Astrology for June 2021

Note: all dates and times in this article are based on Universal Time (GMT)

Main Astrology Events this Month


The month opens with Sun conjunct North Node in Gemini and trine Saturn in Aquarius, which suggests we are on a definite learning curve with a trajectory that is directed towards the future. The human race has set itself some difficult lessons, but mastered they must be if we are to evolve beyond our current level of consciousness.

Mars in Cancer square Eris in Aries & opposing Pluto in Capricorn points towards the problems arising from high profile egotists who will happily embroil the world in war if that is what it takes to keep them in power. This behaviour is a sure sign of the kind of primitive, selfish, low-level awareness that needs to be transformed into something far more noble.


As the Planet of resources and relationships moves into the caring sign of Cancer it could be that we all start feeling mutual regard for one another as members of the same human family. This compassionate concern should be enhanced as Venus makes a sympathetic trine to Jupiter in Pisces and it could be directed towards the most vulnerable and innocent in our societies.

The best way to use this empathetic energy in your own life is to stop burying yourself under a load of general anxiety about the woes of the world. Turn instead to the comfort and satisfaction you gain from showing you care in a private way. These are discreet gestures which come naturally to you. There is no need to over-emphasise the emotional commitment you feel to making the planet a better place.

What you could be doing is making the most of your personal attributes in ways which enhance your appreciation and enjoyment of them. The outcomes you achieve must be intended to please you and your intimate circle, rather than to impress on a grand scale. Your objective is to create an atmosphere of domestic delight. Anything else would be an added bonus.

Moving on through the month, Venus will form squares to Chiron and Eris in Aries, a trine to Neptune in Pisces and an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. This suggests the need to protect yourself from aggressive energies, especially those of a very primitive nature. They are beyond your control because they exist outside the realms of your reality. Pray for them, send them blessings if you wish, but try not to get drawn into their selfish, low-level activity.

10 JUNE NEW MOON IN GEMINI (Annular Solar Eclipse)

As this partial eclipse involves the Sun, Moon & Retrograde Mercury in square to Neptune, there are bound to be issues around mixed messages or confusing communication beginning to emerge. New Moons usually mark the early days or first steps of a situation, so it could be that the full story has yet to emerge.

This somewhat insecure energy is not the best on which to build a new beginning, unless your project is still in the invitro stage and therefore open to further fluctuation. Firm decisions, especially if they involve you in any kind of serious commitment, are best left until next month’s New Moon in Cancer. By then mind planet Mercury will be clearer, free from the muddle-headed influence of nebulous Neptune.

But you can still create a petri dish in which to incubate your ideas. Let them be as instinctive, imaginative and intuitive as possible. Allow a fluid flow of images and impressions to enter and exit your mind, adapting your mental responses as they pass through your brain. Try not to censor your visions with too much conscious thought about their potential practicality at this stage. The process of defining, refining and testing their viability will come later.


This placement of Mars can help to enhance motivation and drive. The energy encourages self-assurance, which is great if you have been struggling to gain a stronger sense of your own importance. Turn it to your advantage by taking actions which boost your confidence and reinforce your determination to gain your goals.

It is a good time to prove you can do things that you might have shied away from because you were afraid your performance might not win the day. The importance of trying even though you might fail becomes paramount. Find a highly respected role model who is as proud of their losses as they are of their gains and hitch a ride on their coat tails!

In the last days of June Mars in Leo will form a grand trine in Fire Signs with South Node in Sagittarius and Chiron in Aries. Acknowledging the adventurous spirit of your ancestors, especially those who had to survive through suffering, pain and dreadful difficulty, could enhance your own self-belief. Knowing that these brave souls stand behind you, cheering you on, will help to boost your confidence and courage.


This is an interesting but uneasy set of energies which proves just how difficult it is for living beings to adapt to a constantly changing environment. Evolution is a lovely word, full of promise and potential. But the process of evolving is far from easy. Most of the time it seems like a non-stop struggle to reach a safe haven of comfort and normality. However, if we accept that Life on Planet Earth is a boot camp for souls who seek training in the art of co-creation, perhaps it all starts to make sense. Creation does not flow along strictly defined, predestined timelines. It is full of ups and downs, stops and starts, delays and disappointments, random mutations which take unexpected twists and turns. This is how it must be if the Cosmos is to remain infinitely vibrant and alive, growing and evolving, eternally free from stagnation, inertia and death.


There may be a strong sense of dashed hopes and disappointment, of optimistic visions turning out to be nothing but mirages hovering over a blurred horizon. Perhaps people are feeling that something or someone they fervently believed in has let them down. To be fair, they probably should have been a bit more careful about placing their trust in the first place! But this is a learning curve for them, and you can help them to travel along it until they reach a place of higher understanding.

