Astrology for July 2021

Note: all dates and times in this article are based on Universal Time (GMT)

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The early part of the month shows Mars and Venus, both in Leo, forming oppositions to Saturn in Aquarius, trines to Chiron in Aries and squares to Uranus in Taurus. These formations are helpful if you are involved in healing work that is destined to boost your dignity and improve your self-esteem. But this outcome demands that you confront any fears you may have about the future, and your ability to cope with radical changes to what you had been expecting to happen.

As the Sun in Cancer squares Chiron in Aries it should become obvious that there is no progress to be made in harking back to how things used to be. That well trodden road has run out of creative options and leads only to inertia.

A square between Mercury in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces shows us that we need to get our heads around information which seems impossible to understand in logical or rational terms, even though it inspires our imaginations. Gradually, it will seep into our collective consciousness via dreams and visions and we will be able to interpret its message.

15-21 July Sun in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces, squares Eris in Aries, opposes Pluto in Capricorn and sextiles Ceres in Taurus. There is a significant amount of fertile and creative potential contained within this energy sequence. It holds the seeds of positive outcomes although it will have a battle to survive strong resistance from ingrained opposition. This solar/planetary interaction could reflect our current concerns about environmental issues and particularly our preoccupation that we are not doing enough to confront and combat the effects of climate change.


Tap into this, the most fertile seed time of the year, if you wish to start something from scratch. Perhaps you have been toying with a scheme for a while but the urge to do anything about it was missing. The creative energy could be much stronger now and therefore far less easy to ignore. This is the ideal time to launch embryo ideas with the potential to bear fruit further on down the line.

Because the Moon moves on to form a trine with Neptune in Pisces, it could be a that your procreative project contains a magic sparkle which is difficult to define in tangible terms. Don’t be put off by hostile reactions from outside forces which could be caused by a challenging formation involving the Moon, Eris in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Just see them as the boring behaviour of people with a very simplistic, conventional and unimaginative attitude to success.

Your outlook should be one of total trust in your creation, and faith in your instinct that it will catch on when the time is right. You are channelling organic energy that carries a potent life force in its current which will manifest and take form when it is ready.


As the mind planet moves into the most creative sign of the zodiac and almost immediately forms a talented trine to Jupiter in Pisces you could find yourself tuning into the inspirational ideas flowing through your imagination. Even though they are constantly available to you, it is not always easy to access them. They hover on the edge of your conscious thoughts and tend to get crowded out by the more mundane stuff of life. Now, their message is more obvious and takes less time or effort to interpret.

You could be wondering why these insights did not occur to you before now. It is as though an ethereal voice is whispering in your ear, explaining things that you struggled to make sense of. Perhaps you had a vague inkling of an idea but it lacked clarity and coherence. All that is changed as the various aspects of your mentality come together in a fertile union which spawns new life.

While these fresh perspectives may be very personal to you, please do not be shy of sharing them. If until now the effort of getting your message across has felt false, forced or fragmented things could now assume an organic quality which enables you to communicate in a style that is natural and authentic.

19 July Mercury in Cancer will square Chiron Retrograde in Aries reminding us that thoughts and words have the power to heal but also to wound. Be very careful how you think about and speak to yourself as unwittingly, you could be self-harming rather than self-healing. This is a good time to tap into the therapeutic effects of musical sounds and their ability to soothe your troubled soul.

24-25 July Mercury in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces, squares Eris in Aries and opposes Pluto in Capricorn. Your creativity could be challenged – possibly by outside forces but more likely by some form of inner conflict. Your own assessment of your ideas could be very negative and therefore you are expecting them to be judged harshly, and rejected as inadequate or incorrect. You must fight this critical tendency in yourself. Do not allow it to destroy your chance to channel, interpret and communicate inspirational information.


This is a romantic and passionate combination which could come as a bonus to those who need to enhance their self-image and self-esteem. Whatever your special talent or gift, it is time to shine a spotlight on it. You must push past any doubts about the kind of reception you are likely to get. It takes courage to ask for attention, especially if you have a strong streak of shyness in your makeup. But it is easier to do when you value your Self and have confidence in your qualities.

