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Astrology for July 2023

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note: all dates and times in this article are based on Universal Time Zone (UT)


Generally speaking, the strongest influences will come from:

  1. the current position of your Ruling Planet and the aspects, patterns or connections it creates (see the list of ruling planets at the end of this post)
  2. your Ruling Planet moving retrograde or direct
  3. planets passing through your Zodiac Sign
  4. New and Full Moons affecting your section of the Zodiac


This article looks at highlights in July’s astrological cycles. Invite them to guide and empower your manifestation projects and ask for their assistance when you struggle to cope with the harsher aspects of life on Planet Earth.


The Moon passes through your Zodiac Sign 1-2 times per month. Because La Luna affects your moods and emotions you may find that your feelings are more sensitive when she is in your sector of the zodiac. Your instincts are intensified at this time, and you are at your most intuitive and imaginative.

Strong reactions can be triggered by planetary contacts and patterns made by the Moon while in your sign, which can throw you off guard. It is important to protect yourself from unwanted energies and influences and to channel your Moon magic into manifesting benevolent outcomes for yourself and your loved ones. Read more about the Movement of the Moon


When the Moon makes no more astrological connections to any planet before it moves into the next zodiac sign. Traditional astrology believes that anything important which is initiated during these times is unlikely to come to full fruition or reap the results that are hoped for or anticipated.


Cancer Season began at Solstice on 21st June and continues until 23rd of this month when the Sun moves into second fire sign Leo. July’s solar blend of water and fire elements helps us to mix imagination with enthusiasm and compassion with confidence, which enables us to come up with spectacular solutions to seemingly hopeless situations. But we must remember to dial down the drama factor as it whips up the type of emotions that cause more harm than good.

30 June-2 July 2023 Moon in Sagittarius square Saturn & Neptune in Pisces, trine Chiron & Eris in Aries, trine Venus & Mars in Leo.
Positive Potential – enhanced self-esteem, courage and confidence which support your self-healing process.
Possible Pitfalls – confused or inconsistent emotions create doubts and fears that undermine your sense of adventure.
2 July UT 13:31 Moon goes void of course until UT 17:19 when Moon moves into Capricorn.

1 July Sun conjunct Mercury in Cancer. Try not to take everything you hear too personally. Maintain a definite sense of detachment while allowing your intuition to instruct your responses. As you stand aside, watching and listening, stories that empower your higher senses will unfold before your eyes. This is the stuff that engenders marvellous memories which will stay with you for ever!

2 July 2023 Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus. Mars in Leo trine Eris in Aries. There should be no shame or embarrassment about showing your true colours. You do not need to apologize for being You! The differences that make you stand out from the crowd are a source of pride and self-esteem which strengthen the confidence and courage that support your brave warrior spirit.

2-4 July Moon in Capricorn trine North Node, Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus, square Ceres in Libra, opposing Sun (Full Moon) & Mercury in Cancer, square Chiron & Eris in Aries, conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.
Positive Potential – the transformational, evolutionary progress to be made at this time is extremely powerful, with deep and lasting effects.
Possible Pitfalls – a tendency to take everything personally creates a hyper defensive attitude, which would sabotage any opportunity to heal painful wounds.
4 July UT 16:43 Moon goes void of course until UT 17:29 when Moon moves into Aquarius


Hopefully by now, you will be rewarded with a definite sense of success and a feeling that your efforts so far have been worth while. But this is not the time to turn your back and walk away from the remaining potential within your project. You are still responsible for the continuing survival of your creation, which will require your personal input for some time to come. Do not underestimate how heavily it depends on your unconditional emotional involvement if it is to gain the tangible results you were hoping to achieve.

The cardinal quality of this full Moon combines with the elements of water and earth to help you manifest material goals in both professional and personal areas of your life. But whatever you plan to bring into being at this time is something that should satisfy not just your body but also your soul!

4-6 July Moon in Aquarius square North Node, Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus, trine Ceres in Libra, opposing Venus & Mars in Leo.
Positive Potential – Human evolution is enabled when people from different countries and cultures come together to collaborate on creative projects.
Possible Pitfalls – Humanity’s future is threatened by ego-driven individuals who, out of arrogance and vanity, create unnecessary upheaval, drama and destruction.
6 July UT 13:40 Moon goes void of course until UT 17:32 when Moon moves into Pisces

6-8 July Moon in Pisces trine South Node in Scorpio, conjunct Saturn & Neptune in Pisces, trine Sun & Mercury in Cancer.
Positive Potential – these are optimum energies for linking with the benevolent, compassionate powers of our soul family dwelling throughout the realms of cosmic consciousness. Together we create a quantum field which emanates light and love, repelling all destructive forces.
Possible Pitfalls – it is very important to uphold the intention to focus only on your belief in light, love and benevolence. Do not allow these high vibrational thought patterns to descend into the depths of doubt and despair.
8 July UT 18:20 Moon goes void of course until UT 19:18 when Moon moves into Aries

6-10 July Mercury in Cancer square Chiron & Eris in Aries, trine Neptune in Pisces, opposing Pluto in Capricorn. Venus in Leo trine Eris in Aries.