Do not be afraid to introduce these lost souls to the concept of spiritual guidance. Suggest that they explore it until they discover how to channel it for themselves. Help them to see that their hopes and visions may not be quite ready to manifest in real terms. Which does not mean that they will not do so in future. In the meantime, they can take a voyage of discovery into the mysterious language of dreams and explore ways of interpreting the information they contain.


Oh, what a catastrophe for man when he cut himself off from the rhythm of the year, from his unison with the sun and the earth. … taken away from the rising and the setting of the sun, and cut off from the magic connection of the solstice … ” D. H. Lawrence

We have reached the first solstice of 2021! This is a chance to celebrate the Sun and give gratitude to the life-giving force which fuels and directs our lives on Planet Earth. Let us hope that the human race will soon cease its childish and self-sabotaging attempts to compete with the Sun’s great power. When we work to understand the symbiotic relationship between Nature and the Sun, we can unlock the simple secrets of plentiful clean air, water and energy which are openly available to us, if only we have the will to interpret them.

If you are keen to encourage the movement towards a more respectful, sustainable way of living then you could start with a series of simple, symbolic steps.

• The Sun Salutation yoga exercise is a good way to start each day.
• Grace your living space with a simple shrine containing a central image of the sun surrounded by sparkling crystals or coloured stones and chant a joyful greeting to Sol as you pass by.
• Find a windchime which features a sun or sun & moon combination and hang it in your window, or garden.

When the Sun is in Cancer it is good to remember that everything begins at a personal level. Whenever you feel overpowered by what is going on in the world, remember that everyone – no matter how exalted their position in life – was once a tiny embryo in their mother’s womb. Perhaps their destiny is more public than yours, but that does not mean it is more valuable or important.

Soon after the solstice, the Sun makes a beautiful trine to Jupiter in Pisces, creating a wonderful wave of positive power. You can use it to enhance your enthusiasm for your existence and to express the sheer joy you feel in being alive.


After around three weeks of retrograde motion the planet of communication moves forward again, which should make it easier to correct any mistakes or misunderstandings that might have occurred in the recent past. Because the retrograde movement of Mercury took place in the sign of information and education, it makes sense to take note of what could have gone wrong because then you are getting a free lesson in how not to do it next time!

If you were using the energy to revise and review ideas, you may now be feeling that you have a better understanding of what you have to say, how you wish to say it and who would be interested in hearing your message. This could be relevant if you are taking an exam, or if you have something to sell. It may also make a difference to the process of buying the type of equipment which plays a key role in your ability to communicate, or to travel short to medium distances.


Thanks to positive vibes from planet Jupiter, this full Moon could be very useful in helping you to consolidate on your hopes and dreams for the future. It may be that you are finally seeing definite signs of achievement, even if your project has so far been dogged by doubts, setbacks and delays.

Moving forward, your personal attitude and input are all important to this endeavour. Despite any rules and regulations, procedures and protocols to be observed and obeyed, you are the driving force behind your progress. You may not be the ultimate authority figure, but you are most certainly the creator of your own outcomes.

The full Moon is always a time of culmination but in the sign of Capricorn brings the sense that there still further to go before you reach the summit of your success. This is a good time to reinforce your commitment to your goals, to ensure that you do not settle for second best but that you continue to climb, onwards and upwards.


Even though you cannot deny or interact with the harsher aspects of life, you will need to retreat from them on a regular basis. You are not escaping, merely making sure you remain immune from negativity and despair. Get plenty of rest and sleep as much as you can. Whenever possible be close to water. If you do not have physical access to the sea, then wear watery colours or keep images and symbols of the ocean around you.

By the time Neptune moves Direct in Pisces on 01 December, situations which have seemed crazy, chaotic and confusing could begin to be less so. At least it might look as though they have found their level and are not sploshing around or wavering about quite so much as they were.


We spend a lot of time and energy envying other peoples’ star quality when we should be lauding and applauding our own special gifts. As the planet of talent moves into the attention-seeking sign of Leo, you have just been awarded carte blanche to stand in the spotlight and showcase your abilities. This placement enhances your charm and charisma to such an extent that your celebrity status sparkles even more brightly in the eyes of your already devoted fans.

Lavish attention on your relationship with your Self and engage with the Inner Child who still craves your unconditional approval. This is a partnership that must be prioritised. Because if you are not able to love, respect and admire the amazing individual who is You, how can you allow anyone else to?


As the month closes, the Moon moves into Pisces to conjunct Jupiter & Neptune, trine the Sun in Cancer and square Mercury & North Node in Gemini. This suggests that there will be much about June that will have raised hope and opened the door to optimism, perhaps because people have embraced their creativity and, by doing so, have produced home-grown answers and antidotes to the chaos around them.

There is some cause for concern, however, which may stem from quick-fix solutions without staying power. They have a kind of interim quality that may solve an immediate problem but which could cause mischief if they are too flimsy to fill a gap that should be sealed with a more robust and permanent plug.

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