As the month unfolds and while they are both still in Leo, Venus and then Mars will form trines to Eris in Aries and squares to Ceres in Taurus. This should bring a boost of feisty self-confidence which will help to maintain motivation and drive. If there is any sense of resistance it will probably come in the form of disagreements about design, and the ideal sequence of stages or programming within an event.


The most important impact that the Wounded Healer Asteroid Chiron has while it wanders through the first zodiac sign is to test our resolve to free ourselves from the clinging influence of self-pity. Of all the energies we could call on in times of difficulty, disease and distress this is the most destructive, for it drains our fighting spirit and turns us into victims of circumstance.

Chiron Retrograde can help you to review the process which brought you to where you are with your problems but only for the purpose of reigniting your courage and determination to outwit the illness (physical, mental or emotional) which might be sapping your strength. You are the motivator, the driver, the director of your own life experience. You are the healer of your own wounds.


Feisty Eris has made many a reverse movement since she began travelling through Aries in 1926, in her effort to make us aware of the difference between assertiveness and aggression. Contrast the strong, calm centeredness of someone who knows exactly what they need and how to get it against the crazed frustration of a primitive individual intent on gratifying their desires.

When you choose the assertive option, Eris offers you the insight, courage and dignity which enable you to operate as a Wise Warrior who acts and moves with absolute mastery and control. Once you side with aggression, you succumb to the influence of Eris as a vicious harpie who wreaks havoc by creating conflict and discord.

Aggression leads to war. The world has seen enough enmity and Planet Earth has borne far too many of its devastating effects. The only battle humanity should be fighting is against the destructive forces of immaturity, selfishness and greed within itself.


This is the right time to acknowledge the organisational skills and techniques that enable you to get your work done so effectively and efficiently. Enjoy the pleasure of using them yourself and allow others to voice their appreciation for your competent support. But try not to be so self-sufficient that you forget to call on the co-operation of colleagues as this reluctance to ask for help when you need it can give people the impression that you prefer to give rather than receive. Without realising it you are disrespecting your own status and casting yourself in the role of doormat.

Almost immediately after moving into Virgo, Venus forms an opposition to Jupiter in Pisces. This combination can glorify self-sacrifice and encourage a holier than thou attitude. Unless you are applying for a job as a Christian martyr waiting to be fed to the lions it would be better to channel the energy more constructively. Possibly by expanding your current capability in a way that incorporates a more inspirational or imaginative element into your skillset.


There could be a sense of déjà vu regarding a relationship, where you feel you have been there before but would like to move on. Perhaps the partnership has reached a watershed and needs to evolve if it is to carry on working for you. While it is perfectly ok for you to accept your portion of blame, what you should definitely not do is assume the kind of overly generous approach which gives your other half carte blanche and lets them off the hook. You are entitled to your fair share of freedom and consideration.

Issues may also arise due to an inconsistent attitude towards your own resourcefulness. You might be underplaying your abilities and taking your talents for granted by wasting them in ways that disrespect your true level of intelligence and potential. You will need to be quite honest with yourself when it comes to assessing whether this is the case and if so, how you can rectify the situation.


When the Sun assumes its most powerful position in the zodiac it is time for us to re-charge the relationships we have with our Selves. Most of the problems we cope with as human beings originate in an unhealthy, unloving connection with our individual identity. Our struggle to respect, esteem and admire the One we live with 24/7 results in the belief that we are not worthy to live in the constant state of joyousness that is in fact our birth right.

So step into the spotlight, celebrate your Self and give thanks for the Star Quality that makes you Special. Accept the applause and admiration that you so rightly deserve. Bask in the warm approval of those who love, cherish and respect you. Say it loud: I’m Me and I’m Proud!

31 July Sun in Leo trines South Node in Sagittarius. Your sense of pride could be strengthened by an awareness that there are generations of ancestors standing at your shoulder. If you find it hard to take credit for your own Amazingness, you can share the praise with them by recognising their contribution to your gene pool and their role in bringing you thus far on your evolutionary journey.


This is the first of two Full Moons in the 11th zodiac sign, which emphasises the outstanding importance of innovation as we move along the timeline of this extraordinary yet evolutionary learning curve we call Life on Planet Earth.