Be mindful of negativity. Negative thoughts become obsessions. Obsessions become deep emotions. Emotions become painful. Pain becomes cancerous to the body. Free the mind from poison” Janet Autherine

Whenever you are besieged by negative thought patterns cancel them out by creating a beautiful counter-vision overflowing with healing light, love, peace and contentment. This is your true state of Being. Everything else is just an illusion.

8-10 July Moon in Aries opposing Ceres in Libra, square Sun & Mercury in Cancer, conjunct Chiron & Eris in Aries, trine Venus in Leo, square Pluto in Capricorn.
Positive Potential – a consignment of self-healing energy is delivered to your door which carries the capability of enhancing your levels of confidence and self-esteem.
Possible Pitfalls – any tendency to shy away from the need to confront deep-seated truths, however unpleasant, could sabotage your attempts to heal painful wounds.
10 July UT 23:09 Moon goes void of course until UT 23:55 when Moon moves into Taurus


While this placement is helpful if you have work which requires accuracy and precision, it could push you into feeling anxious and fussy about things that normally, would not bother you. The best way to utilise this slightly fanatical energy is to channel it into making your daily routine more efficient and your health and wellbeing regimes more effective. But please do not start obsessing about getting everything Just Right! Try not to persecute yourself with the worry that you might make a mistake. Keep going till you reach the point where you feel your focus is wavering and then take a breather, or turn your attention to another activity until you are once again ready to concentrate on your primary task.

11 July Mars in Virgo trines North Node in Taurus, enabling you to evolve the methods and techniques you normally employ in the carrying out of regular assignments. As you practice these skills, you notice small modifications that could be made in order to improve your current levels of precision, efficiency and effectiveness.

10-13 July Moon in Taurus trine Mars in Virgo, conjunct North Node, Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus, square Venus in Leo, trine Pluto in Capricorn.
Positive Potential – it is while employed in carrying out ordinary, everyday tasks that you are at your most in tune with the natural rhythm of your own life force.
Possible Pitfalls – try not to assume that you have to prove your own worth. Your special light shines without the need for any extra effort on your part.
13 July UT 06:09 Moon goes void of course until UT 07:25 when Moon moves into Gemini

11 July MERCURY MOVES INTO LEO square to the Nodes in Taurus & Scorpio

Do not be shy about showcasing your ideas by exhibiting them in front of an audience. Put some energy into your presentation by giving it the kind of entertainment value that will keep your spectators’ attention fixed on you. Your communication style should be confident but if you suffer from stage fright, do not be afraid to show it. Just the right touch of honest self-deprecation will endear you to your fans and help them to identify more strongly with your message.

It is important to avoid a tendency to dictate your views or to present them in a style which could come across as arrogant, loud or opinionated. It would be better to admit that the matter is so close to your heart you can only talk about it in passionate terms. What you say may have a profound effect even though you might not realise that it has done so. Someone could be deeply touched by your story, to the extent that they start to see things which they had not noticed until you came along to shine a light on the situation.

12 July Sun in Cancer square Chiron in Aries. Painful problems tend to get handed on within families until someone decides to take up the role of wounded healer. This brave soul makes a conscious choice to confront the unhealthy energies embedded in their ancestral line head on, with the goal of returning them to their natural state of wellbeing.

13-15 July Moon in Gemini square Mars in Virgo, trine Ceres in Libra, square Saturn & Neptune in Pisces.
Positive Potential – clever concepts find full expression when they are allowed to develop in stages that are perfectly suited to the subject or situation they are concerned with.
Possible Pitfalls – an endless flow of so-called necessary data which may not be relevant to the matter in hand will interfere with the interpretation and communication of creative ideas.
15 July UT 12:33 Moon goes void of course until UT 17:13 when Moon moves into Cancer

