for granted, others could benefit from them and would therefore appreciate and value them.

If, until now, you have assumed that you are too slow to keep up with the clever ones in class, you might begin to see that your talent for understanding the real importance of basic principles is more valuable than all those smart but superficial sound bites.

This is a good time to re-engage with physical pastimes that relax you while giving you a chance to express and enjoy your artistic nature. Activities such as singing, dancing, painting, craftwork could persuade your busy brain to give you a break.


Long term strategies for future success may need to be put on hold or revised to some degree. Innovative ways of doing things could prove unfeasible but do not give up, just keep trying to invent methods of making them work. It is possible they are slightly ahead of their time. In which case they may have to be shelved for now, and replaced by interim back-up plans.

Even if you are tuned into the excitement that comes with major change you are also aware that such times can be very difficult. This knowledge has a sobering effect and helps you to take a sensible, cautious approach to the future. You are not being pessimistic, but you have learned from experience that unbridled optimism has its limits and will only take you so far.

You are also concerned about people whose lives are made more arduous by this transition between one era and the next. For this reason, you might become interested in political movements which pledge to promote social equality and reinforce human rights.

6 June Mars in Aries square Ceres in Cancer. Make sure that the initial stage of your project – when you are brimming with enthusiasm and raring to go – does not mark the start and finish of your creative endeavour. Do not let boredom, impatience or disappointment stop you in your tracks and prevent you from following your design through to completion. It will come to fruition in its own time, so long as you allow it to move at its own pace.

WEEK TWO 08-14 June 2022

10 June Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn. Most people fail because they do not appreciate the real value of their ideas and insights. Once you begin to trust your thought processes and take them seriously, you are on your way to achieving your ambitions. And you must be prepared to honour the time it takes your brain to crystalise theories into solid plans that are ready to be manifested in real terms.

11 June Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus. Invite this free-spirited energy to reinforce your commitment to your unique abilities and personal style. They may be strange, unusual, different, but it is their originality which gives your talents and charm a special quality. The time has come to recognise the real value of the rare gifts that were given to you at birth and which will last your whole life long.


If you have been experiencing glitches and hitches in communication or logistics which may have started around 10 May 2022 (when Mercury moved Retrograde in Gemini) these matters should now begin to sort themselves out. Do not be irritated by the delays they have caused. Just re-jig your diary and move on.

When you look back on this time, you will probably realise you were being held back for a good reason. It is possible that you needed to re-learn something or to revise your interpretation of it. Now that you have filled the gaps in your understanding your communication style will flow more fluently and your movements more smoothly.


There could be the sense of an adventure which has come to an end and an awareness that you have grown in knowledge and experience by adding to the abundant supply of impressions already imprinted on your memory. You are ready to embark on the next stage of your life path journey. Make sure that your emotions are fully engaged as you come to select your next destination.

The Full Moon forms a mixed bag of energy patterns with North Node in Taurus, Eris in Aries, Neptune in Pisces & Saturn in Aquarius which may create problems when it comes to deciding exactly how and when to move forward. Confusion about where to direct energy effectively may create a sense of urgency which could trigger impulsive actions that are taken in a mood of panic and alarm. Resist the temptation to ignore your inner wisdom and its warnings to wait until the time is right. Your ability to remain relaxed and to assume an attitude of calm composure enables you to lay foundations for future success that will easily outlast the hasty, careless acts of your rivals and competitors.

WEEK THREE 15-21 June 2022

15 June Mars conjunct Chiron in Aries. Your self-healing process receives a boost of courage and confidence, giving you a stronger sense of motivation as you continue the fight to resolve painful problems in your life. Your bravery encourages others to take the initiative when it comes to healing their own wounds.

16 June Sun in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius & square Neptune in Pisces. How can we prepare our children to cope with a future filled with unknown obstacles if, instead of providing them with role models who are wise and mature, all we offer them as aspirational examples are spoilt brats and overgrown schoolkids? The time has come to demand that those who presume to positions of authority begin to live up to their responsibilities rather than evading them.

16-21 June Venus in Taurus conjuncts North Node, squares Saturn in Aquarius, trines Pluto in Capricorn. Our easy come, easy go, throw away society has run through its resources and must now transform and renew its basic ethics and principles. Slowing down, simplifying, stabilising and sustaining should be the cornerstone values upon which the future is built if we are to empower rather than sabotage our evolutionary process here on Planet Earth.

21 June SUN MOVES INTO CANCER (Solstice)

The Sun has reached a potent point in this year’s calendar. It is once again in the element of Water which, in the sign of Cancer, takes on a highly fertile and productive quality. Tap into what could be a very creative time for you, provided you are prepared to give yourself entirely to whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. Your goal has to resonate with you on a personal level and your emotional attachment to it should be strong. Otherwise, you will not have the energy or enthusiasm to achieve it.

The time you spend doing things that give you a strong sense of fulfilment nourishes you to the core of your being. It strengthens the roots that keep you connected to your own energy field here on your home planet, so that you always feel safe, secure and protected, no matter what is going on in the outside world.

“I looked outside to see what I could make the world give me,
instead of looking inside to see what was there.”
Bell Livingstone


Your popularity potential with local contacts and acquaintances is good right now so this is a favourable time for networking in your neighbourhood. It is especially helpful if you have something to sell as your clients, contacts and pals are willing to offer their support as PR agents. You can return the favour by putting your services at their disposal.

Try to keep your communication style at a light-hearted level, even if you are discussing quite solemn subjects. You will not come across as superficial or silly, but rather as someone who prefers not to take life too seriously.

You could think about bringing a playful note into relationships that are getting a bit too heavy and are in danger of losing their freshness and sparkle. Perhaps they have started to plod along a boring single track route which is safe and reliable but devoid of variety and fun. It’s up to you to introduce some new topics of conversation!

28 June Mars conjunct Eris in Aries. This feisty, hot-headed energy needs a safety warning due to its potential for causing conflict. But used constructively it can boost your levels of confidence, courage and assertiveness. You just need to monitor any tendency to lose your temper or behave aggressively.


Even though you cannot deny the harsher aspects of life or avoid interacting with them, you will need to retreat from them on a regular basis. You are not escaping, merely making sure you remain immune from negativity and despair. Get plenty of rest and sleep as much as you can. Whenever possible be by water (especially the sea) because this element replenishes, revives and supports your spiritual nature.

“Life is a dance between heaven and earth,
the ebb and flow of life.”
Maurice Spees

WEEK FIVE 29-30 June 2022


The urge to plant seeds that will generate new projects and life forms could be particularly strong. You would be tuning into the primeval instinct which inspires you to create something from scratch. Guided by instructions from your imagination, you select raw materials and fashion them into your version of what you feel they are waiting to become. It is a deeply personal and potentially satisfying experience.

June’s meeting of the Sun & Moon in Cancer is influenced by a semi-sextile from Venus in Gemini and energised by a cardinal square to Jupiter in Aries. This suggests that, while remaining receptive to advice from others, you should first and foremost pay attention to the guidance from your inner compass as it is more likely to direct you towards the destination that is best for you. But you will need to curb any sense of urgency or impatience as this would interfere with your natural instincts and insights on how and when to move forward.

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