There is a strong characteristic in human nature that seeks situations which seem secure but soon become stagnant. They limit freedom and originality thereby preventing further growth. “Normal” becomes a synonym for “nothing new happens here”. This full Moon in unorthodox Aquarius is prompting us to embrace the unfamiliar – however unpalatable – and accept the changes which must be made, so that the future can continue to unfold. As the Moon moves onto trine North Node in Gemini and conjunct Saturn in Aquarius some of the ways in which we must adapt before we can make meaningful progress could become clearer and easier to understand.

Looking back to 11 February 2021 when there was a New Moon in Aquarius, it is possible that seeds you planted then are turning out rather differently from how they were expected to. For this reason, you could now be considering alterations or updates to your plans in order to bring them to fruition. Do not let this detract from your faith in the future success of your scheme – on the contrary, the changes you make could evolve your original idea so that it becomes even more inventive and potentially more rewarding. 


This is a good time to showcase your ideas by presenting them in front of an audience. Not everyone will agree with you and you may receive boos as well as cheers. But the important thing is to get your message across in a way that will wow your listeners and leave them wanting more.

The special ingredient which will add stardust to your delivery is self-confidence. Try not to worry about making mistakes and if you do, draw attention to them with an entertaining blend of humour and humility. It is not necessary to know all the words – in fact being too well-rehearsed could make you sound rather pompous and formal. Your style should be spontaneous and, most importantly, authentic. 

There is a solo quality about this placement which confirms that your communication charisma is unique to you. You do not need to cast yourself in the role of mimic or clone to anyone else’s performance. “Be yourself” should be your motto and your quest is to tell your own story in your own words.


It may seem as if learning curves which were helping us to see further into the future are unravelling, or travelling backwards. But this is only so we can collect the benefits of hindsight before we resume our forward momentum.

This is a time of discovery through experimentation. There might be lots of new opportunities, prospects and options on the horizon but nobody knows the kind of potential outcomes they offer. It is important to remain optimistic and not to be dashed when the outlook changes very suddenly or drastically. But it is also necessary to consult our knowledge of past experience which warns us that even when something looks extremely hopeful from a distance, it may not live up to its promise.

29-30 July Jupiter moves to oppose Mars in Leo and square Ceres in Taurus. The key factor within this placement is Humanity’s strong belief in and commitment to a future that is better and brighter for everyone who inhabits Planet Earth. It is not enough for a minority of economic, social, political or religious gurus to protect their own interests by dictating how things should be. No life form should starve or suffer so that another can indulge their extreme greed and selfishness. Every single living being is entitled to share in the natural Abundance which was designed and created to fulfil all our earthly needs.


As Mars in Virgo favours detailed analysis its influence could be useful if you are involved in the kind of activity that demands dedication, care and attention. It is very helpful if you have work which requires accuracy and precision, but try not to get too caught up in getting everything Just Right!

This placement of Mars might make you a bit jittery and hyperactive. But charging through your to-do list just for the sake of ticking boxes on your timesheet will only result with you finishing your shift in an anxious, exhausted frazzle. Take things at your own pace and trust your inner alarm clock to keep you on schedule. What cannot be done today will be something for you to do even better tomorrow.

Think about embarking on a programme of activities that can charge your daily routine in ways which could benefit your health and wellbeing. It does not need to be a big deal, in fact a more modest scheme which slots seamlessly into your existing agenda will probably produce the most meaningful results. Little and often works better than ambitious plans for impressive outcomes which are exhausting to implement and impossible to sustain. Short bursts of concentrated effort will be more effective than endless hours of relentless slog.


The Goddess of Fertility moves into communication mode, ready and willing to support your efforts to get your message across and render the results you reap more rewarding. Ceres can instruct you in the art of setting step by step stages within the productive process. These well defined phases help to foster and sustain healthy growth.

First comes the seeding of your idea. Your vision should be planted in a fertile environment which encourages it to germinate. Continue to nurture its development with your attention but don’t overwhelm it with obsessive anxiety or concern. Feed it with faith, water it with love. Do not be afraid to prune unruly shoots which create diversions that detract from your original design.

There may be times when your scheme seems to run out of steam, probably because you have lost clarity and perspective or are confused about what should happen next. It is important to maintain momentum and not give in to disappointment. If you are feeling a bit bored with the whole undertaking then give yourself a short break away from it. You will return with a relaxed mind capable of producing the fresh insights and perspectives that will carry you through to culmination.

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