15-18 July Moon in Cancer trine South Node in Scorpio, trine Saturn & Neptune in Pisces, square Ceres & South Node in Libra, square Chiron, Eris & North Node in Aries, conjunct Sun in Cancer (New Moon), opposing Pluto in Capricorn.
Positive Potential – support from unseen influences, some of which flows from our soul families, helps us create beautiful, benevolent visions of how things could be.
Possible Pitfalls – the imposition of controls, pressures and deadlines upon organic processes that must be allowed to evolve in their own time throws them off balance, drains their life force and destroys their natural vitality.
18 July UT 03:04 Moon goes void of course until UT 04:39 when Moon moves into Leo

17 July NEW MOON IN CANCER square Eris in Aries

The urge to plant seeds that will generate new life forms could be particularly strong right now. You would be tuning into the primeval instincts which inspire you to create something from scratch. Guided by instructions from your imagination, you select raw materials and fashion them into your version of what you feel they are waiting to become. This is a deeply personal and potentially satisfying experience that you may prefer to keep private until your design has formed a definite identity. Once you become aware of its true nature, you will feel compelled to nurture and protect it through to fruition.

It is best to avoid any tendency to act out of anger or impatience as this type of aggressive energy could push you to move prematurely, which would work against your own best interests as well as harming the progress of your projects.


This movement marks a shift in direction for Humanity’s life path journey. The focus is now on independence and self-sufficiency rather than co-dependent relationships, whether at a global or individual level. While the ability to co-operate between peoples and nations will be more important than ever, all negotiations must take place in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Collaborative partnerships should be based on the sharing of strengths and goals. Competition has a role to play but not if it is applied in a spirit of selfish aggression. Its sole purpose would be to promote friendly rivalry as a motivational drive and a means of encouraging people to take the initiative and express their entrepreneurial spirit.

17-23 July Mercury in Leo square Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus, trine Chiron in Aries. Sun in Cancer square Eris & North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra, trine Neptune in Pisces, opposing Pluto in Capricorn. Mars in Virgo opposing Saturn in Pisces. This complex concentration of energy must be handled with conscious care. While it carries the potential for positive outcomes in the longer term, the journey towards results which promise happiness and healing is fraught with challenge in the form of unexpected upheavals and events. The way forward is sustained by the support of unwavering courage and faith, especially during times when your dreams for a better future are besieged by doubt and fear.

18-20 July Moon in Leo square Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus, conjunct Mercury & Venus in Leo, trine Chiron, Eris & North Node in Aries.
Positive Potential – the confidence, conviction and respect you feel for your ability to heal your own wounds is an empowering influence as you confront sudden changes that disrupt and unsettle your projected progress along your life path.
Possible Pitfalls – even though unexpected upheavals could have a dramatic impact on the so-called normal course of events it is important to sustain healthy levels of self-assurance and self-belief.
20 July UT 14:06 Moon goes void of course, until UT 17:12 when Moon moves into Virgo.

20-23 July Moon in Virgo opposing Saturn & Neptune in Pisces, conjunct Mars in Virgo, trine Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus, trine Pluto in Capricorn.
Positive Potential – your ability to apply yourself diligently towards the achievement of your long term goals enables you to work constructively with any changes you encounter by treating them as opportunities to grow and evolve.
Possible Pitfalls – doubt and fear create the kind of self-criticism which undermines, disempowers and vampires the vitality of your energy field.
23 July UT 04:04 Moon goes void of course until UT 05:53 when Moon moves into Libra.


What starts out as an antagonistic clash of interests usually ends up in outright warfare. Whenever someone sides with aggression, they succumb to the influence of Eris as a vicious harpy who wreaks havoc by creating conflict and discord. The world has seen enough enmity and Planet Earth has borne far too many of its devastating effects. The only battle the Human race should be fighting is against the primitive, destructive forces of immaturity, selfishness and greed within Itself.

23-25 July Moon in Libra conjunct Ceres & South Node in Libra, opposing Chiron & Eris in Aries, square Pluto in Capricorn.
Positive Potential – the creative process involves many choices. Embrace and enjoy the experience of weighing up the pros and cons of each option you encounter through the various stages of bringing your design into being.
Possible Pitfalls – try not to fight your own instincts when it comes to making decisions. Do not accuse yourself of procrastination when guidance from your emotional intelligence suggests that you should be allowed to take all the time you need to reach the right conclusion.
25 July UT 15:03 Moon goes void of course until UT 16:55 when Moon moves into Scorpio.

22-28 July Pluto in Capricorn opposing Sun in Cancer, square the Nodes in Aries & Libra. While this potent configuration carries a destructive quality, its true objective is to rectify situations that have taken a heavily toxic turn. Their negative energies will undergo a deeply transformational process which eventually enables them to be regenerated, renewed and reborn in a more enlightened form.


The Sun has entered the realm of its rulership in the regal sign of Leo. The element is Fire in a rather spectacular form which is why astrology elects this time of year as the best to celebrate your Self and give thanks for the Star Quality that makes you Special. Take your place centre stage, stand in the spotlight and radiate your waves of charismatic charm. Accept the applause and admiration you so rightly deserve. Bask in the warm approval of those who love, cherish and respect you. Say it loud: I’m Me and I’m Proud! Too many people see themselves as “ordinary” and therefore insignificant. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every single one of us has something to show off about which should be exhibited with undiluted delight, like an innocent child who takes joy in shining as brightly as they can.


This would be a good time to pay attention to your heart chakra. Phases in your life when you felt neglected and rejected, and you did not receive the recognition your personal gifts, charms, talents and abilities deserved would have hurt your feelings and damaged your self-esteem. Now you must heal the pain and regain your sense of self worth. Putting yourself first in order to restore your self-confident sparkle should be your top priority.

Shortly after turning Retrograde, Venus falls into a stressful quincunx with Neptune in Pisces. This makes it all the more important to remove any self-sacrificial aspects from your energy field, as they will undermine your ability to offer unconditional love both to your Self and to others.


Of all the energies we could call on in times of difficulty, disease and distress self-pity is the most destructive, for it drains our fighting spirit and turns us into victims of circumstance. Chiron Retrograde can help you to review the process which brought you to where you are with your problems but only for the purpose of reigniting your courage and determination to outwit the illness (physical, mental or emotional) which might be sapping your strength. You are the motivator, the driver, the director of your own life experience. You are the healer of your own wounds.

25-28 July Moon moves into Scorpio square Sun, Venus & Mercury in Leo, trine Saturn & Neptune in Pisces, opposing Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus.
Positive Potential – your energy field could be receiving a powerful and substantial upgrade which originates from magnetic forces within the quantum fields of cosmic consciousness.
Possible Pitfalls – this could be an unsettling experience as it will probably force you to question who, up until now, you perceived your Self to be. Try not to resist this evolutionary process as it is fundamental to the plan your Soul mapped out for you before you incarnated on planet Earth.
27 July UT 22:34 Moon goes void of course until 28 July UT 00:23 when Moon moves into Sagittarius.

25-28 July Mercury in Leo trine Eris & North Node in Aries, conjunct Venus in Leo. You have reached a point of perfect poise, where you feel confident about moving forward in a spirit of certainty and conviction. It is not necessary to consult with others before taking actions which reinforce your sense of assertiveness and self-respect.

28-30 July Moon in Sagittarius trine Sun & Venus in Leo, square Saturn & Neptune in Pisces, square Mars in Virgo, trine Chiron, Eris and North Node in Aries.
Positive Potential – your confidence, self-esteem and self-belief could receive a beautiful boost which helps you to feel far more optimistic about winning positive results in your self-healing process.
Possible Pitfalls – try to remain realistic in your expectations. You are setting yourself up for disappointment by aiming for targets that are obviously out of reach.
29 July UT 23:49 Moon goes void of course until 30 July UT 03:43 when Moon moves into Capricorn.


Mercury’s influence is increased thanks to its rulership of efficient earth sign Virgo, making this placement spot on for working with detailed information, facts and figures. It would be the right time to test your ideas to see which skills, methods and techniques you will need to use in order to get the most well organised and effective results. But try not to get too stressed about making mistakes and avoid the temptation to obsess over minor details. Ironically, worrying about errors which might never happen is the best way to ensure that they actually do crop up and spoil your otherwise immaculate output! Simply put your data-checking process in place and concentrate on doing your best.

30 July-01 August Moon in Capricorn trine Mercury & Mars in Virgo, square Ceres in Libra, trine Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus, square Chiron, Eris & North Node in Aries, conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.
Positive Potential – you have a marvellous array of raw materials to work with, as well as the natural skills and talents you need to make the most of these valuable resources.
Possible Pitfalls – do not allow a lack of trust in your natural instincts to unsettle your equilibrium by creating an atmosphere of urgency which leads you to act prematurely, aggressively or impatiently.
1 August UT 02:11 Moon goes void of course until UT 03:57 when Moon moves into Aquarius.

Planetary Rulers of Zodiac Signs

Planet Mars rules Aries, Planet Venus rules Taurus & Libra, Planet Mercury rules Gemini & Virgo, The Moon rules Cancer, The Sun rules Leo, Planet Pluto rules Scorpio, Planet Jupiter rules Sagittarius, Planet Saturn rules Capricorn, Planet Uranus rules Aquarius and Planet Neptune is ruler of Pisces. More about ZODIAC SIGNS and their Rulers.

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